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president Trump touting the economy this morning tweeting quote the stock market went up massively from the day I won election all the way up to the day that I took office because of the enthusiasm for the fact that I was going to be president that big stock market increase must be credited to me if Hillary won a big crash let's look at those numbers with Charles painless and making money over in the Fox Business Network ra charles so we went and dug up the numbers and the numbers do not lie you look at the stock market the dow S&P Nasdaq since Election Day 2016 the Dow is up 45% the sp500 up 37 percent the Nasdaq of 53 percent those are significant gains and the president is touting them you know I'm always always said that we should measure presidents in the stock market on the day after the election not the inauguration day the day after the elections inauguration day but the market reacts because businesses are reacting instantly and they react to you you and I both know that the market is considered to be a harbinger of things to come whether you think it's six months out or a year out so when the market sees an election result and it makes an instant reaction it's making an assumption on where the economy is going to be where corporate profits will be six months or a year later and they've reacted instantly wasn't just a stock market homebuilders sentiment surveys that the part of the traffic people going to look at home towards in contraction for many many years instantly and went to expansion small business confidence went through the roof in fact that was the first indicator that went up instantly again immediately after the eleven who gets credit for that economy it depends on who you ask it's really hard to go after the economy when you're running for president on the Democratic side but they found a way to do it and there's one event Camilla Harris listened to her last night America does not want to witness a food fight they want to know how we're going to put food on their table this president walks around talking about and flouting his great economy right my great economy and my great economy you ask them well how are you measuring this greatness of this economy of you and he talks about the stock market well that's fine if your own stocks so many families in America do not yeah but families in America are working and that's the other part of what is also touting is the unemployment rate so if you're working it's hard to say the economy is not working for it you're working your wages are going up in a way that they have not gone up in over a decade it these are absolutely 100% facts and also you know the stock market creates confidence it allows a business to go out and actually hire people if the stock market was down the same numbers that Sandra just write off to us the unemployment rate would be significantly higher than where it is right now businesses it would not be hiring if the stock market wasn't up and the stock market wouldn't be up if the economy wasn't doing very well is this stock market already making predictions about 2020 Charles I don't think it is I think the stock market though is making predictions that this economy continues to go very well that we do have one we have two areas of concern and today was a perfect day we had two two economic reports out consumer confidence came in better than expected consumer incomes continued to soar spending solid savings are solid but manufacturing was a bomb so we have to we got a couple of Achilles Hills but overall the consumer the part of voter that camel-hair i am i'm you know i'm typically bullish on america anyway but i'm even more so than normal right now and if the stock market was way down you know what they'd be talking about well twitter is now flagging tweets from public figures it deems abusive what caused the social network to change its tune and who could this impact when Brett Larson joins us the rules on Twitter you will certainly know about it the company says it is going to now label tweets that display bullying or abusive behavior the rule applies to government officials representatives or candidates for office with more than a hundred thousand followers joining us now Brett Larson from fox news headlines 24/7 and channel 115 on sirius XM big news there this this big deal the social media has really struggled with handling what people are saying on their platforms you know I've said many times social media is basically 300 million channels on a cable system everybody has their own little platform to create their content and some people find created content from others offensive but who's going to decide what's offensive you know we always fall back on the freedom of speech which we're all happy that we have but it's interesting how how they're going to decide what's considered bullying what's considered hate speech what's considered something that is in bad taste and that's when they're going to put a warning label and we've actually all seen these warnings already when they come up when you come across what is considered adult content or gruesome content they put this filter over the top that says hey you have to click to see this so that's what they're gonna start doing if they think something is offensive but it's been problematic before because social media tends to kind of play by their rules and what they think is offensive in what they think is right they take it down they don't have there's not a board even you know even part right people that says okay this is not offensive to me and that right there's no Court of nain and I think you know Zuckerberg was talking earlier this week and he is saying he really wants the government to step in and set up rules for what they consider hate speech we could do that that would be a very very good idea because then you have an outline that's hopefully not partisan but we never speeches a very people make up that team the trust and safety legal public policy and regional teams that means it'll be the discretion the discretion of the of a team so we'll see what happens there are some insane to see you