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Our main story
takes place in Sweden. It’s the Scandinavian country
best known for meatballs, democratic socialism and the
sexiest cars on the planet. Goddamn, look at that safety,
huh? Ah, safety is so sexy,
safety sexy– so safe, you’ll crash
your car and you’ll survive. Yeah. You’ll never get
an STD, ’cause no one
will get in your car. Yeah. Mm-mmm,
that’s sexy to me. But now, there’s something else that’s putting Sweden
on the map, and this time, it’s not good. TV REPORTER: A$AP Rocky,
a rapper from Harlem, in prison in Sweden
for more than two weeks after an altercation
on the street. TV REPORTER: The artist,
maintaining he acted in self-defense, posting this
footage on his Instagram, allegedly showing the moments
leading up to that fight. Two men appearing
to follow the group even throwing headphones
at the rapper’s bodyguard. A$AP, whose real name
is Rakim Mayers, now into his third week
in a Swedish jail, while prosecutors
investigate this fight caught on camera on the streets
of Stockholm. That’s right,
American rapper A$AP Rocky has been detained
by Swedish police for his involvement
in a suspected assault. And now, he’s spent almost
three weeks in jail. Yeah. At this rate, if Sweden
keeps him locked up any longer, he’ll have to change the dollar
sign in his name to a Euro. And I’ve seen… I’ve seen
some people online saying, “Oh, three weeks in Swedish jail
isn’t that bad because their jails
are really nice.” Yeah, but you know
what else is nice? Not being in jail. ‘Cause Swedish jail still means
that you’re locked up, you don’t have your freedom,
and on top of that, they make you assemble
all your own furniture. It’s heartless. You got to make your own bed,
and your own f… counter, and there’s no instructions. (cheers and applause) And from the beginning,
from the beginning, A$AP Rocky has been protesting, protesting,
saying that he is innocent, saying that he was provoked
and acted in self-defense. And to back it up, his team
released cell phone footage of how the whole thing
went down. TV REPORTER:
TMZ obtaining this video of the June 30 altercation that landed
the Grammy-nominated artist and two backup performers
behind bars but without criminal charges. You see, this is what happens when you live in a country
with free health care. A giant bodyguard is telling you
to walk away and you’re like, “Do your worst, buddy,
I don’t have the doctor bills. Do it, let’s see.” Now, luckily for A$AP, he has some powerful friends
lobbying for his release. And this is not like
the usual hashtag stuff. No. These friends have gone
straight to the top. A host of celebrities have been
calling for his release, including Kanye West
and Kim Kardashian, who have been lobbying
the White House, and now President Trump is
using the weight of his office to get A$AP Rocky out of jail. I personally
don’t know A$AP Rocky, but I can tell you that he has
tremendous support from the African-American
community in this country. And, when I say
African American, I think I can really say from
everybody in this country, because we’re all one. (laughter) (mimics Trump): “That’s right,
folks, we’re all one, “and anyone who doesn’t agree
with that “can go back
to their shithole country! -“Send her back!
-(cheering) Send her back. No.” (applause) (normal voice): You know,
this is one of those moments where I genuinely cannot believe that we’re living in real life. No, because, just-just, like,
listen to the story. Donald Trump, who is the
president of the United States, got a call
from his friend Kanye West to save a rapper
from a Swedish prison. This sounds like a headline
written by a newspaper on LSD. It’s just, like,
the craziest shit ever. What’s also insane,
just, by the way, is how, like, powerful
Kanye West is in this situation. It’s almost like he uses
his MAGA hat like a magic lamp. He just, like, rubs it,
and then Trump comes out. He’s like, “What do you need?” “Got another problem.
I need your help.” So, when Trump got involved,
that was a part of the story where I thought things would
take a turn for the better. You know? Because the leader
of the free world asking for an ally
to-to give them a favor, that seems like
things are gonna work out. But, just like Melania, it turns out Sweden appears
to be immune to Trump’s charms. NEWSWOMAN: On Saturday,
the American president tweeted that he had been in touch with the Swedish
prime minister, saying that… (reading): But that is not how things work
in Sweden. The former Swedish
prime minister Carl Bildt also tweeted that Donald Trump
needs to understand that Sweden
has an independent judiciary with any political meddling
distinctly off-limits. Yeah, uh… So, Sweden is saying
that in their country, a president can’t interfere
with an ongoing investigation. Imagine how hard
it must have been to try and explain that
to Donald Trump. ‘Cause he calls in. He’s like,
“Hey, guys. I need you to let my friend
ASAP Rocky go ASAP.” It’s like,
“I’m sorry, Mr. Trump. I can’t interfere
in a criminal matter.” He’s like, “Oh, come on. Don’t you have a Comey
you can fire?” It’s like, “We don’t
do that here, Mr. Trump.” “Okay, can I fire you?” It’s like,
“No, I’m the prime minister.” Like, “Okay. Well, this sucks. Can you send me
some of your meatballs?” (laughter) So, we’re now on week three
of ASAP being locked up abroad. And right now it doesn’t seem
like there’s any end in sight because Swedish authorities say that they’re
still investigating. And they don’t have bail
in Sweden, right? So they’re not gonna let ASAP go
because they say that they consider him
a flight risk, which, I’m sorry,
I think is crazy. You’re afraid
that he’s gonna get out? He’s a black man in Sweden. (laughter) Even if he tries to escape,
how far can he get? (laughter and applause) Come on, Sweden! Let the guy go. Take away his passport
and let him live. You wouldn’t even need
to put his picture up on the wanted poster. You could just write
“the black guy,” and he would be found. (laughter) So, Sweden, come on, man. This case is not making
you guys look good. Plus, let’s say
that ASAP does escape. President Trump has offered you
his personal guarantee. So, worst-case scenario,
if ASAP’s gone, you can put Donald Trump
in Swedish jail, and then we all win.

