okay you guys this is a video that was shot I live from Monique April in the third of 2019 as you can see there was a whole lot of conversation going on right there and I don't know why they did that but as you can see my people they swamped the boxes a whole lot of us up in there including myself so let's listen to what miss Monique has to say just a Seabury I just keep reading the comments Steve is using your likeness to explain very so I'm not really sure what's going in fact so we'll fine yeah we're okay says Monique wasn't sure what was going on with that let me take it back just a little bit so she could say that again so I can show her what's going on with me let's see what she's gonna say right here yeah my bad that's what me excuses the tools are being incompetent and for many people they have a tendency use them as their tool don't be that person don't make up excuses when all you gotta do is say you know what if you was under the impression that I was more than a human this event right now has revealed it to everyone we just people and I'm not sure what's going on extra Stasi Barry I just keep reading the comments Steve is using your likeness to explain I see very sorry look I'm not really sure what's going on well let me see what we what part we thought was funny so we could show me it's Monique what was actually going on using her likeness here's one [Applause] bring us all not yet yeah they told me bout your motherfucking says Monique that's been since April to 3rd and Monique didn't reach out nor did I hear from her let's see what the next one is just a couple I want to pull up this a show fucking nursery rhyme for you think about my goddamn brother think somebody mother fucking bull hit it ass don't they bitch yeah what you gonna do man bitch let's see one more and i'ma say something imma let it go okay this is another one that they used on Monique and I think it's like three more on the Food Channel seven my point is Monique saw this going on and what basically she's just decided not to say nothing nor did she not want to say anything she didn't try to call me and they blew her her mic up and you saw them all in the box so I'm not clearly sure why she didn't but let me just hear this one before I let this go motherfuckin ass mr1 going around trying to motherfucking put your hands and people motherfucking pockets and take from them yeah they say you're fucking fucking ball hitting ass there's someone going around doing that shit I tell you what bitch bring your hands to it left and found some shooting pool to County and she what the fuck hi goddamn D she was a fuck I motherfucking do now I found all this to be very foul disrespectful but I just wanted to show you guys what Monique reached out well not even reached out actually she just said that what she heard about everything she was trying to see what was going on and basically she didn't so Monique I'm a sister sister I'm releasing this video so you get enough time to marinate on it because I want to know since April the 3rd why have you not asked or your man that protects you why are you using your likeness to call me all these names but text Eve Harper but y'all on the other line talking about them on your life so now I clearly need to have a clear understanding of that because if not then we can address it other ways but I think for us to stand for black women and someone's using your name your likeness and they have been stalking me for the last year with your face on it Monique I think it's time for explanation mr. Sydney you said that you were gonna help miss Monique check it out can we help check it out and maybe we can even have a messy Monday or I'll come on your platform Monique or you could come on mind but I need to know why it says April the 3rd that this has not been checked out and you still allow them to use your face your name your likeness mr. Sydney maybe you can tell me but I want to know now yeah let's go and no disrespect I'm not trying to disrespect miss Monique because up until this point I still have respect for her but it clearly don't help me for her to call and say I don't know what's going on or standing on her mic that she don't know what's going on and people saying we using your likeness we put links in there and she didn't do shit she didn't say nothing but you want to say integrity you want to call out Tyler and all these other people let's talk about your integrity it starts from the beginning and it works its way up Monique so right about now you could change this and find out who's using your face because of not since April the 3rd we are aware now that you have no and you didn't do shit either that's not integrity I think it's pretty tacky

  1. I strongly believe Monique knows about Essie; however she is tight with Steve Harvey and WILL NOT entertain Berry without Harvey's say so.
    Harvey gave her voice on his show when she had beef with Tyler and Oprah. That was a buddy giving another buddy a platform.

  2. ESSIE YOUR RIGHT . Don't be surprised if they're really Good friends Regard less of what has happened between them

  3. Monique Know Better Essie Address Period A Black Actress Such As Monique Should Never Let Anyone Or A Company To Use Her Name Or Voice To Very Disrespectful To Anothet African American Such As Ms. ESSIE Period. Bad Business Monique In Any Field Of Business.

  4. Exactly Essie!!!
    It's all theatre 🎭
    Integrity is everything.
    Bad things continue to happen when good people do nothing. Where are the good people?
    Essie ❤️😍😘🤗

  5. i love yo too sister but please leave my girl monique out of this drama /// she faceing her on challenge its enough of this fighting among ourself. stay focus on steve and dont drag monique into this circus. please

  6. Essie I love you but Mo'Nique doesn't have nothing to do with that mess don't put Mo'Nique in this mess please don't that's I think that's somebody else is doing that.

  7. Ok I was with you until this! Monique don't have nothing to do with this. Plus I feel like now your grasping for straws but Steve is bigger than this! Your the little fish fighting a whole lot of big fish. Go on with your life dang!

  8. Maybe she did reach out and ask and just not tell you. Monique doesn't owe you an explanation for something she isn't doing.

  9. starting to understand the level of education of the followers from the comments. I used to believe in Essie's mission, but not sure what's been happening lately.

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