An Interview with Mirya Holman on the Midwest Women’s Caucus for Political Science

– The Midwest Women’s
Caucus engages in a variety of professionalization
and recognition activities that promote women, women’s
interests in political science, women’s interest at MPSA. And in particular, we
spend quite a bit of time thinking about how to
acknowledge women that have done great things with their careers. And acknowledge women
who are demonstrating that they really care about
women in the discipline. I have been involved
in the Women’s Caucus for a couple of years. And one of the things that
the Women’s Caucus has done for me and that I really
appreciate is that it’s connected me to women at
universities all across the United States and
really, all across the world. And I’ve been able to hear
about the great things that they’re doing and think
about how to incorporate those into my life and my
professional career. And if you just search for
The Midwest Women’s Caucus on Twitter, you can
find our handle. And our wonderful Twitter
manager Emily Farris has been doing a great job
promoting all of our activities.

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