2019 Ridge Community High Graduation

hello and welcome to the George Jenkins arena we are expecting a full house and kindly request that you fill in all seats in every row all seating is based on a first-come first-served basis so please wait to choose your seats until your entire party have arrived noisemakers tripods and balloons are not allowed thank you for your cooperation and assistance in making this an enjoyable event for all in attendance congratulations to the graduating class of 2019 you hello and welcome to the George Jenkins arena we are expecting a full house and kindly request that you fill in all seats in every row all seating is based on a first-come first-served basis so please wait to choose your seats until your entire party have arrived noisemakers tripods and balloons are not allowed thank you for your cooperation and assistance in making this an enjoyable event for all in attendance congratulations to the graduating class of 2019 hello and welcome to the George Jenkins arena we are expecting a full house and kindly request that you fill in all seats in every row all seating is based on a first-come first-served basis so please wait to choose your seats until your entire party have arrived noisemakers tripods and balloons are not allowed thank you for your cooperation and assistance in making this an enjoyable event for all in attendance congratulations to the graduating class of 2019 [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] will you please rise with us for the presentation of our colors and the star-spangled banner and please remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance ready pledge I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all good evening everybody my name is Steven Ely and I am the principal of Ridge Community High School I want to welcome everybody here tonight to the commencement ceremonies for the ridge community high school class of 2019 hi yes yes I want to start by welcoming our guests here tonight when I call your name please stand to be recognized I ask that you hold the applause until everyone at the Atilla everyone has been recognized first to my left John Hill deputy superintendent the Honorable Lori Cunningham board vice-chair district to the Honorable Sara Beth Reynolds board member district 4 dr. micha Lakes associate superintendent chief academic officer Tammi Dawson regional assistant superintendent high schools and Everett science director k-12 curriculum and instruction please give these people a hand thank you for being here tonight now if you will allow me some very special people to myself as well as this graduating class would you also please rise when I call your name miss Angela Clark mr. Josh Hackett miss Karen Johnson mr. Greg Lewis and miss Amanda Robinson my assistant principals give them a hand please will the following please rise when I call your name miss kanika Daly mr. Andrew Morgan mr. Kevin Sanford mr. Alexander Santiago miss Marilyn Sheffield these are our Dean's give them a hand please officer David Heppenstall and officer Corey wiemer are two school resource officers thank you gentlemen mr. Nick Nixon is our athletic director please keep coach Nixon hand Thank You coach our guidance counselor's Markus Franklin Casandra banner Fernando Bernard Steven Hahn Cicely yeah go ahead Cicely Marrero nakisha Phillips Anthony Smith our guidance counselors give them a hand please and the people to my right that are gonna be helping us tonight sahih Lee Perez key onus doctor glad Amir Soto Hortis felicia holiday ira souls in my very own secretary Marita Wilson thank you all before we get started there I'm gonna ask you to follow some protocols if you would guidance our graduation from high school is one of the most important events in in a lifetime to accommodate a very special ceremony for our seniors please observe a couple of things for us tonight family and friends should be seated through the entire program leaving their seats only momentarily to take a photograph of their own graduate for best results please stay in designated folk photography areas professional photographers will also be taking pictures of this moment to honor the class of 2019 please observe courtesy throughout no noisemakers will be permitted kindly silence all the cell phones and electronic devices this will allow the names of all graduates to be heard finally let's get to this and guys you have no idea how you look from up here I'm so proud of you you're there the most awesome group that I've ever seen give me Matt you are beautiful I'll be brief again I'd like to say what an honor and a privilege it is for me to stand before you today honored guests faculty and staff parents grandparents family and loved ones