thanks for having me here today guys well that does it for me Ben Hall is up with Sandra as America's newsroom continues I love that you get a great clue all right Fox News Alert president Trump's closed-door meeting with Vladimir Putin at the g20 summit in Japan more big meetings are planned the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Chinese President Xi were back with a new our events in the case of the disappearance of a Utah college student police now call a homeowner living close to where McKenzie Lueck was last seen a quote person of interest in this case as friends reportedly activity on her Instagram account after she went missing welcome to a brand new hour of America's newsroom happy to say it's Friday good morning everyone I'm Sandra Smith good morning Sandra I'm Benjamin Hall in for Bill Hemmer today investigators searched the home of that person of interest for nearly 19 hours collecting and taking bags of evidence out of his home near where McKenzie was dropped off by a lyft driver more than a week ago neighbors describing the unidentified homeowner as a nice guy who keeps to himself I've never seen anything suspicious I would be really really surprised if it turns out that he is actually involved in it if I had to say yes or no I would definitely say absolutely not let's go straight to Baffin live in Salt Lake City with the latest there hey Matt Sandra every hour that passes here at the Salt Lake City Police Headquarters this investigation becomes more desperate the latest this morning Salt Lake City police are now telling Fox News they expect to have some type of update in the next hour or two of course we will bring that to you and also rather eerie here there was suddenly some type of activity on Mackenzie Lewis Instagram account within the past 48 hours Mackenzie's account started following another one police have said the activity is playing a role in their investigation but we should know that it's possible Mackenzie requested to follow this other account sometime in the past and then that account just accepted activating the alert that is just a possibility this morning police have identified a person of interest in this case a man who lives not too far from here and owns a home police are not naming him investigators searched his property they removed all types of evidence even digging in the backyard the medical examiner was there as well our understanding is that all this evidence is being tested right now this morning we also spotted that crime scene tape is still blocking an alleyway behind the house the theory is perhaps that Mackenzie Lua could have ended up at this house or someone related to her disappearance did neighbors say the owner operates a very busy air and be and that strangers are always coming and going we have a lot of really good friendly people here and it's a very busy street but it's relatively safe noon with and I do know he has a Airbnb in his basement which is quite busy I believe he's constantly renting it out also this is interesting police are trying to find the person who picked up a mattress from this home police say that this person of interest the homeowner likely tried to get rid of this mattress on a social media website police are looking for the person who picked up a mattress at this house within the past couple of days also this morning police tell us they have lots of people coming forward with information on what Mackenzie Lewis might have been up to in her private life perhaps even online dating police tell us they are vetting everything and accepting all information this morning Sandra Finn thank you big deal the President creating a little bit of controversy himself yesterday in a bilateral meeting with President Putin in what's called the pool spray at the very top of that bilateral meeting the president was asked again if he would tell Putin not to meddle in the twenty twenty US election rather than asking the question suring the question directly the president turned to Putin and sort of joked about the issue watch here Putin also put the president at a bit of an uncomfortable position inviting him to Moscow next May to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory of Allied forces over Nazi Germany now what the president has participated in 75th anniversary commemorated in higher balsan arrows saying that he has not contrasting what the Chinese have said promising to hold off on new tariffs against China for six months as a goodwill gesture but last in the evening just a few hours ago the top trade representatives from both the United States and Chuck Orion will get a chance to ask the president many many questions Benjy about everything that transpired here in Osaka John Roberts halfway around the world there in Osaka Jonny thank you let's bring in Chris Wallace anchor a Fox News Sunday Chris good morning to you first can I ask you about the president's trip in this big meeting coming up with President Xi there's high hopes for that meeting that a trade deal actually get done well I don't think you'll even if it goes well get a trade deal done I think the best that could happen is that they would return to trade talks and perhaps even with a deadline as to when they'll get these things resolved it this is the big headline that's gonna come out of the g20 summit I think the most you can expect is that they will resume trade talks and that the president will delay imposing tariffs on another 300 billion dollars the rest of Chinese imports into this country the flipside of that is there there may be no deal and if that were to happen and the president were to say I'm going to go ahead and impose tariffs that will be a real hit on the global economy and I think a real hit on US markets all right yeah markets are watching that very closely heading into the weekend Chris now your key takeaways from that big night round two for the Democrats on on the presidential debate stage what were your thoughts well like everybody I thought that Kamala Harris had a great night she lit Joe Biden up she first of all had a great line that would have been enough to be a kind of a viral moment when she said let's not have a