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she is the bottle cap challenge oh that's pretty good oh that takes some skinny it's not like it's all the way on the bottle Wow celebrities like Jason Statham and John Mayer taking the internet by storm or so they say the challenge is to twist off a cap loosely screwed on a bottle using a back spin kick so that's great so obviously the point is mm-hmm not having the bottle tip over in the mean time so break your bet spread all over the place Gillian this morning she asked the question how come they're not showing the entire bottle in the video did somebody prop the bottle up in that video I mean they maybe don't know but I'd you know you what do you believe when you see it on I don't know but I do hard to say probably take you on no I think we hang I think I'll take that challenge awesome let's see it goes only in slo-mo cap my bottles going everywhere protestors storming the Hong Kong legislature yesterday as you as you can see the scene planning out there tearing down portraits of leading lawmakers and spray-painted pro-democracy slogans on the walls hundreds of thousands took to the streets on the 22nd anniversary of the former British colonies returned to China senior foreign affairs correspondent Greg palca is live from our London Bureau this morning with the latest hey Greg I sent a reaction coming in fast and furious to yesterday's a violent protest in Hong Kong today authorities were assessing and condemning the damage to the city's Parliament building police are calling it a crime zone they say they're collecting evidence of criminal wrongdoing hundreds of activists yesterday smashed their way into the building for a while police just standing by they are angry in part about that proposed a tradition law they fear could send Hong Kong residents into the Chinese justice system late yesterday President Trump had this to say about the Hong Kong doings take a listen I hope it gets solved I was with President Xi of China when a great talk great discussion we're talking about doing something and we talked about it briefly but that's very sad I've rarely seen a protest like that Beijing officials in fact blasted President Trump and others for interfering in the cities affairs they also called the protest an illegal act that endangered social order yes yesterday's protest and March also marked that handover bye-bye from the British colonial rule to China in 1997 President Trump added the protesters were looking for democracy that a lot of people want democracy the feeling apparently echoed by hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong Center we'll continue to watch it Greg Powell khat thank you now from u.s. Ambassador Rick Cornell after a conservative journalist viciously attacked it an ante for rally with the Portland mayor is also saying today plus there's rand new video from the night of the alleged hate crime against Jesse Smollett what it reveals about the case that had police accused the actor of staging the entire time did you know you can save money by using dish action and calls for a federal investigation following the latest ante five islands in Portland welcome to a new hour of America's newsroom I'm Sandra Smith I'm bill hemmer good morning Smitty good morning to you members of the radical group brutally beating a conservative journalist leaving him severely injured and II know now speaking out about the attack and the US ambassador Rick Grinnell from Berlin Germany last hour here on our show call I on the Department of Justice to investigate this matter this was something that could have been avoided this group in Portland targeted Andy they told him that they would rough him up he was trying to do his job and he was a very courageous brave young man to do it but they knew who he was they knew that he's gay they knew that he's Asian and they knew that he was conservative we are now in a situation where the largest gay and lesbian groups in the United States have stayed silent on this attack william la jeunesse reporting live on the west coast for us this morning William well say and report Lemaitre get ready supporters on the right one payback and are now posting ads on social media for a march in August to quote and and Tifa this comes after that violence streetball Saturday with an Tifa supporters hitting journalist Andy no with pepper spray raw eggs and potentially police say cement milkshakes causing a brain hemorrhage here is no on Tucker last night when I realized what was happening and was too late a mob of people all dressed in black and wearing masks started beating me with their fists and some of them use objects to hit me and I was kicked some more punched some more and all this time I kept thinking where are the police taking heat for the incident Portland's progressive Democratic mayor Ted wheeler accused by Senator Ted Cruz of bias against conservatives and quote ordering his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists the mayor tweeting he denies a charge saying over the weekend some chose to engage in violence in Portland which is unacceptable and will not be tolerated we will do everything we can to make sure those who have committed violence are held accountable three Arats the man in the middle gauge how Lipowski of Portland is accused of beating two men with a metal pipe one requiring 20 stitches to his head the