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good morning everybody final stretch now US Supreme Court we could get decisions major decisions this hour there are only two weeks left in the term we're awaiting several key rulings including the census question on citizenship and a decision that could have a major impact on the 2020 election keeping a close eye on the high court we would let you know when there is new is this our first however threats from Iran Tehran ramping up nuclear production claiming it's only days away from breaking at stock buy a limit on uranium enrichment and that has the attention of Washington in the world good morning everybody it's Monday had a great weekend Sanders got the day off on Bill Hemmer back here in New York City nice to see the break in your week so I decided to come in on a Monday so it's your favorite day of the nice touch all right in for Sandra Smith great to be here an Iranian official says the country has quadrupled its production of low enriched uranium as the White House continues to blame Tehran for last week's attack on two oil tankers Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says all options including military are on the table we don't want war we've done what we can to deter this the Iranian should understand very clearly that we will continue to take actions that deter Iran from engaging this kind of behavior I think the evidence is very clear this is IRGC the Islamic and Republic of Iran that made this attack on these two tankers it's not the first time then we had four tankers a couple weeks ago we had attacks in Saudi we had a rocket trying to bring down one of our drones there's no question that Iran is behind the tax I think the evidence is very strong and compelling we're gonna guarantee the freedom of navigation throughout the Strait this is international challenge this is important to the entire globe Kevin cord leads our coverage on a Monday from the North Lawn Kevin good morning I know it's got headlines and attention there at the White House hello great to be with you Bill you're right about that I want to play yet another clip from the Secretary of State he was broadly available over the weekend on television and I want you to pay close attention bill to the end of his statement about what yet maybe to come with respect to Iran listen here the United States is considering a full range of options we briefed the president a couple of times we'll continue to keep them updated we are confident that we can take a set of actions that can restore deterrence which is our mission sent you here that confident that the US can take a set of actions that can restore deterrence so what does that mean well to hear the administration tell it that can mean anything and that could mean everything especially on the heels of Iran's alleged involvement in a series of tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman as for Tehran well they're sabre-rattling well good it frankly continues they're promising now built to push ahead with its nuclear program including a massive uptick in uranium production we have quadrupled uranium production and in recent days we have once again increased production and today we can tell you that the countdown has started if we start the countdown from 10 and 10 days from now on June 27th we will be past the limit of 300 kilograms so the White House is prepared to take action immediately in fact to ensure the safety and security of vessels traveling in international waters you heard the Secretary of State's say it especially over the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz they are pivotal energy transport lanes in the region something we will obviously keep a very close eye on from our perch here at the White House today a relatively light schedule for the president no public events right now he does have a lunch with the vice president but should that change I promise to let you know about it but for now go back to good deal Kevin nice to see you Kevin coins in the White House thanks three minutes pass really meanwhile Mexico ramping up its efforts to confront the border crisis more than a week after its deal with the US the Mexican government intercepting hundreds of migrants over the weekend as 6,000 troops head down to the border with Guatemala that was part of the deal with the president as he tried to impose tariffs so now Mexico is stepping it up and that is where our own William la jeunesse is he joins us live from the Mexico Guatemala border with the very latest there hey William well Julie we're in Turku de mon it is a busiest point on that border a superhighway of migrants not just from Guatemala but also Honduras El Salvador Cuba and Haiti the cost about $1 to hire one of these rafts for a one-way trip to Mexico Mexico yesterday did have the National Guard here some they were stopping some people who didn't have a border crossing car but they left it has had some deterrent effect the shelters here are full people sleeping in parks but after sundown the migrants cross Guatemala is now the number one source of immigrants coming into the u.s. about eight hundred apprehensions on the border a day the u.s. is also deported more than ever before three to four flights a day 1,500 a week arriving processed and released some vowed to stop others say they'll try again having already paid the smuggler they're entitled to three trips how much does it cost $88,000 you going back yeah now a quarter miles agreed to deploy some 80 u.s. immigration agents to secure its border and uncover the criminal networks it's also considering a safe third country agreement be the first in Latin America a game-changer according to the US we're calling Salvadoran and Hondurans my grens headed to the states to claim asylum here not the u.s. even though I can't define what kind of concept we're gonna come up with I can confirm that what Amara is gonna be a country that's going to support the u.s. with regards of closing that loophole so what are the drivers of immigration will increasingly migrants are coming