Accessing MT Newswires Live Briefs PRO Global Markets in IQFeed

okay so today I'm going to show you the new MT newswire live briefs Pro global markets premium newswire that we've added to IQ feed this was formerly known as midnight trader but they've made some significant enhancements to their news wire not only is it updating throughout the day but overnight as well but the real key for our customers is they have really good coverage of the European markets so with our addition of London Stock Exchange and foots the indexes here recently this is a great complement for anybody trade in London stocks so real quick I'm just going to show you how to bring up the live briefs Pro global markets right now I've got it up here I'm gonna go ahead and shut it down and I'll show you your right-click down in the system tray I actually left click bring up your system tray right click on the IQ feed connection manager go to display apps and then News Now if you have the DTN IQ application which is running over here you can just click the news icon to bring it up the application will first load by default I believe it pulls in the last 500 stories for the day from all sources that you authorized for we have a great host of news wires that are included in our basic service this live briefs Pro service though is a premium news wire you click on the all news and come down to live briefs Pro global markets we have activated a free trial for all customers that will be running through mid September 2016 so all customers are currently authorized for this full premium wire it's coming through in real time no delays you can bring it up but you don't have to sign up for it it'll automatically turn off in mid September so click on the live briefs Pro global markets you'll see the news scrolling through and updating dynamically in real time we're doing some conversion of symbology to match our symbol so you'll be able to search for a story on the US equities but London stocks as well so for example I click up here on the search and we'll do L dot which is our symbology for London Stock Exchange kgf let's see what kind of stories we have so here's some news on Kingfisher all you have to do is click on the headline to read the full story you see how quick that loads in if you want to save that for later use or share the story all you have to do is right click choose email story and I will send the story to you via email we also set up some filters I'll go ahead and create one real quick to show you this functionality let's call it the live briefs alerts we'll choose the source which is MNT light breeze Pro I'm not going to put any symbol or words but you can put in a symbol so that you're alerted just when a symbol of interest comes up we'll have a pop up a message box which will display the headline will also play a sound in this case we're going to have it read so we will have it read it headlight and received and it'll read the headline and that'll happen for any news story that comes in from that particular source that I've chosen go ahead and save that and we'll see if the story comes in here or a wall or on it in this case I've got the full wire for live briefs running up here because I have this alert set though I don't have to leave the window displayed I can just minimize it and it'll pop up with an alert and or read the headline to me over my speakers you'll see the again these filters that we've got set up all you need to do is install the new IQ feed or reinstall the application the version number hasn't changed but if you run the installer again it will download the new news filters that we've set up so if you're looking for UK stocks in particular if you go to the Europe filter that we have set up you'll see just stories of interest financials technology and so on foreign exchange economics extended hours trading the earnings notebooks so this is one of the most looked at things on empty Newswires is their earnings notebook they've got great coverage as well as the operating metrics as they're released again just click on the headline for the full story so again this is a premium news wire that is now available and authorized on all IQ feed and D 10 IQ customers so you've got access to this for free for 30 days if it's outside of that global free trial feel free to kind of tact our sales group at any time you can sign up for a 7-day trial of the wire as well but in the meantime we hope all of our customers get some use out of it and are able to make some profitable trades

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