1. The great “Hegelian Dialectic” hard at work!
    Thesis vs. Antithesis
    Gotta have that enemy for Big Brother.
    Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, Truman… All brothers of the Craft.
    Freemasons, every damn one of them!
    They are on the same team.
    What a sham!
    Reality really is stranger than fiction my friends.

  2. France and england declaref war on Germany to free the Poles from the oppression of "German expansion" but at the same time the Soviets expanded into Poland but the British and French didn't declared war on them and afterwards allowed the Soviets to continue their occupation of Poland

  3. The HUAC (House UnAmerican Activities Committee) was formered by Jewish Bolsheviks Soviet spies within the US Democrat party to investigate "Fascist" inside the US. Once the DNC/Jewish Bolsheviks lost their majority in Congress, Senate, the Republican Party used the HUAC to investigate the Jewish Bolsheviks in the US, leading to the Hollywood Blacklist, and many other investigations, which 90% were Jews!

  4. Nazi Germani was a good lesson why start a war you cant finish kemmals turkey another thus the cold war is over.

  5. It's so funny how we justify the destruction of our German brother and sisters bc we claim they wanted world domination, but National Socialism by definition is restricted by its ethnic boundaries, for Hitler himself said, a German in Florida is no longer a German, but a German in Ukraine is…. Look no further than the Winter War, post Poland invasion, who had taken most territory? The Soviets, the ones who's ideology relies on world domination, always had, and it was EXACTLY what we got after the War, what we claimed to be fighting, two world leaders, half of EUROPE NO LONGER EUROPE BUT SOVIET!

  6. the death toll from ideology is in hundreds of millions. people may try to assign it to this and that guy but its not him, it's the fucking ideology behind carried out by the millions of blindfolded idiots who continuously perpetuate the lie

  7. 8:00 it seems that this documentary blames the reignited conflict for Soviet Government's hostility against Western world? Who made a iron certain speech first? Even when German has not surrendered the Western planned to meet a surrender related to Western and Nazi, withOUT USSR. Who is hostile?

  8. Marx's ideas about oppression in the economic domain died with the death of communism… but the idea has mutated and a gullible Leftist populace have accepted the new illusion in the form of cultural marxism. The issue is no longer between classes, but between different social identity groups. The less represented one is, the more "oppressed" this person is because of group identity politics. This idea has to get stomped out too.

  9. In spite of all contradictions and controversies between the US and Russia this great video shows that it is possible to cooperate to mutual benefit and in the name of mankind and civilization.
    They were both on the side of civilization – no matter how big the differences between them were.
    Russian president Putin went to Normandy personally to honour all American and British soldiers who gave their lives on D-day and after it. But no western politician honoured the Soviet soldiers that had to do the biggest part of the dirty job.
    In 2010 (or eleven – I am not sure) even American and British troops took part in the parade in Moscow. But since then never again !
    Shame !

  10. No choice of newspapers, radio TV stations, movies, music, books and magazines! Only Communist control state propaganda. What a wonderful boring life!!!!

  11. The years immediately following World War II between the Western and Eastern Blocs were indeed a fragile peace. The Cold War could have turned very hot.

  12. It looks like churchill was responsible for the red care in the US to a certain extent. This cold war ultimately led to mccarthyism here in the US. We are still suffer the wounds of red scare.

  13. I'm a real nit-picker! At 8:46, it says that Gail Halverson had spent three years in the Airforce. That was impossible. No doubt, he had spent three years in the Army Air Corp. The U.S. Airforce was not established until 1946. 🙂

  14. Despite its many flaws, capitalism still remains the very best economic engine ever created in all of human history.

  15. Wow just like in President Obama's world. Wants 2 censer the internet. This fllm doesn't explain the multinational banks running both communist and nationalist parties.

  16. Capitalism is failing.  Your casino economy melts down every decade and each collapse, which is worse than the last, is then followed by a protracted "jobless recovery"  while astronomical wealth accrues to a tiny elite that has bought your government.   The reality is that capitalism always depended on exporting dictatorship and repression in order to generate cheap raw materials and increasingly cheap labor.  That is in fact why there were communist revolutions in the 20th century in the first place.

    It's not trickle down prosperity, it's trickle up repression, desperation, corruption, and poverty from the 3rd world satrap states whose governments were installed and supported by the U.S.  Marx was right, sorry.  Flail around and look for scapegoats to explain the decline of your system all you want. it's not going to stop it from happening.  Most of you have no future and your children will fare even worse.  Now you'll get to see what capitalism always looked like from the other side of the fence.  Go work your two jobs to pay off your debts, it's your murican freedom.  Have fun. 

  17. The narrator is painting a false equivocation picture, trying to say the west was just as bad as the communists. Even Hitler didn't have to build walls to keep people from leaving Germany!

  18. 40:20 Remembering what happened to Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968 always makes me very sad.  We really let them down big time.  If Eisenhower had stood up to Khrushchev the dominos might have started falling a lot sooner than 1989.

  19. LOL, predictably, the trained dogs are howling "Obama! Obama!". Jeezus, you guys are obedient to your jackoff radio masters.

  20. Soviet state of america! Halleluja!! It is death to the americans or communist!

    You can shooshe american, life or die
    Communism is life capitalism is death

  21. I am not defending Stalin or Lenin, however this is video is pure propaganda.  It is true that many Russians didn't have running water or decent sanitation after communism took control.  However, Russia was an extremely poor and backwards country before communism.  In 1914 Russia was still a feudal society and it still had a monarchy, very few people owned land.  Most of the people were poor peasants. Russia in the 50's and 60's was far behind the West but it would have been much further behind if the Czar hadn't been overthrown.  

    Communism was the best thing that ever happened to Russia and China.     

  22. So funny that the liberal left neocommies crap on that any criticism of the USSR by Western media is imperialist propaganda. Virtually everything the oligarchy of the USSR said was a twisted pack of carefully fabricated lies. And they spent a great portion of their resources, included vast swaths of human lives, covering up the truth. The truth being that the so-called imperialist propaganda was infinitely closer to the facts than even the most, ahem, "factual" communist presentation of the capitalist Western world. In fact, it was spot on most times, as can be evidenced by any realistic Soviet area literature that made it out of the Soviet hell without being burned out of existence. Solzhenitsyn for instance. To take the testimony of someone who was part of this society, and fortunate enough to have been spared the worst part of the misery to the point where they say 'It wasn't bad at all', is to take the testimony of a poor blind fool who was willfully deceived and probably too cowed into submission to have ever sought out the truth of their own political predicament.
     It seems like so many poor blind fools are carrying the torch of the impossible socialist dream these days. Sorry fools, it always has been and always will be a schizoid nightmare. Do you know why? Simply that there are amongst statist demagogues, legions of potential Stalins laying in wait. And also that socialist economics is cracked.. but more that the whole socialist milieu is full of useless, misanthropic trash that has nothing better to contribute than endless whining about inequality when the fact is that they want only to depose the capitalist bogeyman 'master' so they can take the position for themselves. This is the evidence of history. Not everyone is such a god-damned fool as to forget it. The only instances where socialism has functioned without mass murder and extreme paranoia is in mixed political environments. But that's never enough.

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