1. What hypocrisy! The soldiers shoot at people then when they see they can do nothing they join the crowds and their crime is forgotten!

  2. Human beings, by nature, want hope, they want a "heaven". If they don't believe in GOD's heaven, they believe they can make one on Earth.

  3. "In the country it has all begun" (in Russia??) – NO – this crap started in GERMANY in the head of Mr. Karl Marx, than taken over by the Critical Theory and brought to USA (Columbia Univ), etc. Today marxism is nourished in way too many universities of USA and EU (Altiero Spinelli, his Manifesto of Ventotene – learn and repel that). Learn about it, track it and fight it!
    Fight today's marxism crawling in with a face of progressivism, political correctness, repressive tolerance and similar absurd of anti-culture. I'ts back!

  4. And finally the heaven on earth went to hell. Thanks God it is over!!! Please ,no more mass illusion!!!!!! I lived in that shit, food shortages like in war time but a little longer, 50 years in shit!!!!

  5. "The party newspaper told us what to think". This is msm in a nutshell. At least these people knew that what they were reading or hearing was BS, unlike many Americans, who are unaware right now that what they are hearing is the same.

  6. The sad thing is that the communist of today denies what happened. Communist deniers are just like Holocaust deniers-LIERS!!

  7. Yet another diatribe, void of serious analysis. What do you get from this constant repetition? Hasn't capitalism destroyed people too?

    The communist manifesto was in fact written before the Soviet Union, Lenin and Mao, and Marx is more prescient today than ever, as capitalism brings us ever closer to species extinction – step outside of your echo chamber

  8. Then Russia ended up with the drunken bum, Yeltsin and like all drunkards he had his pockets picked by others. He turned a super power into a super joke and reached a level of incompetence that could not be matched even if he had tried!!!!!!

  9. But, dammit, we're gonna make socialism work in the U.S. if we have to kill most of the proles to do it.

  10. "When the will of the people is stronger than the power of the State then something is wrong."
    No, something is right.

  11. All culture's violent low life dirt bags go socialist/communist to try to live off of & kyll off others. Like shyster jeuws & dog jihad mus-lims.
    They are expendable to the anti-God Jesuit/Zionist Masonic Globalist Bankers that created and control socialism/Zionist Jeuw Bolshevik Communism :.

  12. People would always want to be slaves not understanding that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely so therefore no matter what system you put in you always get people who are gravitate towards the hierarchy of the system because they want to rule and dominate people if you understand that men have this thing in them that they want to control and dominate people then you will understand that individual freedom is more important than the collective so therefore when you are forced to do something and your heart is not not into it it is not genuine where you're forced to do something you don't want to do it is not genuine we are forced to work a job when you don't want to work it is not genuine always remember power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely if y'all really understood the Bill of Rights and really had the truth of the American Revolutionary award understood the difference between slavery and freedom then you will understand there's no matter what system you put put in people with bad intentions always gravitate towards to top

  13. If it wasn't for communism the Soviet republics including Russia wouldn't be as advanced as they are now.

  14. Venezuela: Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. The grocery lines in this video look very familiar to Venezuelans.

  15. We Think We Got It Bad Better Thank Ur Government Once In A While An Thank Your God U Where Born Red White & Blue Foreigners Hate Our Freedoms So Much There Sending Our Currency Out Of Country An Bleeding Us From The Inside Words Of A Piece Of Shit Name Not Worth Mentioning He Lead This Assault Until We Threw His Sorry Ass Of A Boat Into The Ocean By We I Mean Mine An Your Government That's What Should Happen To All Terrorist Who Threaten Our Beautiful Freedom GOD THANK U FOR MAKING ME AN MY FAMILY AMERICAN'S!

  16. Good documentary series (comments are toxic). Does anyone have a link to part 3? It's not available in the playlist.

  17. "A suicide pill is not evil, it has just been misused by evil people. If we only learned to use the suicide pill the right way the world would be a free and wonderful place" – Every communist apologist ever

    Communism is death. If you want to use fake reality and believe otherwise, go ahead, it's your mind and life to waste.

  18. Communism has failed unless you think China is communist which it is not. the next upheaval will be when capitalism in its current uncontrolled form hits the buffers, and the greedy middle class liberals see their world come crashing down. Not a question of if, just when. that's why Brexit scares them it's the first part in a protracted end to their comfy little lives arrogantly looking down on others with their superiority complex.

  19. The idea of state is doing every thing for the citizen. and people have to obey is a complete failure. human's will nerve be a robot's.

  20. I often wonder if their would have been a benevolent communism….if that would have worked….giving people more personal freedom, no cult of personality, no corruption…..I think a lot of poor people today would like affordable housing, "free" health care, "free education", and a secure job…..and not see managers earning ten times what an ordinary worker gets…..but unfortunately human nature being what it is……there will always be a class divide, corruption will always take place, and people are so brainwashed by a consumer society today……sadly it would never work…….

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