  1. Sounds like sweden no different than the united states trying to justify the bullshit and its VIDEO dammit man

  2. I am an Indian, with a skin tone darker than ASAP guy but this video geniunely deserves a DISLIKE. Why would you defend physical violence? He and his bodyguard kicked those boys brutally, even if they were harassing him or throwing earphones at him, his bodyguard could have controlled them physically while he called the police. But he was too much of hotair baloon who took it on his ego, and decided to take law in his own hand. And if he thinks he's right in doing so, he should own it up, and wait for the trials, Sweden doesn't have discriminatory provisions like bail system. If a girl slaps you, you don't go rape her for your ego, but i guess if the rapist was black you would have defended her too. How many days in a week does that Asap guy works in communities which looks after the old parents and young children of nonviolent drug offenders who are in prison because of racist american criminal justice system. I know a lot of doctors and lawyers, who have much more important roles and busy lives, who work for the community for free.
    Why are you forcing a smaller country to change it's progressive laws just because you are black and the criminal in question is black too.

  3. Recognizable problems with Arab immigrants. These immigrants are pampered by the government and favored by the Swedish government. Many of those so-called Arab refugees and immigrants are known for their harassment behavior all over Europe. If the victim would have been a white Swedish person, ASAP would not have been arrested.

  4. This is only a couple of black men from america to sweden, emagine 200 more americans coming to sweden, they would ruin out country Lulw

  5. If only Kanye West and Kim could convince Trump to reunite the children at the border with their families. But releasing ASAP Rocky is just as a good deed as any right..???

  6. *uck Sweden, let him go. I've seen the videos, these guys follow them around for 45 mins. They are middle eastern immigrants and they want to protect them.

  7. In Sweden people have justice and what we call human rights. All people have the same rights
    so fuck off with your jokes

  8. Well he might be a black man in Sweden, but he already demonstrated that he IS a flight risk as he's already back in the USA rather than to be decent and wait for the verdict. Furthermore, he lied and edited footage, they used a fan to get him off, and he beat up the one thing lower than black people in Europe: A muslim immigrant. They also were the ones that instigated it and they were NOT followed for blocks, at most for 50 meters or so. Face it, the man is a Trumpian in that he loves beating people up with other people helping him, especially if they are on the ground.. and then use his Money to and big friends to get out of it without consequences. Any other poorer black man in Sweden would be stuck there…

  9. dont be mad at sweden because he got released even tough he stomped on a guy, if it would have been another country he wouldnt been released yet

  10. 0:27 Really? In that case you've been living under a rock.

    3:30 If you let someone in your house and they try to fuck everything up by saying "Let more people in .You have enough space. You can build more rooms and pay for them too", Would you like them to stay in your house? If you do then you're the biggest pushover in the world.

    Trump said to them who say things like that. They should go to their country of birth birth and fix them up and when they have succeeded, come back to the U.S and fix everything here. That is a suggestion and not an order.

  11. Lots of bs inaccuracies.
    And this is disgustingly biased, as is the Swedish judicial system.
    If you switched roles in this incident Asap would still be in jail and the afghan would be free, because they are afghans. They did this to provoke an attack to get settlement money. On top of that they were walking around sexually harassing girls on the street when this was happening. They should be in prison for fraud and Sexual harassment.

