1. I know you won't see this, but putting Rikara or what ever his name is against the worlds best is like putting a NA bronze in challenger (Korean server) and seeing what happens.

  2. Must not be an easy position to be in, but that's the reason your the boss, believing 💯T will deliver in 2019

  3. Dipping yourself in the dirty politics game already, Matt? Not cool. It was a petty retaliation against Cody. I respect your work ethics and highly skilled fake personality for videos. Again I'm not trash talking. It's really valuable skill to make a lot of money in the modern society but this incident was too obvious.

  4. Need the new jungler.
    You have Levi and Levi don't play in LCS, it's a waste of one talent.
    If i were Levi, I would leave 100T and find a new team for myself.

  5. I think Nade has made mistakes, but I think this message was a very respectable one. I understand how this can look so bad for him. He knows nothing about LoL, therefore he hires coaches and managers with hope that he can completely trust their decision making. He is right about the coaches being with the team 24/7 and most likely having the best idea of what will work best for the team as a whole. However if many of the speculations in the comments are true, and the roster change has to do with Aphromoo saying "its him or me," I feel like maybe nade just has not even been disclosed that information. If this is what happened, hopefully he can recognize his faults, and not allow for one player, no matter their experience, control the whole future and playtime of other players, simply because they have a disagreement. Aphromoo is a veteran of the scene, but he should not be able to tell an org "its him or me" and get away with it. The team needs to be able to work through their issues and grow, not simply replace a component with a new one every time the environment gets slightly hostile.

  6. Bros, like calm down about this stuff, like you got to realize and what nadeshot said, he is new to LoL and you got to give him the org time to learn from their mistakes and grow from them

  7. Great video, I appreciate the fact that you took the responsibility and explained all of your choices in an open and honest manner. Cody Sun may have got you to worlds, but taking it on your shoulders and building from that is a great move.

    Let's go 100 Thieves!

  8. Imagine lebron helps the Lakers reach the playoffs and then the coach doesn't put him in to play in the 1st round lol

  9. 100T got the worst draw possible they git both finalists in they group they where just unlucky this year sry from EU about being 3rd seed in group of real death

  10. The biggest reason why I think this means less than you think is because you're doing this unscripted. It feels like less effort to do this freeform. Still glad you are valuing PR and transperancy

  11. You guys fucked Cody when he got you to where you guys were.
    Rikara didnt show up, it shouldve been clear that he was not ready for the stage. Repeatedly down 20-30 cs into just 15 minutes. Cody deserved better, FUCK APHRO for most likely saying he was gonna leave if Cody kept playing

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