from the rural areas or there been a long drought filed by floods coffee prices falling by some 60% is driving people out also violent crime basically is down around the country homicide by half but in the cities businessman complaint of extortion the age here average 21 youngest in the hemisphere 200,000 entering the job market each year for about 50,000 jobs wages a little as $15 a day in the cities $8 a day in the rural areas a UN agency found that 91 percent of the people here are leaving for economic reasons five percent to join family in the u.s. only two percent cited violence some analysts here credit President Trump with forcing politicians here to face up to their own problems that is also forcing politic politicians to focus on those issues and to start talking on how to generate policies that could actually increase foreign direct investment to generate opportunities in our country so there was a presidential election here yesterday not one candidate getting over 50% to they'll be a runoff Julie in August back to you William la jeunesse thank you very much now it's the new foxhole showing Jill Biden holding a commanding lead over his rival seize that 32% leading Bernie Sanders by nearly 20 points and many others as you see are down in single digits vibran your cue political correspondent Washington Examiner Fox News contributor Byron how are you and good morning my friend president's gonna be in Orlando tomorrow night on Tuesday his campaign officially kicking off for reelection how do you see the trend now for Jill Biden in this poll well the President does have a big production plan for Florida that'll be a lot of news but as far as Biden's polls with the Democrats it appears that the race is actually tightening just a few weeks ago Joe Biden had a lead of 27 points over Bernie Sanders and 33 points over Elizabeth Warren if you look at the Real Clear Politics average of polls both of those leads are about 10 to 12 points smaller than they were I think that was inevitable that kind of tightening is inevitable and also there's the fact that some of his opponents particularly Elizabeth Warren are really running harder than the Vice President is right now and that's beginning to show up in the polls I think we get something from Bernie Sanders here is with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday well what I think is important about this is how he and others are training their target now on the front-runner being by just robust real quickly here polls go up and polls go down but the other part of the poll if I heard you correctly Chris is that I am beating president Trump fairly decisively which is consistent with all of the polling that I have seen okay so there was a debate in a week and a half I think is really going to shape this campaign on the on the Democratic side now to President Trump there was a bit of an interview that was put out but he did in great language Ord Stephanopoulos here is the question and answer on whether or not Barack Obama knew about spying or what not with his campaign you clearly believed there was a group of people working against you do you think President Obama was behind it I would say that he certainly must have known about it because it went very high up in the chain I'm not gonna make that statement quite yet but I would say that President Obama had to know about it there's a lot in there I'm not going to make that statement quite yet what do you make of that Darin well a lot of Republicans have suspected that President Obama must have known something about what the FBI and other parts of his administration were doing to investigate the Trump campaign in 2016 remember the FBI started its investigation of the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016 at the height of the presidential campaign there is a little evidence a few hints in the pay in the text messages between Peter struck and Lisa page there's some hints that perhaps the White House is interested and following all this the first thing is we don't know everything that the FBI and other agencies were doing at that time that's what the whole attorney General William Barr investigation is about and then when we find out what they were doing we don't know what if anything the White House knew about it president Trump has his suspicions so do other Republicans but we don't really know right interesting stuff there back to our polling now and this question of impeachment here it is on screen bottom of your screen not impeach at 48 percent now you've been looking at this poll Byron you've been looking and examining it I'm tweeting it what do you make of this number well what's interesting there is the the not impeach number that 48 percent number has been very stable over the last few months and these are people otherwise known as Republicans who who just don't want to see the president impeach we have seen some movement among Democrats a couple of months ago there were a number of Democrats who said well let's don't impeach right now we need to investigate more to see if impeachment hearings are necessary now a larger number of Democrats say ok we've got enough we can hold impeachment proceedings that is going to push put more pressure on Nancy Pelosi who so far has completely pushed back on this idea of impeachment in the house thank you very much good to have you on a Monday okay thank you from Washington reaction on this and more from the ranking member the House Judiciary Committee that is Doug Collins he is our headliner coming up next our and Julie I mentioned this event tomorrow night in Orlando Florida underscore that this is high for corridor in a central part of the state you win national elections when you win that part of the country yeah that's basically going to be the start and the kickoff to the president's election and 5500 days away yeah 500 days when we're gonna be talking about this every single one of those days okay all right and as the news continues to come in on Iran a big meeting set to go down this week the Chinese president set to visit North