  12. wow its almost like no one has actually read about the horrible jail conditions that he is in or even seen the entire video outside the classic NPC funnyman news story. What about the fact that he wasn't immediately allowed to see a U.S. Official for days since the swedes blocked access, even though the Vienna Convention for Consular Relations treaty (that Sweden and the US signed) says that if a American is detained they are allowed by law to speak to a US ambassador immediately. Also I find it sickening that someone can act in self defense after being harassed and be detained in a shit infested prison with nothing but a yoga mat to sleep on and unclean water, but people still make it about how orange man bad and america is corrupt. Seems to me that America is fighting for the rights of one of its citizens that has been put through hell, which I don't know who in their right mind wouldn't support that.

  13. He Touched First, He is in the PUBLIC EYE and was wrong for attacking a man that's Admiring His Fame! HE'S BEING JUDGED BY YAH, because of how he has spoken Evil AGAINST HIS OWN PEOPLE! He is GETTING JUSTICE!

  14. So Trump does something stupid you laugh at him, he tries to do something good you laugh at him, sooooo what can he do?
    I’m glad he’s doing something, and so should you, it literally means he cares about Americans. It would be really nice if you could open your eyes and see that. With one tweet he got the entire country to look at Baltimore and start helping the people, who else could have done that? This man love him or hate him gets stuff done and genuinely cares about America, you should do the same considering your own personal success story..

  15. Think Trevor Noah haven't been to Sweden for a while when he posted that picture of only blond folks aka swedes … and then started to rant about THE BLACK GUY! .. Dude, the swedes are a fuckin minority here

  16. Crime is crime. But if you are a black rapper and your friend is a white German American racist, Trump, you will never go to prison. OTHER LIVES MATTER, NOT ONLY BLACKS. UNDERSTOOD BOY. All black community now will complain, black lives matter. Thanks God Sweden is a democratic and free country. BOYCOTT US PRODUCT. What I see is, Blacks attack on Swedish pedastrians. Black believes they can do what they want. Come to Germany black boy. We will chase you🤪🤪🤪

  17. So this is The same "swedish goverment" Who treatened african countries to cut the aid if they dind't remove The anti homosexuality law.

  18. 6:10 Apparenty the stock photos of swedish dempgraphics needs to be updated…. 30% are from outside of sweden and 20% are darker than swedes, if i remember correctly only 12% in america are african-american… so yeah.

  19. Assault is assault, nevermind your wealth. By the way, the guy he assaulted, or was assaulted by was an immigrant, not a Swede.

    Spin that shit, Trevor

  20. There are actually a lot of black people in Sweden. A lot of people from African countries that have immigrated

  21. Get your fact straight before talking about it! He is NOT in jail! he is in custody until the investigation is done. Unlike In America Swedes cant pay themselves out of crimes. His "contacts" don't mean a thing in a Swedish court trial. Especially not clowns like Kanye and the Kardashians. And by the way, look up the CCTV footage. The bodyguard takes the first hit. You are not allowed to hit someone because you're provoked.

  22. I am Swedish and I find this whole situation so confusing.

    He was clearly HARRASSED and tried to diffuse the situation. He should NEVER have spent a week, let alone 3, in jail.

    Sweden is a cuckold country. Nobody here fights back.

    I'm not saying I would have handled the situation similarly, but I am saying that you have to have some oversight. He was defending himself, and he is from the US where such a thing as being able to defend yourself is considered blatant.

    So yeah, Sweden deserves all the shit they're getting.

  23. Dude this is just ignorant. We have a large Afro-Swedish population, and to play this hard on sterotypes… You just come across as prejudice really. A lot of new footage was released during the trial which does not put asap and his crew in a good light. I’ll just stick to Colbert and John Oliver from now on.

  24. So ignorant and stupid. 1. free healthcare is a problem? 2. Commit a crime and go to jail. 3. Thoose who attacked, was not swedes. Swedes are laid back and shy :D.. 4. You have DONALD TRUMP as president, no need to say more..

  25. His fake Swedish accent is pretty bad… oh well.
    There seems to be quite a bit of misinformation around as well. I've seen people explain in the comments though, so I don't have to.

  26. This 6:15 was a stupid uninformed joke, who makes Trevor look as stupid as he wants to make Trump about not billing out ASAP out of Swedish Jails..
    In Sweden, thanks to the left side (the same as the American Democrats) Swedish ethic group are already in minority in the ages of 0-18 due to mass immigration. That picture doesnt represent sweden any-more. Sweden is in many areas more like the middle east. And these aggressors were illegal Afghans who the swedish politicians do all in their power to protect. Hell they even were multicriminal and already had a heavy crime register.

