2019 February 05 BBC One minute World News

hello you’re watching BBC World News our
headlines Tereza May is heading to Northern
Ireland where she will tell business leaders that she is determined to find a
way to deliver brexit and avoid a hard border with Ireland on Wednesday she’ll
hold talks for the different political parties these seven people have died in
a fire in Paris residents of the eight story building close to the boiler
Vilonia had to be rescued from nearby rooftops a group of Latin American
countries along with Canada have urged the Venezuelan military to support the
opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president 14 nation Lima group
called for a change of government without the use of force police in
Belgium are hunting a gang who used the sewers to break into a bank in Antwerp
it’s thought they tunneled from sewage pipes boring into the vaults and making
off with the contents of at least 20 deposit boxes

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