other two accused of throwing drinks knows lawyer promises to sue the city and have found those who beat her client this cannot go on in America and I do intend to hold the city government and potentially the mayor liable to the fullest extent of the law some of us the DOJ to investigate Sandra the police union says city Hawes tied officer's hands that they can't get involved in and use tactics to stop this kind of thing whereas the police chief says they get criticized when they don't intervene and they get criticized when they to take too much action more on that coming up William la jeunesse thank you thanks for you no message they know what they're doing they know what they are playing with they playing with fire so no message to whatsoever so there was no reaction now continue to pour in after President Trump issues a stern warning to Tehran this coming after the regime announced a major break from the 2015 nuclear deal officials saying they have stockpiled more low-enriched uranium than they're permitted under the Obama era agreement an agreement the Trump administration does not like try Yanks Lima and Middle East Bureau with more on this story and where we are today Trey build a standoff between the United States and Iran continues after Iran breached the uranium stockpile limit limit laid out in the Iran nuclear deal now speaking today the country's foreign minister mohammad Zarif said that Iran believes it has not violated the deal adding that they have been transparent in the nuclear agreement according to the terms Iran cannot possess more than 300 kilograms of low enriched uranium a limit that was surpassed yesterday Tehran is also threatening to break another commitment in the deal by enriching uranium above three point six seven percent the United States unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal last year before we imposing sanctions on Iran as Iran's economy crumbles leadership in Tehran is believed to have ordered a series of attacks on Western linked oil infrastructure this summer before shooting down a US drone this led the u.s. to send a carrier Strike Group to the Gulf and today US Central Command confirmed that nearly a dozen f-22 fighter jets were deployed to a us-based and Qatar last week yesterday the president said in the Oval Office that Iran is playing with fire prompting a direct response from the speaker of Iran's Parliament oh it's at home but in a bit hi mr. Trump needs to understand that when you use the language of a bully against the civilized nations they become more United if you were to understand this notion a lot of the problems they face in the region which you resolved while European countries have tried to find a way to relieve Iran's economic pressure and you also have countries like Japan and Iraq offering to mediate a peaceful resolution so far no gains have been made in these areas bill Thank You Trey Trey yanks from Jerusalem thank you returning now to the antifa violence in Portland's let's bring in our 18 Juan Williams Fox News political analyst and co-host of the five Lauren classy former deputy assistant secretary for public affairs at the Department of Homeland Security and Tom Bevin co-founder and editor of Real Clear Politics gonna have to get you a longer introduction there because a lot is changing on this story we've heard from know himself in that interview last night and again this morning where do you see this going as we continue to get reaction well I mean just imagine the outcry if this had been you know the a bunch of Trump supporters or you know right-wing folks beating up a regular journalist I mean this would be a massive story and and it's it's it hasn't been handled as it hasn't been portrayed in the same way there's been silence Rick Grinnell mentioned from the LGBTQ community but also in major media outlets around the country yeah exactly I mean and so this is this is a horrific thing and it we've seen this in the past but we haven't seen it this graphically caught on tape and I think that's what makes the difference I mean it has to be it has to be condemned across the political spectrum arrests have to be made and people have to be held accountable why why is there not more outrage from the media why well I think one I mean let's just say clearly it's reprehensible what took place and it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law you can't have this kind of violence especially in a politically polarized society become acceptable so I just think all quarters need to condemn it I will say that you know we live in a society where you have people who are white nationalists and neo-nazis you know kill people in charlottesville way back I think we all remember that or you have someone you know launch an attack on Jews in Pittsburgh at the synagogue and kill I think that's the largest number of Jews ever killed in such an instant in the United States so by comparison this is not of that man when this group gets together violence follows you mean when Virginia Virginia 2018 Washington DC 2018 Berkeley 2017 Richmond Virginia 2000 no I think they're no I do not think there's a clear pattern there I think there's a pattern them fighting against hate which is put forward by the people on the other side and II know is hate no I think that what you're seeing is they were fighting against those neo Nazis and fascists and and Ino gets in the