A&E's "Time Machine" - on Cigarette Advertising on TV - part 1 of 3!

I'm Dodger baseball brought to you by the makers of Lucky Strike the cigarette that's made better to taste better be happy-go-lucky the makers of Camel cigarettes bring the world's latest news events right into your own living room sit back light up a camel and be an eyewitness to the happenings that made history in the last 24 hours the camel news Caravan presents today's news today the cigarette people senator from endless amount of money on television the shows were sold directly to the advertiser the advertised paid for and the advertiser decided where to put them what network what time periods Chesterfield brings you the Perry Como show all the top tunes on TV Chesterfield is best for you much milder they're tasting to their two days the cigarette by come on smokers why don't you try just a feel for you just of a king size regular either way make it chest appeals today advertisers controlled literally all of the daytime program and the primetime programs were all controlled by advertisers the cigarette companies had a great deal of cloud with the network's and were able to place their programs basically where they wanted them that Philip Morris for example was a company that had a great deal of clout with CBS Philip Morris America's most enjoyable cigarette presents Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz show I Love Lucy the seal Ball and Desi Arnaz would become million-dollar stars but the product they sold would be a billion dollar business from the show open to the final fade selling was what it was all about Lucy and Desi wouldn't even go to their separate beds without one last puff how about a goodnight cigarette Ricky Thank You Lucy hey nothing but the best man yes nothing mr. Lamarre the cigarette companies control the show their agencies usually owned the show they made all of the content decisions and the only negotiations that we had with our clients was price and time period he's gone in about a minute ended on a seminar 8888 been sold and welcome if there was a price to pay for success no one was adding it up yet for the time being the price was right in case you don't know from what we've already shown you back there it's a little thing we do called prices right another thing thanks to all of you in the advertising end of the new part the organization for helping us with our messages they're good straightforward conversational pieces I mean they're not a lot of things to point to and juggle and run around the stage we just get a chance to stand up and talk and tell everyone how we like Newport with a hint of mint oh certainly if advertising agencies and the cigarette companies they represented control of the programs it was only natural that they were on the set welcomed or not most of us were sort of what we used to call agency thinks and what we were sort of negative factors in my opinion now that I you know now that I've been on the on the production side since I don't think the agency guys contributed a lot the $64,000 challenge and the star of our show where challenger beats champion with 64,000 dollars at stake 20 bucks he's alive Tuesday night people going for $64,000 the sponsors came the network came everybody was in the client booth and in the audience and they were they always assigned somebody from an agency to come and make sure that the signs they was there was a hint package cigarette sticking out of it I'm one sell one booth and there was a Kent sign on the other side of the stage and the middle it was this big Kent sign that read out Kent and and this one executive game is an executive they were all vice presidents in charge of you know making sure that Kent sign was up and one thing he didn't know is in New York City you don't mess with the prop man the the grips the guys backstage well he he had them for an hour setting the Kent sign more this way more that way and they were really ticked you could see they were mad about 30 seconds before the show remember it's a live show 30 seconds before a techo the Ken sign mysteriously fell down to the ground and this guy went bananas like me running up for the sign back up we're going it's live and they did that show without the Kent sign for the very first time we never saw him again he was out the second half of the carrot or show is brought to you by but if you bought a show or even half of the show frequently the talent or some part of the show would be devoted to the product so that there was a very direct association I mean obviously if somebody has a lot of acceptance or credibility in in the home of getting that somebody to sell your product or works great show Rocky you really were the best man tonight in that case how about a bonus like psychic Arthur Kent's Oh Tatia rocky here are two kinds one for you and the other I know to give to a friend who smokes another brand so I can see how his taste buds grow clear and alive with Kent acting or selling you are the best man and I got the best cigarette to help me you know the life of the Bounty Hunter was pretty rough he lagarde then he moved fast oh thanks right when I'm on stage I like to stop and think figure things out that's why it's more Viceroy and when you think your way through all the filter claims you come to the cigarette with a thinking man's filter the smoking man's taste Viceroy yeah you seem happy today why shouldn't I be I have the two things would make any men happy of gorgeous wife and I'm smoking a kid which do you like the best now there's a tough one you see for cooking and for dancing and kissing you satisfy best but for filter