9 of 10 Poorest States Are Republican

alright Louis let’s do some fact
checking a liberal group Occupy democrats put out a post that went viral
claiming that nine out of the 10 poorest states are republican right-wing groups absolutely flipped out
so PolitiFact decided to fact check it turns out it is actually true occupy
Democrat said that they were evaluating income based on per person
income we look at that along with median
household income and median family income by all three
measures Louis according to PolitiFact nine out of the 10 poorest states voted Republican in the
last presidential election in fact they voted Republican in the
last or election this is according to census
data nine of the 10 states with the low as per Income per person
income levels were mississippi Arkansas Idaho West Virginia
Kentucky you to Alabama South Carolina and Oklahoma the census
data also show that nine of the 10 with the lowest median household income
if that’s how you want to measure poverty were also bred mississippi Arkansas West Virginia Kentucky Alabama
Tennessee Louisiana South Carolina and Oklahoma and if you
look at lowest median family income you can also come up with the same being the argument that is being made by
some on the right now that the numbers have been shown to be exactly spot on is well it’s because the red states have to
subsidize the blue states and their stupid wasteful spending wrong
actually the blue states subsidize the red state is a complete matter a fact and then you get to the
following argument which is really the one a lot of right-wingers believe which
is well it because if the immorality above the
blue states that leads to a lot more money and the
red states by being more all the way God said are simply less focused on money if you
believe that you’ve certainly escape the tractor beam a rational thinking and
there’s probably nothing I could say to convince you otherwise it yeah david if you believe that wise
your preacher driving a Bentley yeah that’s also the question to which
is exactly what I thought of when I hear that argument are you where are those
mega churches have you ever seen those do you go to one of those by the way if we look at the other side
nine of the 10 states with the highest per-person income voted blue in 2012 Colorado Connecticut Maryland New Jersey Massachusetts New
Hampshire New York Virginia and Washington the only red
state did this is that brace yourself this is the funniest thing the one red state on the list up the top 10 richest states in terms of
boating in 2012 is Alaska and it could be argued that
the reason Alaska is even on the list the richest
states is because if this socialist policy %uh redistribution of oil profits to
alaska residents how ironic Louis that the one red state in the rich list up ten wealthiest
states has a straight-up socialist
redistribution of corporate revenue policy amazing it is it’s brilliant David and this this list is no surprise I when
these red states that when all your politicians are anti-tax anti education anti infrastructure II anti entitlement and welfare I mean you
are what do you think is going to happen in the long run unbelievable

  1. Well, seems bankrupt republican policies really will make you bankrupt.  We've been screaming for years that trickle down is a scam and now we can beat them over the head with the results.

  2. Republicans dont let math, science and facts hold you back. Keep running America into the ground and soon we will be like certqin african nations.

  3. well this is what they want right? The Government must be out of their lives altogether and…stuff and everyone is…without Government and shit

  4. what a surprise that right wingers are poor economic managers even though they claim the opposite and damn the democratic govts. great posting david!!!

  5. This is for some of the dummies leaving comments along the lines of: "Well the stats may be rich but the people are not!". Please rewatch the video. What they are looking at is the median income of the people, NOT the money the state has.

  6. You will also find that the same states have the lowest educational levels and the highest levels of fundamentalist church attendance

  7. conservatives: wake up. your social and economic theories are complete failures. i'm sorry to have to break it to you like this; i'm not saying you're bad people….as a matter of fact, a lot of conservative ideas look very good on paper, seem intuitive, so much so that I used to be one…thing is, we've been at it for decades and the facts are in. it DOES NOT work. the sooner we can move past this 'all ideas are equal' nonsense, the better.

  8. I wonder how they stack up in terms of type, ie Myers-Briggs type indicator, compared to your average, tolerant lefty? Most rightwingers are really ill informed and not very bright. They just don't function well mentally. Another question…how do they test on left/right brain dominance?

  9. It's not surprising, but I do think the red states do have a lower cost of living. Does this study take into account that?

