A GOP Colleague Is Considering Impeachment, Says Dem Senator | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Well, even a simple majority in favor of one or more articles will be a neck snap for trump.
    Nobody really expects the Russian Party to remove the traitor in chief anyway.

  2. bet right now…Not a single GOP senator votes for removal from office.. In fact I don't think the Dems will even get their entire caucus. (Looking at you Joe Manchin)

  3. Some Democrats are trying anything to make it sound good but there’s 12 democrat senators saying they will vote no to impeachment

  4. At a staff meeting of marketing managers someone advanced the idea, what if we could get a recent retired much-admired athlete to pitch our product on television, good idea, they all agreed. One was called in for an interview but looked a mess, so, the makeover department went to work on appearance with blond dyed hair, success, a boat load of products were pitched and sold. Fast forward to a low rated televised newscast, the makeover department was called in to do what they do so well, the ratings picked up, confirming what a little hair dye can do. Now, what if that same marketing technique was used not only to push product and a newscasts ratings, how about to influence and pitch a point of view, or an issue during a newscast, with me questioning, is this how Fox News got its sway in the marketplace, blond dyed hair, followed by issues leaning toward the right on the political spectrum, sure seems so…’Appearance journalism’ now has taken its place in the market place, invading the once sacrosanct of truth telling journalism that is no longer sacred but like everything else in the market place, suspect…On every newscast, the hair dyed now greatly outnumber those that don’t, if any…leaving this blogger to lean and to wonder, “who can you trust” among the hair dyed? no one…

  5. For tRump to be removed from office, you'll need at least 20 GOP senators to vote with the Democrats. Unfortunately too many GOP are too spineless to stand up against Trumputhinskin

  6. Says the delusional deplorable democrat with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), LOL!!! The fact is, feeble minded fools are easily conditioned/brainwashed by circular logic with zero evidence…

  7. Complete disclosure: I voted Trump. However, I am interested in the truth, and in what's best for the nation. The democrats and the republicans both are a mess. But concerning Trump and the senate impeachment votes. Trump still has ample time to screw up even more. And he still might step down like Nixon. The senate also could vote to impeach after Trump steps into more evil of his own making.

  8. Sad there is only so few that want to do the right thing for this country. Their own welfare is more important than ours as a nation.

  9. Who TF believes any Democrat that refuses to name the Turncoat traitor?
    Romney or Little Marco still hold a grudge and both wear Flip Flops 24/7

  10. I wouldn't have answered that question now the individual(s) will probably back down because Trump is now going to be obsessed about who they are.

  11. WHO would of ever thought that our fellow Americans would be so in different to what makes us who we are.Any Republican that still stands behind any man ie women that's wants devision in our country they aren't real Americans then ,cause after 9/11 if that didn't unite you to the rest of us then you most likely believe Trump sat and watched thousands of muslims dancing in the streets in Jersey while the towers fell .Which turned out to be just another lie by the trump clan.

  12. So all of the GOP aren't completely braindead?

    But then again… Words are one thing, actions another.

    The worth of a Vote will be determined in the Senate.

  13. Traitor….the GOP should go ahead a start writing up articles of impeachment for Biden, based on the Ukraine Quid Pro Quo video as vise president.

  14. What should be happening is that democrats should tell the world that there is a plan A, which includes impeachment and removal from office, and a plan B, that probably includes the mother of all campaigns in 2020 followed by criminal charges for Trump and a sweeping barrage of new legislation to protect the White House from any other tyrant wannabe.

    Right now the democrats are just crying because they do not have 60% of the Senate. And they will still be crying a year from now when Trump gets, at least, a good shot at reelection, and they will still be crying when the next Trump, more dictatorial, more intelligent and more dangerous, comes to power in 2020 or 2024.


  16. Don't keep your hopes up! Cause even if the house does vote for impeachment, the Case will go to the Senate and when Adam Schiff , Pelosi and many other actual fact witness go to testify this will never stand and instead turn into a true waste of time.The only goal of this impeachment process is to weaken the presidents image so that the growing undecided and independant base takes their eye off the fact that our economy is going exceptionally well and Nato is no longer operating in the red and the list goes on and on…And to Dr Joe and company, The media is there to sell advertizing and get rating not to educate us objectively. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to do their research outside the mainstream media.

  17. Desperate Media Propaganda. Quit bullshitting America. You know and all of your media cohorts know that Trump will be aquitted in the Senate. Boom. Game over. TRUMP wins relection. Dems lose seats. Media lost all credibility with the American people. Merry Christmas!!

  18. How the Republican can ignore their duty to IMPEACH the corrupt tRump is beyond comprehension. This makes them totally disgraceful in view of all the facts already disclosed, even though tRump has hidden behind nondisclosures and refusing to allow testimony from his staff! THIS IS REPUGNANT IN THE EXTREME. Have Republicans lost all sense of duty and honor? It seems so.