and taste CEM satisfies best I'll accept that yeah well is it Temari sky talk your foe that's Maurice gospel you know the fellow plays Dogma in the show he's got nothing to talk to me about the tip is out that I just got a comment camels watch this watch how he twice the wheedle a pack out of me come on in Maurice hiya Phil allow Maurice hey Phil what time is rehearsal tomorrow the time same time as it's been all year all right caramel dip all right get out of it yes thanks yeah can't blame him though he wants his pleasure so do i hmm won't you join it generally commercials were 30 seconds or a minute long but in a live show controlled by the sponsor who was keeping time I'm going to do some advertising for my sponsors Camel cigarette I really do not have to mention Camel cigarette I don't even have to mention the way camels I don't have to mention my sponsor I don't have to but the unemployment agencies are jammed comedian Edie win like many others would build entire sketches around commercials or perhaps more accurately commercials around sketches yes I'd like a package of those delicious mild Camel cigarettes yeah unquestionably she's being paid by the fun that's bet I like a package of Camel cigarettes please come oh yes oh that's I'm up there there you are miss thank you do welcome oh you better make that two packages you mean you want another package of camo you just thought of that you made it up yourself just happened to be in the neighborhood and I thought I'd drop in for a pack of camels camel cigarette yes you have camels Lana look no no this man I want to pack out of this car when you're whoring it up this is a disgrace you call that advertising you've been at it three days where's that cosmic camels what God get another partner camel get another carton yourself before it was over camel received more than 11 minutes of non-stop commercial time on this Edwyn show advertisement cigarette endorsements even through jokes made the Golden Age of TV a very valuable time for the cigarette manufacturers now we're getting somewhere and Lucky Strike hey what made you think it was a Lucky Strike I ain't talking what make you think it was a Lucky Strike because it was so wrong to find two fully packed a free and easy on a draw can you remember that Wilson are you kidding Hajin old wasn't a banana because they let me taste it it was a Lucky Strike all right because Lucky's taste bad 13 the freshest smooth Lucky Strike you have to remember that that cigarette smoking was a an okay thing to do but up on the Broadway there was a billboard with a hole in it it blows out smoke rings and every month or two months they would put a new baseball hero a movie star whoever they paid and he'd be on the poster with his mouth over like ah but smoke rings would come out of it so everybody was in the you know smoking and smoking was a good thing because nobody knew they were bad for you or at least the public didn't know the general attitude the American public as as I learned it as I grew up was one of acceptance of tobacco cigarettes as a social norm almost requirement ordered to be part of an in-group how about a Winston well everybody's smoking Winston this filter cigarette really tastes like a cigarette cigarette advertising was positioned to make it look like it was the right thing to do the idea of being popular of being desirable of being attractive of being sexy all of these things are done by positioning a given product with a given scene very persuasive take up huh it's springtime coming up next the slogans the spokesman a healthy attitude and a health scare could there be something unhealthy the commercials weren't telling us when Time Machine continues here on A&E now I'd like to offer you a Philip Morris sir I wonder if you have one of your own brand handy do you I certainly do now I want you to light up one of these two cigarettes and let it come slowly through your nose that's the way sir I was the Philip Morris first is that correct that's right all right let's try exactly the same thing now with your own brand of cigarette there's a light for you mr. Adams number through your nose now all right sir by your own choice now what difference did you notice between the two so matter of fact quite a difference cigarette advertising from its inception it represented TV selling at its best straightforward uncomplicated unrelenting it took a product told us why we wanted it how to use it when to try it if not in truths it told us in plain simple and memorable terms are you smoking more now but enjoying it right light up a Kent you've got a good thing going a name you can trust a treat you can trust it's a real tobacco taste it's America's finest cigarette nukkie taste better that's why we rest our case on your test for taste believe in yourself yes that's what Philip Morris asked you to do cigarette ads have always been the prime example of how you sell an undifferentiated product that is to say they won't like cigarettes all the same so you had to find other things to sell but I think the advertising was so memorable because of the slogans the imagery it was always first class always very well done I've always heard it said that tobacco marketers are about the best marketers in the world they're almost as if they're implanted in my genetic material they came on so often and they were so well done I mean LS MFT lucky strike means fine tobacco or call or I'd walk a mile for a camel they're just so many of those ads we'll marvelous and a child growing up in that era it just had to be tremendous the information as to how the child looked at the world in general the sale

