Oh, shit. Okay. A leftist loudmouth! One in English! You’re so clueless! And so am I. A pole it eek al. Uhh– it’s this “no politics” or whatever– In these times we live in there are lots of people who run away from politics like you run away from a dumpster fire. And, who can blame them? Nobody wants their hands dirty and things are doing well, right? This is fine. I’m fine. Totally fine. It’s fine. I’m fine. Totally fine. Out of sight, out of mind: apolitical in good faith. They– they believe that they’re doing it at least– And it’s easy to get it– I get it! It’s a tricky world out there and it’s hard enough just to get by. You know, to be bothered with those very polemic political stances that prove time and again that they get us nowhere. Or do they? So, you’re watching this video online. It was hard day at work or studying or tending to the house or dealing with your struggles. Your job has you exhausted. Your studies are uphill. Chores never end. Or your body just can’t hold you. It sucks. Then come all of those professional intoxicators in the media shouting all kinds of rhetoric, lies half-truths and whatnot. They do make you dizzy with their constant yappping. With empty promises and tales of a world that is just the way it is. Nothing can change it. Right? Or can we? Can anybody blame anyone for not wanting to get involved in this mess? Of course, not! So, in a way it’s understandable that many people choose not to get involved and carry on with their lives with at the best of their abilities. It’s– And so, the tale that says that the world is the way it is and nothing can change it fulfils itself. Nothing changes, the gate is kept. Is apolitical apolitical? I mean– Is the thing the same thing? But, what if apolitical is political? I mean, of course
it is! Apparently some John Stuart Mill, not that it matters in this context, said this once: Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends than that good men should look on and do nothing. Again, John Stuart Mill, a liberal, not an example. Dude! No. Not an example. I mean, yeah, I guess you’re a
product of your time– I guess– And, of course, in a theoretical frame or fantasy versions of time past, being “apolitical” could have actually been a stance devoid of a political position. Maybe? But no political framework exists outside the reality that surrounds it. And we all can agree that these times are, well, not, not the most peaceful ones, right? Palestinians in Gaza aren’t allowed to move between Palestinian territories except in rare medical cases. So, when we have class, trade and military wars raging worldwide like crazy, like: woo! I mean, not that we can ignore them anymore, at least willingly, concentration camps, the rise of openly neo-fascist politics worldwide drone strikes– need I continue? Well, when we are involved in that hot mess of a planet, how do you get to that proper apolitical zen? Sounds hard, doesn’t it? Well, it is. The thing is, with the Beast of capitalism wreaking havoc all over, finding this “neutral stance” is difficult in the first place. Not to mention to sustain. That is, if you’re being honest. Center: the most delicate balance. Ehrm– watch out! They’re gonna fall. They’re gonna fall. Okay? In a way political ideas try to push societies in different and often opposite vectors. Like: we want less hierarchies, they want more. We want social justice, they say it’s impossible. They want to commodify persons and we go like: What the actual fuckery from hell is the shit? Apparently that makes us violent or something. The left: the real fascists. so when you declare yourself extracted from the streams of politics, you’re either conceding all your political decissions to others, or you’re in agreement that things are OK the way they are and nothing needs to change or whatever. You know: “I’m doing well, so all is well”. I’m fine. Totally fine. Don’t mind the other people out there suffering systemic oppression. They don’t exist. Or do we? So, what’s behind it? Uh– Have you taken a look? So, if honesty is not your thing because you have serious business to do at the back of other people, then the apolitical stance is a perfect tool to maximise your profits. You don’t want your victims, I mean customers, messing around with complicated ramifications of actions that affect the Commons. Poking around and asking questions. Unions? Too political. Surplus. What? Waaaaay too technical! But, but, but– Comrade! I know, comrade. I know. I’ve always said it was best if we ground those ideas– – Uncle Ho!
– Oi! – Oi!
– Oi! Business, the favourite right wing politics activity closely followed by praying it’s all about finding ways for people to give their assets to you. Often willingly, if not making people into commodities altogether. Anything goes in order to achieve your goals. Anything that questions those motives and dynamics is bad for business, and growth is the ultimate meaning of life. In this picture, being “apolitical” accomplishes a great deal in deactivating both customers and human commodities in order to serve our Lord and Saviour: the profit margins. If we talk about politics themselves, declaring yourself “apolitical” as a bad faith factor to help you score points against those who are politically positioned used to be double-edged sword, but in the current times when attention spans are kinda short and apathy reigns, you can get away with it easily. there are many of these “apolitical support characters” in the far right and also many, many very convenient “centrists” that help the “cause” great deal. Oh, the radicalisation of the youth! The fascist Spanish dictator Francisco Franco “do as I do: don’t mess with politics. Funny coming from an asshole who killed or imprisoned half of the population of his country and held power steadily for over 40 years. Quite apolitical, right? And, how come you’re a
political again? I mean– Yeah, just answer. So, for people like us who are extremely political, it’s hard to fathom the very existence of these “apolitical” people. I mean, what kind of person would decide to retreat from the intricacies of social dynamics and become an apolitical actor to lead a simple political life? Well it’s tricky. On one hand, as we mentioned, politics tend to get muddy. and people are tired because the shitty capitalist world that we live in. But then again, shouldn’t we change things so we’re not so sick, tired and depressed in the first place? Well, that’s what politics are for supposedly. Then there’s the case of “career politics”. Meaning that if politics are all of of those things that pertain to the Commons, these fuckers pretend to do that when they’re actually serving a set of corporations they call “political parties”. These companies have the goal of achieving power and stay there as long as possible to profit from the situation. As usual it’s a matter of busines, not serving the People, but paradoxically the latter is being said a lot of times. I mean– just to keep appearances, right? When the dominant mainstream idea “politics” refers to these power plays and professionalised activities instead of the actual meaning of the word, it’s very understandable that people want to stay away from it. I mean, I totally would. Except that I want to actively fight it. But that’s another story, isn’t it? Of course there’s the kind of people that find themselves comfortable with the way things are. Or if they aren’t they fail to see the systemic improvements we can make to have their situation, or everybody’s situation for that matter, to improve. The trick is these people want to think themselves as apolitical, but they’re actually conservative, as in “wanting to protect the structures and power balances just the way we are”. Look like a rabbit or something like this– Confusing? Well, it’s tricky. I told you. From this standpoint it seems like all positions that claim to be “apolitical” are actually either actively conservative or at least playing unknowingly the conservative position. So, if you fancy yourself to be one of these intellectual unicorns called “apolitical”, Look no further: you’re either clueless or at least an ass– hole. I meant to say asshole. Apoliticaaaaal! I mean, no, seriously. I mean– Apolit– Really? Apolitical! what the–? What the_? What the–? What the actual fu– uuuuuuck? This is a cover from Spanish band called “la polla records”and I just translated for you guys, so you can get it– the message, because I think it’s relevant to the video, so, let’s do this! 1, 2, 3, 4… my grandpa used to be this angry old man. He worked his entire life, he was beaten up. Like every tired old man he used to reminisce. And this is what he thought in very broad terms: worst thing you can find in life is well-adjusted responsible folks (do not trust them) Their brain is placed in their pockets
(do not trust them) They’re a bunch of fucking cowards
(do not trust them) He used to say to me: never trust those soft-spoken and calm motherfuckers because their calm means they have assurance, and if they have assurance, who they’re siding with? You can barely ever tell their intentions or their game. (do not trust them) They just wanna be good slaves,
(do not trust them) so, you know, they’re playing safe.
(do not trust them) And he shouted: workers of the world
unite! Go cut your balls! ‘Cause even all your children will be your master’s. My holy ass wins. Well, hello, hello, hello. And, yeah, this is a shout-out to Kevin Logan. He’s awesome– I’m gonna– I’m gonna do this part where you know I just pull up my my Patreon list– Pretrotron list of the prsechurchush? and– and then I read them out because they’re awesome. So, I’m gonna thank all these people who are really nice and– They– they– give me money and stuff– They’re really really nice and really appreciating of what they’re doing so here there are: their– their names and stuff. I hope you guys are getting your stickers. They’re really awesome, I hope you like them and– I know some of you did. They’re nice, so– Appreciated, really. Um– this is- Inga Leonora is awesome, Neko Nyoko, P.D. Morrin, they’re awesome Stefan Bitner and– Yeah, Alonso Muñoz. They’re kicking ass and they’re helping me out. I’d like to ask you if you could do the same if you have like some– disposable income or– or things– I’m gonna try to put a track of the ocean or something– that is relaxing or something, it’s– It is just– If you could– if you could help me out, I’m very broke. I’m very broke– I’m working my ass off and not getting paid. It’s ridiculous. It’s– it’s capitalism anyway, whatever. So, thank you all– thank you all for helping, please help me too if you people are into that kind of thing and– I hope you liked this video. You get to see them for free, I’m not– this is not a pay– cough! cough! Paywall, or whatever. This is just– You know, you know what it is– It’s fucking sad! bad for growth