  19. Trump will not be Impeached ! He has committed no crime and hear say is not considered to be evidence ! Trump will win 2020 by a Landslide ! The Democrats will lose everything !

  20. I am actually interested in the Senate trial, Chief Justice John Roberts controls the proceedings and will not play the partisan games during the trial. That means no Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, or Biden's will testify only Trump officials. And why is Rudy in Ukraine right now, meeting with the former Ukrainian Prosecutor fired for corruption?🤔

  21. Of course the GOP will pretend they're thinking it over, but they'll do whatever Moscow Mitch tells them to do, which we already know is to acquit, no matter what facts are brought forth. The GOP are cheating our country of the rule of law by stacking the courts with their henchmen. Roberts, Gorsuch, Kegger Kav, and other misogynists. They are stacking the federal courts with biased judges who will rule as they are told to by the right-wing power structure. They can't be allowed to get away with it.

  22. I truly hope that the Senate Republicans recognize the stakes and act in accordance with what the Constitution requires. That is my hope but if past is prologue, I highly doubt it.

  23. I think the American public is ready to take the GOP to court if they don't impeach Trump. They are subverting and undermining our democracy for political gain.

  24. Democrat leader arrested on 133 counts of bribery, and you guys think Trump is the problem? The list of democrats who have actually been indicted of real bribery charges is extremely long, but shhhh the media will never tell you any of this. At least Brian Joyce is going down.

  25. MSNBC is deep-state propaganda funded by Soros and the rest of the evil California Jews like Chuck Schumer!  I'm definitely voting for Trump again!

  26. The cost of paying Russia back for becoming the 45th president of the United States is going to be terribly high for Trump and his family forever. I have no doubt that every Trump family member will have to be watched by our intelligence agencies forever because of what Trump and Putin did together against Americ.

  27. Yeah why vote to remove a criminal from the WH, when many Republicans in Congress are just as guilty. Putin has corrupted the whole GOP.

  28. No more Sophistry, Tweeting Twats and FAKE News! Just give it RAW! The Orangutan-on-Steroids in the White House is a Threat to Democracy!

  29. Let's tie a rope around Dumpy's leg and other end to a bumper on a Mac Truck and get Judge Peepee to drag Mac Daddy up and down Washington Avenue and then put both of them on hooks and have everyone come by and spit on them and then take them down and throw a blanket over them and then throw a blanket over them and have everyone come by and stomp on them, yeah.

  30. No Reps in the house voted to impeach but 2 Dems crossed the Isle. That is a fact, this man is talking and giving no facts. And this man has the mannerisms of a liar.

  31. Wow relying on he said she said again? Why doesn’t that gop college speak for himself? A democrat has to say I heard instead. More gossip. You Dems love gossip

  32. yep an historic alright … they will be laughing at this one for centuries….

    "lets us 'begin' where our founders 'began'" 😂🤣😂 trite and at best contrived…"when in the course of human events…." 😅😂 but.. to make things worse…she stumbles on the cue cards…😆 maybe this more appropriately suits her party and her politics….. Lets start at the very beginning , a very good place to start lets begin with a b c…..etc etc … Jesus wept

    but on a more humorous note, everything she spouts about bribery, compromise to foreign powers etc brings only the Bidens to mind ….😪

  33. There will be 2 or 3 red Senators (in blue States) who might vote for impeachment. And there might be the same number of blue Senators (in red States) voting against it. Yet, the Dems won't flip 20 red Senators. No way.

  34. The Repuglicans have helped create a Frankenstein. If Trump is impeached but not removed, he will turn into a Frankenstein on steroids and his insanity and crimes will only get worse.

  35. With or without Trump "We the People" are taking our country back from degenerates. Dems legalize post birth abortion. Why? Why wait 9 months to murder a baby? Lets talk about premeditated. Oh, wait , that's right cause you can earn a few bucks by selling that babies kidney's. Face it you are sick people. Get some counseling.

  36. so many stupid trump supporters believing republican senators can turn trumps impeachment into a trial and conviction of trumps enemies.
    sorry stupid.
    the only one getting prosecuted during the impeachment will be trump.

  37. Well the U.S already has more people in jail by population in for profit jails than any other country ,so , why not jail all of trumps supporters when you jail trump,his administration,and a good part of the gop ? be great for economy and trump could say it's all because of him ,that's a win win 🙂

  38. Too bad republicans don't care about oaths, truth, facts, morals, hypocrisy, law&order, family values, corruption, the Constitution or the American people

  39. Five is more than zero, eh? Members of the GOP need to realize just what a hero they would be if they did the right thing by putting our democracy first.

  40. only 5 considered to impeach this sham of a president forced upon us…. Republicans you might as well go out w/a bang from your dying party and do the right thing for the country!

  41. Republicans impeached Clinton for a spurt on a blue dress but they are okay with their own committing bribery, obstruction and abuse of office. Think about that !

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