Anti-Centrism Meme Review

Now before I begin I want to address my name a lot of you have been wondering how to pronounce it Well, my name is actually very difficult to pronounce in regular human tongue. So however, you want to pronounce my name is okay You can pronounce my name however you want. Just whatever you do. Don’t call me “Jayreg” JReg is this guy. He makes unironic gaming content I once left this comment on one of his videos asking how to delete his channel and he just responded “what” Like he doesn’t, he didn’t even get it. Whether this man knows it or not. He is my arch-nemesis. Today there is no medium more effective for communication, more potent for propaganda, more likely to change the hearts and minds of the people Than the meme, you see my vast and unquestionable political knowledge doesn’t come from “scholarly articles” or “textbooks” No, my political knowledge comes entirely from memes and look where that got me. Now, I’m the charismatic leader of a successful political movement and I turned out just fine Haha, Let’s talk about killing centrist. 👏👏ELIMINATE THE CENTER👏👏 Talented meme creators are already spreading the seeds of propaganda across the planet. Like any great movement, anti centrism has some great memes So I’m going to show them off for you today. Because if we can seize the means of production, we can seize everything else. Also, because I feel like a real youtuber now and I want to just pause for a video and be thankful for the community I have… We’re gonna start off with an old classic anti centrist action It’s simple it’s sleek and it represents an evolution away from things like Antifa and anti-communist action that are too extremist exclusionary. Anticentrist action is completely extremist unity. Excellent to see people becoming more aware of ape-political. Furious with the classic “I don’t care about politics and neither should you.” Folks get the hunting rifles ready! This meme demonstrates anarcho Transhumanists and anarcho primitivists teaming up to pone centrists. Once again anti centers and transcends all political boundaries Abolish all technology except for our robot arms. ???? This cursed image shows what happens when you’ve let centrists decide the shape of the earth, despicable this one depicts anti centrism as a god of chaos. You can blind change ha, god of chaos That’s ridiculous. A lot of people have been asking where to find this flag. I didn’t make it I’m just gonna put a link to it in the description This one’s just an accurate depiction of how centrists to see themselves. I like this one and now if you want one of those balls with the smiling thumbs-up thing you have one for the centrists. That’s this This is the format for you This one’s just a beautiful representation of all the extremes in one place. The extremes hanging out and some gorgeous pixel art. A fasci and a couple of commies teaching the guy what’s right what’s wrong and the extremes teaming up on the centrists To do what they gotta do. Unrelated. I just… like this. This one’s actually pretty good. It’s straight. It’s to the point: CENTRISM BAD. Now. This is some good propaganda Centrists in the back trunk. I’m exactly this cool Fun Fact: This picture is an accurate depiction of wherever I go all the time As a post post possadus cryptal liberal of neo garyun tendencies, I approve this message If you or anyone, you know has this flag or something similar Please send it to me cuz I desire it. I’m not gonna say any word in this tweet because it’ll get me demonetized This is a disgusting centrist meme if I’ve ever seen one make sure not to confuse the centrist memes with the anti centrist memes It’s an easy mistake to make. This image does a good job of conveying how the mainstream news seeks to pit Extremists against each other when reality the monkeys should be turning against their masters A lot of you have been asking to reveal my political compass results. Well, here they are UGH another radical centrist meme. I’m gonna be sick beautiful art and beautiful leftist Unity User gasps gulag Molotov nukes paints four beautiful pictures for us. Here, you can see symbols of communism Marxism and socialism All together under one banner same is true under the authoritarian right banner Where Fascism Toryism and monarchism are all teaming up in the libertarian left quadrant You can see the rows of democratic socialism anarchism and feminists and in the bottom right quadrant under money makes the world go round You will fall in terrorism Capitalism and libertarianism combine all these forces and who knows what we could do Here, we have fists from a bunch of different sides coming together to punch out the centrist Menace again unrelated, just like this. Here have the blue quadrant flicking up a harmless okay sign 👌 this meme would make any Nazbol proud. Good art. Good meme сука Here, we have a political cube that follows my models in economic access a statist axis and a cultural axis if you can’t look at this Cube and immediately decipher every single ideology on the cube and know why it’s there. PPFFT, You’re not even extreme enough Do you think the human mind… Was a mistake This meme reveals that so-called anarchists really aren’t extreme enough to even call themselves anarchists Are you even an anarchist if you don’t support dismantling anarchism? Ha, I don’t think so That’s why we need ultra anarchism; anarcho anarchism these memes are important, not just because they are fun to look at but because they spread our message they spread the message that Extremists across the world should be putting aside their differences and fighting the real threat: normal people The reason I’m showing you these memes is not because I’m a narcissist indulging in what have inspired Well… wait The reason I’m showing you these memes is not just because I’m a narcissist indulging what he inspired the reason is that we are spreading a message the message that Extremists no longer have to be in an endless tug of war with each other Instead, we can drop that rope and then tie it into a noose for the centrists I’ve been piloting this Coalition for my entire internet life and I’ve always been hoping that it would get off the ground but the amount of mobilization I’ve seen In the last couple of weeks has been truly inspiring Extremists of the world unite. We will all become strong. So we will all survive Soon, we will become so rich. We will have no need for money A lot of you are antsy, a lot of you are wondering when will the center side begin? Well, I’d like to give you a firm date once we have a hundred thousand followers We will have enough numbers in order to bring down the centrists once and for all so stay vigilant until then And keep posting the propaganda Drag its drag it’s like dread but with a G on the end instead of a D

