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making history at the world's most dangerous border stepping foot on North Korean soil for a meeting with chairman Kim history indeed if you missed it over the weekend good morning we'll catch you up now on a Monday teams back together good morning everyone I'm Sandra Smith the meeting coming as most Americans were sleeping in the early morning hours Sunday with a historic handshake the president walked with kim jung-han into the Hermit Kingdom then returning across the border to the DMZ where the two leaders agreed to restart stalled nuclear talks on the scene here is how the president summed up that meeting together when I put out the social media and notification if he didn't show up the press was gonna make me look very bad so you made us both look good and I appreciated but I really think that if you go back to and I have gears and you look at what was going on prior to my becoming president it was a very very bad situation it's just an honor to be with you it was an honor that you asked me to step over that line that I was proud to step over the line I thought you might do that I wasn't sure but I was ready to do it and I want to thank you it's been great pretty amazing stuff Richardson is live at the White House with more on this Monday morning hey rich hey good morning Sandra and president Trump sent a very public invitation basically saying he was going to be in the neighborhood and why not Kim jong-un come meet him at the DMZ when the president was at the g20 in Japan he tweeted after some very important meetings including my meeting with President Xi of China I will be leaving Japan for South Korea with president moon while there if chairman Kim of North Korea sees this I would meet him at the border DMZ just to shake his hand and say hello hours later this the two leaders hosted their third meeting as president Trump becomes the first sitting US president to cross into North Korea the president says the two agreed to designate negotiating teams to restart nuclear talks it was a great success because we maintained our relationship so we're gonna have teams they're gonna meet over the next few weeks and they're gonna start a process and we'll see what happens both North Korea and the United States had previously designated negotiating teams though had made very little progress towards actually getting North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons in its ballistic missile program Sandra meanwhile rich what's the latest on South Korea scrambling fighter jets this morning yeah it happened just a few hours after President Trump was at the Demilitarized Zone that scrambling of jets apparently because of an unidentified object flying between the border of North and South Korea well it turned out to be a flock of birds though it highlights the tension in that region that's existed for 70 years the South Korean government has been a strong supporter of improved relations with North Korea and has pushed the negotiations with Kim jong-un's regime and the United States South Korean spokesman says of that quote since it's expected that the nuclear negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang would bounce back the government will strengthen its efforts to create a virtuous cycle between inter-korean relations denuclearization and North Korea US relations there still are strong sanctions against the North Korean regime but over the last more than year and a half or so because of these conversations between President Trump and kim jeong-hoon North Korea has adhered to its commitment not to launch any ballistic missiles and not to test any more nuclear weapons so you have a lot of news over the weekend rich thank you what an image that was here's another one to the new White House press secretary Stephane Grisham with well noticed introduction to the job in the DMZ check their grisham reportedly suffering bruises and the scuffle between North Koreans security guards he was trying to cut a lane for a few members of the American press to make sure they get inside the meeting right there it ended when Secret Service agents intervened Grisham's okay several 20/20 Democrats sharply criticizing the president's impromptu meeting with Kim Jong on Joe Biden releasing this statement president Trump's coddling of dictators at the expense of American national security and interest is one of the most dangerous ways he's diminishing us on the world stage and subverting our values as a nation senator Elizabeth Warren tweeting out quote our president shouldn't be squandering American influence on photo ops in exchanging love letters with a ruthless dictator the said we should be dealing with North Korea through principled diplomacy that promotes us our security defends our allies and upholds human rights and they were not the only ones with concern I have no problem with him sitting down with Kim jong-un in North Korea or anyplace else but I don't want it simply to be a photo opportunity of course as a country we want this to work we want to see a denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula reduction in these missiles but it's not as easy as just going and you know bringing a hot dish over the fence to the dictator next door I'm not quite sure why this president is so bent on elevating the profile of a dictator like Kim Jong hoon when Kim jong-il has not lived up to his promise from the first summit it's been a failure so far we think this has been the president Trump appeasement tour I have no idea why he's shaking hands with a dictator who just in May was sending missiles into the Sea of Japan I mean you don't reward that kind of behavior with a visit to your country from the president of the United States reaction poured in swiftly president Trump has yet to directly respond to any of those criticism or reaction now how significant was the historic visit to the DMZ want to bring in John Hannah former national security adviser Vice President Cheney and a senior counselor the foundation for defense of mock democracy sir good morning and welcome back to our program hi bail how significant well I think that remains to be determined determined it was incredible political theater and these two men have clearly established some kind of very unique relationship but the question remains as it has for the last year whether that relationship