2020 Democrats Tangle Over Best Way To Close The Wealth Gap | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. The way you close the wealth gap is for labor to organize and negotiate with management for better wages and benefits. That is how we developed an economy that used to be the envy of the world; with a BALANCE of power between labor and capital. If you want to live better, WORK UNION.

  2. Tangle over policy now but once the candidates are chosen be tight as thieves! Beating trump is the objective! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  3. How do this suppose to be a democracy in the USA when money out trump your vote? Doing the time of any election in the USA money literally drowns everyone’s vote.

  4. Megan "no fire sprinklers necessary" McCardle saying "actually the problem is not doing enough republican stuff" is classic

  5. We have tried everything else …

    From SOCIALISM for CORPORATIONS = bailing out the world's biggest banks to the tune of multi-trillions of dollars …

    To NEO-NAZI FASCISM = the white supremacist Donald Trump administration …

    what we NEED NOW is a Populist Progressive!

    Pocahontas 2020

  6. The Way MSNBCannibals close the wealth gap is by EATING the poor people (mainly Illegal aliens) Once the poor are made into MSNBCannibal cuisine there is no GAP at all!! AT ALL! MSNBCannibalSolutions

  7. Every period of growth this country has ever had has included raising taxes on the wealthy. Period. It wasn’t until Reaganomics started that so many billionaires were created in the first place. They instituted policies that would allow this imbalances happen. Greed doesn’t solve the problem. And honestly, the generations of people who allowed the country to rack of this massive amounts of debts should pay back on the credit they allowed to be taken out. They voted for it. They should fricking pay

  8. A wealth tax is only necessary because they have loopholes on loopholes that help them avoid taxation in ways that are not available to the working class. They are not good faith actors and the working class can no longer foot the bill. Nothing wrong with prosperity but there will be NO MIDDLE CLASS if things don't change.

  9. Trump will very easily crush anyone the evil corrupt Democrats drag to the podium. Republicans will murder them at the polls. Dems will suffer the wrath they have long deserved

  10. Wow. The uber wealthy that pay a smaller percentage of their taxes than the middle class, and Fortune 100 companies that have zeroed out their taxes, while receiving huge government contracts. Schools and infrastructure have been shorted since Bongo went to DC in order to gut the middle class. This lady is talking nonsense.

  11. Horrendous news for fakenews CNN and MSNBC along with corrupt establishment Democrats. Blacks are waking up https://youtu.be/MGB3sv9jlj0

  12. They are salivating over Trump, sent to us by God, over on Faux News. He is " the chosen one" covered in angel wings and cupids and rainbows. It's pretty disgusting. Leave a comment of truth on that propaganda channel.

  13. The Green New Deal would create a stronger economy and Bernie’s plan will do it, but hey, this is MSNBC so they won’t mention that. Smh
    The girl with bad hair is wrong.

  14. Personally I think taxes should just be based on a percentage of income, and that percentage should be the same regardless of what you earn.
    Giving billionaires more money does not make us all better off it simply makes billionaires richer, oh and they contribute more to climate change than any one nation.
    Billionaires are not good for the economy, the environment, or socially.
    And getting rich doesn’t mean they are better placed to decide how to spend to address the problems of economies, environments, and societies.
    Philanthropy is a poor replacement for governments acting on expert advise from people qualified to talk about science, economics, and sociology, etcetera.

  15. Tax the wealthy accordingly and drain their fortunes down to a logical fair level.

    Also, repeal and remove Trump's "Tax Scam" as well. It did obviously only harm to the majority of the people at all stages.

  16. The working class pays taxes on the GROSS PAY and NOT the NET INCOME. So much so that corporations only account for less than 9% of all federal revenue while the people pay close to 90%. Either the tax code needs to change or we need to create a wealth tax.

  17. Corporate media can pretend like Bernie doesn’t exist all they want, just know that if you’re not prepared for Bernie, he is going to roll right over your corruption 🙂

  18. 3 things create wealth for middle class: get married, stay married and have only 2 kids after a 5-10 yr span after you say 'I Do", bring back the pension system to create the second leg of the stool, mandate worker pay to be no less than $40-$1. of the CEO.