and most importantly the rich community high school class of 2019 thank you today is the day for celebration we have accomplished something very important this is a day that you can be proud of your accomplishment and be proud of yourself however you need to recognize that there are others here today that are also very proud of you parents family that have nurtured you and loved you through these twelve years of school teachers that have work with you and cared for you so be humble and take time to thank them today your time in high school has gone by so very fast and you're gonna find it as you go through life the time only speeds up and it seems like yesterday that this group started the year I continue to be impressed by what you've accomplished and the legacy that you're gonna leave here at the ridge every one of you is in a unique individual and just I can't tell you how awesome you guys are as a group I just have a couple of thoughts that I think will be a value on your graduation day and last year's graduation I spoke about change and well that kind of holds true for class of 2019 also I could repeat the same points but I'm not gonna do that for you however I will say this there will be many milestones that are significant as you travel through life you will find that there are two kinds of events that you tend to never forget the first time that we do something and the last time that we do something today counts is both so cherish this moment this is truly your day it's your day to celebrate a major accomplishment a major milestone in your life so let's look at what the definition of celebrate is and see how it applies to what we're doing here tonight to perform publicly and with appropriate rights we're doing that to honor an occasion especially by solemn ceremonies we're doing that to hold up or play up for public notice we're doing that and to mark by festivities I'm sure those will continue late tonight over your high school career you've had many opportunities to grow and develop in all areas of your life the friends that you've made so celebrate them the experiences that you've had so celebrate them and the memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life so take time to celebrate those because I'm I tell you the most beautiful things in life are not associated with money they are memories and moments if you don't celebrate those they will pass you by and this is what I believe an education is really all about memories and moments this is your final act and hi as a high school student so I asked you to take a deep breath look around for just a moment take time to look around soak this all in remember this moment because after all the celebration tonight tomorrow you get to look to the future that's right and when I was thinking about what tomorrow really means I ran across this and I think that it sums up what a tomorrow is so bear with me tomorrow is the most important thing in life because it comes to you at midnight and it's a clean slate tomorrow's perfect when it arrives and it puts you itself in your hands and it hopes that you've learned something from yesterday so I hope you look to tomorrow with that attitude let me give you a little advice infuse your life with action do not wait for it to happen make it happen make your future make your own hope embrace the future believe in the experiences that have molded you and prepared you to become the leaders that you are here today because you are ready to change the world I've encouraged you to think big and and take responsibility for your world and for my world because we believe in you let me end with this no dream is too big no challenge is too great nothing that you want for your future is beyond your reach I know that we will never forget you and all we ask is don't you ever forget it wants a boat thank you when I ask Miss Angela Clark to step up now for the recognition of honors high honors and principles of excellence award good evening at this time we want to recognize our graduates who have achieved its distinguished academic Awards of Excellence students graduating with a weighted unrounded cumulative three points two to three point four nine nine GPA are recognized as graduating with honors and are wearing navy and silver cords will these students please stand to be recognized at this time students graduating with a weighted unrounded cumulative 3.5 to 3.99 GPA are recognized as graduating with high honors and are wearing silver stoles will these students please stand to be recognized at this time in addition to honors and high honors we strive to encourage our students to take the most rigorous courses available seniors who have taken them a minimum of four advanced placement courses and