7 Action News Latest Headlines | April 15, 6pm

hello I'm Dave Llewellyn here your headlines from 7 Action News a man accused of exposing himself in front of women and children in Macomb County has now been charged police in Carlton's say they arrested Ricky st. Louis after an incident Friday evening at Ash Carlton park he was allegedly highly intoxicated at the time when officers went to arrest him he proceeded to spit on one of them he's facing several charges including indecent exposure and resisting and opposing a police officer company tied to NBA legend Magic Johnson bought a chunk of land to redevelop in Detroit it's the old state fairgrounds near 8 mile in Woodward magic + LLC purchased about 16 acres for under five hundred thousand dollars it will become a mixed-use development the sale had been in the works since last year the city is buying the remaining 142 acres for additional development the last State Fair was held at the site a decade ago here's chief meteorologist Dave Rexroth now with a check of your 7 First Alert forecast and look at the seven-day forecast here and the first thing that might pop out is 70 on Thursday but what should pop out is a rain chance Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Monday Easter Sunday we may be able to squeak out a dry day there the heaviest rain is likely to be late Thursday Thursday night into Friday morning that could include some thunder as well all right Dave thanks gas prices continuing to make the climb toward $3 a gallon triple-a says the statewide average is now $2 92 cents a gallon that's up nine cents in just the past week and is 14 cents more than we were paying at this time last year triple-a says they are expecting more increases that we could see prices rise through Memorial Day and those are your 7 Action News headlines we have those stories and much more on our website at wxyz.com and on our app have a great night you


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