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at IRA our users are known as explorers because that's exactly what they do when they connect with our service melody Goodspeed I lost my eyesight when I was 26 years old I never experienced blindness before I just decided you know I still would have I live my life the way that I wanted to in my terms Michael McCullough I'm a retired aerospace engineer worked down at the NASA Johnson Space Center for 35 years that's been probably half of my career in Space Station Tiffany Manoj I've had the opportunity to work as a computer instructional assistant in Sacramento California for now almost 18 years Jim and Barbara they work as a systems architect for a company called Qualcomm spent the last six months overseas working in Ireland and officer James from travel around Europe Erik Weihenmayer I've been blessed by an amazing life I've gotten to climb the tallest peak in every continent including Mount Everest the tallest peak in the world I make my life in the mountains and the rivers and I'm also an IRA Explorer Jonathan Rosen I got connected with IRA first through my podcasts which I Hearst and I interviewed a few people from IRA and when they told me about what it did I thought this is a pretty cool concept and when I first used IRA it was an opportunity to use I access there which means I was just able to download the app and create an account and take it for a spin now calling an iron agent thank you for calling IRS right now you're on the Ellen which is a life-size replica of the real ship where her ships through the crates of tea into the harbor Paulo shredder it was clear that this was a company that had the vision to put the idea together of using streaming video using a video camera and using that to give a blind person access via a remote sighted person to information there are just some things that you need even though I try to be as independent as possible that I needed sighted assistance please partner what I res about which is you have these skills and here's this technology that can in certain situations help augment those skills well we did the demo and I was blown away right off the bat wow this is so amazing this is so cool for me all about innovation it's all about building up systems and strategies and tools to be able to kind of flourish in that environment above you and to the right is the quick turbine the human experience that you get from connecting with an agent through teamwork array ability with the agent trying to get things how do these tomatoes look over here that one is actually 1111 Jedi murmured we do financial accounting for our students that requires reading and taping receipt so I'll use IRA for that as well can be Joyner it's been great to be able to have IRA to immediately get access to that information to make my work load more efficient and effective I feel like they've helped me have those extra moments with my children as we started reading and so max I was able to help me watch him I'd have him point on the word he was nearing so he can't as I can maintain and Mack to let me know that he was you know keeping up with the letters his reading level exploded joy mystic gone to different parties and so I'm able to see the paintings also but just using IRA is able to just enhance my visual experience even more Adam Schabel I cooked a salmon dish at night one of your five people read me the recipe and I prepared it Greg Stillson that's one thing that makes our service so unique is that really personal interaction that our agents and our explorers have working together exploring places dr. fuller and her son riding a ferris wheel can IRA agent laughing or helps child with homework explorers at the shopping mall movie theater Charles Miller personally thought that that experience was probably the best Walt Disney experience that I've ever had it was distracting me a great detail there were two natives beating drums these are hippos on the right it was like I could actually see him bollocks all over several possible explores a tan after a long face view walking around Times Square the IRA Explorer community is kind of as increasingly global community of people who are discovering uses for IRA together we are IRA Explorer rear iris layer explore IRA explored you're not just signing up to have help with things you're signing up to being part of a community to explorers bumping fists agent taking off your headphones IRA connected by AT&T the description of life

  1. Aira is amazing! I have some usable vision and definitely overcompensate with it when I travel. I'm just starting out with the technology, but having an agent in my ear has definitely given me some sort of peace of mind. I'm also very fortunate to live in Boston, where a pilot program between Aira and our public transit system has just launched! I really do hope more people who are not only blind, but have some residual vision, will take the time to at least try Aira out. It's definitely a life-changing concept.

  2. I was born legally blind and now have barely any vision left. I never was active in blind communities. Recently I caught up with a childhood friend who is completely blind. She introduced me to Aira and it took everything I had not to break down in tears. Having someone describe anything or be able to help whenever needed just blew my mind. I never would have dreamed of it. Finally I am learning what the world looks like and can become more interactive than ever before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This truly is life changing.

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