  10. To make a long story short,I am condemned to hell for being agnostic by my family and one of the reason I left church was when I see people throwing fifty and checks for over a hundred dollars in the collection plates.I could not help to think the pastor must be thinking…damn these people are so stupid.

  11. Some of the poorest states in America are actually dictating the policies of the richest states. That's like the tail wagging the dog. That's like going to a bankrupt company and giving them free reign to wreck your own successful company.

  12. This reminds of the story about the English guy who was prepared to walk miles barefoot to the polling booth to vote Tory – he was too poor to afford transport or shoes.

  13. Conservatives also like to argue that the "poorest cities" are ran by Democrats. As if the local govt has nearly as much influence and power over its citizens as the state govt.

    These 9 out of 10 poorest states are also the same list as the lowest high school graduation rate and lowest public school funding list. And most want creationism to replace actual science (evolution) in their schools.

    They are also "right to work" states in most cases. Keeping wages low.

    These states are also home to some of the wealthiest people ever. Families with long money. Been there forever and they don't want that to change.

  14. The problem with this gross oversimplification, is that those same states ( southern), have ALWAYS been poor, and yet they only turned Republican around the 60s and 70s.The truth is they remain poor largely due to being agricultural, as opposed to the industrial economies of the north. To pretend like this is a result of political affiliation is just not correct in any form or fashion.

  15. How about cost of living?  Hawaii is 8th in terms of income and it is the most expensive state to live in.  Alaska is high up on the list as well on both income and cost of living.  CA as well. 

    $30,000 can go a lot farther in AK then it can in San Francisco, CA.

    This boils down to that low wage earners have stronger purchasing power in those so call "poor states."

  16. "This boils down to that low wage earners have stronger purchasing power in those so call "poor states."–some dumb right winger named whyamimrink78.

    OH YES! YES SURRAH! all that purchasing power! so much purchasing power, that they're FUCKING POOR!

  17. Looked it up and it turns out whyamimrink78 is right. Unemployment is 0.7% higher on average in Democratic states (not taking into account population sizes). The 4 states with the lowest unemployment are Republican, whilst the 6 with the highest rate are democrats.

  18. It's because Republicans are more religious, and the religious are statistically less educated and have lower IQ's.  Not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg.

  19. That southern morality is to blindly appease rich interests fuck over your gullible voters and wage a war on civilization with propaganda

  20. And yet people in these poor red states overwhelming voted for Romney. Go figure. They vote for people that don't give a shit about them.

  21. Right Wing Nut Cases – never know what the truth is, and come to comments sections for videos where the truth is given to either insult everyone or perpetuate the lie they got from the Right Wing video.  

  22. LOL… This is so stupid! Median income? Do I really need to explain this? Oh that's right liberals watch this crap. Ok, here it goes…..

    Income is all relative dontchaknow? Thus, if you make say $25,000 a year in New York city then you will be far, far, far poorer than the same person who makes $25,000 a year in Oklahoma. The cost of living is far lower in the states you refer as republican. the northern states are far more costlier to live in. That's just a fact. So median income is useless as a measure of who is poor and who isn't. Did you know if you stick your head in a freezer and your feet in the oven, then on average you will feel fine? True story. Stats are so easy to manipulate like this video shows. Anyone can make any situation look like it favors their views using stats. The high cost of living states like California, New York, CT, etc… skew such stats and mean nothing to reality. Here in Texas you could buy a brand new 2000 sqr/ft house with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths for $125,000. In San Francisco or New York you'd pay $450,00 and up for the exact same house. In Texas your $25,000 could pay your mortgage. In New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, etc…. Not so much. In Texas we don't even have  a state income tax.

    [edit] So while this video attempted to prove people in red states are poorer, it in fact proved the exact opposite with the brilliant help from me. People must have far more income to live above poverty in historic democrat states with their high taxes and high cost of everthing including housing. This is why people who retire flee to the south. With the same fixed income they can live far, far better in the south than in the north.