  19. "I believe that there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed & those that do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice & equality for everyone & those who want to continue the system of exploitation." Malcolm X

  20. Americans seem too stupid to understand how many other successful countries are democratic socialist. They just keep defending the rich against their own interest while they buy off politicians to keep them tax free.

  21. Income is income , income from investment should be taxed at the same rate as lncome from labor . How stupid do you need to be to not understand this !

  22. Money in a system is conserved. You cannot grow it without taking away from others. And because rich people do that the majority cannot finance its lives – and therefore cannot educate itself peacefully…which leads to economic, social and cultural growth in the first place.

  23. Please flake off, you establishment scum. Sticking to plans that haven't worked for the last 50 years isn't going to help.

  24. Just change the logo guys, replace it with Fox's. No need to do all these mental gymnastics and ignore major democratic candidates, just change your logo and stop calling yourself journalist.

  25. Moderates are useless. Nothing but cowardly fence-sitters… all of them. America is moving to the left and we want progressives, not regressives.

  26. I will vote Bernie or I will watch the DNC, MSNBC, CNN burn to ashes. Your network lost me as a viewer & the Democratic party has lost me too. We are tired of you Wall St warriors. You're so out of touch with normal people's problems. You have the blood of 45,000 Americans who die bc we don't have Medicare aor All on your hands. GFY MSNBC

  27. Companies that got bailed out by tax money, half of their stock market should be belong to US citizens to fund Social Security and healthcare.. there should be pay back deal… stop electing politician who works for greedy businessman..

  28. People don't realize that when they leave a company that they have a 401K they have to roll that money into IRAs that earn capital gains from stocks. Raising taxes on capital gains will hurt retired seniors (no matter if they are low, middle or high class earnings). They rely on these earnings to survive when Social Security benefits are low.

  29. MSNBC is the perfect example of hypocrisy. They act like they’re woke and progressive but can’t stop pushing corporate creepy Joe Biden. #BoycottMSNBC

  30. Don't bother taxing the rich if it will only bring in 1/3 of what Warren says. Why put them out for that measly bit. After all, they do so much for society as it is by just being their cool rich selves. It makes more sense to fine the middle class for petty errors on their taxes, with interest penalties. Yeah, let's do that instead.

  31. Isn’t the Washington Post owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos? Take that into consideration when you listen to the WP reporter. Giving opportunity to people at the bottom? You mean giving them jobs with poverty wages that were only raised by the progressive agenda.

  32. the rich need to earn their wealth giving them billions in tax breaks and subsidies is wrong all they they do is run out and buy bigger boats and mansions and most don't pay into our tax system any way many don't live in our country any more they make billions in profit and pay no taxes and get tax cuts no wonder our government is so screwed up those rich people lobby putting huge amounts of money into their greedy hands of our government in turn they give them more free money

  33. I love Pete but doubt he can come out on top. Pete is the least wealthy person running. I'll vote for any human organism other than Tramp.

  34. FYI: a billionaire is NOT just 100's of millions, it is 1000's of millions. Big difference. The uber rich have used some of their wealth to hijack and distort our political system to benefit themselves. Recent example, uber wealthy donate 100's of millions to get Trump elected and GOP members of congress and lo and behold Trump's and congress's first actions are to give HUGE tax cut to benefit the 1% and start dismantling laws and regulations to keep the air, water and land clean and healthy to again benefit the uber wealthy who can insulate themselves from the adverse effects to the environment using their wealth. The poor and middle class in this country need to wake up and smell the coffee and realize it is NOT the GOP who are looking out for their interests.

  35. Normally this would just be a standard google Andrew Yang post but why not google MSNBC and Andrew Yang And see what the network is doing to not just Andrew but to the millions of people that have spent their hard earned money and their own time to spread his message across the country. We have a real issue in this country and it's not me and it's not you. Its a system that has been bought and paid for for decades. We can rise up against this and change society if we only find the will to.