passed with the graves grade of C or better are recognized as receiving the principles academic excellent award designated by the red honor cords will these students please stand to be recognized at this time each year our partnerships with folks State College in Southeastern University have enabled more of our students to receive college credit seniors who have taken him a minimum of four dual enrollment courses and passed with a grade of C or better are recognized with dark-gray honor cords will these students please stand to be recognized at this time the number of students who have chosen to take advantage of dual enrollment courses or early admission opportunities have increased and this year we have three students who have completed the requirements for an Associate of Arts degree in addition to completing their high school diploma requirements will these students please stand to be recognized at this time many students choose to enlist in a branch of service following high school we recognize the students who have made this commitment for military enlistment with the students who have enlisted to serve in one of our branches of the military please stand at this table to be recognized National Honor Society graduates who have met requirements through scholarship leadership character and service are recognized with gold honors cords will the National Honor Society graduates who have received a gold NHS cord please stand to be recognized currently we offer industry certifications in medical engineering veterinary assisting business and early childhood education seniors who have achieved certifications in one of our academies are recognized with light blue honor cords will those students who have earned a blue on record please stand to be recognized Ridge Community High School boasts the largest junior reserve officer training cadet Brigade in Polk County it is one of the largest in the state of Florida and in the nation cadets who have completed four years in the JROTC program are designated by wearing white JROTC stools will those students who have served in the bolts parade please stand to be recognized Thank You graduates thank you miss Clark our salutatorian exemplifies the definition of well-rounded student she has worked diligently to complete rigorous courses during her four years in high school she's completed 11 AP courses nine dual enrollment courses completed Medical Academy certifications in EKG CPR and finished with a 4.5 1 3 GPA in addition to her academic achievements she's been active in various clubs and organizations she has served as a tutor all four years and worked as the lead in this during her senior year she was a president of the National honors Honor Society and a competitor at the state level for the health occupations to occupation students of America in addition to the academic tutoring and extracurricular activities she holds a part-time job working 20 hours a week at Texas Roadhouse she is a superintendent scholar award recipient and a Bright Futures Florida academic scholar she plans to enroll in University of Florida with a goal of graduating in 2023 congratulations to the class of 2019 salutatorian Alexandria Taylor hi guys I told some of you that I was gonna cry during this so we'll see what happens with that okay good evening family friends faculty and the rich community high school class of 2019 has been my absolute honor to represent this class as salutatorian however it isn't about me tonight it's about how proud everyone in this room is of every single one of you in these navy blue gowns the emotions running through your head are probably a mix of excitement fear and bittersweet sorrows but graduates let yourself feel each and every one of these emotions as they come to you be excited for your future be scared of what lies behind those closed doors and don't be afraid to let those tears flow allow yourself to feel everything because you will only get this feeling once now look to your left and look to your right thanks guys I appreciate it the people sitting next to you have had entirely different experiences than you have in these past four years think back to our freshman year sitting in your first class on the first day making your first new friend in high school going to your first football game your first trip to the choice room and your second trip to the choice room and your third trip to the choice room but all of us have finally made it as tonight marks the beginning of the rest of our lives as you move on to college your careers the military or self-discovery always carry with you the memories the knowledge and the people that have gotten you to where you are and tonight there are a few people that I'd like to thank in particular