food fight let's talk about putting food on the table but then she went after the vice president and the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination both on his brag about doing business with segregationist senators and then on busing and and the vice-president support when he was a senator back in the 70s for Forrest his opposition rather for Forrest no I'm sorry his support for forced busing and she pointed out that in fact she had been bussed in the 70s as a little girl I'm gonna get this straight he was a he was opposed to it and she was saying look that was something that was important in terms of school desegregation and he didn't answer that very well it was something that was clearly gonna be a subject that was gonna be brought up we know he's got a long record what forty five years in in Washington as a senator and as a vice president and he kind of had a faltering answer I think you can't overstate it Sandra because the fact is that this is the first of 12 rounds of debates that are gonna take place on the Democratic side this was the first down what eleven to go but I think it in the frontier it probably weakens Joe Biden as a front-runner and it strengthens Kamala Harris and I think some others did well as well in terms of their standing in that kind of second tier they spent a lot of time going after the frontrunner for their party Joe Biden here's Eric's wawel saying it's it's it's time to pass the torch I was six years old when a presidential candidate came to the California Democratic convention and said it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans that candidate was then-senator Joe Biden Joe Biden was right when he said it was time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans 32 years ago still right today I'm still holding out of that torch that was certainly a memorable moment Chris yeah I didn't think that was as effective I don't think just saying you're you're old and I'm young and so passed the torch I didn't think that was nearly as effective and you could see the crowd kind of was uncomfortable with that as well seems to be much more effective to do a Kamala Harris did which is to go after specific positions that Joe Biden took a long time ago when they were not you know outside the mainstream whether it's on busing whether it was on the 1994 crime bill but basically to say you've taken a lot of positions that just aren't where the Democratic Party is today and to make him more a creature a relic of the past than somebody who can lead the Democratic Party into the 2020s there's a really interesting piece this morning Chris in political magazine did the Democrats the Democrats step on a second big landmine it points that out that on immigration they've steered the party close to an open doors policy without any serious reckoning with how to handle the influx of arrivals pulled a piece a portion out of that piece Chris in in it political rights there was no mention on that stage none about how to deal with what has been a flood of arrivals whether refugees from violence asylum seekers are those simply looking for a better life no solution was offered on that stage Chris well I don't think that's quite fair I mean one of the things that people talked about a number of them is that you need to open the spigot and provide some aid to the Central American countries like El Salvador and Honduras and Guatemala so people won't feel this tremendous need to leave but I I would agree and I think frankly it was a flaw both on a lot of the Democratic part of the party candidates but also on the part of the moderators who seem to accept the idea you're gonna have a tremendous number of people coming forward now how do you deal with it there wasn't a lot of talk about the basic premise one that you know a lot of these Democrats that said that there was no crisis that the president had manufactured it now they were all talking about the fact that there is a crisis so how do they justify their past rhetoric with their current rhetoric and secondly the whole question of does the US simply have to accept this flood of people whether it's migrants or asylum seekers and what about the idea which you know that the Republicans are going to offer and Donald Trump will offer which is that a country has to secure its borders I didn't think there was enough challenging of the basic premise that you can just leave these borders open and be criminalized I'm sure we're gonna hear a whole lot more from you coming up this weekend chris wallace thank you be sure to catch more with chris this Sunday when White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow will be joining him Fox News Sunday will watch it thanks Chris brand-new court action in the case of a missing mother of five the girlfriend of Jennifer Doulos is estranged husband facing a judge this morning why that judge just ruled that photos Doulos can have no contact with Michele trakone s a woman whom he claims can provide an alibi for him the night Jennifer disappeared and it's officially become the longest vote in Senate history as lawmakers vote to try and keep president Trump's war powers in check we'll tell you why next this amendment from Senator Udall and others is a half-baked and dangerous measure about as half-baked and dangerous as we've seen on the floor and on top Eddie Gallagher in his war crimes trial the defense is expected to continue to call witnesses that say Gallagher did not stab that Isis prisoner and that he actually provided medical help to him that testimony coming into conflict with what some of we what with what some of we have heard on the prosecution side throughout this trial captain Tyler Merritt is here he served with Gallagher in the Middle East but first jonathan hunt joining us live from the courthouse in San Diego this morning keeping track of it all Jonathan good morning Sandra the defense is likely to rest its case today meaning we are scheduled to get closings the arguments on Monday and then this case will be put in the hands of the military jury yesterday we heard from a Marine who served in Iraq alongside Chief Gallagher he was there when the wounded Isis