‘And, You Know, F**k The EU’ – Leaked Spy Tapes Embarrass Diplomat

so audio was leaked yesterday and this is allegedly the voices a the US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey
Pyatt and the US assistant secretary of state
Victorian newland talking about the European Union and
everything that’s going on in Ukraine right now and at miss knew and had this to say about the EU okay I have now
written oh one more wrinkle-free you just yeah %uh can remember if I told you this sir
finally told Washington missed it when I talk to just Feltman this morning
he had a new name for the UN guy Robert Serry to die right now that this morning yeah
I saw that beat he’s now gotten both Terry and Anton Ki
moon to agree that sorry could come in Monday or Tuesday okay so that would be great I think to
help polluted staying at the UN help colette
and you know sucky you now exactly and I think we’ve
got to do something to make it stick together because you can be pretty sure that if it does
if it does start to gain altitude the russians will be working behind the scenes to try to
torpedo it alright so as you can see there the fuck the EU was the key component to that
whole thing but now there’s some question as to who
was recording this in the first place who leaked it et
cetera I am sure we do a little explanation of the
ukraine first cuz that’s where we let I and then we can get to the specific to the right side before Libya
context before we get to why this is a you know interesting so for sale in the ukraine obviously we
have the pro Russian airports is this big current government someplace they’re about to deal with the European
Union then they switch should they go hate when you say deal what does that mean economic de la loca
radio locator right so instead they go and get a I’ll alone or they try to get a loan from
Russia okay so that slimy by economic trade it out so
if they’re heading to Russia directly at which way they to go that’s already tried the simple but they
had the they had two choices Friday and and the other side is the EU
they were gonna go to the you decide to go toward the leadership says a rush opposition still wants to go and make a
deal with the EU instead now what she’s referring to there is the
EU doesn’t have a forceful reaction to this
right and they’re not really hoping the opposition they’re not it let alone
helping the overall situation right so she saying like god damn it you
know way to bring the UN to do their work for them basically and
this this thing this thing together so the opposition is
united it make sense that was very clearly a
right that but the EU was a but then they’re not helping we’re gonna
bike we’re making an end run around them yet so I interpreted yeah I and what we
want the ukraine to go towards the west switching includes us
obviously don’t want them to go towards Russia SS it’s between EU and Russia year we’re
like it would behoove you see you to get off your ass and do
something about this and are pressured about that now to me
it’s refreshing to have it diplomat to say something so
undiplomatic I mean when he came out of her mouth jimmy had
the right reacts like bayview now of course can say that no but she
didn’t say I couldnt so it resonates in total badass yeah and in the I think ben was alluding to the
religious in question is who recordist conversation when I went
to people between a deputy assistant secretary of state name battery ukraine like this could get record in some ways
got their phone tap right but of course we can’t really
complain about it can yeah I think ever glass house over here right so I to
we’re going down that road so who do we think we did and who benefits from this
I yes the russians would be the ones that
would potentially benefit from it because having some sort ripped between
the United States and the EU would be good for us here so I read
several articles on this couldn’t get a handle on where they were
when they made the call physically rate so if one of these
diplomats happen to be in the Ukraine while making the call been New York rainiest after photos and and then they called couldn’t believe we
got this will be things like to release it I jumpin’ book a so I don’t know about
the pudding pot but obviously the Ukrainian government wants the split the EU in us in already I there’s
a great irony that the EU’s mad at us because we’ve been spying on back so
then we have a nephew to the EU for not doing enough which is we find
out because of the ukrainians by likely but we don’t really know ready or
just could be russia and more could be russian right right but it’s someone who wanted to drive a
wedge between us and the EU it is somewhat succeeded here because
the reaction the EU had to be in order if people are mad at
him and yeah I like this like all the US you’re gonna bully us know of
you right I feel like it or shit like I do I feel like it’s that fits
that fits that you know Alan West Bend Ferguson but with anybody
else really that ticked off about that go get
you know like I like so it’s manufactured a little bit
no I hear you but I think what has what the leadership then does it has to
do politically is the Angela Merkel’s all the world to
come out and say this is outrageous and unacceptable because they don’t want to get it I
politically at home oh you’re bowing your head to the US you don’t talk like that to us except
they didn’t talk like that right the public that to each other in my view
and land like you never said that but the US is my private life

  1. Wow. Even "liberal alternative media" dont ask why the US is so hungry to have a cold war with Russia. Thats so narrow minded.