  36. Jarrod is spot on. Jarrod how can we trust the IRS-when the new Taxing laws for the wealthy are filed to be collected that the IRS isn’t on the take and will be bought off and not collect the tax , fudge numbers and work it out under the table with the crooked accountants ? Of the wealthy?😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  37. How about accepting the idea that we are supposed to be a nation of equal opportunity, not necessarily equal outcome?

  38. Unsubscribed #msnbc. You guys have been treating #andrewyang unfairly for far too long during these debates. #BoycottMSNBC #yanggang #andrewyang2020

  39. If usa counted the popular or human VOTE

    bernie would take the election but berny is 2 good the criminals will find a way 2 get him out ?satan&wife mitch&nancy run congress OR VOTE 4 the $$$

  40. You will never close that gap. The best you can do is narrow the gap by making like a bit better for everyone else. Universal health care would be a big step in that direction but I do not expect to see such a sane thing happening in America any time soon. That is something I hope I am wrong about but it doesn't look good.

  41. MSNBC , I don't watch your false information here or TV because you rarely report the truth , but do  a great job of twist the facts to fit the narrative  ( That wasn't a compliment so don't twist it in to one ) You do continually imply Tulsi is an Assad apologists or a Russia asset  Which BOTH ARE A TOTAL LIE ,  To bad you can't be sued for slander ;  People remember this MSNBC is the same Network spreading the lies of WMD in Iraq that got us into a 20 year REGIME CHANGE WAR that has cost you the American Taxpayer OVER 6 TRILLION DOLLARS ;  People just like those lies that got us into that 6 Trillion war is the very reason MSNBC , ABC , CBS , FOX continue the lies against Tulsi so you don't support Tulsi  ANTIWAR and ANTI REGIME CHANGE POLICIES ,  These networks who have CIA Intelligence giving them what to say and what to report on ;  These Networks are know more than the MOUTHPIECE of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and the Establishment war machine ;  WAKEUP PEOPLE , we finally have a candidate that is of ,by and for the people who also happens to be a CONSTITUTIONALIST , which is what the Networks and the Establishment are trying to get rid of , The PATRIOT ACT IS an example , which took  so many of our rights away and one is our rights of privacy which has been taken away . Please support Tulsi Gabbard and fight back against those who are destroying our country .

  42. MSNBC is trying to rig the election so that Trump can win again. Watch an award winning Google expert marketer explain how and why. https://youtu.be/R5raDpdnQ24

  43. The only thing ANY politician is tangling over is how they can get more of your money and keep more of theirs. Whos pres. makes zero difference,,why do you still believe that it does.???

  44. "Wealth Inequality" in our society is "Power Inequality," which definitely does not equate to "Democracy."
    Jared Bernstein aptly describes the link between wealth and power. Megan McArdle sounds like a paid spokesman for the wealthy.
    Those who believe themselves to be in the dominant position in our society have feared social justice and equality for all since the British Empire first discussed outlawing slavery in the colonies. (Or at least since the South lost the Civil War.)
    But we must remember that inequality causes many problems, for example:


  45. Bernie will close the wealth gap by doing an 'Eisenhower' on the plutocrats….and he'll also get the partisan bias out of the MSM.

  46. Besides Biden, Warren and Sanders none of the other bozos have any chance of getting the south and bible belt to vote for them; so what are they up to? Even Warren and Sanders are going to be attacked as Commies! Why should our government work for us; the poor 1% need more tax breaks. Still you don't have worry, by this time next year your Idol god drumpf will have started the war, declared martial law and suspend elections! Then you will not have to worry about self-rule anymore. Your 1% owners controlled senate and installed corporate judges will back their puppet! So get your favorite Corporate Flags out, whatever flag you like, USA, The Patriots or The Yankees, it doesn't matter. As long as you bow down to your 1% owners! Our Democracy is Dead, corporation are now "We The People" and money is "Free Speech." The only question left now is, are you going to jump into your owner's grinder; or walk away and let their Beast system die? youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

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