Advertising and Corporate Services from Oxford University Press

when you want to secure the attention of the people who lead the field where do you want to stand at the center of the debate on a platform that leads opinion Oxford University Press has been a center of excellence for research publishing for over 400 years position your message in the most influential journals and reach the key opinion leaders in the field with more than half of our titles in the top 10% of impact factors a quality audience is assured the readership of our journals portfolio is vast and our customizable services can tailor your campaign to a target audience by geography specialty and device format Oxford University Press offers advertisers and sponsors unique opportunities to associate your content partners with highly credible brands from digital and print advertising to custom publishing sponsoring apps for conferences or building unique educational websites associate your brand with the leading titles in the field by choosing services that connect you to the best possible readership reach your intended audience through a highly targeted advertising campaign whether in print online or an app the fastest way to engage the readership you want communicate findings effectively and immediately to the professionals who need to see them combined marketing resources with key articles in an educational website produce branded or tailored publications using content from our prestigious medical titles or sponsor peer-reviewed journal supplements to disseminate the latest research contact us today to discuss how you can reach the decision makers who need to hear your message

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