1. May the Almighty Yahweh protect you, bless you and return you to the land of Israel. I urge you to accept the Messiah Yahshua & keep the commandments of Yahweh. By doing so you will secure your place in the kingdom of Yahweh which Yahshua will soon establish on this earth. Love you all. Shalom.

  2. are you joking you say falasha and you shows us oromos. this is a joke they live in amhara and we are not even different but we are different from oromos and other nilotic peoples. just don't really talk about things that we don't know.

  3. Ethiopians are some of the most beautiful humans on earth… and that skin stays looking young for ever🖤🖤🖤 cheers to all melanited humans …Skin is worth more than Gold

  4. They are absolutely beautiful black Jewish people. I look at them with awe. Today I confirmed they are the forgotten lost tribe of Israel. May they go back to Israel one day but how about the people in living. Where will God put the true Israelites scattered all over the world? :’)

  5. Wish that the new Ethiopian leader will spread Ethiopia's wealth to all the cities, towns and communities in the suburbs as well as villages that way it won't be only Addis.

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