to my AP teachers over the four years misty Ori mr. sit yard mr. Cranston mr. Thomas mrs. yaw mr. frost mrs. Downey thank you all for teaching me beyond the curriculum and making every day in class a brand new opportunity for me to learn something amazing – my AP teacher / professor / adviser / school parent mr. fern oh thank you for always being the best to me and seeing the brightest in me and never letting me give up even when I wanted to for putting up with my nagging over NHS and we had deadlines to meet or I had a crazy new idea and for teaching just enough classes for me to take one with you every single year to all of my friends whether we started talking two days ago or we haven't talked much at all lately you have all made these four years worth it I wish all of you the best because it's exactly what you deserve keep your heads high and keep going strong – my best friend and you know who you are thank you for always putting a smile on my face even when you couldn't put one on your own for sticking by my side through every project and every cram session for what a crayon Center set your tests and for constantly reminding me what it is to have a friend like you you're a truly an amazingly golden hearted individual and I love you for it – my parents who are somewhere in this crowd oh hi thank you for working tirelessly to make sure I have everything I could ever want and more for always pushing me further than I ever thought I could go for the primary motivators – my future and giving me the honor of being your daughter for the past 19 years 18 years I'm not 19 I love the two of you so so much – my aunt and uncle in the crowd thank you to the both of you for showing me how to have fun and work hard at the same time I'm so thankful for every single thing you two have provided for me and shown me even though I can't really drive still but we'll work on that and to the class of 2019 thank you for being such an amazing group of people to surrounded myself with for the past four years to say that I am proud as an understatement we finally made it you sat through every class every test every football game every class meeting every lunch period and everything that came in between and as you venture on to the next chapter of your lives I bid you a sweet farewell and wish you the best in whatever you may come to you you'll always find a home at rich community and for the 7,000 time tonight remember once a vault and never forget it thank you all [Applause] [Applause] Thank You Alexandria our valedictorian was born and raised in Davenport Florida she attended Davenport School of the Arts from kindergarten through eighth grade while attending DSA she majored in dance and performing and performed in several musical theater productions while attending Ridge Community High School she's completed rigorous coursework earned all A's in her classes she has taken 16 honors classes 8 advanced placement courses and for dual enrollment courses and an high high school at the high school level and ended with a 4.5 for weighted GPA which qualified her for the superintendent Scholar principal scholar and the Florida medallion bright future scholarship in addition to rigorous courses she has continued to take dance classes during all four years of participated in the annual dance recitals our valedictorian was a member of the Medical Academy at Ridge from ninth through twelfth grade where she received her Elect electrocardiogram technician certification and her emergency medical responder certification for two years she has worked as a volunteer at celebration hospitals serving as a nursing assistant in the patient care unit mother and in an infant unit labor and delivery unit and the neonatal intensive care unit after graduation she will attend the University of Central Florida to to pursue a bachelor's degree in nursing after completing her degree her goal is to work and the neonatal intensive care unit as a registered nurse congratulations to the class of 2019 s valedictorian Michaela EOS [Applause] hello to all of the administrators teachers staff family friends and soon-to-be graduates in attendance good evening and welcome to Ridge Community High School's 2019 graduation commencement ceremony standing before you as the 2019 class valedictorian I'm incredibly honored to be speaking on behalf of both rich community high school and my fellow 2019 graduates I would like to begin by thanking the school administrators and staff members for providing the students with the tools we needed to receive our education at rich community for giving us a great foundation for us to build upon and for making this evening possible in a variety of ways thank you to all of my teachers for allowing me to learn