  27. Just like all Americans, you know nothing about how things work outside the United States. You think you are at the center of the world. uncultured

  28. The other guy is far from innocent tho and should get punished as well, however, it should be obvious why he was in detention, seeing how he fled the country and 100% will never come back to face his punishment. However, this shit does not really matter for americans I guess.

    tldr. Asap rocky is a little bitch, the other guy is however literal cancer and already charged for assault.

  29. ASAP rocky is a criminal and he should of been put in prison for 5 years prison minimum he’s a person who assaults people and a black some of a bitch

  30. Ok for all those saying I’m wrong in the previous comment..ask yourselves why the two guys were released even though THEY ESCALATED the situation from the very beginning. Just because they lost the fight doesn’t give them the right to be let off from any charges. So again what’s the difference between the two sides: skin color. And you wouldn’t give a person that could potentially harm you the opportunity to get back on their feet so the chances of defeating each other are equal. Please use common sense.

  31. Pls do som research before your next vid. This was just not good at all. I need to quote your dictator ”fakenews”

  32. Nobody talking about the guys provoking asaps group are Muslim, just stating a fact. Also if you live in Europe you know exactly how bad it is here. Islam is taking over everywhere, they will the the vast majority. I can't even find anyone talking about this in the comments. Islam not mentioned once and anyone from Europe knows what I mean, Russia, USA and China had the right idea enforcing their borders. Mexicans are not the issue, they are peacful people and often victims, Islam is all you should be worried about. The numbers I'm Islam will be so massive in 30 years that they will control Europe's governmen, Europe is fucked.

  33. I don't know what is more upsetting/hilarious here. That Americans think that this played out the way it did because he's black, because he's American or because he's rich.

    The guy was involved in an assault and it hadn't been cleared up who the guilty party was, of course he was detained/in jail awaiting trial. His guilt or innocence aside – the way celebrities and none other than your own President has acted during this whole thing has only worsened the way you're seen around the world (but more so in Europe and Scandinavia obviously).

    Ignorant, arrogant and self-centered.

  34. Ohhh i seen that video i didn't know that was anybody famous i thought it was just some kids trying to be cool but in a different country they just come off strange but i surely knew it was getting weird when they kept following them but its a dam street and now i know its a famous guy i totally understand now the reasons for a security type scenario scene…

  35. I’m dissapointed with you Trevor. The worn out jokes about meat balls, volvo aaaannnd IKEA. Is that all you’ve got? Like any random comedian that have done the same jokes through the years! But most of all, you seem to know nothing about swedish people or what the justice system looks like. close to 20% of swedes are immigrants. And we don’t have the kind of racism that you are used to in south africa. So maybe you should let the justice system decide who is guilty? You just look stupid and ignorant as Trump. How ironic!

  36. Seriously how is your stupid f**** ass on the air? There's not a funny f**** part about your show is probably not even a live audience they just got laughter music that they edit in it's got to be I don't believe there's a naughty audience they have to pan around and show me the audience I don't believe for a second that anybody would go to your stupid f**** show you're a f**** idiot beyond f**** idiot every time I see or look at you I feel like I'm losing f**** brain cells and it shows just how far this f**** country has fallen that you've got a f**** talk show your piece of f**** s***

  37. It must be hard for Americans to understand that there are other racist countries. He spent 3 weeks locked in a cage without trial, for defending himself, and the 2 women who were assaulted.

  38. Sweden is a joke i myself have been robbed and assaulted by refugees more than once and the police didn’t do anything

  39. 🤔ever chew gum in the Philippines
    Funny you say that🤔
    Entering America illegally is a crime. So abide by our law😏

    DEMONIC🐀🐀 have never had leadership. They only know how to rule over We the People, they seek nothing less the ultimate power😡

    🍄 the left😂
    Oh i think that's the problem🤔
    No wonder why they are idiots!

    Open racists have a hard time hiding that fact. Leftist Liberal Lunatic DEMONIC🐀🐀 have a hard time hiding their idiocies🤔
    Does that tell you anything😏

  40. Oh Trevor. There's a guy who has likely beaten someone up and ended up in custody, and you think they should let him go because he's black? WTF is wrong with you now?

    He fucked up in a foreign country, he will be judged by the laws of that country. This is how the world works. And you know this because you've lived in another country before. Grow up…

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