Korea this week retired four-star general Jack Keane will be on deck later this hour also Julie stunning images at a Hong Kong there were two million people in the streets we'll explain what's going on there and what is the next move coming up right here and Bernie Sanders calling for a political revolution as he ramps up his push for drastic changes to the US economy former Reagan economics adviser art Laffer is standing by the time is now for us to say you know what we need an economy and a government that works for all of us not just the 1% and if people want to accuse me of believing in that I plead guilty yeah that's what I believe in believe that workers should have more say and be sitting on the boards of large corporations yes I do do I believe that we should break up some of the major banks on Wall Street and support credit unions and community banks yes I do so I think really one of the things that we have to look at is the fact that power in this country rests with just a handful of people there is the message Bernie Sanders on Fox News Sunday making a push for democratic socialism calling for drastic changes to the US economy art Laffer former Reagan economics advisor with me sir how are you art nice to see and good morning sir very well bill I saw that interview with Chris Wallace yesterday amazing just amazing okay does his for the book called the American Renaissance you remember the late great Jack Kemp and Bernie Sanders book should be the great American collapse I you know his policies would lead to absolute economic collapse here's my question that does his message sell in 2020 the way it did in 2016 no I can't believe it the closer it gets to being a reality the more harsher and worse it sounds I mean you know it's amazing he uses the polls to say that he can beat he can beat Donald Trump but then when the polls say that he is dropping in popularity amongst Democrats that well you know polls are unreliable it's just amazing then he compares the US growth and the prosperity of the wealthiest 1% and then he says that Europe has all these policies their growth is even worse than ours you know if you look at what's going on in Europe it's terrible I just don't understand the guy but hey if you want your country run like the post office and the Department of Motor Vehicles you should vote for Bernie Sanders no that's what you want he also said if we're gonna bring about real change we need fundamental change we need a political revolution I think we I think we had one of those just about two years ago now we'll be China terrorists yes we do here on Fox watch here I think that we will eventually probably make a deal but if we don't the president is perfectly happy with continuing the terror movements that we've already announced as well as imposing the new ones that he is temporarily suspended how's that gonna fly perfectly happy what did you think of that way he phrased that I don't think he me I mean when he said I think we're gonna get a deal I think we're gonna get a deal and that's what we should get China and the US need each other desperately and this is a negotiation process and Wilbur Mills is poppy Wilbur Wilbur Ross is part of that process of negotiations and therefore can't really put as a fallback position but I think the president's a wonderful negotiator and we're gonna get a great deal with China and it'll mean four or five thousand points on the Dow I'm really very excited about getting a really truly free trade deal with China and Japan and I think it'll happen I hope you hope you're right about that because here's what the American people think on tariffs here's our polling tells us 45 percent believe it hurts the US economy 33 and think it helped 17% say no difference there they want this to come true because also deeper in that polling you got 57 percent of the American people who like the way the economy is going so you if you want to go to the next year you get a tariff field done art yes I think we got I think we need a tariff deal done I think it needs to be done great for the US for China as well I think it'll be beneficial to both but can I go back for one second were compelled to Bernie Sanders he said that American economy has been declining for the last thirty years you know who was president 30 years ago he wants to go back to Ronald Reagan that's what it was it was the last year of Ronald Reagan was 30 years ago so I'm with him all the way I'm going back to Ronald Reagan days let's see how that sells next week when the debates get underway I don't I don't think Bernie's gonna buy my line what do you just one more thing that g20 in Japan said don't expect a deal but we might be sending us in a direction that might Forge a way to a deal I think we've heard that for a year unfortunately our last comment on that yeah well I you know I think that's what negotiators always say don't expect a deal I'm willing to hold all of that stuff this is part of a negotiation strategy which I'm not an expert in but we've already had some pretty good deals with Canada with Mexico with South Korea I think we're gonna get a good deal with China and the US and Japan I'm really very hopeful and I think it'll come fairly soon and when it does it'll be really explosively wonderful well alright I hope you're right art Laffer yeah I've been wrong a lot of times in my life bill but I don't think I'm wrong on this one I really don't we're rolling on it thank you sir talk to you real soon art Laffer there in Nashville Tennessee thank you bowing admitting it made a mistake when it comes to the 737 max Jets involved in two deadly crashes what the company is now saying it should have told regulators and airlines about the cockpit warning lights also remember this the Bronco change chase rather 25 years ago America transfixed by it Oh Jay Simpson leading police on a slow-speed chase down an LA freeway this after the murders of his ex-wife and her friend captured the attention of the country ever Oh Jay Simpson and a white Ford Bronco leading police on this slow speed chase down on la freeway