and grow for challenging and inspiring me every single day and for preparing me for any new challenges I will face next thank you to my friends for supporting me motivating me and encouraging me and helping me succeed in these last four years thank you for all of the wonderful memories that we shared together I will always appreciate you being there for me and I hope that we will continue to provide support and encouragement for each other and our future endeavors the friendships we have made here are special and will hopefully last a lifetime thank you to my family especially my mom my dad my grandparents and my brother for being my biggest and strongest support system thank you for always being so caring giving understanding and encouraging me to do my best thank you for being my being by my side no matter what and giving me unconditional love when I needed it the most thank you for the valleys you have instilled in me and the lessons you have taught me thank you for allowing me to make mistakes and to learn and grow from them most importantly thank you for allowing me to be myself and for giving me the freedom to be who I want to be today is a major turning point in our lives graduation is the end of a chapter for us but also marks the start of a new one together we have learned laughed and loved we've also made mistakes and matured from them and we know that with more laughter love and knowledge will come more obstacles that we will have to overcome however we are more ready now than ever to tackle what our journey has in store for us there have been times of joy in times of sadness times of disappointment but also times of triumph there have been times of school spirit school dances and school fundraisers with no shortage of late nights stressful days and last-minute studying for exams however today is not about reminiscing the past it is about looking forward into our future the unknown of our future may seem frightening now but we cannot reach the ends of our stories without thoroughly reading every chapter as I look out into this collection of graduates I no longer see who you once were I see what you will become we may be the home of the bolts but we are also the home of future doctors lawyers teachers engineers artists musicians psychologists nurses scientists politicians and so many others but what we must strive to be more than anything no matter what our future professions may be our difference makers so on this day the 24th of May 2019 do not look back with any regret but instead look forward with a smile look forward to the difference-maker that you will become you are all here today for a reason by completing your education you have earned the right of passage onward into your futures and have been given the power to make a difference the great Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world our generation the class of 2019 will be the ones who are responsible for bringing about change in the world we will be the ones to help make them make dreams and goals into realities we have already achieved so much together and that will push us to accomplish our goals as we go out into the world we are a generation of leaders and activists and it is our efforts that will enhance this world and bring about the necessary changes we want to see in it as this generation has grown up we have been faced with much adversity economic and financial downturns climate change environmental disasters systematic social injustice sexism racism and other discrimination and so much more and that is why we are the ones who are so determined to change this we all have the ability to make a difference and there are so many opportunities out there for us to do so young people are not just the leaders of tomorrow we are already influencing change in the world one step at a time whether it's through social media blogging petitioning or protesting there are many ways that our generation can be the change we wish to see in the world not just in the future but right here right now we are a generation that is aware and a force to be reckoned with we will do everything in our power to make the world a better place for everyone activist Harriet Tubman asserted that every great dream begins with a dreamer and that you have within you the strength the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world graduates of 2019 as you leave here tonight please do not forget that you are never too young and it is never too early to change the world I challenge you all not only to make a difference but to be the difference lastly I want to remind everyone that I would truly not be standing here before you as valedictorian without each and every one of you thank you all for making me a better person