  1. Off topic question, but what do you think about the rise of Vox in Andalusia? They did pretty well for just being formed in 2013.

  2. Wooo!! That was great!! Thanks, comrade!!
    Looking forward to your next PD Morrin & you live stream!!!

    I just signed up as a Patreon supporter!! Gotta squish my budget a bit but totally worth it!!

  3. Apolitical seems to generally mean "let's not think about the politics of my position".. it's a nice trick😎 great video Comrade

  4. We could probably lug all the centrists into the apolitical pile. With the dumpster fire that's the current political climate in Spain, the last thing we need is people saying that "there's very fine people on both sides".

    Overall, good job with this video. Showed it to a few lib friends and it helped start a conversation about why direct political action is necessary to spark real change.

  5. Oh, thanks for putting some things in perspective.
    Good work!

    I'll just add that part of resentment towards politics (at least in my country) comes from learned helplessness.

  6. ótimo vídeo camarada!

    vai ser otimo pra explicar pra um pessoal aqui do brasil que idolatra uma DEPUTADA que se diz apolitica!

  7. There are "apolitical" people too that are basically oportunists. They wait and then they just side with the winner. El sol que mas calienta.

  8. We do need to care about what's going on in real life. Try to ignore the problems doesn't make them disappear :/

  9. I LOVED this! So concise yet you make such great points in a hilarious way! The editing must have taken ages!!

  10. If you are trying to convert people to your side, you may want to try a different approach. You’ve made a video preaching to the choir so you can high five your fellow leftists “apolitical people suck amiright??” But you perhaps do your movement a disservice by making enemies out of the people you need to think like you. If people are sick, tired, and depressed, maybe you can show empathy instead of calling them clueless assholes.

  11. Well, in defense of Joe Rogan (and as the filthy devil's advocate that I am) he recently interviewed Bernie Sanders, but I guess it's not real redemption as Bernie is more a social democrat than a socialist, so feel free to ignore this comment.

    I'm also feeding the algorithm though.

  12. This video is so good! I always thought it was crazy that people can be "not into politics" especially in our time (btw 4:57 is me every time I read the news)

  13. This video was hilarious and I try to tell everyone that apolitical and centrist people are actually conservatives without even realizing! Being apolitical is a privilege that not everyone has. It certainly is selfish. You deserve way more views! Keep going!

    Thanks to BadEmpanada for bringing me here!

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