A Progressive’s Guide to Political Correctness

How indignant can progressives make themselves?
There’s a real competition going on. And it’s sweeping the nation: progressive vs.
progressive competing to see who can most flamboyantly claim to be offended; to proclaim
that their feelings have been hurt; or that their sensitivities have been rubbed raw;
or their serenity disturbed; or their composure discombobulated, by something that someone
has said. Or by something they have seen. Such as a Confederate flag or a building named
after Woodrow Wilson. But, actually, I think progressives are not
sufficiently imaginative. There are many more things they could be indignant about. Starting
with where I live — Washington, D.C. The Washington Post newspaper is — if it
will pardon the expression — on the warpath against the name of the Washington Redskins
football team. The paper says the name is racist, insulting, demeaning, insensitive,
and so on. But the Washington Post takes its name from its city…which is named for George
Washington, who was not only a slave owner; he was a tobacco farmer, which some progressives
probably think is almost as awful. Surely the Post should change its name — and
should demand that the nation’s capital be renamed. Perhaps as Eleanor Roosevelt City.
Obviously it cannot be named for her husband — he who ordered the internment in concentration
camps of 117,000 persons of Japanese descent, two-thirds of whom were native-born American
citizens. And there are hundreds of other towns, counties,
parks, and schools named for Washington. Such as Washington and Lee University. Good grief:
The name is double hate speech: Robert E. Lee actually commanded the Confederate Army. Washington is not the only name progressives
should scrutinize. The word “Oklahoma” is a compound of two words from the Choctaw language — words meaning “red” and “people.” If it is intolerable to have a football team named “Redskins,”
it must be worse to have a state named “Red People.” But let’s get back to cleansing
America of all mentions of historic figures who were less than perfect progressives. On the Tidal Basin in Washington there is
a memorial for the slave-owning Thomas Jefferson. This memorial should have a “trigger warning”
carved into its marble. Jacksonville, Florida, and Jackson, Mississippi,
and many other places and things, are named for Andrew Jackson, the tormentor of Native
Americans. All must be renamed for someone who was saintly, as progressives understand
saintliness. And speaking of saints: Surely good progressives are traumatized by
the names of St. Louis, St. Petersburg, San Diego, San Antonio — not to mention Corpus
Christie. Progressives like it when courts rule that
non-denominational prayers at high school graduations violate the separation of church
and state. Why, then, don’t they consider it a constitutional outrage that there are
cities named for religious figures? Including Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco. That city is — if
progressives will pardon the expression — the Vatican of American progressivism. Progressives should demand that all such cities
be renamed for progressive saints. Tony Bennett could sing, “I left my heart in Nancy Pelosi
City.” Or we could give these places names that give no offense because they have no
meaning. Joseph Knippenberg is an American rarity — a
sensible professor. His droll suggestion is that we spare progressives from discomfort
by giving cities and buildings the kind of meaningless names that are given to car models — names such as Acura and Elantra and Sentra. And what about the state flag of hyper-progressive
Massachusetts? Its flag depicts a Native American holding — brace yourself — a bow and arrow.
A weapon. Surely progressivism’s sensitivity police cannot permit this depiction. It reinforces
the hurtful stereotype of Native Americans as less than perfectly peaceful people. Minnesota, too, should hang its head in shame.
Its state seal depicts a pioneer tilling a field, and a Native American riding away — and
carrying a spear. Any progressive can see that this seal conveys multiple racial slurs.
The spear — another weapon, another stereotype of Native Americans as violent. The Native
American, riding away, is stigmatized as nomadic, hence unproductive. Whereas the farmer, who
is white, is industrious. So, the seal communicates subliminal slander — the coded message of
white superiority. Who knew that Minnesotans, who have voted Democratic in ten consecutive
elections since 1972, embrace white supremacy? I could go on, but you get the picture. Still,
you should feel sorry for the progressive sensitivity enforcers. Those who constantly
find reason to take offense are rarely happy people. The problem, however, is that such people
make almost everyone else miserable, too. I’m George Will for Prager University.

  1. Switching my brain in order to confirm to leftist ideology: "But he is a shill bought by the oil industry!". Thanks to God that I can think for my self.