over these past four years thank you for shaping me into the person I am today and for making an impact on the person I am destined to become this is something I will be grateful for and will cherish for the rest of my life thank you and congratulations to the rich Community High School graduating class of 2019 Thank You Michaela at this time we will begin the presentation of diplomas to the class of 2019 I ask our honored guests to join me stage front to recognize our seniors front row please stand and approach the stage [Applause] Mikayla marriage Haas Alexandra Marie Taylor Jasmine Lynette Encarnacion Makaha bata your Nanette Elizabeth banners tell Michelle Campbell juice Vera moron Haley Murray Terrell Schuyler marina Gonzalez Savannah Louise chat fil kion Isaiah Nelson Amanda Elizabeth Miller eleisha ammonia nailer no Ivana Brandon Alexander Rivera Kayla dance in Ivaldi Brianna Lea Contreras milena for Todd o dos Santos Danielle Audrey Marie O'Brien Tiana mitrice Phillips Andreea J's hosting Emily Nicole Humphrey Kira Don Baker shot Nev jong-il Rosado I'm Ed Mele Catherine grace Lacroix Malak Mohammed Hamden Maria Gabriella Bolivar crystal Calderon Kamara Shanaya Roberts Andrea Rose Cohen Leilani's Gonzalez Arlene Murray Nevada Angela Catalina Camargo Kathryn McDonough Lopez Alexander Scott Munroe Francis Olivia tab nur Jennifer Martinez Giselle just mean Flores Tavia alexandria wet so for Cassandra Alisa remain Aaron Thomas Keith Savannah Isabel Dumoulin Louise Ricardo Morales gamma-rays Hunter Clayton Miguel Kyle David Drake the nice cruise Emily Marie does Sasha joy Murugan Nehemia wrongly Oh pod Rozier Deborah Ronnie called Ribera Sarah William Terry go to the X mommy Natalie K Turner Jolyon L Donaldson Luis Roberto Amador Marcus Andrew Collins Carina crystal Hernandez Redis Dianna Aguilar Faye horse field Caesarea Desroches Jase Michael Montilla Claudio Arianna Natalia knows Dan Hueber Cassidy Marie díaz [Applause] Mariela is lasondra Martinez Marcus Alexander Medina Sarah Mackenzie Smith Amari trennis Campbell Lori a nice Neriah Rhonda Edwards Charlie's onatopp Tanaka Christopher gage Gonzalez Giuliana Gabrielle s marquise I say wise Rodriguez gage Michael Stevens Zachary Marcus Rodriguez Brianna Mingo Natalie London or in he fo Alicia palangka raya Deidre wall fraser gabriella Pugin Ramirez gianni de lys gonzalez Sotomayor lose hola Maria Elijah Alexander Brown Alfonso and reget on res valleys Matthew Hayden Bill Hayden Solomon tab diandra mone Roberts Brittany page Meeks Christian : [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Gionta Ramon Pearson Alondra Nicole Rivera Lugo Mia Michelle Martinez Christina Jo Anne Gillette Nestle is Santiago [Applause] Dana Veronica Ramos Devine call green [Applause] Marisa Belle Province la fere Nasreen dolly Louie Oh bed desk are Anna Marie Cordell ski Marisol a Brahman a susana Martinez Ocampo Mike O'Brien Farley Norma eres Ramos Montalban Giselle FF e Managua Brooke Evelyn Geronimo's erin nicole grant Sebastiaan antonio martinez Rivera Carmen Sierra dawdle Joanna Natalie H a very holy dese else a liar Dennis William Perez Alvino Julio Antonio quintanilla nearly simply me Damien Garcia sassily sky Mormon Tammy Alondra Gonzalez Reyes McKenzie Lee Christian Briana Tati Garcia Teresa Lopez Elizabeth Diane rosensteil Chanel e Guzman Miguel Imanol Mejia Ariana Del Mar Voltron Wyatt I see ya Giles Melonie Mac again Edwin Gabrielle Melendez Roberts Jared Christian John Ashley 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fair hat Corelli Reynoso Cynthia murakumo ezo Kaylee cream garner Kayla Danielle Carter Jose Osvaldo Serrano Rivera Graziano Francisco Anandi's no me Marie lamboy zinnia olegovna Bello copy Java Jasmine Murray Rodriguez Portillo Zarya Lachey Sparkman drew every Stewart [Applause] [Applause] Patera special Cooper harder Joseph Dickson Bryson Edmond wire jose luis serrata [Applause] Julia Charlotte Davis Martine Lopez and Isabel angel Gonzalez Jocelyn Lee said he Ralph Ria's Jose Eduardo Jimenez Moreno Johan Alejandro Gomez Martinez the Murrays Alexis Gonzalez [Applause] Jason Eric Goreski you let Xia Sarah Julia Neal Carla majin buu otter Rigoberto Mondragon Shayla Mondragon [Applause] Rosie Valentina Gomez Tovar Arianna Sofia Bermudez Myra Isabel Barajas Chloe Elizabeth Colburn Sean Michael Gonzales [Applause] amber lynn Wallace Jaden David Caravaggio Santos Meriden Andrea Cole's Stacy Smith Wyatt Vincent Stockinger David Brandon Flores Annabelle Mondragon [Applause] Alicia Maria Ortiz Dylan Samara Watson Ferdinand coriolis Marie Lu Goten Alice Janice Santana Joseph Ellis Ortiz an evil Francisco Olivia and shelters Timothy Joseph Gabriel andrew Lee Edwards human a amor Emanuel Justin Cabrera Angie Gonzalez