    Detroit is what happens when liberalism goes unchecked.

  23. Well well well…Will you look at that. The most racist States are poor and Republican. Didn't see that one coming (sarcasm).

  24. Does this really surprise anyone? Keeping people poor and stupid so that the rich can live off and exploit them is the Republican MO.

  25. So basically these Republican crony capitalism politicians get voted in rob these states blind then tell the electorate how it's all Obama's or the Democrats fault making them hate Obama and Democrats even more so the electorate votes the Republicans back in then gets robbed blind again and the Republicans say the same thing.

  26. Its those damn Kiss'tians voting on values that leave them scrounging in squalor. But they retain their "Kiss'tian values".

  27. While TRAPPED in liberal MN my entire life, being policed by P.C. B.S., I watched a poverty-stricken friend's mother open a check-cashing chain that is still alive and well today after over 2 decades. She went from rags to riches in 1 year because she TRIED. It's called "capitalism." Anyone with an I.Q. of 85 can do it. I moved back to TX, where I was born. Turns out that's a no-brainer down here. TX is wealthy & predominantly Christian-conservative…didn't see THAT one coming…Handouts kill countries like ours.

  28. There's one problem – you didn't account for cost of living adjustments. Most hyper-partisan pundits like to exclude certain facts, because when you take it all into consideration, the 10 best states to make a living in is bad ammo. 6/10 voted Romney, 4/10 voted Obama. 


  29. Here are some facts for you…African-Americans make up 39% of the welfare rolls (they are 95% Democrat) and here's a link to explain why 9 of the poorest states are conservatives… http://www.censusscope.org/us/map_nhblack.html   I guess that explains it…so, if the democrats would move out of the conservative states we would be doing okay

  30. The "fact" that you take only one source to check for facts disqualifies your "facts" and makes them "opinions".

    Let me give you some real facts. The fact that the poorest neighborhoods are "Democrat-run". Haven't you heard of the inner city/ghetto? Clearly not.

  31. There are a few things to consider. First, there's the cost of living adjustment that no one seems to make. A $50,000 salary in Hattiesburg, MS would get you the same standard of living as a $121,940 salary in Manhattan, NY. Now obviously Manhattan is one of the richest areas in blue states, and so I'm using an extreme here to make a point, but in general it stands true to a sizable degree. After adjusting for cost of living, it turns out that a lot of red cities (or at least cities in red states) actually have higher 'real' wages.

    For a more comprehensive view, Forbes ranked the 50 states by best and worst places to make a living after accounting for this other data that liberal talking heads ignore, and it turns out there suddenly is little correlation to blue vs. red. If I remember right, of the top 10 on this list, six voted for Romney and four voted for Obama.

  32. One thing to point out here is that cost of living is often much cheaper in these locations. 

    It certainly true that blue states are more educated and free thinkers aren't likely to vote for the kooky republican party, but that doesn't mean that being socialists creates wealth. The poorest people in the US are the poor in big cities not the poor in poor cities.

  33. people are so ignorantly and blindly faithful to their party that they glorify facts that help them, but ignore ones that hurt them.

    It's politics, a game to win over voters. If you ignorantly, completely, and faithfully follow your party, and never question their integrity, then you're just an ignorant tool

    "common mistake in economic analysis, seen often, for example, in the (irrational) rationale that liberals use when resisting cuts in marginal tax rates, is to adopt a static rather than dynamic view—to see life and economic conditions in terms of snapshots rather than as a motion picture. In the politically motivated attempt to blame Republicans for the lower incomes in the 10 poorest states, CNN’s Cafferty and Democrats have taken one snapshot—of the census’ income statistics—and combined it with another snapshot—of current political leanings—to create the impression that Republican policies make America poorer.