can actually be be put to advancing core American interests of reducing the nuclear threat out of North Korea they have chairman Kim on the ropes I think you'd agree with that coming out of Hanoi he was expecting sanctions relief and did not get them so then what next John well I mean we've had for months now and which negotiations have been in the deep freeze probably the most important thing coming out of this meeting is an agreement to restart those working-level negotiations the question is does Kim actually empower his negotiation negotiation you clear is a shin look like and how do we get there what's the road map that's the next step there was a little bit of color provided by Tucker Carlson who was just a few feet away from these two men he described the health in the condition of Chairman Kim as a man who was wheezing and was in poor health that was his casual observation noting that he's not a doctor had you heard about any of this prior to this weekend no that's the first I've heard of it I mean looking at the man I can imagine he looks like he's got too much weight on for such a such a young man who knows what his other personal habits are but but now hadn't heard any of this information Tucker also said he's a hard character he struck me as kind of self-contained so that's that's the mystery we're all trying to figure out Wall Street Journal here's the headline today editorial board the Trump doctrine with this president diplomacy is always personal here's a line from the piece John the symbolism was more potent in the substance mr. Trump is betting as he always does that flattery and personal engagement can persuade mr. Kim to give up his nuclear weapons is that it or is there more to it as many would argue listen the president is clearly investing a huge and in this purse personal relationship with Kim jong-un who as everybody needs to remember is a ruthless brutal dictator who is determined to keep north to career as a nuclear weapons state nothing that we've seen in the last year suggests that it is going to change anytime soon so the question is what's the deal look like how are we going to reduce this threat there's some talk today a headline in The New York Times that maybe we're going to return to that deal that was on the table in Hanoi as an initial limited step to really get the ball rolling let's let's see what happens in these working-level talks I think it John Bolton kicked out through the curb a bit earlier today on Twitter let's see what happens from that one more observation President Xi you don't know what the Chinese leader did on his trip to North Korea from 10 days ago perhaps opening the door a little bit maybe in time it wasn't as spontaneous it appears to be because the getting the North Koreans to act the way they did you imagine the adjutant on behalf a lot of those security guards also took know the South Korean leader he was not present do you believe that's significant anyway John sure listen Kim wants Kim gained enormous Lee from this this meeting I do think we have to remember despite the security concerns having the President of the United States come to his doorstep honor hit enter his country give him that level of legitimacy while he remains a nuclear weapons state is a huge deal for him it's being celebrated in North Korea having his worst adversary in the United States John Bolton excluded from these meetings and of course having the South Korean president on the sidelines making this a deal between the United States the world's only remaining superpower and Kim Jung on holding on to his nuclear weapons is a huge deal no more country starving I think you know that and the hit check was something else by Stephanie Grisham John thank you sir nice to see you in Washington thank you for your analysis thanks for that coming up next hour our headliner today former UN Ambassador Bill Richardson he'll join us a little bit after 10 o'clock East Coast so like part of that John makes a lot of interesting points we'll see if we get from it and meanwhile we are moments away from the opening bell on Wall Street bill and the Dow futures right now are setting the stage for a monster rally when that bell rings 20 minutes from now after President Trump told Fox News's Tucker Carlson in an exclusive interview that he feels confident a trade deal with China will happen q you just recently hours ago met with the Chinese President Xi Jinping I did are you closer do you think after that meeting to a trade deal I think so we had a very good meeting he wants to make a deal I want to make a deal very big deal probably I guess you'd say the largest deal ever made of any kind not only trade we got along very well we understand each other of course the President President Xi from China met at the g20 last week you can catch more by the way of the president's interview with Tucker Carlson at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time tonight right here on the Fox News Channel what a week it's been and really the markets action is hinging on what happens next with China of course the Fed but as of today as we anticipate the open bill the Dow and S&P are less than 1% really record territory you and I watch it all day long every day here I've got twenty six thousand eight to eight on the Dow yep so we might get that at the open we'll see coming up there by the way the month of June extremely strong for the u.s. is very much soon in the meantime I got a fiery plane crash in Texas ten people are dead when a private aircraft went down near Dallas have the latest on investigation today coming up here plus there's this check protests between some on the far left and the far right during a violent confrontation in Seattle after the radical and Tifa group attacked a conservative journalist on the ground there the journalist was left bruised and bloodied now one u.s. senator is demanding federal action as a result also the DNC backing a call by the candidates to give free health care to illegal immigrants one White House adviser saying that Democrats are not living in reality huh we'll take that up next I hear I've seen some of this I hear some of their policies I hear some of their narrative I don't understand what planet they're describing the United States economy is booming I hear I've seen some of this I hear some of their policies I hear some of their narrative I don't understand what