middle of it and it becomes a fight between people who decide you're on one side or the other those are not the facts one and Ino has been following this group for some time as reported on the group for some time and when he captured images and video from the rally in Portland on Saturday that's when they went after him yes Ryan came back the images in the picture that he had in his possession yeah absolutely but you know I do think that one has a point here that you know the antia was organizing a counter protest and so there is a lot of tension in Portland broadly and this is something that I think is a failing on the state government as well as the local government because there is we do have to protect free speech we do have to protect people's right to peacefully assemble but the moment that those assemblies become violent you lose that right and so the state really needs to step up because there's been a pattern in Portland of increase no one here at this table is arguing against peaceful protest that's cool but this is not yeah and this is when the state government as well as local government needs to step in and increase the police presence they need to send a National Guard if they're gonna have these you know protests and then counter purchases on top of that because you know Andy is probably just gonna be the first casualty of this if he's trying to cover it he's just one person that may be caught up in in this infighting and so that's we have to not only think about Andy but also the people that conservative journalist teacher he has he has gone and spoken out against far-right mob mentalities and violence and Wall Street Journal took that on in this piece and Tifa attacks a journalist and he knows beaten as he attempts to cover a Portland protest the editorial board writes this he has often criticized an tyfa as dangerous and militant and last July he also denounced far-right online mobs in this newspaper he has a free speech right to film demonstrations and publish his own conclusions like other journalists no matter his political views period no I agree and look it's been from some folks on the Left who have tried to say well he's not a journalist and other folks who've said well he's an agitator and he was basically asking for this maybe I was reprehensible right this guy is journalist and he has every right to be doing what he's doing filming and and letting folks see what's actually been happening and again I just because he's conservative or viewed as conservative it just hasn't gotten the same attention as it would have others just round out the argument here you wonder where who else is covering this we have for a couple days now and you wonder where the presidential candidates are on this we've heard from one Andrew yang said this tweet out I hope mr. Andy Noah's okay journalists should be safe to report on a protest without being targeted you heard from Rick and Nell a moment ago here is more from that interview from last hour I want to get to the bottom of the facts to figure out what did we know and who didn't act who had information and didn't use it to protect people that's what we have to know we we cannot stop every single radical group I understand that but what we can do is use information and data to figure out what they're gonna do and respond that's what the local government was supposed to do and that's what they didn't do so let's see how the mayor reacts to this let's see whether or not the Justice Department takes action all right topic number two let's move on to 2020 some of this new polling that is out there throw it up on the screen this is a new CNN poll on 2020 presidential candidates Joe Biden still the leader of the pack at 22% and there you have it Kamala Harris has surged ahead one she is now second only to Biden polling 17% Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders pbut is edged round out that poll so this is interesting to me because we had a morning console poll yesterday saundra and in that poll Biden was still in the 30s and Kamala Harris was more down around 12 tied with basically tied with Elizabeth Warren so she's surged into a tie in that poll with Elizabeth Warren without a doubt she had a good debate and she surged in both polls but the difference in the CNN poll that we just put up is only five points that's 17 to 22 and that case you really do see an incredible shrinkage and an incredible surge by a lot of polling data right here Tom Bevan yeah well let me just take this to this this time to plug the RealClearPolitics average and that's why we look at an average the drop we saw for Biden in the CNN poll was dramatic and more dramatic and we've seen another pulse but is unquestionable that if you take the average of the the polls that have come out post-debate Biden is on the slide and khamel Harris is on the rise all right let me just throw in there Elizabeth Warren has also had a little I just think focus on individuals has been overdone I think the themes from last week or really something that's going to play out during this primary season and many think you tacked to the left to win the primary I don't know after the other night whether or not you can tack back no matter who the Canada is when everybody raises their hands and you see a poll of the following here it is CNN should government provide health insurance to undocumented immigrants 59% say no