  2. Why are there so many mentally ill and MISERABLE Liberals in this country??? Isn't there somewhere they can move to and make each other miserable??

  3. I love what you guys at PragerU are doing. There is some much insane hypocrisy from this bunch that you could go on forever exposing it. Glad we have this channel so it can at least attempt to expose all of this craziness. I say attempt only because it (progressive/liberalism) really is such a vast and over whelming plethora of nonsense that it will take a lifetime to get to it all. Thanks again for what yall do.

  4. The ending hits the nail on the head. They are miserable people trying to make all of us just as miserable.

  5. Screw George Will. He's one of the biggest NeverTrumpers out there and who is all of a sudden lockstep with the Democrats on every issue.

  6. I came here when I was a baby from Portugal only a few months of age and even though I am proud where I came from I am more prouder to be part of this country and I love it wait more I'm also a history buff and I learn all about American history we have some dark days in our history and that we are very ashamed to have and it's a disgrace such as slavery and fighting with the Indians over land but there's way more to the story than people think I can tell you but it'll take too long but regardless I still love this country I put my American flag throughout the year. And we hear people about taking down statues changing city names and not selling braiding Columbus Day but I'm sorry I don't want none of them to change I live in California and there is a lot of people here who come from different backgrounds and race and burning one thing about it is that there's good and bad people in every race we should judge character and character only. we have a right to celebrate any culture or lives the way we want to but when I see a parade sane make America Mexico again I got very offended because the message is basically to invade America and push everybody out there's no other way by looking at it that way but yeah I was called a racist I supported Trump and told everybody that they he was going to win I lost a lot of friends because of that I have nothing against Hispanics and they should celebrate whatever they should celebrate but don't put another race down or a country down and that's racism right what they're doing but nobody cares they act like those certain people not the whole spandex but a certain people think that all white people are racist and that is not true

  7. Thanks George, you just gave them a whole bunch of ideas about things to be offended by, as if they needed a longer list.

  8. I'm spaniard and here there are many people who intend we apologize EVERY DAY because: our history in América (ok, but too much time ago), our civil war (brother vs brother everybody was guilty but It happend 80 years ago too), because the violence against the women when Spain is a very secure contry to be a women, because we're "racists" when we acept people from many countrys and the 15% of the people who live in Spain aren't spaniards already, because we're "homophobics" when Spain was the 3° nation that legalized the gay marriage and the adoption even, etc . I have to deal with complaining men and women and I try to explain that it's a good nation. I fail the most of the times, it's sad and it's the reason I've wrotten so much now, sorry.

  9. The progressives (mostly feminists) have nothing else better to do than complain about everything. They are the most unhappy people in the world. Sickening to hear them complain.

  10. I'm literally a liberal. I clicked on this video thinking "Oh boy another right wing inaccurate portrayal of liberals". Lol. Then he roasted the side of the left I hate the most. The snowflake, soft, idiotic progressives that do nothing but hurt both parties. Loved this one PragerU. Can't agree with you one most things but on this one you got me.

  11. The problem with this idea is that even mother Theresa is considered hate speech. When an individual tweeted a quote from Mother Teresa, something to the extent of, "abortion is anti-woman", this was considered hate speech coming from one of the most respected loving giving people of the last millennium

  12. I have a question how come every street named after Martin Luther King it’s the most dangerous place to be around.

  13. holy shit, this is so intellectually dishonest it hurts. I love the retards in the comments acting like this is in any way even slightly intelligent

  14. Progressives are not saintly, they are opposite. Never put these views near my Catholic saints. Saints are examples to be more like them to know God better. These people do the opposite.

  15. That explains it. I'm Chickasaw from Oklahoma and my skin is bright red … all day every day. I am a red-skin.

  16. Censorship and Socialism go hand in hand; social engineering and the moral police in action telling you what thoughts are correct and appropriate, the Ministry of Truth. Like in China, like in Iran or North Korea. Freedom is being you without anyone's permission.
    A thought crime is an Orwellian neologism used to describe an illegal thought. The term was popularized in the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, first published in 1949, wherein thought crime is the criminal act of holding unspoken beliefs or doubts that oppose or question Ingsoc, (English Socialism), the dominant ideology of Oceania. the ruling party.