planet they're describing the United States economy is booming I do not know what some of the candidates are saying I don't know what their factual basis is economic growth a strong and durable prosperity cycle and I will make this warning some of the policies I've heard in some of these early debates in my judgment would do great great damage to this prosperity and jobs and income and wage cycle that we are experiencing he sent an awful lot there in that clip from Fox News Sunday chief White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow apparently mystified by some of the proposals he is hearing from the left with me now governor John Sununu former White House chief of staff says George HW Bush how you doin gov and good morning to you you think oh happy fourth of July week and to you as well we celebrate all week on the 1st of July good day to you what do you think about cuddlers remark that he is making there well I think you know he makes the right point but but I think Larry and the Republicans are not really fully explaining what they really mean when when he says he doesn't understand what planet they're coming from the Democrats talk about income inequality and what they want to do is solve that problem by punishing people at the top where Republicans want to solve that problem by elevating the the job opportunity and Inc in the middle class and the job opportunity and the income for those below the middle class you can solve the inequality problem two ways the way the Democrats want to do it destroys the Golden Goose of investment that comes from the top that creates the jobs and elevates wages the way the Republicans are doing it creates jobs elevates wages and the proof of the pudding is in the great two years that Cutler likes to talk about it I think I think it's fair to analyze the individuals I think it's more important analyze the issues here's the video from last week when debate number two night number two they were all asked to raise their hands whether or not they give health care to illegals and they all put their hand up all ten of them on the stage when you think about the issues governor no borders no borders on health care for illegals no borders on college no borders on on the border itself there's the video go they don't understand the consequences of the foolishness of their policies they don't understand a there's going to be a cost to the health care out of the pocket of the government which means out of our taxes but most importantly there's going to be a magnet effect that's going to compound again the difficult problem at the border if they don't believe incentives in the wrong direction create problems they ought to look at what happened by increasing the availability of loan money to students which allowed the universities and colleges the free wheel increase tuition once you create a magnet and an attractant like that people will exploit those policies to make bad things happen I think the gamble on the left is that they believe the economy will not be persuasive enough to a certain amount of Americans let's see whether or not that's the case here's Tom Perez here's Tom Perez and Fox News Sunday here on the whole issue of illegals and health care Democrats believe that you should be able to buy into a health insurance system that's not a handout but I like Obama didn't say that in a different era I believe that what we're doing right now is the right thing to do it's an essential issue of economics and frankly it's an essential issue of morality the point he's making is that illegals are paying to the system by their taxes so it's not a freebie yeah they they may have some of them paying into their taxes but the net cost is going to be well over fifty sixty billion dollars a year which is well over half a trillion a decade and Perez is also going back to pushing the fact that he think tries to say that Republicans don't care about pre-existing conditions on health care Republicans did a lousy job in responding to that in the 18 election they better start pounding back and remind the Democrats and the voters that they really are against getting rid of pre-existing conditions and they support a modification of the health care plan that retains that governor thank you for your time John Sununu there in New Hampshire thank you sir happy fourth of July on the other side thank you Fox News Alert now as grieving Friends of Mackenzie looook speak out about her shocking murder if Kenzie knew what was going to happen she would not have met that individual at the park and that's just straight for it her death is not her fault it's not actions or anything that led up to it police arresting the man they say kidnapped and killed Mackenzie we will speak to former homicide detective Ted Williams about that case plus this that you see is a sheriff's deputy dragged by a speeding car after a traffic stop the details on how this ended up from Florida come up rather the driver in the car if there was marijuana inside the deputy fortunately rolled into a ditch that's when the driver went off the road and jumped into a fence in her neighborhood here's more of that hear from the police there's a nine-millimeter that at least three eyewitnesses saw him throw in the bushes as he was running from us one of the one of the crimes that he was acquitted for was murder with a firearm I mean this is a bad dude who almost killed one of our deputy sheriff's on the side of the road SWAT teams eventually cornered the driver arresting him meanwhile the deputy released from the hospital after treatment for non-life-threatening injuries he's now recovering at home you can hear the tension and his voice right through that man a good reminder of all those men and women who put their lives in line every single day all right Friends of murdered college student with his e leu X speaking exclusively to Fox News after learning their friend was dead Salt Lake City police say the man now in custody killed McKenzie after meeting her in a park in the middle of the night two weeks ago her friends on the emotional toll this has taken on all their loved ones no person regardless of their gender or poor dating life deserves to die McKenzie is not responsible for the death and murder of Mackenzie's there were days when I was so down and no one could lift me up but but kenzie she would always be there for you she would always