Alternate History: What If Canada Became Communist?

hello audience mr. Z here and today we have yet another very special alternate history scenario for you what if Canada became communist post-world War One Canada was a state of turbulence returning veterans found their jobs taken by immigrants Spanish flu was becoming an epidemic elimination and the classified seemed to only grow wider the Year 1919 saw the wooden peg general strike an event in which the working class pointed out the tremendous profits made by wooden peg corporations during World War one which led to the working class feeling taken advantage of by the upper classes building upon that the working class was seeing lower wages dangerous working conditions and felt that they had no choice to change things thus a plan was struck to mobilize a series of strikes to unite workers all across Canada only for the business leadership of Manitoba to break the strike by forced an event that would be known as bloody Saturday bringing an end to the strike but what if things went the opposite direction what if bloody Saturday rather than dividing the strikers only solidified them as a force against not only the corporations but the business backed government the strikes would evolve into riots and eventually a revolt led by the one big Union a syndicalist trade union the revolt would radiate out from em Toba leading to communist uprisings all throughout the country the Canadian government will no doubt reach out to the US who themselves working on ousting any and all Cummings activities within their own borders and sharing the border with Canada the US would certainly make an effort to combat the communist uprising within Canada however under order of Trotsky the Soviet Union would also begin an offering immediate military and resource support to not only Manitoba but any communist cells within Yukon Bridge Columbia and Alberta the US would supply weaponry resources and manpower along the Ontario and Saskatchewan borders while establishing a barricade between the u.s. and Manitoba to prevent communists from hopping the border over to the US meanwhile the Soviet Union would train Canadian communists supply them with oil coal and more while unifying communists from the canadian west coast fowls would be a prolonged period of conflicts the likes of the Ukraine crisis the US and Canadian governments would make great effort recapture Manitoba however after years of holding their borders gaining coming to support in the west coast and conducting mass sabotage plots all across North America the Canadian communists would have proven that this was a no-win situation for the US and Canada and would need to consider the possibility of granting Western Canada independence a possibility that would become more and more appealing as the Great Depression began to rear Ted in the u.s. pulls out of the Canadian conflict leaving the economically vulnerable east candid exposed to the communists in the West and in December of 1931 candle would be under majority communist control during the Depression Canada and the Soviet Union would develop a mutually beneficial relationship as with Soviet Union like that agriculturally Kenda could supplement will candle act economically Soviet Union could supplement and this relationship would continue until the joined Soviet German invasion of Poland Britain may reach out to the former Commonwealth asking for their support in the war against a common enemy of fascism and offer the Canadian government would initially be reluctant to accept but after the invasion of France would would motivate not only French Canadians but also the English Canadian population who would truly make knowledge of the threat that Germany poses world war ii would go fairly identically to our timeline with the u.s. joining after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and Hitler invading the Soviet Union what follows is where things get really interesting the Cold War we now have three major communist nations one of which sharing a border with the US the implications of this could be tremendous if Kenda and the Soviet Union want good terms which they wouldn't ideologically the Canadian Communist Party would be more in line with moderate Trotskyism in which communism should be spread through vote not through aggression and would be in direct conflict with the authoritarian regimes of China in the USSR opening the opportunity for cooperation between the US and Canada who aside from their past hostilities have gradually patched up the relationship finally speaking Canada would be communist in economics only and will have a closer relationship with the more democratic US brand scale the u.s. Canadian lunch would look bad for the Soviets who's anti-capitalist rhetoric would fall apart under this capitalist communist cooperation costing the Soviet Union potential alliances with Cuba in the end much of Asia and with fears of communism quelled USS interventions in Vietnam and South America may be avoided and that is Rome can end today's video thank you all for watching be sure like the vid of you enjoyed and subscribe for more mr. Z out

  1. "Trotskyism, that socialism would be passed by democratic vote and not authoritarian dictatorship"

    Where the fuck did you get that idea from? Trotsky was in no way a democrat.

  2. Never going to happen you welfare heads .. stop smoking drugs get a education.. and stop getting mad because people own nice cars and homes… get a life losers..

  3. What would happen to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)?
    Would it be dissolved?
    Have its name changed?
    Kept intact but with Communist officers?

  4. Wouldn't Canada become syndicalist not Trotskyist as the unions wheres syndicalist and likely become the syndicates after the revoultion?

  5. If the IWW were the ones to jumpstart the revolution in Canada, then why did it fall to Trotskyist tendencies so quickly? Were the anarchist factions just beat out in numbers by soviet aid?

  6. The timbits would be shared equally among the people! People would get what they needed from Tim Hortons, not what they want! Living in Toronto wouldn't cost as much as it does now! (But seriously, living in Toronto and nearby cities is really expensive the house I live in costs about $700,000 to buy and it's really small)

  7. Ill be honest the companies werent harsh enough. Would of definetly made a public example of all of then

  8. Tha flag of the video portrait is the same of the union of britain in hoi 4 kaiserreich without the union jack simbol

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