    In George Orwell's novel 1984 where the state government try to control even the thoughts of their citizens. Forbidden thoughts are punishable by death, or as the main character Winston Smith wrote – were death.

  17. Leftists aren’t genuinely outraged by the things they say offend them.

    They simply use “outrage” as a tool to control the words and actions of people with whom they disagree.

  18. I wish you were kidding but I know you are not. Why are progressives and liberals trying so hard to change the greatest country in the world?

  19. come out from this infancy, receive the lord jesus the lord of glory who was raised from the dead for your sins, if not, youd hurt yourself with depression and endless oain, jesus is god and he absolutely loves you but he is truth and would patiently change you,ask him to be the lord of your life, because so far youve been a terrible captain, everyone knows jesus was a goodman and the utter and mysterious God, hence we call him THE SON of GOD for taking a body…amen

  20. My high school just got renamed from "Washington and Lee" to "Washington and Liberty." The change is costing millions of dollars and is utterly useless. They polled the students to see how many people actually got offended by the name and the poll said nearly no one.

  21. Good one. Same shit in every Western country. If all the progressives are so unhappy with their evil motherland, we should collectively invite them to settle Greenland and build the perferct world from there. Bunch of parasites….

  22. I once read an article that complained that Lee County, South Carolina, was named for Robert E. Lee. No, it wasn't. Lee County was named for Richard Henry Lee. Those poor wretches who are always on the lookout for excuses to be offended can't even get their facts straight.

  23. "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of misery."
    — Winston Churchill

  24. This is the George Wills I used to know…George seems too easily offended by Pres. Trump's unrefined behavior

  25. i guess you gonna ban the names Solomon David Yohanan Moses Abraham Issac Rebecca Serra Jacob Israel and more
    )all are biblical people that had sined)

  26. What about 4 states having the confederate flag in their state flags? What about 2 cities in PA named Bethlehem and Nazareth? What about cigar store Indians? What about Zion National Park? The world is not politically correct, snowflakes! Get used to it!

  27. Political correctness is just another way of saying that one can not say anything against the democratic cartel's policies.

  28. If anything these progressives are racist because they think that they need to "protect" the minorities from all the "hate" assuming they can't do it on their own. Also they're for race identity politics but that's a whole different issue

  29. This is an excellent way to try to get through to these whiny, hyper sensitive loud mouthed fools….He is using
    irony and outrageous examples to make an important point…..think it will work? Me neither…..

  30. Nothing happens in a vacuum, strategic planning by the left is what releases this PC pile of stinking crap.
    Anything to tare down foundations of the United States.
    Anything to cause division, and create unrest, disrupt Peace.

  31. Progressives are unhappy. But, what "offends" them is not the source of their unhappiness. They were unhappy well before they became progressives.

    Rather, they just scour the world to find things that will justify their feelings of unhappiness which they had prior to finding their "offense." They are like the child who, playing football, yells that the "sun was in his eyes" after missing a pass.

  32. I'm offended by the constant attacks on Christ. Will the progressives clutch at their pearls and come to my rescue?

  33. george washington lived over 200 years ago and was known for stuff other than slaves and tobacco, the redskin's name IS offensive because they are saying that native americans have red skin, in the 21st century

  34. Nancy Polosi name alone is offensive against many who voted Republican and thinks a country should defend its own borders.

  35. Leftism does like to spread misery. They can't stand to see people of a different political bent happy.

  36. It's the first video from PragerU that I've watched and not enjoyed. Hmm not because of the content…that tool George Will. Please get someone else to take his slots as he makes my stomach churn acidic..why…like i said…he's a tool who prefers the Great Plague…yes I"m saying HRC.

  37. What about renaming Indian Lake to Lake Native American. Then the Washington Redskins would be better named the Washington Millionaires.

  38. If YOU, the reader of this lived in the 1800's, you would of had a slave also. You also would have thought and did what your friends did. The same as people do nowadays. Slavery was indeed a bad thing back then, but DONT look at the 1800's through 2019 eyes. That's called being out of context. BTW progressives reading this. In another 100 years, people will look back at history and say that YOU WEREN'T WOKE enough and you'll be the bad people. Get the pattern? thank you.

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