fighter died and he said Gallagher did not stab him as Judah's allege but under cross-examination he admitted he was not watching Gallagher's interactions with the fighter every moment and prosecutors asked rhetorically how long does it take to stab someone one second less than that prosecutors also played a helmet cam video from the scene in which the Marine Staff Sergeant Giorgio Carlos is heard saying quote Eddie's going to put him out defense attorneys were asked to explain what that phrase might mean listen here it can mean any number of things it could mean that they're gonna sedate him it could mean hey we've been spending all day trying to kill these guys maybe he's going to do that video testimony was also played from an Iraqi general whose unit fought alongside Galaga he too said Galaga did not stab the ISIS fighter listen again to the defense attorney general abbas has no motivation to lie to protect chief gallagher yeah he came all the way over here yeah 16-hour flight I paid for it himself solely to come in and tell the truth now the Iraqi generals unit has itself being accused during these court proceedings of torture rape and murder of prisoners so the big question is Sandra in in a sense does this jury of US military members believe this Iraqi general or do they believe the word of two US Navy SEALs who have said that Gallagher did in fact stab that Isis prisoner sandra jonathan hunt thank you for more on this let's bring in captain Tyler Merritt he has been in close contact with the Gallagher family and his legal team good morning to you Talley thank you for being here we've chatted before where is this case now how is it developing yeah I spoke for a long time last night with Bernard Kerik who actually went and tracked down general boss because the NCIS they didn't have a real big concern about asking the Iraqi general the person that we're sent there to advise and assist what happened that day and when he actually came up on stage he said very clearly I would not have allowed for someone to hurt this detainee in most likely and again I can only assume that if he had survived he would have gone to Iraqi detention center he would have been tortured and he would have provided as much information he could until he succumbed to wounds and died and that's just the facts the reality of war and if people don't want to hear that that's unfortunate but Eddie Gallagher was asked by an Iraqi general to keep this person alive Eddie Gallagher is a soldier and he's been in the military for twenty years in Special Operations I've served in Iraq my job is to advise and assist regardless of whether or not I believe it's a good idea to hand this prisoner back over that's not my job Eddie has started to do that first aid this individual succumbed to wounds and apparently to the medic asphyxiating him what do you make of when Jonathan was saying you know you have to Navy SEALs who said they witnessed Eddie Gallagher's stabbed this Isis fighter and now you have a staff sergeant saying he moved the body said that he there were no stab wounds I think you have to look at the credibility of these individuals these mean girls as Eddie's wife has termed them these millennial seals very young seals they grew up together in buds and the seals training they had this first deployment in 2017 and they did not like chief Eddie Gallagher he was a hard-charging SEAL who wanted to go out daytime raids which is very very dangerous but a very effective and these individuals they they grew discontent and they spent over a year trying to find a way to get him removed and eventually said you know what he actually killed some detained child which is not true and military made he maintains his innocence he has throughout his wife speaking on his behalf has come on this program many times he is not guilty of the charges against him he's accused of stabbing a prisoner to death he's accused of posing for a photo next to a corpse shooting at non-combatants including a young civilian girl and intimidating seals who could report his behavior and you say what again it goes back to these three individuals that the chain of command has decided to take their word over Eddie over an Iraqi general over other individuals who are they're saying this simply did not occur and the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt would mean that there's some sort of evidence there's no body there's no massive amount of blood where Eddie is trying to help save this person's life and what it really boils down to is a modern-day fratricide in Vietnam if you didn't like your senior leadership you would kill them they're doing it in a very cowardice way and I say shame on them yeah we Jonathan was saying that the defense could rest today and there were some who said look the defense shouldn't even have put on a case because the prosecution didn't prove their case you have the Iraqi general saying he didn't kill him you have this Staff Sergeant saying look I never saw any stab wounds on him and then you have the man admitting that he's the one that asphyxiated the Isis fighter absolutely it bodes well for the defense at this point it does and you know from the very beginning Eddie's original attorneys we're talking about potential plea deals but the evidence showed that there's there's no reason for him to accept anything other than a full acquittal and we've been there since the beginning we made these shirts to kind of support him this fund that he needs to go against the US government this is truly David vs Goliath a Navy SEAL doesn't make enough money to fund the legal team that's required to actually set him free so this is the free Eddie campaign where we show that our brothers in arms we're gonna come to each other's aid when the other person is falsely accused this is someone you call a friend how is the family doing I know you speak to them almost daily they're cautiously optimistic you know it's good that people have finally started to come through and tell the truth that I asphyxiated this individual at the medic not it's doing to the for the reputation and the morale of the seals it's devastating a special-operations community