50 Percent Support Impeachment, Removal: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Trumpty Dumpty sat on the big beautiful wall,
    Trumpty Dumpty impeachment, he will fall
    All the "kings" horses and all the "kings" men
    Could not put Trumpty together again

  2. What do we think of those numbers?
    This…from a country whose people asked me FIVE TIMES "did you drive here?" (from Australia!).
    People get the government they deserve.

  3. The United States is henceforth an oxymoron. You should rename it trumpistan, and let the states decide if they wish to continue to be part of it!

  4. As an American I ask that the republican senate not allow any party to commit such blatant, proven crimes. Someday there will be a (D) or (I) president.

  5. Joe, I think you have to stop saying 'constitutional republic' but say 'constitutional democracy'. Congressman L. Gohmert of Texas said, in a hearing in 2018 that 'this is not a democracy, it is a 'constitutional republic'. The only freedom or liberty in history is from democracy which is what so many died for.

  6. If this were any other topic in politics a 7% gap is defcon 1. I'm going to assume republicans aren't in full panic because trump doesn't really understand numbers

  7. Support for impeachment will grow if the unemployment numbers grow. As long the economy is doing well, Trump supporters will support him even if he killed someone on 5th ave.

  8. Ya know, the moment Trump said he didnt know why his lawyer was in Ukraine… I really wish those interviewing him had stopped him right there and asked "Mr. President, why did you lie to me and the American people?"
    And as trump tries to deny telling lies read the transcript of his call to him, specifically the part about him wanting the Ukrainian president to contact his lawyer because he knows what's up.

    After reading it they should have said to him "So, either you lied just now when you said you didnt know why he was there, OR this transcript which you claim to be a perfect accounting of your call is a lie… which is it?"

  9. Do these people really still think people believe them? Or any CNN poll? Are they serious? They are a parody unto themselves. Joe, go murder another intern. U obviously are a woman hater with a bad temper. It’s obvious.

  10. Agree that GOP senators and Representatives are committing treason by supporting a Ukraine propaganda Russia conspiracy that they interfered in 2016 and are keeping a blind eye to Trumps 2020 elections interference

  11. 50% is not nearly high enough. if this was a vote, it would mean he gets in the white house again. There are more democrats and liberal voters and the popular vote showed more people voted for clinton. so, 50% sucks. the great majority should be saying get him out, but half are not, that isnt good. it means the blue wave has crested and now just a trickle. it means if this was a general vote, he would win and electoral college would keep him in the white house. there is nothing to brag or be happy with those numbers, people who want him out should be very worried.

  12. Don’t think democrats care a bit about the people. The citizens, they cared about China, illegals, fentanyl
    Democrats were selling America, you know it too, but NY, WA, California don’t ,didn’t care

  13. Are we supposed to pay for this Impeachment? Aren't the Reps in the Houseouse and Senate getting paid enough? They want you to pay to take their polls also.

  14. Lolol BS who did you poll? Democrats. How come republicans don’t want to impeach. Only democrats ODD
    You’re trying to take Disney Zelensky to. Democrats were in cohorts with Ukraine.DNC went to Ukraine to ask for trump dirt. Ukraine gave mueller manaford. .

  15. They are ALL CORRUPT and have been Bought and Paid for by Dtrumpt and Putin to Support him NO Matter what. Putin has been fully Infilterated into our DEMOCRACY with Dtrumpt, and they knew it would be easy to CORRUPT the WH GOP because they would Accept Financial Gain and Power over DEMOCRACY. When you see how these GOPS Behaviors have Reversed from the Past, it is Clear they have Sold out the Country, Morality, Integrity and Patriotic Oath. They are All a Dangerous Threat to Us all.

  16. Don't know why, but sometimes, when watching "Morning Joe", I can't help to think, that Zbigniew, the brilliant politician, but most average looking, with a very wrinkled face, if I remember, MUST have been also an extremely charming person, and because of this, he must have married an extremely beautiful wife. (How else could he have such a pretty daughter?).

  17. She says "so hard to imagine what that would be" to convince Reps or Dems to change minds. Of course for Reps it will take more that Trump shooting someone on 5th ave. Maybe a white Christian family. Idk

  18. That GOP Believe that being a PEDOPHILE POTUS, and also being a Bigoted Islamophobe Asswipe, just cancel each other out!… It merely Proves, They are CORELESS!

  19. If these idiots allow this clown to stay as president it's only going to embolden him! He will retaliate against all of those who exposed him and future presidents will not only do what he did but much worse!