  2. Fuck EU. Fuck Ukraine. Fuck Russia.
    As a european, the EU is pretty much above our national government and don't report well enough to prove they are doing something fruitful for the people.
    We literally don't have the money to survive on our own and we have to give loans to Ukraine for their economy?
    The problem here kids is that the current government runs mostly short term goals and had they worked towards long term goals ie. hadn't been stacking deficit upon deficit for short term economic growth, we could have GIVEN them the money they needed and still throw everyone parties and shit.
    Democracy honestly isn't working. We need a king to guide us. A king to behead and bury when things go down the drain. Someone who takes responsibility for the long term health of his nation. Someone noble enough to step down when he messes up.
    These people that would represent us have no interest in our long term well being. They just wanna grab the money they can, run out and blame whoever gets into office next for all the shit they caused.
    Sorry about the rant but really. It clearly isn't working.

  3. The only people that have a problem  with her comment is the people in charge of the European Union. Europeans sure as fuck don't have a problem with people saying "fuck the EU", since we shout it on a daily basis.

  4. Oh and by the way, the EU should never go into the Ukraine. All that means is that people from other countries will be sent into a fucking combat zone over a situation that has nothing to do with them. I sure as fuck don't want to see a single finnish person die in the Ukraine because the unelected fucks in charge of the EU sent people to die for Ukraines problems.

  5. You seems to really forget an important fact about the EU. United the EU is the strongest superpower of the whole world, in nearly every point, except China got a higher population I think. Also the european states spend only a minor amount for the military together they still have enoough military power. The only problem in this is that every single state in the EU is already quit powerfull and they are often to proud to really work together.
    So as long as the EU isn´t really united it is quit usefull for the other superpowers USA, China and Russia. But gladly because of these stupid comments, or f.e the NSA-stuff you kind of helping to unit the EU. Which is really funny, because "fuck the EU" from an outsider also means "fuck the UK, France, Germany…" which is really offending and also nationalists like Furgesson, Le Penn or Lück get offended by such comments.

  6. the EU never asked the US to get involved in this. the EU doesn't want to be a part of this secret political scheming.

    EU believes that other countries will join it of their own accord, if you have to manipulate local politics to get the country to join then its probably not a country you want in your union.

    US shouldn't get mad at EU for not joining in with this bullshit plot, it should be the other way around.

  7. European Union = Soviet Union
    United States = United Kingdom = United Nations
    The global elites use the same terms for their property and you peons don't even notice.

  8. I would be more concerned as to who was taping state department conversations than her honest opinion of fuck the EU.  Lets get our priorities straight here.

  9. Since the break up of the Soviet Union, the Russians have been very clever. Dismantling the west's trade and diplomatic missions whilst draining them of resources in the Russian puppet states of the middle east. They managed to turn around anti-Russian opinions into anti-American opinions and are earning a lot of respect from Euro-sceptics. 

  10. The next time you refer to Ukraine as "The Ukraine" I am unsubscribing.

    It's ridiculous that you guys still feel Ukraine is a part of Russia.

  11. A bit more respect towards the EU would be in place TYT, after all we are your main alleys and trade partners, We paid for your wall street bailouts too, remember? And this is conflict about a trade deal with Europe. The US was not mentioned in the deal. Do you not think that the EU can mange their own affairs? Why must the US always meddle with the affairs of others, and does she not even think about the right it has to do so. After all we are neighbors of Russia. We like peach at our borders.

  12. how dare you, young turks? this shows the US attitude. you don't give a shit about the rest of the world, you are treating the others as chess puppets. of course EU wants Ukraine to come to its direction, but it is a different question whether it is a good idea or not to take sides. if you have problems with your recount in the elections, the EU doesn't send somekind of delegation to pick the winner.

  13. +100000! Fuck the EU! For two month were freezing our asses on the streets, and they show us their 'moral support'. Yea thanks.

  14. Merkel wasn't pissed about the sentence "fuck eu", she was angry because the US tried to cut out the EU in affairs regarding a state bordering the EU.

  15. well, you want to go ukraine to the west, and ukranians want to go the EU. so your so called diplomats had better change their tune or the US will be left behind.

  16. The EU isn't going to bailout Ukraine or offer it full membership but nor is it going to impose crippling economic sanctions, which is what the US objects to. The EU was also going to host negotiations between Viktor Yanukovych and the opposition, and was engaging the Russians to find a political settlement. The US isn't keen on what a democratic government might like look in Ukraine. The US is escalating the situation, like it did in Georgia. Putin resolved that little diplomatic spat militarily. If the Ukrainian opposition has any sense they will tell the US to kindly fuck off and not to meddle in their affairs. The US is a very poor friend.  