well every hand up and night number two went up last week oh yeah absolutely and I'm actually kind of curious because part of Joe Biden's slide I think is because he has kind of the over 50 crowd locked in and so they're really you know the reason why they keep tacking to the left because they're battling over the younger voters in a Left Party which i think is also why you see support for things like across the stage health care for illegal immigrants and some of these more liberal extreme policies and so you know I think that's gonna be a theme that we see throughout the debates them trying to get that younger crowd because every that crowd is what split across the Democratic primary I mean your history do you think they can tack back and be okay I think it's gonna be hard I really do for the reason you mean that's that's the campaign ad you raise your hand healthcare for illegal in routes quite frankly I'm surprised I thought that number would be higher of the people who opposed it so 6040 s not as bad for Democrats as I thought you've got 40 percent of folks and I think this is a poll of all registered voters it's not a poll of Democrats and so it's a little your point large so what you get is younger voters who are Democrats really are outraged when they see the detention camps and hear about children being separate so I think these candidates are playing to that base to be very clear to a Democratic audience and a Democratic primary while the president in his campaign Tom take a look at these fundraising numbers Trump 2020 54 million dollars President Trump and his committees RNC 51 million total a hundred and five million dollars Brad parse Cal the president's campaign manager for 2020 says our massive fundraising success is a testament to the overwhelming support for President Trump no Democrat candidate can match this level of enthusiasm or president Trump's outstanding record of results that is the question no it's it's a huge number and going back to a previous discussion I mean I do think the Democrats have handed President Trump an advantage on this issue of illegal immigration writ large I mean on the stage last week they were talking about not only free health care but decriminalizing border crossings de facto amnesty for people who are here if you haven't committed a crime but you came in the country illegally you can stay as long as you want and we won't deport you so immigration is in the mix health care is number one economy is number two immigration is number three but on that issue alone I think the Democrats have really handed an advantage to Trump Barack Obama raised a lot of money but these numbers are staggering right yeah well you know I think that the Democratic primary being so open is the best thing that's ever happened to the Republicans because it's the first time that we're really having a national conversation about what Democrats have been talking about over in the side and really it's I think it's energizing Republicans in a way that we haven't seen before because all of a sudden they actually understand not only if they're four against President Trump but what they're actually against with the Democratic Party by the way I just wanted to say that on the numbers which I mean I think the president has done an astounding job of raising money but remember you've got to put all the Democrats together versus one candidate on the Republican side so it's a lot of money I mean you an incredible fundraising quarter apparently for Pete Budaj a 25 does their if the election were held today who is the best shot at beating president Trump oh I think the postal indicators Joe Biden all right anybody else on that I think the pool is still indicators Joe Biden for now but that number is changing over time right yeah I think come on right now everybody's right nobody says they have to raise a billion dollars for this room well campaign ventually it's real money thank you I'm voting Cameron Smith well at least we'll take each other on in that bottle no two other big headlines from President Trump stood down with our own Tucker Carlson first the president stepping up his attacks against some of the biggest technology companies accusing them again a political bias could Silicon Valley soon find itself under federal investigation also a bit later the president's also taken on the homelessness crisis in liberal high-tech cities saying it might be high time he tackled the problem himself the money man Charles Payne has a look at this coming up shortly do they really think this is a positive do they really think this is okay cuz it's not it's destroying their city and it's destroying a whole way of life I mean they're getting actually very sick where people are getting sick where the people living there are living in hell too and this is the liberal establishment this is what I'm fighting so we're looking at it very serious that we may intercede we may do something to get that whole thing cleaned up there is president Trump in an exclusive interview here on Fox with Tucker Carlson sharing his plans to fight rising homelessness and mental illness issues in America plaguing major cities like LA despite tens of millions of dollars in government spending when you bring in Charles Payne hosting making money Fox Business hello sir hello jack and us for some time what's your view on that it is it is a desperation time I mean