Animal Rights Activists Vs Meat Eating Hunters Wife Swap - Part Three (Part Four In Description Box)

later they get to make some changes it's the moment of truth the two wives are about to come face-to-face with their new husbands and children so you're Kody right yeah I understand the fruits and vegetables but there's no cooking part what's up with that that's solely for house reasons I'm like you know vegetarian veganism they seem like good people that was some ideals that you know my world or a little screwy we have a way to cook for the cat we have like a fondue like kind of pot that like heats up no way cat gets food she seems really nice down-to-earth nice lady I think her personal I was great she seems to be bubbly giggly I'm excited I don't think there'd be a problem there maybe at the end of the week I haven't cooked for years you show me how don't cook anything we don't do any cooking we eat in a while since he cooked so I hope she remembers she's not about her she's vegetarian we got change in Arizona it's 5:00 a.m. Harold is heading off for a 15-hour shift at the supermarket and for Bobby it's time to chow down to the most important meal of the day it's like breakfast double wrap usually wear sunglasses to keep the Sun out of your ass but a woman's got to eat how can people be so fruity so nutty I think this son out here in Arizona has been fried their brain in the Hodge household it's breakfast time for the boys on the menu is sugar and more sugar thank you why I don't think sugar is good for anybody that could be some of the reason why Cody's bouncing off the walls Bobby's got no chores to do that's down to Harold when he gets home from work so it must be time for yoga it's really odd to me that somebody actually lives like this this would be like a vacation almost I think it's very selfish because Harold's working how many hours why she does nothing back in Kentucky the kids practice hunting while all the household chores are down to Jackie I think if kids learn to take the responsibility and help that they'll do it when they get older so that's what I'll encourage later on in the week instead of doing any of the housework which is all Harold's job Bobby has to go protesting for animal rights I found the protesting really difficult today this jock if he needs to look inside our own home and find out what's wrong there and forget about the world's problems it seems to me that Harold has just given in to everything she wants you know she's not compromising in any way in Kentucky Ricky is due home for dinner but vegan Jackie's doing her best to avoid cooking meat didn't have enough time to defrost this I should have thought about that earlier I forgot to take any dinner out got the thong thing you know yeah is uh chilly still in the refrigerator no which I threw it out I didn't didn't look really good some bad it'll work out but if Ricky wants fresh meat Ricky gets fresh meat I've done my part I've already turned over to you it's really kind of strange to think that that rabbit was running around with his family and friends and now it's not this is how I feel when I think about animals in the suffering that's going on and what I've seen my nominees in Arizona Bobby's shopping for the evening meal I don't even know it feels like they from Kentucky I know

  1. "It's really quite strange to think that the rabbit was running around with its family and friends and now it's not" She has the mentality of a child in kindergarten.

  2. "I think that the kids learn to take the responsibility and help that they'll do it when they get older", says the woman who does no chores and makes her husband, who works 15 hours a day, do instead says. I want to believe this is scripted, but I've MET people this crazy.

  3. dude works 15 hour shifts only to come home to have to do the chores and make dinner? jesus christ what is that wife even good for. i mean the guys working his ass off, do your share of the work woman goddamn

  4. lol so the vegan mom doesn't cook, clean, or do anything to help around the house after the husband works 15 hours a day? wtf

  5. This video is gonna get a lot of views because of people coming from Reddit or some other website, and that’s a good thing.

  6. So jacky just stays home and does whatever the fuck she wants while her husband works 15 hours then comes home and cooks for her? wtf

  7. 4:16
    Dont act like its not your fault should have defrosted the already dead animal now we got more dead animals 😂 (and now I’m craving rabbit)

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