  20. He won't get remove cause it won't pass the Senate. The senate as majority of republican so they are all gonna vote no to remove. So good luck

  21. Bar should be impeached too, & removed from office, Current and former law enforcement officials have said that, when presented with information about a possible plot to undermine the U.S. election, they had a duty to investigate, and it would have been wrong not to have launched an investigation.

    In the months since, Barr, through Durham, has pursued information related to a onetime associate of Papodopoulos, a European academic named Joseph Mifsud.

    Mifsud was publicly linked to Russian interference efforts in late 2017, when Mueller revealed Papodopoulos had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about the details of his interactions with Mifsud.

    Shortly after his name surfaced publicly, Mifsud told Italian media he did not work for Russia. “I never got any money from the Russians: my conscience is clear,” Mifsud told La Repubblica. “I am not a secret agent.”

    Since then, the professor has disappeared from public life, leading to a host of theories about him and his whereabouts. While court papers filed in Mueller’s investigation suggested Mifsud operated in Russia’s interests, Papadopoulos, conservative

  22. Americans are smart enough to know we have to mobilize for the 2020 election. Numbers aren't going to shift, as Repughs are dug in and we all know it. VOTE TRUMP OUT! Will we have and election in 2020? DJT wants to be a dictator and his goal suits billionaires and mega corporations and the health care/Big Pharma industry

  23. Another piece of trash reporting by the nation's top propaganda machine. MSNBC is just making the mountain to climb even higher for the Democratic nominee. Trump will not get impeachment and Dems will look real stupid. There is no way the Senate impeaches him.

  24. “I cannot tell a lie.” – George Washington “I cannot tell the truth.” – Donald Trump "I cannot tell the difference.” – Republicans

  25. Make America better by impeaching this president!! Our country is fractured to its core. If trump doesn't leave office, this office is doomed. The things that's taken place since he's been office, is absolutely staggering. We need Jordan, Devin, Barr, Pompeo, McConnell, and Pence out as well. We need strong moral leaders who doesn't break laws. God bless those who've testified and told the truth. God does NOT condone what's going on in the corrupt white house. I think God will look after his children, and get rid of those who are disrupting the white house.

  26. Trump's GOP are extremists, willing to burn down the country before standing up for the Constitution. The political agenda is dominated by myopic /egocentric/ extremist, ie. freedom caucus/White Supremist/religious zealots ethically challanged haters. A lie may be convenient, seeking the truth requires effort.

  27. Lock this treason up asap impeach GOP safe America these thug too dangers .we can have better President than trump, he's disgusting every time open his lmouth.

  28. Dump Trump! Donald is a traitor, a sexual predator, and put children in dog cages. There's nothing redeemable for him. He shouldn't just be removed from office, he should be in a jail cell. Him and his horrible offspring, and anybody else working with them. They're an embarrassment to the whole country. Honestly I don't know why any republican would want to ruin their career over this waste of space.

  29. Trump posted that fake picture of himself as a boxer. Trump has never boxered in his life!!!!!!! He is such a liar, a rasict, and should be impeachmented. Every day that he isn't just makes me go crazier.

  30. Trump goes to Afghanistan and visits the troops and complains he didn’t get fed enough.

    🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

  31. The Republican party will stick by Trump regardless of his crimes and anytime they disavow loved ones because of him…. they should now be considered the walking dead.

  32. ROY MOORE, the pedophile, has a new Senate ad on YouTube on his channel. No comments are allowed but head on over to give it a big thumbs down. Show the people who view his YouTube videos, the people do not like weirdos like him. He should just give it up. Constantly fight to keep that moron away from any elected office, or mall, or daycare.

  33. Half the right didn't even watch the hearings. You can tell all they got is Faux News sound bites. Pointless to argue with ignorance

  34. I don't understand why so many people who support Trump and the GOP don't see that entire right wing are pasty faced, fat white men in hair pieces whose sole reason for existence is dying with a bunch of money they'll never enjoy.

  35. Morning Joe & Maddow on MSNBC pushing too much HATE dividing America. Important to ask Why? Who is behind spreading this HATE and why Main News Media is promoting it!



  37. You are all talking out your wrong end….he will not be impeached…he is more for our freedom than any of you have been in a long time….you are more of threat to the Americans by wanting open borders….Trump, as President, has every right to make sure money and weapons are used with the best intentions…at least he has helped Ukraine where Obama did NOTHING…


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