these are like modern-day tell a Dickens tales right in our front of us right you've got these very expensive rich towns a Seattle Los Angeles New York you know just driving any other day at every red light I would look into the sign and see someone who have four or five umbrellas into a makeshift home or Hut and you know what maybe we mainly some sort of federal intervention particularly you know when it when it comes to the mental illness part but also the veterans it's so it's a tragedy I I think a lot of this has to do with city policies that make these places far too expensive to live in it's far too expensive to have any upward mobility and I also think that there's this sort of interesting interesting acceptance of this and that that is true some cities like Seattle and elsewhere San Francisco but many would argue it's it's a local issue and there is not a case for the federal government to be involved in this I think some people would but at some point I think the federal government's God job is to look out for Americans and our safety and you know again when you start talking about the reemergence of medieval diseases in the midst of our cities in one of the richest cities in all the world it's time it's that's a red flag right there a huge red flag wanted to get your quick thoughts on on something that was discussed with tucker carlson last night and the president on big technology companies we have heard the president time and time again say he believes that these technology companies are biased and he even suggested that there might be some sort of wrongdoing or illegal activity he didn't say whether or not he would push for full-on investigation federal investigation of those companies does he do that I don't know that he's going to do that he was very reluctant to do you know because again you know we're talking free-market principles you know I had the pleasure of having a group dinner with Jack Dorsey and then a one-on-one lunch with him last year and he admits that there's bias at Twitter he's been right about here's the president last night talking to Tucker on that so you just said that what the tech companies are doing may be illegal is there a role for the Justice Department well there are a lot of people that want us to take action against Facebook and against Twitter and frankly against Amazon yep Amazon also a lot of people want us to take action but he stopped short of saying whether or not he will encourage that I think ultimately something's going to happen because you have enough people on both sides of the aisle who see a problem there and they're so big there's so our poll and then I do there's a little corporate virtual certainty things yeah you know what we're gonna make sure that nothing comes on about the census report you know so they take on they decide to please certain things that I think ironically underscore the fact that maybe there's a political bias there a sort of an ideological bias there they can't help but it is there's it's it's there's listen these are mostly San Francisco Silicon Valley kind of based companies it is there echoes and then and they cannot avoid interjecting their own that those and beliefs into company probably there's a major tool for this president as well it is last topic here in New York a big story that developed yesterday here's the the president center-right on Twitter he said people are fleeing New York like never before if they go on a business they're twice as likely to flee kind of goes with the New Jersey thing we talked about you know boy and if they were a victim of harassment by the AG the state like what they're doing to our great NRA which I think will move quickly to Texas so many people leaving New York to Texas and Florida that is totally under siege first New York taxes are too high than you sue just to complete the job it's very hard and expensive to live in New York energy Governor Cuomo uses a G as a bludgeoning tool for his own purposes they sue on everything always in search of a crime what's this about well you know it's it's he mention the NRA and of course you know any any woke town or city there's a big major war against the NRA and I think progressives felt like they have to the organization on the ropes right now one of the things are going to start going after them it's legally you know trying to hit them with avalanche of lawsuits really that you know NRA has its own issues right now also some controversy going on there so progressives smell that maybe this could be the demise of the NRA so there is a point that a lot of these cities are actually you know using progressive ideology you know as to go after the NRA but Trump's other point I think is it's more prevalent to the wider audience is that you know these again it's it's the same thing with LA we just talked about Seattle New York City these towns that that have the highest levels of income inequality their Gini coefficient numbers are off the chains and and give you from 2017 2018 18,000 people left Queen seven thirteen thousand that broke thousand of Manhattan 8,000 at the Bronx and people are leaving these are middle-class workers a lot of a lot of times these are even black people the reverse migration that we saw the great migration of blacks in the north cannot afford to live in these cities anymore this was why ALC was against a Amazon you know because the idea that