say the right things at the right time and she was just the kindest kind of soul you would ever meet most brand former homicide detective Ted Williams he's also an attorney and a fox news contributor Ted good morning to you it's a horrific story within a horrific ending we've been following this since the very beginning and it did not end well yeah Sondra this is a sad ending to a very promising life here and I have to agree with roommates there no one deserves to die the way McKenzie died here from what we know on June the 20th 17th or she don't tell a grandmother Funeral came back and for some reason or another and the authorities have not clarified it yet she met with this man in the park after being dropped driving thereby to the park by a lyft driver and as a result of that they found her chart remains in the backyards of this young man or that has been charged with her murder very sad ending what do we know about whether or not she knew her alleged killer Ted well there is some knowledge that to some degree she knew him all on and the way they were able to trace this down was by using cell phone towers they were able to marry up his cell phone with her cell phone and they were able to show that he had some photos of her in his cell phone just a horrific story as far as anyone else involved in this case I know now that there is evidence and they do have this suspect are we learning that anyone else could have potentially been involved in her murder centered sto $64,000 question and I'm sure that that is certainly something paramount on Authority on the law enforcement there that they are looking to see if there were any accomplishes or and what all the individuals involved in the death of Mackenzie there had been some during the process of her missing for two weeks there had been some speculation that perhaps she met someone online that she was on these dating websites that possibly would have led her to her killer her friends took that on in this exclusive these exclusive interviews talking about victim shaming and they really wanted to put that to rest I think that victim shaming or saying that Kenzi died because she did X Y & Z I think that's almost an a security blanket for other people that would never happen to me because I would never do X Y & Z I think the victim blaming and shaming has been one of the hardest parts with this whole thing that's not fair to Kensi or any woman and it's tough because there was so much speculation because she was missing for so long and there was nothing really to work off of other than phone records and social media accounts final thoughts Ted yeah the final thoughts are there was excellent investigation law enforcement did an excellent job and now III think that there will go further to try to get justice for Mackenzie and her family we all pray for that thank you very much Ted Williams my pleasure Thank You Ted 29 past breaking news two big stories from overseas President Trump making history stepping foot for the first time a US president has ever done this on North Korean soil as that was happening we're learning today that Iran breached the nuclear deal rhenium so how would the Trump administration plan to respond on that will get you live to the White House all right we're talking about it now because three minutes ago stocks stock trading on Wall Street began and you are looking at US stocks in record territory now 250 points out of the gate the Dow is at twenty six thousand eight forty three and to your point bill hammer this is what we were hashing out at the break if the Dow were to close there that would be a fresh record high the previous record is twenty six thousand eight twenty yes okay so you can get it you can get a fresh high on the Dow you can get a fresh high on the nasal and the S&P 500 what a day that would be what a day that would be and after a June and a heck of a quarter and growth continues and this is what you hear from the Trump administration Howard twenty twenty candidates going to run up against that economy because the question used to thrive yeah and all this has to do with the China trade talks being restarted we should point that out whether or not they get anywhere is is anybody's guess I mean Kudlow is warning this is going to be still a long slog you know do you get a deal before you're really in the thick of this campaign next block let me tell you two down stocks hitting all the McDonald's and Visa all right we'll keep watching this for you you know that Ted Cruz today is calling for a federal investigation after protests turned violent in Portland Oregon over the weekend so then here is the scene ante for protesters appear to attack a conservative journalist his name is Andy no he's caught up in the middle of this thing by himself have posted a picture of his face after visiting the emergency room here is how that happened I just got beat up by the crowd no police at all in the middle of the street and they stole my GoPro and he punched me several times in my face and my head I'm bleeding Cruz is now seeking legal action against the mayor in Portland who's also the police commissioner in the aftermath of this protest we have my janessa fix up the story from there live in LA with more now William good morning good morning bill the question being asked today did the Portland mayor and police allow hundreds of left-wing protesters to attack a handful of conservatives on Saturday in one incident a group of masked men as you saw hospitalized a right-leaning blogger while police stood by demonstrators use pepper and bear spray they threw quick-drying cement and raw eggs at a minority marching for in their words patriotism and prayer so photos show cuts and bruises to antinos face prompting senator Ted Cruz to claim Liberal Democratic mayor Ted wheeler purposely allowed the attack quoting two federal law enforcement investigate and bring action against the mayor who has for political reasons ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists the US ambassador to Germany also tweeted quoting this was a premeditated attack on someone because intolerant radicals don't like Andi who happens to be gay Asian and conservative they targeted him publicly before the protest mayor Ted wheeler knew this was coming the people of Oregon must speak up the politicians in Portland where was the mayor why where were the cops even in Washington