  17. Maybe the reason the EU isnt sticking its neck out is because some of the pro EU forces are scumbag fascists. We believe in democracy, not mob rule, which america has been suppkrting, john kerry meeting the same people who have demanded that all jews are expelled from Ukraine

  18. The EU offered them 17 billion euro to pay off their debts and start an open trade agreement with the union. Russia offered it's own incentives not to. THE USA WANTS TO START A BIDDING WAR (surprise, surprise) against Russia, but the EU doesn't… and why should we? What's in it for us? Another financially insecure country, no thanks. 
    In CLASSIC USA STYLE, you've made this a "anything you can do, I can do better" face-off with Russia. 
    "No you caaaan't!!", "Yes I caaaan!!!!"
    Get over yourselves…

  19. the eu don't want ukraine because they know, that a big part of that country is pro putin/russia and that wont change for a long time…

  20. She dropped the f bomb? This is news because……?? I have a question. Why the f do these Saudi funded zio war mongers call themselves a "news" station?

  21. You know what? Michelle Obama should run for President. Hilary can't win the GOP has got no one they can run except a Bush or Romney again.

  22. Complete fucking bullshit – your entire report. Grade of zero. Your research is abysmal and your conclusions are fanciful.

    You're burying the lede too – the call has American diplomats talk about who they'll have in or out of the Ukrainian government. It's evidence that the US is violating Ukraine's sovereignty, and possibly that the protests are paid for from the West – as has been alleged. To miss that shows your poor scholarship.

    Stick to domestic issues, TYT. You're NOT fit to report on foreign affairs.

  23. there's no "question" as to who recorded and released it—obviously Russia. They have the ability and the reason do to so.

  24. Yea I heard the Russian supporting Neo Nazi groups in the US to take over the government.. oh wait that's what US is doing over in Ukraine.

  25. EU is not a country, what can the union do, for them to do anything they need the abroval of all the member countrys. I live in Finland and i hate this fucking union and most europeans atleast here in the north do hate it. So for different reasons then her i say FUCK THE EU!!!!!!

  26. Maybe the USA should not mengle with everything! Let the Ukraine flight there own batle. Everything the USA ever touches go,s to even woede shit than it already is. The people of the Ukraine can flight there own batle.

  27. The EU want to have the deal with Ukraine but it is their choice and nothing you can force. Also the situation in Ukraine has been very violent where people have attacked the police because of the deal the government wants to do with Russia. If EU gets involved now it will just make the situation worse. The EU doesn't always now when to back out but here they are doing it for the right reason. US of cause always want to butt in even when it is not a good idea.

  28. doesnt need this to make the relationship between US and EU already bad.after the spying Shit,the relationship already in a dump

  29. I think the real story is that Putin basically did this as a message to D.C saying "look we just finished building the system that Snowden gave us…and it works" 

  30. So the world rightly condemned the U.S. for tapping and tracking phone, email, etc. but it's OK, (or not OK), to have it done back to us.  It's not right in either case and two wrongs do not make a right.

  31. Can someone explain to me why the Ukraine should be with the west and not Russia? I wasn't aware Ukraine was an economic power house??

  32. So the EU wanted to make a deal with the Ukraine but Russia offered a competing deal and the Ukraine took that instead. And the the U.S. wants to go to the U.N. to influence the whole thing?
    Sounds to me like this phone conversation is not the discussion we should be having.

  33. … and ukrainian people tells:
    fuck EU, fuck USA and also fuck fucking "maydan"! :-)))
    Thank God, usa supported civilian war in Ukraine finished!

  34. I think all these calls are recorded. The diplomat would have know this but she would not expect it to have been leaked by one of her U.S. colleagues…which I think, is what happened, in reality.

  35. Like you haven't said fuck the US in your private calls?

    Lol you'd be lucky if the world didn't say Fuck The US in public daily…..

  36. "F**k the EU!" so that U.S. can appear to win over the EU.

    The idea in the EU isn't to force people into "agreement" like Putin did, or like the U.S. are wont to do.

  37. America is the root of all terror. America has invaded sixty countries since world war 2.
    In 1953 America overthrow Iran's democratic government Mohammad Mosaddegh. America helped Shah of Iran to establish secret police and killed thousands of Iranian people.
    During Iran-Iraq war evil America supported Suddam Hossain and killed millions of Iranian people. In 1989, America, is the only country ever, shot down Iran's civilian air plane, killing 290 people.
    In 2003,America invaded Iraq and killed 1,000,000+ innocent Iraqi people and 4,000,000+ Iraqi people were displaced.

  38. Victoria Nuland should be put in jail. She is a foreign agent working inside Ukrainian. Is this was against Amerika she would have been killed or sent to Gitmo. 

  39. TYT are such hypocrites. If this had been a Rep. Administration, they'd have had a much different take on the insult. TYT is always like, we have to work with the rest of the world and this is why the rest of the world hates us. Cenk believes this is the first time a diplomat has said something un-diplomatic behind the scenes, yeah right. I guess its alright when a Dem. appointee does it. TYT reeks of hypocrisy.