happened 25 years ago today and now the former football star is making waves on Twitter joining the social media side and attaching this video from Sunday now there's a lot of fake oj accounts out there so this one at the real oj 32 is the only official one so it should be a lot of fun I got a little didn't even to do so god bless take care on that same day in 1994 Simpson charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman he would later be acquitted after a year trial but found liable for their deaths in a civil case where were you oh my god every time I see that I remember where I was where were you I was in Cincinnati Ohio it was a Friday night it was June a beautiful weather outside we had a big pool party everybody had just arrived and somebody from inside the house shouted they just found oj party was over everybody went to the TV and we watched for the night I remember sitting with you I in my freshman year of college no actually sophomore year when you're high school college no no I swear I was in college and I remember watching with my broadcast journalism you know colleagues and my professor and we were just glued to the screen yeah was the one day I didn't want to leave class just glued and went when that crowd got underway it was really it was it was a made-for-tv event for last year yeah I think we all learned a lot about law watching that from no we absolutely did yeah 25 years ago today bowing admitting it made a mistake when it came to the 737 max jet apologizing to families of victims of two deadly crashes involving the aircraft at the Paris Air Show executives said they should have been more transparent with regulators about flaws in the software the aircraft was involved in the lion air crash in October and Ethiopian Airlines crash in March killing a total of 346 people Ryan Chilcote joins us from our London bureau with the very latest hi Ryan yeah Julie this is not the first time that Boeing has apologized but the CEO actually did that just a few weeks ago but making this apology at the Paris Air Show one of the biggest venues in the world for selling aircraft instead of as they normally would boasting about what has been their best ever selling aircraft really underscores the problem that boeing has on its hands and said the Boeing executives there at the Paris Air Show had to watch Airbus land one of its 330s to pop the pomp and circumstance of president McCrone who was there watching in addition to that Airbus announced another sale of 13 of those aircraft were four more billion dollars and finally Airbus announced that they are launching another plane that Boeing is is it keen to launch in the next four years Boeing doesn't know when they're going to be able to do that so that was all very difficult I think for Boeing particularly considering that all of those 737 maxes the entire fleet remains grounded at this point while management continues to be engaged in damage control first we are very sorry the loss of lives as a result of the tragic accidents of both Ethiopian 302 and lion air 6:10 and our thoughts and our prayers are with the loved ones of those who lost their lives a total of 346 people were killed in those two 737 max crashes the first occurred in October of last year that crashed into the sea after taking off from Jakarta the second in Ethiopia that came March of this year and that occurred just after takeoff investigations are still underway into what exactly happened but in both cases it appears a warning system was to blame and of course the focus right now is getting to the bottom of the problems but as you can see there is the commercial aspect Boeing keen to get those aircraft backed in the sky and back to selling aircraft they have a hundred and fifty thousand employees to think about not just in the United States but worldwide Ryan Chilcote thank you very much Thank You Ryan almost 9:30 here in New York now Israel renaming a settlement on the Golan Heights to honor President Trump Prime Minister Netanyahu unveiling this called Trump Heights we'll give you the reason for that decision coming up right here plus Mexico now taking action in the border crisis after a major crackdown over the weekend former acting ice director Thomas Holman is on deck and joins us next this is not about the wall but about any humanitarian crisis actually I think it's safe to say the president getting more cooperation out of Mexico than he is out of congressional Democrats now police searching for a gunman who opened fired a graduation party killing one injuring seven others many of them teenagers it happened around ten o'clock Sunday evening south western part of the city and right now investigators are ramping up patrols in the area as they hunt for the shooter updates on that as we get them here it's a humanitarian crisis we're trying to get funding right now in the Congress just to take care of these kids down there in a humanitarian way Health and Human Services will run out of money this month even the New York Times agreed with Republicans that we need to do something and yet Nancy Pelosi the Democrats continue to block this measure House Homeland Security Chair Michael McCaul on the Trump administration's request for emergency border funding this as Mexico begins this immigration crackdown on its border with Guatemala committed to preventing migrant crossings after pressure from the US by the president Thomas Holman is a former acting ice director and a fox news contributor thank you very much as always for coming on with us this morning Mexico is going to have 6,000 national guard in position at their southern border this weekend that happened they actually confiscated they got nearly 800 it's off to him but we got to keep watch and make sure Mexico lives up to the promises no question Mexico I mean it is long overdue for Mexico to step it up I mean there's a Fox News poll out though that I thought I find interesting it asks how people feel about the Trump administration's enforcement of immigration laws and it shows that in fact half of voters say that Trump's