  1. Reg is pronounced the same way you pronounce the first three letters when saying Registration 😋

    So it's 'J Reg '

  2. 4:19 that meme is incredibly wrong, leftists hate centrists, fascists recruit them, it's one of the left's greatest weaknesses

  3. Memes are usually better for learning stuff in general than a textbook is. Textbooks are written to tell someone what the writer wants them to know. Memes are organic and can be created by anyone thus you can get 1000 different PoVs on any subject forcing you to make up your own mind.

  4. You do realize that you're confusing people who are neutral for centrist, right? Centrist aren't neutral(despite what many believe), but rather that their political ideologies vary from topic to topic so much that they are forced into the CENTER of most political spectrums. The people your ideology targets are neutrals, not centrist.

  5. If you're anti-centrist and agree to bash the centrist with the opposite side of the political spectrum, doesn't that make you a centrist too?

  6. How is your channel still thriving on anti-centrist memes 🤣 I don't understand how it's still growing so fast from this one thing, but I'm still enjoying everything you do on here 👌

  7. I'm probably too late but I have the flag at 3:05 and you just put this png on a flag thing via the Internet, you're welcome

  8. Waddup I'm the first Anarcho-Homosapienist.

    I believe that the human body is a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT and we need to cellularly dismantle our bodies, so our cells can live in a free, anarchicist society.

  9. the only politcal alignment that can make le epic memés are nihilist centrists (unfortunately)

    alt-lites are pretty funny too but that's because they're a joke loleloleloleole

  10. You sir deserve some kind of medal for sarcasm. I have watched many of your videos, and I still haven't a clue what you actually think, because every single word is dripping in sarcasm. I love it, keep it up.

  11. But hang on there is more.
    Doesn’t the fact that extreme ideologies finding common ground make us ourselves centrist.
    There is only one option.


  12. Wait! You're doing a grave mistake!
    You see, hunting for centrists unites all extremists! Don't you understand?!? You're destroying extremism by trying to unite extremists for a central cause!

  13. What the hell is this channel that 3D graph was so confusing I'm going to subscribe because it makes me feel like I'm smarter than I am

  14. You keep making these videos with this satirical tone like I'm not supposed to agree that we should kill all the centrists.

  15. Guys I’m not a centrist, I’m just trying to help by furthering each individuals beliefs, but let’s not hurt each other over it right? 😂😂…😳 right

  16. centrist: mabye being too extreme causes violence and we should stop to have a more nuanced conversation.

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