in general you know they we need to be a cohesive military at this time at this specific point in time in our nation I got to be Tyler thank you appreciate it thank you very much for your service as well well it was 10 out of 10 at round two of the democratic debate each and every candidate endorsing taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants and the New York Post summed it up this way with the words who's going to lose the election plus Joe Biden taking a hit from Carla Harris last night over his old record on busing and recent comments on segregation it's in the Senate did she strike a blow to his frontrunner status the a-teams ready to roll on this they'll join us straight ahead there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day and that little girl was me it was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country this characterized my position across the board I did not praise racist I'm the guy that extended the Voting Rights Act for 25 years I agreed that everybody once they in faggus my times up on some Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden on defense Kamala Harris attacking him over his recent comments on working with segregationist and overall record on civil rights their exchange just one of the major moments of last night's debate let's bring in the a-team Juan Williams Fox News political analyst and co-host of the five John bussy Fox News contributor and Associated editor at The Wall Street Journal and Liz peak who is a Fox News contributor and Liz you were saying before the before the soundbite started look it wasn't boring last night no they were climbing all over each other for air time because the night before the lesser known candidates really did not get much chance to make their pitch this was do or die for a lot of the people on that stage and they were not gonna let this opportunity pass so yeah as Kamala Harris said and the most memorable quip of the night you know Americans don't want to see a food fight because that's what it had become some awkward exchanges as well particularly with Joe Biden Kamala Harris had it how do you think about a winner won well I think karma Harris is the clear winner of the night and it's almost it doesn't matter what we say here on this set I think if you read the morning papers if you look at social media in the country it's pretty clear people feel that she performed in such a way as to dominate that stage and that the whole conversation is about her it's about the clip you played at the top so you think it was a game-changing night for her well I do I think that you know Liz was saying too just before we came on that they had fundraising requirements especially going to the end of this quarter which is the end of this next week I guess and so the idea now is that Kamala Harris from California with potentially deep donors available has made her candidacy more viable based on her performance last night yeah you know the Biden's gonna have to come back on this he's gonna have to fix this problem that was created for him last night and we're so early in the process this is not a you know a game changer but it certainly is going to tighten the race he's gonna this is you know in a way fixing it will also create an opportunity for him he probably needs to make a speech on race he needs to describe his journey in his record and how the country was going with him on that journey and remind the country of it and Express where he plans to take the country a little bit he's tried to you know he's he's given these kind of small speeches on the the you know the problems he's had over the past couple of yeah little small speeches you know kind of off the cuff which is a problem for my Denese one needs to be a prepared speech that he reads sort of problem for Biden or was that what was it wasn't it the end of the game for Biden I mean that was know quite a moment and some are making the case this morning as reaction is still coming in he just didn't look prepared table Harris had already taken issue with him very in a very public way before they took to the stage last night yeah and Biden didn't look like he was falling although I would say that compared to expectations Biden actually did okay he was not stumbling he wasn't searching for words he didn't have a senior moment thank the Lord and and he turned it on Kamala Harris kind of intelligently when he said well I went to be a public defender not a prosecutor I thought that was a variability it was yeah and and frankly I was sort of surprised that he had that kind of punch back but I think to your point he did look unprepared for something that clearly was gonna be brought up last night I think he was prepared on that point that you just raised list-making because I think there are a lot of people on the left side of the Democratic Party who had trouble with Kamala Harris with regard to her history as a prosecutor Attorney General of California sending a lot of people to jail on minor drug crimes marijuana crimes and the like and her pursuit of that support of the police in that is slowly gonna hurt Joe Biden no-one yeah I don't think there's any way it won't hurt your Biden remember Joe Biden though was the target last night because he's about 30% in all the polls Andra so if it hurts him and brings them down to 20 arguably still in the lead but if you combine the two nights hooli and Castro break out on Wednesday night along with Elizabeth Warren's strong performance and now Kamala Harris Joe Biden I think you're seeing that it's kind of the these are the people who are going to be on the next stage yeah immigration job one because the whole idea is that you know it's surprising when you see all 10 of the candidates raise their hands saying we're gonna give health care to all of the illegal immigrants and it's surprising how far the democratic party has come just in five years because I want to put on the screen this is what President Obama told ABC News back in 2014 it says that is our direct message to the families in Central America do not send your children to the borders undocumented workers broke our immigration laws and I believe that