    The more important factor is not the economic ranking of states at a point in time, but the overall trends. An important article by John Merline compared the economic performance of blue states and red states during the presidency of Barack Obama. The trend of economic indicators clearly favors Republican states. Democratic states have experienced lower growth in both jobs and income in the last few years. Home prices have fallen further in blue states, and their unemployment rates are higher. In other words, a dynamic economic analysis of the states casts a far more favorable light on Republican states than static analysis. Since real life is dynamic, not static, Republicans can make the stronger case about which party is best suited to lead the way to greater prosperity.

    The most fundamental difference between the data that conservatives prefer—that the 10 poorest cities are longtime Democratic strongholds—and the data that liberals will be more inclined to cite—that the 10 poorest states are predominantly Republican, is that conservatives can point to actual policies that Democrats implemented that contributed to the impoverishment of the cities, while the liberals cannot point to specific GOP policies that have caused the poorer states to lag behind.

    The Democratic case is illusory and circumstantial; the Republican case is solid and substantial. However, in a country where so many people are economically and historically illiterate, combined with the human proclivity whereby “a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest” (Paul Simon, “The Boxer”), the Democrats may be able to score some points with a hollow argument. The Republicans, though, have the facts on their side."

  34. These states are also home to the highest African American populations in the country, who are obviously anything but republican. Just sayin'.

  35. Liberalism is a dying fad…

    Those areas might make less… but, the cost of living is less.

    Whos to say they are unhappy?

    Werent we all happier when gas was 50 cents a gallon? Cars were $4-5000?
    Houses wers 60k?

    Liberalism means higher cost of living!!!
    Higher taxes!!!

    What idiot believes this is better?

    Oh yeah… LIBERAL IDIOTS!!

  36. Those states may be Republican but they aren't in deep debt, and cost of living in those states is less so it does balance out. Look at California a reliably Democratic state it has 13% of the US population and yet receives 33% that's 1/3 of total US welfare assistance.

  37. Conservative states spend the most on welfare too!

  38. Liberals are cocky young people who get a little education and throw out half-ass statistics; it's so sickening. David Pakman should be embarrassed. Let's look at Mexico, India, and China. All three have HUGE economies, however if you went there, you'd see unbelievable poverty. India and China are moving toward a more republic/democracy type government. If someone went to walk around India and China and saw the poverty, would an assumption that democracy doesn't work be accurate?? The distribution of poverty is still be worked out in those countries. After the Civil War, the economy of the southern states collapsed! What economist found out, was that their economy was similar to socialism. A few people not only controlled all the wealth, but all the buying and selling power. There was NO REAL DISTRIBUTION of wealth. If you look at the northern states, the economy grew rapidly, because capitalism was at its best! Truth is southern states are growing pretty good, for the last 50 to 60 years, when you look at South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Kentucky, their growth has been consistent. Northern states are in trouble, southern states are growing faster, and might continue. I agree with a lot of people who say a lot has to do with weather, but still northern states are in trouble. 

  39. ahhh the economically challenged leftist. don't know that most off the majors cities in red states are run by leftist. so that will explain a lot of that. Also money goes alot further in red states. houses are cheaper. food is cheaper. basically more purchesing power. which is good for the poor that you pay lip service too. ahhh I thought you cared about the poor that's why you give other people's money away and very little if anything of their own to money poor.

  40. what they fail to mention in this video (and you liberal idiots are to ignorant to even reasearch) is that 8 of the ten richest states in the US are actually controlled by republican/concervative Governors. Also the liberal controlled cities in most of those states are subsidized by the rest of the state, causeing the poverty that you see. Liberalism is a mental disorder I SWEAR.

  41. Oklahoma? most of the people that I know on houses that are dirt poor. That is including Californians C that moved down here. how do we make the poorest list? if it's fine come on I can see what cost of living is pretty cheap here.

  42. I have also found it very strange that a lot of the blue states are actually can be pretty conservative on the state level. Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania have a flat tax. Washington has no income or corporate tax. Oregon has no sales tax. I don't know why.

  43. This is why Trump wants to remove the state discount tax deduction. they cant live without us. is clear republicans want to live with free shit, they are idiots

  44. So what are the crime and gang rates in these states compared to the democratic states that blame racist America and the government for their gang numbers and high crime rates?