  40. So, Cenk the Russophobe acts as an apologetic for the antidemocratic EU which conducts coup d'états, and ruins entire economies. What a surprise…

  41. The main part is not her saying "fuck the eu" but the fact that the US is behind the troubles in Ukraine meddling with other peoples business in Russia's backdoor.

  42. I believe Countries of the World need to get their noses out of internal conflicts of other countries, if you get attacked by one side or another that is different but in not let them fight out themselves we have no say in the way other countries are run, we might not like it or think it is wrong but have no right to step in, if the population don't like it they will rise up, Long story short, Mind your own damn business

  43. what the TYT war mongers fail to mention is that the 'EU deal' includes immediate NATO integration so the psychopaths in charge of the US regime can destroy the Kremlin in 2 minutes and the phone call discusses how to overthrow the Ukraine government.

  44. this is so biased in favor of the us..
    Does anyone know that the EU gets a huge portion of its gas from Russia, hence the discretion (among other factors obviously)
    Just trying to put things intro perspective, don't post misinformed, sensational crap like this.


  46. TYT missed the whole fucking thing with the tape, TYT does not know what the fuck is going on. This is not a "democratic uprising" in the sense it was in egypt. This is a struggle between russia and the US, ask yourself what did the US do with Cuba and colombia in the 1960 and then later. Russia has its fleet in crimea of course they r gonna defend it. The US is trying to install its puppet government in Ukrain I actually side with the russians on this one.

  47. so now that we see the results of this mingling, cant we all say that it was a stupid idea to get everyone outside the ukraine involved?
    This is the reason the EU didnt want to be involved in it in the first place(and probably wished the US and Russia had done the same as them), thanks secretary dontgiveafuckaboutyourname your "help" in this really improved things.

  48. Fuck the E.U Fuck Russia Fuck China Fuck Saudi Arabia Fuck Mexico Fuck Turkey Fuck Greece Fuck Israel Fuck England Fuck Italy Fuck France Fuck Spain Fuck Africa Fuck Asia Fuck Europe Fuck the Middle East Fuck Latin America Fuck Australia Fuck New Zealand Fuck Judism Fuck Islam Fuck Christianity Fuck Buddism Fuck Hinduism Fuck the IRS Fuck The librals fuck the conservitives fuck independants fuck justin beiber fuck lil wayane fuck jay-z fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck my boss

  49. They werent "talking" about the Ukraine crisis, as if they were a neutral third party observing it…They were talking about who they were going to put in power…Listen to the tapes

  50. If you eavesdrop you get what you deserve, everybody knows that's rude. You will hear everything your not suppose to hear if you dip into someone else's business and their right to privacy was violated, I hope they string up whoever made this tape, it's an affront to liberty. And, yes, I'm a Progressive Dem, because we believe in real freedom not the kind of freedom that only benefits the rich and the stupid.

  51. The EU would like to come closer to Ukraine even to have it joining the EU but what the Americans do not understand is that its up to the Ukranians citizenz to deside their future not oursiders. and the EU respects the Ukranians wishes.

  52. Fuck the EU. Sounds good to me. My faith in humanity rises. However the US has no business meddling in the Ukraine's internal politics and Russia is justified in taking counter-moves.

  53. Fascinating that yo guys totally ignored the fact that these people (Nuland and Pyatt) actually conspired to pull of a regime change in Ukraine braking international law. TYT WTF ?

  54. It's really amazing that progressives like The Young Turks fail to recognise the real significance of Nuland's comments. What is revealed is the involvement of the US in bringing about 'regime change' by overthrowing the democratically elected president of Ukraine.

  55. This group is spouting propaganda. The U S and the EU overthrew the government in Ukraine. She was discussing who would go into the proxy U S /EU government after the overthrow. This is a lot of crap. And I thought this guy had dignity at one time. No wonder they put him off mainstream media.

  56. Without the beginning of the video, Victoria Nuland sounds like a badass. You omitted the part they were deciding who was going to rule Ukraine.

  57. Im a european and would rather go to russia that usa. I trust the russians more then the americans. The us Government allways stick tere nose into things they dont belong to. They look for a reason to start a war. They say they want pease. But to be honest… when i hear thr word usa, i think of war. You only watch the usa news and only believe the usa news. To be clear: we dont hate yout citizens, we dont hate the way you live, but we hate your politics. Sorry for my terrible english

  58. Knowing what we know now. Victoria Nuland is a wife of James Kagan who was a part of New Project for American Century which is a neocon thinktank. What they meant is that the US was going to overthrow Ukrainian government and F the EU.

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