they must be held accountable five years ago he said that one and now everybody raises their hand saying bring him across cover and we are gonna know that and by the way Joe Biden went to Central America if you remember to argue that they should not come up so I mean he is he has done a complete 180 and by the way his hand went up very tentatively but I don't see this listen to me he wasn't saying come he's saying that for people who are already here that we should provide health care coverage and then makes the case that it's humane but also other people on the stage made the case that you don't want people here going to the emergency room driving up costs for you for me for John that we have to find a way to deal with the reality that we have I think it's 10 or 11 our President Barack Obama and how he addressed the issue right there do not send your children that's not I don't see this as contradictory I think you do although people were saying on Twitter this morning that great you know voice of authority that in fact the more people the more you offer things like free health care the more people will come so this is to be very difficult for the Democrats right because the position they take now is going to carry through to the general the further they tack left whichever the candidates it is they're gonna have to fix that before before the general election which is going to be seeking the middle of voter they're gonna have to explain their positions now to all those moderate Republicans in Orange County who turned Orange County blue that's the voter that they're after so as much as they tact now to the left it's gonna be a difficult explanation for them getting back to the Senate and it wasn't just you know Medicare for the world it was it was the evisceration of the insurance industry the criticism of business across the the line you know pretty much every sector of business got hammered last night now go to this exchange Eric swallow Joe Biden I'm passing the torch I was six years old when a presidential candidate came to the California Democratic convention and said it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans that candidate was then-senator Joe Biden Joe Biden was right when he said it was time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans 32 years ago I'm still a lot of that torch well let's go to that moment 32 years ago here's Joe Biden I'm passing the torch it sounds corny but remember how you used to feel every lie you felt when you heard let the word go forth in this time and place that the torch has been passed passed to a new generation of Americans criticism from from perhaps an unlikely source in the wake of all this David Axelrod go to you on this one writing they seemed almost talking about Biden looking confused they seemed almost part of the past rather than the future it is sound here's David Axelrod they seemed like part of the past rather than the future at times the vice president seemed somewhat confused to me in in handling some of the questions and following some of the I she seemed a bit defensive so take all that on well I think that this is again about the soul of the Democratic Party 2019 heading into 2020 you have this younger generation saying hey Joe Biden you have been there I thought there was a really critical exchange between senator Bennet and Biden over the tax issue in which he said you know you guys think you're doing business but the Republicans basically they took your lunch money because we now have this permanent tax cut and I so on many levels I think he's saying to Biden's saying even to Barack Obama oh you guys have not done a good job we have president Trump because of you get him job us and there's a you know Bill Ben I got a great quote saying that if Joe Biden was a statue they bring they tear him down that was the whole thing where you think look Joe Biden it just seems like it's at odds with the whole look this is a good warning shot for for an a warning sort of call for Biden you got to be prepared you're gonna be come after you got to have energy on that stage just can be a lot of younger people kind of coming after your record at the same time let's remember what percentage of people over 60 vote it's about two-thirds of them about one-third of people in their 20s vote beware not respecting your elders there's going to be there's going to be a little bit of a push back on on those who are kind of trying to tear Biden down who does come with experience which is what we've already seen Democrats want in their candidate Liz interesting we're not talking about Bernie Sanders very much that I didn't did in a tweet he's overseas he wrote I'm in Japan at the g20 representing our country well but I heard it was not a good day for sleepy Joe or crazy Bernie he writes one exhaust is exhausted the other is nuts so what's the big deal I think Bernie said we're not talking about Bernie Sanders cuz he was completely Bernie Sanders he didn't really surprise us he sort of was out there with the same class warfare message bashing businesses at John's head I think the real victim both nights was Americans corporations I mean every industry came under attack every industry was chided for being greedy and unscrupulous etc which i think is sort of says so Bernie was Bernie and I don't really think there was anything much to talk about I felt like I've seen that movie before exactly I think on your point this income inequality thing dominated as a team both nights yeah kirsten gillibrand didn't talk much about her so a lot of people didn't resonate above which they needed to John bussy Liz peak Juan Williams we got to go great of you to join us that weekend police brand-new evidence in connection with the disappearance of that Utah College student McKenzie Lueck the Salt Lake City Police Chief will join us live next hour to answer any questions over where she is and how that investigation is going plus President Trump says he deserves credit for big gains in the stock market but one 20/20 candidate says stocks don't matter to working-class people money man Charles Payne on deck

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