  45. Because, we’re Republican so we can fix the economy. Not that hard to figure out. Remember when we are all dems and the economy was based on cotton? Single product economic systems don’t work, and that is what dems did. So that is why they are poor.
    Deal with it, commies.


  46. Reason for that is because you liberal commies don't like Republicans, because their existence offends you. So Democratic leaders decide that the state shouldn't earn as much, because they're greedy shits. Honestly, Democrats just look stupid these days. Social Justice Warriors are spreading like a plague.

  47. What crazy…Is I looked up " What are the most fucked up states run by Liberals or Conservatives"….and this video was hard to find in regards to Republicans policies being bad….But hundred of videos on Liberal run states being destroyed by their policies ( ABC-CBS-60 min…Oh, that's right these are leftist base institutions)….I guess you liberals found your needle in the hay stack……." If it make you feel better"…I guess

  48. Sooner or later you run out of others people money. Living in California for 48 years it IS a shithole. Taxes are high, people are 2-3 familea deep in homes cause property is freaking outrageous, rent is dispicable and it is completely NOT business friendly.

  49. If one guy makes $100K per year, and his cost of living is $90K/yr, and another guy in a 'poor state' makes $50K/yr, and his cost of living is $30K/yr, who's better off? Technically the guy that makes half as much is far poorer, and contributes far less in taxes. Only thing is, that the $50K guy has twice as much left over at the end of the year. A nice 4 bedroom house in your 'poor' states costs a quarter of what it does in you fancy pants 'rich' blue states. Businesses and labor pools are fleeing in mass states like California in favor of those God awful red states.

  50. 😂😂😂 have you ever heard about california? If you consider the cities instead of states you would have most poverty.

  51. HELLO!!! 80% of these Red States are "Federal land". The left lobbies to make 28% of the United States Communist and then have the audacity to blame the few remaining residents for "federal money". 80% of welfare recipients vote Democratic. There's no confusion or hypocrisy here – just cherry-picked so-called factoids and propaganda.

  52. these states’ citizens make less money bc the cost of living is significantly less. the highest salaries are in ny bc the cost of living is absurd. u are uneducated to completely gloss over such a simple fact. not to mention cali has highest homelessness rate and there is an app to take pictures of shit in the streets bc its nasty. liberal cities like LA and NY have a lot of shit… liberal bias yet again…

  53. We don’t need a lot of money to live well. I can buy a 6 bedroom 5 bath 5000sq ft home on 3 acres of land for 300,000. 😂

  54. The democratic party doesn't care about working people any more. Most of those "poorest "states were reliably Democrat a generation ago.

  55. Not true. Do your research. The Democrat policies bankrupt these states then people have to finally bring in republicans to get them on their feet again.

  56. Have these DUMBASSES in this vid not read about the Civil War and Democrat run Reconstruction and Jim Crow?!? The South is STILL recovering from the failed DEMOCRAT slave economic policy! The Democrats LIE in that the VAST MAJORITY of tax $ going to red states are for DEMOCRAT run city ghettos! DEMOCRAT policies are to blame. These idiots didnt read 20th century history that PROVED that Socialism is an utter failure?!? Way to bash Christian's btw when Conservative Christians give the MOST to private charities while these leftists give the LEAST out of every group!

  57. This MORON is telling you stats on how the state voted in Pres election… not the Governorship of the states. Check the party that actually runs the states. DAVID PAKMAN is a pee on FAKE piece of GARBAGE

  58. thats because all the rich elite live in the blue states. this raises the average income of the state. there are only very rich and very poor people and barely any middle income families in blue states. skid row for example. biggest poverty and home to the most homeless in the entire united states.

  59. I live in Alabama and the cost of living being low is helpful sometimes but it doesn't help if most of the jobs you have here overwork and just barely let you make the cost of living with a little extra. We are behind in terms of progression and infrastructure.

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