A Community Transformed – Chemonics International

Well the town of Hoscha is in the Rivne region. One of the more depressed regions out of the whole country. We’re talking about a lot of people that need jobs. They need some stability in their lives. My name is Rolf Kullman. I’m the vice president of Fapomed Portugal. This factory in Ukraine, which we built here in Hoscha, Was finished in 2010, in January. The first time I was here was in 2006. there I was looking for an opportunity to build something. It was a very difficult process. Our project provides training to the specialists in investment attraction. The only people that can do it is really representatives of the local government. They learned how to negotiate a deal and make a deal. Since the first day I was here in Hoscha I’ve had a very good relationship with the local government. They helped me in all the issues, all the bureaucratic things, which are very complicated in Ukraine, and which makes a lot of grey hairs which I have today. Our biggest customer here is a big American multi-national, which believed that Ukraine, which is near to Europe, would be a future market. Today, we have 285 workers working for us, and we want to have at the end of the year 400 workers. This investment has become really significant in terms of employment of the local people. People start earning more, they start spending more, which of course brings life to the small-business men. Next year I will go to university, and I’m very glad that my mother has this work. She is the most important person in my life, and I’m very thankful. By this time we’ve already trained up to 200 people throughout the country, and that’s a critical mass. This work requires more time to see real results and real impact, but once you see that, that’s completely amazing. When you build a factory from zero, and I see now the 285 workers I have here, I personally feel proud of what we have done here, and so for me, there’s no discussion, it was the right decision to come here to Ukraine. There are a lot of changes in the community, and I think it is very good that Fapomed is here in Hoscha. It helps people get jobs and earn money for their families, and I think it’s great.


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