DC you have left-wing politicians like Maxine Waters actively encouraging violence against conservatives so last year the union representing ice employees asked the feds to engage to investigate wheeler for abandoning them during a violent protests and and Tifa groups to block traffic and harass drivers a charge that we learned in eyes I want to be clear that as police commissioner we do not police based on the content of speech we will continue to support the safe expression of First Amendment rights so police eventually call this a civil disturbance and ordered the individuals protesting to disperse eight injured three arrests we'll see what happens from now on keV William thank you for that William I didn't ask for the follow up there in LA president Trump setting foot on North Korean soil and making history side by side with Chairman Kim then the two leaders heading back to South Korea where they agreed to restart nuclear talks here are some lawmakers responding to that news first of all they haven't been testing long-term missiles anymore so that's a safer place okay they're economically in a tougher position the president had had shown him that he's willing to step across that he's willing to go further than others so they you got to build that trust and that takes time we should move towards permanent peace if we do that then I think North Korea will engage in massive denuclearization 90 percent denuclearization and then after that we can talk about more flexible sanctions so I think the moment is there to have peace let's bring in Harry Koz iana's director of Korean Studies at the center for the national interest good morning to you appreciate you coming on the program here this morning Harry you write extensively about this so how is this strategy working for the President and for the United States meeting together over the weekend and the surprise visit how does it move us forward you know I think it's a genius move by the president I think he's been looking for sort of new ways to sort of engage with the North Koreans and look at it look at it this way I mean go back to 2017 when we were on the brink of essentially a nuclear war with North Korea it's actually a war I fought in simulators and 20 million people died in that conflict instead of going that direction we now have a president where he's essentially pen pals with kim jeong-hoon i know a lot of people don't like that and i don't blame them to be honest with you but i think we're a lot closer to a deal today than we ever been and I actually do think the North Koreans will engage with us and we will make that deal happen we'll have to see but I think we're close and I hear you reference back to the Obama years you take on you take that on in your most recent piece Trump's unconventional North Korea strategy is it worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize you asked and this is published on Fox news.com in that piece you write in my humble opinion the president has done more good on the Korean issue in the past year and a half then President Obama did in eight I you know I stand by that statement if you look at the strides the North Korean nuclear and missile program made during the Obama years you know the Obama administration advocated this policy of strategic patience essentially what they did is they took their head and stuck it in the sand and this is why President Trump has to deal with North Korea the way it is now when he came into office he wanted to actually try and contain the growth of Chinese power he couldn't do that because he had to try and figure out what to do with the North Korea mess so I think this is why the president deserves a lot of credit and I really do think we are going to get to an agreement you know it's amazing we went back and looked at the days that followed the president Trump's election in November 2016 and I pulled up a Wall Street Journal report Barack Obama warns Donald Trump on North Korea threat The Wall Street Journal was reporting that in that 90 minute closed-door meeting with then President Barack Obama and president to be Donald Trump that Obama warned Trump that the that they saw North Korea to be the top national security priority for the incoming administration there were former and current Obama national security and foreign policy officials in that piece quoted that we needed a more intense strategy to achieve peace so the quit natural question is why didn't they do that then I mean it's absolutely ridiculous and actually there are reports going back to 2015 that senior UVO Obama administration officials generals that other people were saying that North Korea was close to having an ICBM capability to hit the United States so the question is President Obama why didn't you do something about this now and leave it to President Trump I think it's absolutely ridiculous in a grave mistake how do you react Harry to some of the criticisms that we're hearing this morning and over the weekend in the wake of this visit particularly some from 20 20 presidential candidates on the left that are saying that we're engaging a dictator we're coddling a dictator that this is not the way to proceed with North Korea well then ask them what's your strategy then look the problem here is is that if you open a history book you realize that the United States has to deal with countries that we do not like that is just a fact so what I think the president is trying to do is engage with the North Koreans to say to them look if you would like a better future if kim jungeun you want to revitalize your economy then there's a way to do that it's called denuclearization it's when you give up your nuclear weapons what do you believe is next there's gonna be working level talks we've got to hash out the details now we have to figure out the North Koreans are serious and I think we can do that the next few weeks Harry Kazi Anna it's great to get your thoughts on all that this morning and analysis thank you thank you demonstrations turning violent in Hong Kong protesters tearing their way into a government building in hopes of getting the attention they need for their cause so what's going on there we'll explain coming up plus supporters of Senator Harris say her debate exchange with Joe Biden last week showed she is the best Democrat to take on president Trump but

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