Valeria Soto Velasquez Eurydice Magana Calderon [Applause] Jared Manuel Martinez Samwell Adolfo Pineda Genesis and I leave al Carson and ace Jack Edward Gallagher Jasmine Andrea Nunez Paula Murray Delgado Bernard Travis William Douglas Allison may Odenkirk Giovanni Trejo Chavez Dale Lehnert barber Driss balázs and sorry jameelah Etana palamoun Lisbeth Milan muñoz cristae D&J koi Harris to Jairaj amiracle whites you Lisa Ramirez Ariana Maurice Gomez Taniya Janette Johnson Samantha and person Jonathan Dave Ellis Taylor page LaRue Gabrielle Marie Rodriguez and RuPaul lubinski Damien Augustin del Rosario Kelvin Frederick Terra Jade Gilson Luis Eduardo munos Alex David Gutierrez joseline Bridget Sanchez David Caleb Weddington l de Lacey Jericho Antonio Acevedo Kenneth 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Crystalis Lopez Lopez Osvaldo hey Suz Lopez Martinez camellia Joan Lansbury Lucas Marcello Laura I see a Christians losada Daniel lucassi Brian Michael McDonald luis enrique Masetto actor louise my son ed Jennifer Maldonado Ezequiel Danielle Maldonado [Applause] Maria de los angeles mondo hanno few heart a Rajiv manga Dale Sebastian mango louise david damn mama ma non Ramirez Karelian ailments Wetty santos Marquez Cuevas amanda nicole Marrero Renee Alejandro Martinez Devon Michael Martinez Rosario Talia Oriana Maha Haley Niko McLaren Rosendo Mejia hosi and Ariel Melendez Cortez carry Le Sueur Melendez Cortez Eduardo Richard II mellow Marlon Javier Mendoza Kobe Dylan Milstead ad Nellie's manga rios Arnaldo jose Montanaro [Applause] alessandria more passion more Luis Roberto Morales Mariah unas Morales Henry hey Suz Morales Sanchez le sir Joelle Moreno Sally at the Anna Morgan [Applause] just yell each Meryl Morgan Seth Michael Mueller Chardonnay Nathan Michaela and nude or Giovanni Emmanuelle Navarre Justin Oliva doodly or cell love Minolta or Zell Augustine Nicolas Pacheco Christopher Leonel began our say Jose and Yvonne Marie de Lugo sarap asthma even I say Opena Carlos Moises Peralta ami Peraza yoshua Antonio Perez Venetia nikiro Pernell McKenzie and Peters Alicia Jasmine Pierre Jessica Hortensia Pineda Justin jr. panade Bryan Robert Prague on Oh Carl Evans prevail Carrie Lamar pride Juan Carlos principal Gavin Bailey Proctor Marley Marlin Deonte queen Danielle is quinones Wilfredo quinones sera Nicole Dora Ramirez Paula Nicole Ramirez Alejandro Valverde Ramirez Davila a vegan Noemi Ramos Robert Janelle Ramos naturally Marie Ramos Vasquez Dennis Daniel Rey Carlos Daniel gray Naga Nunez awesome Osvaldo Reynoso releases Rico Ethan Thomas Renard Jared Jacob Reno Alicia Morelli Rivera Kiana chastity Rivera raynelle Alexis Rivera Robert Frane Rivera Rose Lee and Rivera Soto admire Nicole Robles Piniella Carla Karen Rodriguez hope brood Rodriguez Stephen Alexander Rodriguez Liddell is Rodriguez : Alan is Nicole Roman Irizarry Elijah no file Rosado Gabrielle Alexis Rosado EPN Angelique Nicole Rhys jessenia Greece karema Anjali rispa Gong Anna in Segura selasa Jasmine Samaniego he Anna Marie Sam's Tunisia Alice's sanabria Flor Del Rocio Sanchez Ileana Alex Sanchez John Daly Santana Torres they see Santiago Christopher Blake ceiling Kevin Jamar Serrano sheis Shekinah serranos Romero Joelle Antoni Serrano Roman Roman Karen Jack Shepard Dianna Nicole Simpson the nursery ELISA K Smith Jacob Timothy Smith gage Patrick Solis Corrales Sullivan Huerta's Hess's Manuel Soto Kylie Marie Staden Joseph Peter Stetson Kyle John Sullivan Miriam Katherine Swanson destiny Eurasia Taylor Bryson Cole temples Morgan age Terry tannery Thomas Clayton royal thorn Julian Alejandra Dorado Danielle Armando Torrence Alexis Maria Torres Maya Nicole trim Andrew Emanuel Tofino teondra beyond titular Brienne Ashley Turner Anthony dal vento Oh Jo Jonathan Frank Valentin Ethan Alexander Vargas Freddie Giovanni Vargas ii Oriel Vasquez Davila Pedro angel Vega Morales any Velasquez science John sterling Williams Kimberly Suzanne Williams radhe Marie Williams Michael Bernard Wilson Samuel Thomas Wilson Charley Witherspoon Jaden heart jingling Tierra Celeste's Zamora [Applause] [Applause] do you second I'm trying to catch my breath about you all right [Applause] so you want me to go on Andrews Kayla okay wow that was quite a chore at this time I would like to ask our our senior class president Kayla sand of all day to join me on stage for her remarks and then she's going to lead us in the alma mater [Applause] Oh good evening tonight marks a major milestone in our lives we begin our journey into adulthood after hard work and determination we're finally receiving our high school diploma [Applause] though it may only be a piece of paper that fits in your house in the coming years it represents something much more