you know what they were bringing great jobs but the people who lived there wouldn't get those jobs and then ultimately couldn't afford the rents ultimately they don't have to flee the city so you know there's there's some a lot of people who are concerned so Simon Says used to have had to do with investigations of Trump well he mentioned that as a personal personal its own personal I'm running with gay man thank you so much you gotta see guys breaking news on the justice Millette case box use doing a deep dive on the massive Chicago police files and finding some brand new video from the night of that alleged attack what it shows about that alleged hate crime details and on that straight ahead so is one of the bigger moments from the first democratic debate all the candidates on stage raising their hands in support of health care to cover illegal immigrants will bats come back to haunt them Ari Fleischer thinks so and he's our headliner coming up in a moment next the Democrats have given up something that's part and parcel what makes us a great country and that's the moral distinction of being able to say we welcome legal legal immigrants we don't welcome illegal president putting Iran on notice after it announced that it had stockpiled more low-enriched uranium than permitted under the 2015 nuclear deal the president warning Tehran that it is quote playing with fire it is time for our headliner Ari Fleischer former White House press secretary and a Fox News contributor in studio for us this morning in New York City ari good morning in good morning thank you for being here so the president very firm play Iran's playing with fire here full pressure campaign continues what does he do next thank goodness I mean Ron is playing with fire and just so you understand how bad the Iran deal is and why would the America have to withdraw from this did you know that in October of next year the arms embargo on Iran is scheduled to be lifted under that agreement really people are focused on nuclear that the deal got into all kinds of other provisions and in just four years the ban on providing Iran with support for their ballistic missile program expires this is how bad that it that was only five years into the deal that's correct that's terrible people are focused on 10 to 15 years which of course is now five to ten years for them to get in the glide path to nuclear but why on earth would Europe in the United States and the civilized world release Iran from its obligations to have a weapon did you catch Rex Tillerson speech yesterday he came out and blasted it in hindsight is that this was a terrible idea to begin with they are on and the Iran deal exactly for that was signed in 2015 and he's making the case that the Trump team says enough Sanath were putting our foot down and we will stop this that's right so the question now is what sarong behavior going to be like what are they going to do their economy is suffering they have a tremendous number of young people who are essentially Western oriented they don't care for the theological government that is sitting on top of them the future of Iran is very very at risk if you're the mullahs and that's where it should be I think the more instability the president can create for Iran is the best chance you have of resolving this whole thing peacefully from within Iran so how far can you go how do you create more instability keep the financial pressure on get Europe to keep the financial pressure it works right but you're not quite sure where these European leaders are gonna do British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says Britain will continue trading with Iran ambassador Grinnell in Berlin with us last hour said the following about unity with European leaders I'm not so sure you're convinced of that but here's what the Ambassador said the Europeans are very United with us we all agree the Americans and the Europeans that Iran cannot have a nuclear weapon the tactic of how we get there is where we disagree but I will say to to the Iranians that one way to burn the Europeans on diplomatic efforts is to go back on your word on the jcpoa so where they disagree is the economic sanctions and whether you live up to them or go around them look I'm sorry to say this but there's been hundreds of years of history of European acquiescence to despots and tyrants like this Europe for centuries has just kind of gone along and that's the case now – it always is an American leadership to get Europe to take tougher action where tougher action is required and that's the case now as well if you leave European leaders to their own druthers they will acquiesce and let the despot prevail meanwhile transitioning to a different kind of tension rising at our southern border the discussion over these detention centers 2020 candidates now weighing in Cory Booker's campaign put out a statement on closing those immigration detention centers saying quote without waiting for Congress to act Cory will stop the treatment of immigrants as criminals clothes inhumane DHS facilities and the use of for-profit detention facilities and unnecessary barriers for Refugees and those seeking asylum to virtually eliminate immigrant detention you were on Hannity last night Ari you were on fire let's watch that they are planting the seeds of destruction for their party in the general election the Democrats are espousing fundamentally