  1. I want to go back in time and see what Newports tasted like back in the day. They’re my favorite cigarette, and I bet i’d like em even more back in the day. There were a lot less chemicals in cigs back then

  2. Funny how many who did advertise died of CANCER!,Steve Mcqueen died of mesothelioma cancer 1979 in Mexico.,Desi Arnaz of LUCY.Lung Cancer 1957 .John Wyane stomach cancer 1979:Yul Brynner famous actor died of cancer died of lung cancer on October 10, 1985 from smoking Cigars.the list goes on and on SO many FAMOUS ACTORS gone.Yul Brynner – Anti-Smoking Commercial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTCkO8dwTf4 R.I.P loved so many of these actors and grew up with.

  3. 2:50 Bill Cullen was, and is still, my favorite tv game show host. And yes, that includes Mr. Trebek!

  4. I've been smoking phillip moriss cigs for 54 years. I started smoking when I was 14 years old. Talk about the 'age of consent'? No such terminology, then. Now, I've got a case of C.O.P.D. dragging me into an early grave…and now, I've read recently that Marlboro et al. have added even more evil ingredients to their cigs that make it nearly impossible to quit! I'm sure what I read was correct. Why Not? When have tobacco companies ever been noted for 'truth in advertising'?
    I should sue these companies for millions!!! Is it even remotely possible to win such a law suit? Even a class action suit? I'm skeptical.

  5. I'm pretty sure I remember as a kid one of my teachers smoking in the class room. Then at some point it was illegal to smoke in buildings and stuff.

  6. I remember beer ads on tv in the 70' and 80's. The Hamm's beer ads with the bear, Rainier beer ads, Olympia beer ads….those were better times . People weren't PC and no one hassled you if you smoked or drank. Today you have the PC police and anti smoking / drinking crowd that just pester you relentlessly. But they all want to tax the shit out of cigs and booze to fuel a nanny state.

  7. Doing research on how tobacco advertising was prepping for the cellular (hello?) phone boom that is now killing so many young people. It has also dramatically lowered the fertility rates.

    People are in a similar fog today. Only this one is going to make the last one look like andy goes fishing. This one is too deep.

  8. Cigarettes became super dangerous in the 1950s its when the plastic burning filter and all the dirty filthy cancer causing chemicals just to slow down burn time and other things. If you compare a cigarette from the 1940s to a cigarette now todays cigarette is four times more harmful for you think about that.

  9. I don't know why every cigarette ad talks about "flavour" and "taste". What?? Grotty old smoke has a "taste"?

  10. But there WERE non smokers in those days, too. President Truman hated smoking [look for it], the guy everybody LOVES to hate, as always, hated smoking, Adolf Hitler, & assorted individuals & people like Christian Fundy members including Salvation Army & preacher evangelist Billy Graham were all non smokers. In churches smoking was condemned, mostly in Fundy Protestantism because Anglicans Catholics & Jews tolerated smoking. Were non smokers treated like oddballs in those days?

  11. Everyone knew that cigarettes were addictive and poisonous well before the backlash against really took hold in the '60s. That's why kids were not allowed to smoke – cigarettes were bad for you! But they were everywhere anyway, and the advertising was truly relentless and pervasive. It was considered amusing that children always knew the advertising slogans and songs that they constantly heard. I was one of those kids.

  12. The tobacco industry still should have the freedom of press thus from constitution. Yes it is wrong in the subconscious thoughts of most what they are doing although these laws were in place which has assisted many united state americans throughout history. In My opinion.

  13. The advertising of cigarettes on tv in the UK was banned in 1965. However the ban on advertising loose tobacco and cigars didn't come until 1991.

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