and migration policies in fact go too far 24% believe not far enough and 21% say about right what would you make of that you know the Americans would like to see in terms of immigration when there are 50 percent have said they have gone too far however the administration has gone to point where Mexico is finally coming in and stepping up and taking responsibility had Trump not thrown out those tariffs this would not be happening in the the United States is the one that's been bearing all of this burden for so many years well it's because that 50% misinformed looked at the false narrative being pushed by the Democrats and most of the media is that you know the the the the Trump policies are inhumane so forth but if you actually look that's a couple data points in fy12 under Obama administration is removed and arrested four hundred nine thousand last year is removed two hundred fifty six thousand so far more you I'll remove it back in fy12 if you look at you know if I think when they talk about too much importunate talking about the zero tower it's a family separation but people in a false narrative by the Democrats were I was there in fy15 when those facilities were built that the so-called cages was I don't call care they just were large facilities to keep children away from adults they were built in fy15 you know a separation of family members that weren't relatives was happened in fy15 so again it's a false narrative if they really were educated what exactly this president is doing look the data 89% 9% of every nine out of 10 of everybody eisah rest of this past year we're either convicted criminal or pending criminal charges the Trump ministration is doing a great job problem is we need to get out there and educate the American people on the facts versus the false narrative being pushed by the Democrats and the liberal media ya know certainly the separation of families was was tragic and it was something that you know maybe was avoidable but it's hard to say when you have parents that are abusing children by using them as as their you know devices in order to get across the border illegally and then just dumping them out in the middle of fields I want to talk to you about the Florida Republican governor Ron de Santos and a controversial measure that he has signed he signed it on Friday basically it blocks localities from becoming sanctuary cities and mandates that they cooperate with the federal immigration here as part of your op-ed on sanctuary cities and I'll have you react to this here's the truth about sanctuary cities you write sanctuary policies are bad and protect no one other than those who have disrespected our country and already intentionally violated our laws do you think de santis a–'s move might catch on in other parts of the country and what about it do you believe is so controversial well first of all yeah I think the government's the census did the exactly the right thing I hope it catches on because what he did will result and the citizens of Florida being more safe look the bottom line is when you when you knowingly reach a public safety threat back into the public when they could be removed from the United States cuz they're here in violation of federal law that is just that's a stupid policy because anybody they're watching this show can vote at Google right now look at what are the recidivism rates right now 50% of criminals will reoffended 75% reoffending within next five years so why not those people are who are in the country legally already already disrespect our laws committed crime against US citizen why not remove them from the country and enforce our laws and that makes the communities much safer so they say I've been against sanctuaries for a long time people again don't understand it but this will make Florida safer if we do this across the country it would also protect the immigrant communities because these illegal aliens that get released from a jail after committing crime I going riaf and I and the very communities in which they live Thomas thank you very much the president echoes those sentiments Thomas Coleman thank you very much appreciate it had some two million people in the streets over the weekend our protests against mainland China look at these scenes there is a controversial extradition bill that they do not want to go into effect over the weekend a city leader suspended that bill and definitely issued an apology but that was not good enough Benjamin halls watching that story out of London Ben hello yeah hi Bella and you're absolutely right many people thought that this these protests were over the extradition bill had been suspended the people had left the streets and then suddenly on Sunday they came back bigger than before and many people are saying that this is really a pushback against China and also against Chinese influence in Hong Kong nearly 2 million Hong Kong residents joined that march demanding the release of people who had been arrested punishment for police who ordered the use of force the resignation of Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam and that extradition bill be totally withdrawn Secretary of State Pompeo has now said President Trump will raise the issue with President Xi at the g20 next week we see what's happening what's unfolding in Hong Kong were watching the people of Hong Kong speak about the things they value the protests revived after Joshua Wong who's a prominent activist leader rallied the crowd having been released from prison he had been serving a two-month sentence for taking part in 2014 protests that's very likely this is gonna be a major talking point next week at the g20 when president Trump meets President Xi in Japan no doubt Thank You Ben Benjamin Hall nice to see you from London today thank you back here in the u.s. an American from Kansas was the last man standing at Pebble Beach on Sunday what a tournament Gary woodland shot a 200 par 69 denying fellow American Brooks koepka the chance to become the first man to win three straight US Opens in more than a hundred years there was history all