1. Stop animal cruelty. People slaughtering animals (pigs, cows, etc) unhumanely for producing food. I’d rather be a vegan than see animals suffer a terrifying death! :’(

  2. Its the food chain lady, thats why im on top, and your on bottom (no joke intended)

    Top of food chain 🤛
    ^ (me)
    | (this woman)
    Bottom of food chain

  3. I feel the same way as you kind lady . Don't worry u are not alone. I never stop until I save all animals.

  4. i am vegan since i am about ten years old, i am now 45. i made that decision myself, i have been ridiculed a lot for my veganisme choice ar that young age. i am happy to see that there i am not the only one now..

  5. Thanks girl…….we are one…not a one world order…..we are one with nature…..wake up people……

  6. "Animals" are living breathing, thinking beings we are fortunate to share this earth with. Heaven help the person I see abusing a dog, cat, horse,etc……………………………………….ad infinitum

  7. The study points out that some vegans rely heavily on processed foods and may not eat a sufficient variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A whole food, plant-based diet is commendable, and a well-planned vegan diet can be adequate to achieve proper nutrition, but requires some education. Nutrients of concern are vitamin B-12, iron, calcium, vitamin D, protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

  8. If humans just had enough Brian enlightenment they will realize they too are form of nimals and stop eating meat!!

  9. We need to put all the animal rights activists in a lions cage for 2 reasons: One, they can learn about the humanity of what to do to someone when you are hungry and two, sometimes lions gotta eat.

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