it's not symbolizes your great accomplishments and the dedication you have portrayed throughout the past 12 years each one of you should be proud of your standing today because it's not an easy journey we are a diverse class with a variety of interests races religions and sexual orientations our uniqueness is what sets us apart and what will allow us to flourish in the future as we come of age there's no doubt we'll face moments of insecurity and fear remember your goals and the hard work that you've endured over the past three few years trust in your capabilities and surround yourself with people that will push you to be the best version of yourself it's ok to feel lost and unsure what the next step is it's not normal for an 18 year old students have their life planned out and that's something you should be at peace with from the wise words of Steve Jobs he once said don't let others opinions drown your inner voice and most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition they somehow already know what you truly want to become everything else is secondary I ask you to ponder over that with you as you discover your goals focus on personal growth and not on the opinions of people surrounding you whether you become a contractor boyar teacher or decided travel the world in the coming years each of you has something different to contribute to the community always remember your purpose and what you can get back to the world because soon enough our generation will be the world leaders and influencers as I stand here today before you I cannot forget to recognize the people who have shaped me into the young woman I am today to begin I would like to give a big shout out to all of my teachers throughout the past 12 years you've all taught me so much and impacted my life in different ways thank you to Arlene and Arianna you both have worked hard alongside me this year and have become to lifelong friends I can always rely on I can't wait to see what the future holds for the both of you chris'll and yadi mara thank you for all you have done for me the past five years for crying with me when I was sad and hoping me get through so many rough patches God put you two in my life for a reason and I couldn't be any more thankful you've become my family thank you to my older brother and sister Larry and Krista who paid the path for me here at Ridge in the end I know him the best in a Baldy mr. State yard said so himself I'm so blessed you have grown up with such smart and loving siblings I love you guys so much to my parents you both got in and supporting me through so much thank you Amy for being there for my family and loving us as if we're your own thank you Dad for providing the Wonderful Life for me even though I even though I may not always act like yeah I love you so much and I couldn't ask for a better dad thank you to my mom whose watch on me since I was nine you become my motivation for all these years and I hope I've made you proud everything I've worked for an accomplished was because of you we can finally thank you – class of 2019 we made we need so many memories that I'll know I'll carry with me forever and I hope you hold those close to you as you begin to build junior reality now none of us know what the next few years have in store for us but it's in our hands to determine the society that oncoming generations will grow up in everyone sitting before me should be very proud of themselves because we've all accomplished something great and will continue to bring positivity into the world congratulations class of 2019 we made it please rise with alma mater thank you at this time I like Deputy Superintendent John Hill to step up to the podium so I can present the class I'm proud to present to you mr. Hill the Ridge Community High School class of 2019 each student assembled here has completed all requirements as prescribed by the Polk County Board and the state of Florida and is hereby entitled to receive each standard high school diploma or a certificate of completion by the authority vested in me by the state of Florida and the Polk County school board I pronounce upon those of you who have completed the necessary requirements graduates of the Polk County school system and confer upon each of you all rights and privileges pertaining thereto congratulations yeah it's time it's time Reese community high school class of 2019 move your tassels from right to left ladies and gentlemen as we begin our recessional this is the last time as seniors that you can celebrate with them as we go out in in the recessional so please we've got teachers at the back that want to congratulate them also but once again congratulations bolts thank you

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