wrong things because the thing that matters them most is the appeal of ethnic politics the appeal of racial politics but this whole debate saddens me because I am and always will be a George W Bush comprehensive immigration reform Republican I want immigrants to come to this country because we're the best country on Earth and we're a good place and we want to help people who are suffering they're hurting but you have to come here legally and that's what America is about that's our history and that's our future you cannot come here illegally when I hear the Democrats say this isn't open borders they're really saying it's not open borders but it's borders that are open because you can no longer detain under the Democrats plan if somebody comes across the border illegally you can no longer the port if somebody comes here illegally the Democrats want to make it like a traffic ticket it's decriminalized entering America illegally and it will create a surge of illegal immigrants and that's I think ultimately how do people react when there are no borders and healthcare no borders and college education no borders on the actual border driver's licenses all these enticements now that states are offering to illegal immigrants are going to attract more illegals and this is why border security must come first I think the Democrat game is I'd not conclude this but I've only reached its conclusion recently they want more illegals to come here they want to create a path to citizenship and they want to win election but you remember that moment would come down to for the demo last night our last week re second debate hands up on the stage for health care for all illegal immigrants Bernie Sanders campaign just announced its fundraising numbers 25 million dollars just like we heard from Peabody judge recently they're raising big money on these issues and this is what's gonna bite the Democrats because you heard the audience applaud when everybody put their hand up for health care health insurance provided by the government for people who came here illegally this morning not to mention the last decades this is going to kill them in a general election think about the blue-collar working Americans struggling to pay for health insurance for his family or her family and then they're told your taxes are now going to support providing health insurance to the illegal who came here this morning so you're saying they're trying to win back Wisconsin and Michigan Pennsylvania and Ohio to a lesser degree is not the way to go well i think the democrats play identity politics to a fault and it's gonna hurt them in the general election Thank You Ari good to see in person Thank You Ari Fleischer thanks Ari in a moment here getting more news out of Chicago the Justice moment matter Fox News now digging through hours of surveillance to discover new video that footage places Smollett and the brothers who worked with him who say he hired them for a hoax at the scene of the attack that Finn's back in that story is live in Chicago with that now a Matt Bill Fox News obtained this video via a Freedom of Information request and really it very much appears to show just a small light and the ocean darl brothers walking around the area of the alleged hoax right before it happened this new video shows the ocean Dario brothers walking toward the direction a small it's apartment building and in this video you can clearly see a flash of a red brimmed hat police notes and hardware store surveillance video shows one of the brothers apparently purchasing that hat along with other items like that thin white rope to be used during the alleged hoax also the new video shows Smollett walking in the middle of the street in the same white sweater he was later seen wearing when police arrived and as you could see on this video it was such a frigid night there's hardly anyone else in sight other than Smollett and the brothers another piece of new video from a garage so small let in the white sweater looking calm perhaps a cellphone in hand and then a very short while later the ocean doll brothers are seen walking down the same sidewalk the attorney for the brothers tells FOX News that the brothers were likely arriving early and kind of were circling the area waiting for Smollett to return we reached out to small its legal team for comment on this new video and so far we have not heard back thank you Matt Matt Finn on that from Chicago thanks an isis-inspired terror plot targeting high-profile landmarks in Australia three suspects now in custody we'll have a live at update just ahead also Nike and a brand new controversy if you heard about this for the 4th of July blocking the sale of sneakers with the original US flag from Betsy Ross because Colin Kaepernick apparently complained the eight teams back on that next

  1. Juan is a factless turd that endorses violence, these people attack anybody and come masked and armed. Soon shit will kick off bad and nobody will like what happens, It will not end good for either side…

  2. Juan using Democratic talking point. You can't defend ANTIFA, they are left wing funded, domestic terrorist group! Their goal is violence and to shut down conservatives! Thank you for calling him out with FACTS! Neo Nazis and white nationalism isn't a rampant problem… fake narrative by the left! Wake up America!

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