over the place afterwards Gary woodland had nothing but gratitude I was in a moment all Dave felt comfortable all week on the golf course but I'm glad it's over with I'm hopefully go out and enjoy this a little bit it means everything especially you know being in America we have men and women that go out and fight and serve and sacrifice for us to go out and hear and play a game and I was able to come play a game at Pebble Beach and walk away the US Open champion he played so well so well he earned it really great stop there Gary woodland age 35 US Open we wanted an American to win and we got well you got what you're looking for I think Fox did a terrific job just to capture the beauty the essence the history the geography of Monterey has been so overwhelmingly happy it was a great weekend congratulations the Gary would interfere stop just two weeks left until the Supreme Court wraps up its term as we await two decisions I could have a major impact on the 2020 election new opinions at the top of the hour also the Trump administration saying all options are on the table when it comes to Tehran this is Iran ramps up production of uranium enrichment that is critical we'll tell you why with General Jack keen next Ron for 40 years has engaged this kind of attacks going back to the 1980s in fact Ronald Reagan had two reflagged a lot of vessels going through the Persian Gulf and ultimately take military action these unprovoked attacks on commercial shipping warrant retaliatory military strike it's unmistakable what happened here these were attacks by the Islamic Republic of Iran on commercial shipping on the freedom of navigation with the clear intent to deny transit through the Strait this was on the Gulf of Oman side of the Strait of Hormuz there's no doubt we have high confidence with respect to who conducted these attacks as well as a half a dozen other attacks throughout the world over the past forty days so the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says they've got evidence on Fox News Sunday they're doubling down on the president's claim that Iran was behind the attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman Iran now ramping up production of uranium enrichment Fox News senior strategic analyst General Jack Keane here to break this down and general nice to see you in good morning let's take a moment to pronged approach here what is Iran's strategy at the moment cut through that sir well given the impact of the sanctions that are crippling their economy civil unrest food shortages power outages etc they and they've never been in the situation like this what makes them a little bit more desperate than normal they've created a strategy to really put pressure on the United States so they've they begun to disrupt the world's main oil artery the Persian Gulf which begins to destabilize the oil market and they want the countries of the world particularly Europeans Japan etc that are dependent on that oil to pressure the United States to back off the Iranian sanctions also they're threatening this week and they had done it once before the increase uranium enrichment which could potentially lead to a nuclear weapon and that would make the Iranians come out of the so-called nuclear deal and that they want that also to create some some pressure on the United States so that's that's what their strategy is about okay so now the u.s. strategy flip it around what what are we doing and how are we trying to keep the pressure on Iran to change its behavior yeah absolutely and that is the centerpiece of this administration and that's why the sanctions are on to begin with well what are we going to do here first of all we gotta get make certain at that the disruption of the Persian Gulf oil artery is returned to some kind of normalcy and what what I believe phase one is the Secretary of State and a national security team talking to our allies showing them the evidence that Iran is complicit here gaining their support and then phase two is begin I think begin to escort the tankers through the Persian Gulf as a coalition and have the support of those who are not participating in the coalition we did that in the late 80s we did it as late as 2015 for a week the Iranians here bill will likely respond to that as they did in the late 80s and when they responded Ronald Reagan ordered some military action they took out one of our US flag tankers and he ordered to take down of two oil platforms in a rostam field in Iran in 88 we were escorting the tankers through and one of our frigates was severely damaged by Iranian mind he ordered an attack a limited attack on Naval Station bases that where the Revolutionary Guard had those fast boats that we've seen from time to time right and also to oil platforms and these are measured limited scope military actions with what purpose to achieve deterrence and end the crisis and that crisis did in okay so it is escalating at the moment how does it stabilize general well I think escorting the tankers if the Iranians do not try to escalate then I think the crisis will end but if they do escalate which I think is likely then we'll probably see as I mentioned some measured limited action and people will be a critics of any military action saying that's leading to war that is not leading to war the Iranians do not want war with the United States bill because that will end their regime they are they are willing however to escalate militarily to get us to shut down to get us to back off and we've got to have enough resolve to stand up to that much as Ronald Reagan late-nineteenth general thank you so much really appreciate your expertise we're gonna be on it all week thank you Jack keen in Washington DC thank you sir Julie congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio cortez speaking out about the house speaker why she says progressives are quite frustrated with Nancy Pelosi our a team we'll take that up Plus this the US Women's National Team back added in the World Cup a look at their next match coming up

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