2018 Review: Populism swept through Europe in 2018

Europe's populism is not confined to the ballot box it's also playing out on the streets so-called Yellowjackets turned widespread anger with French president Emmanuel macron economic policies into violent protests in the middle from the left and right confronting police week after week what is this across the channel in the UK this was a huge demonstration in favour of a second referendum on brexit another example of people expressing frustration with their political class in eastern Germany anger over the ongoing migration crisis saw members of the far-right including neo-nazis in the streets of the town of Chairman's [Applause] violent protests over suspected crimes by asylum seekers across the continent this was another year of populist consolidation people are looking for that difficult combination of a greater sense of economic security greater rights for workers not just reducing evermore you know the rights and protections foot forward in arey people but at the same time they're looking for that sense of cultural security too around migration and globalization populist to now represented in government in 11 European countries 170 million people there now live in places where populist serve in the cabinet in March it was Italy's turn years of political corruption and the more recent strains of mass migration sparked a dramatic victory for a populist coalition matías Albanians right-wing League formed a government with the five star movement it embraced hardline anti-migrant rhetoric and quickly backed it up refusing to allow migrant rescue ships to dock in Italian pause russell's the new government quickly confronted the EU over its eurozone budget limits if you'd said to me only five years ago that the league movement in Italy which historically was quite a small separatist movement in the north would become the largest political party in Italy would enter government and would basically be the only political party that is now growing in Italy I would not have believed you in Hungary Viktor Orban and his right-wing Fidesz party were re-elected with 63% of the vote his continued refusal to cooperate with the EU s migrant policy retained support so to his conspiracy theories of foreign political meddling in December Parliament voted through new laws limiting the freedom of the courts the same thing is happening in Poland a nativist traditionalist party retains power and jostles with the EU over democratic principles including the independence of the judiciary Europe threatens punishment that nothing really happens many in the West perhaps bought into the idea that Central and East European powers would subscribe to both the economic and social planks of liberalism whereas I think many in Central and Eastern Europe felt that they were broadly happy to experiment with economic liberalism but they didn't necessarily want the social liberalism that went with that in Scandinavia Sweden saw the right-wing Sweden Democrats fall short at their own optimistic election targets but their vote chair still brewed was the same story in Germany with a right-wing alternative for Germany one significant vote share in regional elections in Hesse and Bavaria they now hold 94 seats in the national parliament and in December in the Spanish region of Andalucia a similar discontent with economy and immigration heralded the success of the ultra right-wing party called Vox pro nationalist anti-immigration and against Catalan separatism they won seats for the first time at the end of May 2019 Europe's populist forces will receive a test at the ballot box millions of European voters from the 27 remaining EU states without the UK will elect their representatives to the European Parliament the question keeping EU officials awaken it– is just how many of those new members of the European Parliament will come from populist parties seeking to limit jiyuu power and influence over their countries the painful example of brexit negotiations means fewer parties will campaign to leave the EU altogether but populist parties are building partnerships to radically change the EU from within if you now consider you perhaps accept my my argument that increasingly liberal Europe as best represented by Emmanuel macron is becoming the minority and that conservative Europe has represented by salvini and Viktor Orban and Sebastian Kurtz in Austria is on the ascendant then actually I think we are going to see quite a profound battle in 2019 and 2020 over the very soul of the European Union of the 751 seats in today's EU parliament hundred and fifty-one are already occupied by politicians from parties the radical reform of the EU 2019 that bloc could grow all of them want to cut down the big EU institutions and their power to influence national law in Memphis states France's national realm formally the National Front it's to get rid of the EU Commission altogether we got us a big question is how effectively these disparate groups can work together the number of seats they win it could bring about real change 2019 here here which sees populous has become more entrenched than Simon McGregor would tear the world process you

  1. Hurry, Europe! Shrug off your globalist overlords. The Americas are dangling by a thread, and if the EU survives until the end of Trump's second term, the U.S. will fall to them as well. Then Europe will have no allies, and all will be lost

  2. and by populist they mean patriots people ready to fight for there country. why does the EU want all that power any?? think ab it

  3. european nations have no soveringty. they want to destroy the nation state and the cross. multiculturism will never work. stop these evil socialist elites

  4. @TRT World : Populism is the result of left-wing liberalism running rampant in North-West Europe. Immigration is not a problem. Mass-Immigration of uneducated dismal people is. When a significant percentage of that mass-immigration is islamist, there is an even bigger problem. islamism is a dangerous ideology that is relentlessly destructive towards anything that does not answer to their own unlawful practices. It's a racist, misogynist, anti-LGBTQ, anti-democracy, pro pedophilia, very violent and self-righteous ideology that no culture, no nation in their right mind should allow in. European countries are beginning to grasp this. Countries such as India & Thailand have long suffered the islame menace which is still going on. Countries such as Japan and Poland do not accept islamism in their midst full-stop. A smart move! Europe in its entirety should do the same by reconsidering what it is that is islame: a dangerous subversive ideology that is covertly and innately unlawful and destructive.

  5. This video is soooo biased. In CHEMNITZ in Germany Daniel H. was stabbed to death. A German with Cuban background. islameists verbally abused him because of his skin colour (!!!!) Later, Daniel H. was stabbed to death by one of the islamist so-called refugees. Most people protesting in Chemnitz, were parents who mourned him, and expressed their worry about such a thing happening in their own city. It it's not only wrong to connect this to the dark past page of nazism, it is completely incorrect. And of course ultra right wingers hijack basically anything for their own agenda. So do ultra left wingers. Just don't accuse the majority who mourn a racially and islamist charged murder by suggesting they are nazis. It's just not true.

  6. In the coming decade Europe wil become populist. Enjoy this globalist border free super state while you can because it is on life support now.

  7. When you push us too far, you will reap the rewards. It is called karma.
    I look forward to the day when socialists and Muslims run for their lives.

  8. The Turkish people need a Yellow Vest movement to oppose rabid fascist war monger Erdogan, who sees himself as a king. The world views Erdogan as a threat to freedom, peace&stability! Little man with a Napoleon complex

  9. Here's hoping the EU loses power. This video seems to sympathize with the elites and tries to paint conservatives as racist because they see their culture and their rights being stripped away. If Africans saw an invasion of white migrants and then their rights being removed would it be okay for them to complain?

  10. How is this surprising? Freedoms are being eroded everyday across Europe, people feel they no longer have a say in what that giant octopus the E.U. does to their nation states, the globalists have pushed the people to their tipping point.

    This was expected and expect more in the future until the E.U. as a institution no longer exists.

  11. Excellent to see. We need more of IT. Not more immigration and political people telling people what we need. The traitor that are the EU should work for the people. NOT them selfs they are elites rats of the earth. The people will win in the end. !!!!!!.

  12. By 'populist' they mean non-liberal/globalist. It's a popular view for a reason. Perhaps the European governments should learn from what the people are asking for…

  13. Karma is coming back to Europe..the truth is Europe needs the so called third world countries more than the other way around…youre continent still benefits from what the European govts do in other countries..both actions in the past and in the present

  14. it may not tick through to the lizard people on top but with ai tech, and tech in general slaughtering working class jobs at the bottom – immigration just doesnt make sense.

  15. Wow, limit of courts You always Asked What Muslims Allah Almighty can do?Allah Almighty is About to end you as Beggars

  16. Who spreads fire internationally, will gain fire in his own country.

    Good luck Europe… A very harsh and dangerous, brutal time is awaiting you. Try to prepare for it.

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