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I’m Don Boudreaux, and
today we’re talking about->>Immigration reform.>>Build a wall.>>Citizenship.>>What are the walls
going to be made out of?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Unless you live under a rock you’ve heard the candidates make some
pretty big statements about immigration. There are three main concerns that
voters seem to have about immigration. Border security, terrorism, and
that immigrants steal jobs. Let’s address each of
these concerns in turn. Many Americans are concerned about
the security of our southern border. Republicans argue that walling
off the southern border is of paramount importance to
prevent illegal immigration. Some want there to be a literal wall. Others call for a figurative wall
in the form of more checkpoints, border control agents, and
surveillance along the border. Democrats highlight problems
with building a wall. They argue that while securing
the southern border is important, it is exceedingly difficult and
costly to do so completely.>>He’s talking about
the most beautiful tall wall, better than the Great Wall of China.>>Focusing on the Southern border they
claim also overlooks the fact illegal immigrants enter legally and
then overstay their visas.>>40% of people in this country ilegally
are overstaying visas, legitimate issue.>>The fact is, there are now more undocumented immigrants
leaving the country than entering it. Some American voters are also fearful that
immigration increases the terrorist threat on the homeland One of the shooters in
the recent San Bernardino terrorist attack was an immigrant. In response,
one 2016 candidate is calling for a temporary ban on all Muslim immigration.>>Donald J Trump is calling for
a total and complete shutdown of Muslims
entering the United States.>>Most other candidates respond that
banning Muslims from immigrating is unlike to make us any safer from attacks. And that such a move is bigoted and out of step with constitutional
protections of freedom of religion. There is overwhelming economic evidence
that shows that immigrants, both legal and illegal, do not on net steal Americans’
jobs or drive down their wages. Immigration is a great example of French
economist Frederic Bastiat’s concept of the seen versus the unseen. Though people see jobs filled by
immigrants that could have gone to immigrants, they don’t see the additional
value that these immigrants provide, both in their jobs, and as consumers. In economics, the idea that immigrants
steal jobs is known as the Lump of Labor Fallacy, which contends that the
number of jobs in the economy is fixed. If this were true, the massive influx of
women into the labor force in the latter half of the 20th century, for instance,
would have somehow been bad for the economy. It would have caused a combination of
massive unemployment and falling wages, yet in reality the entry of women into
the workforce caused no such consequences, it was a massive economic boom. What’s often neglected in this debate
is the huge impact that immigrants with advanced degrees or
skill sets can have on the US economy.>>Immigrants really have made major
contributions to the United States. Albert Einstein, Andrew Grove,
who established the chip world at Intel.>>Many international students earn
advanced degrees in the US, but return home because they’re
unable to extend their visas. The diversity within
Silicon Valley demonstrates how high skilled entrepreneurs, from abroad,
are creating jobs for all Americans. So what do you think? Should we build a wall on the Mexican
border and reduce immigration? Or should we recognize the value that
immigrants have to the society, and to the economy, and our long-standing
tradition of being a welcoming country?

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  2. I am now making 10 dollars less an hour doing the same job i did 10 years ago. Now i work for an immigrant owned company , because all the companies the i worked for before have gone out of business ,unable too compete with the lower labor cost.
    What i see and have experienced is in total contrast to what was just said.
    Who do you think i will believe now? My experience or this spin?

  3. Women entered the work force while we were still exporting. Your examples of good immigrants were mostly very smart Jews who were legal and would be highly paid. The welfare state continues to grow.

  4. Regarding immigrants you do seem to be assuming they are well educated and do not make any more use of the welfare system than the average person already living in said country / continent.
    Also what about cultural influences, when major amounts of people from the same culture come flowing in that can cause conflicts between their cultures that can cause havoc and instability (Instability that can cause both improvements and/ or be destruction).

    Then immigrants don't / do steal jobs argument, now I am not an economist but it sounds rather contradictory that they don't steal jobs because if they take a job that someone else could have had then either that job allows for another job to be created over time in which case during that time there will be less jobs for the native people.
    Or it won't create a new job in due time and it is a lost job for the native people increasing the competition and driving down wages.
    Unless there is a lack of people in the workforce compared to the amount necessary, which in practice is only possible if the amount of people without work is 0 and / or the people that don't work are only people who are incapable of the necessary jobs.

    Now again I am not an economist but these are the things that sound like they contradict your points to me.

  5. come on I expect this propaganda from tyt or test tube, not libertarians. Constitutionally the president is allowed to ban groups from being allowed to immigrate to the US. In the early 1900s Marxists were banned from entering the country. Non citizens are not protected by "freedom of religion". You never mentioned welfare or even the fact these immigrants largely vote for anti free market policies. Nj you sjw leftists

  6. Immigrants get the Blame, the Immigrants have Always Gotten the Blame. Before there were Filthy Mexicans there was Filthy Irish, They were gonna Destroy the New World…

  7. Sorry, but women pay taxes. Illegals don't. We spend 4 billion dollars per year just in medical costs for illegals. They are using the money that we make and pay but not paying back into the system. I don't care. Deport anyone who is not a legal citizen or green card holder and get rid of the stupid DREAM act.

  8. THIS VIDEO IS A DISGRACE AND HACK PIECE!!!!….. This guy neglects to tell the facts of the matter:
    -the violence at the border and violence within communities near the border from illegals.
    -illegal immigrants commit 30% of the murders in USA
    -illegal immigrant households account for 75% of immigrant welfare use
    – immigrants use $6,234 in welfare benefits per household, that is 41% higher than non-immigrant households
    -In 2014, illegal immigrants made up 36.7% of federal sentences
    -the Mexican government hands out leaflets of how to illegal immigrate to Mexico
    -illegals crossing the border and claiming refugee status
    -91.4% of Muslim refugees are on food stamps, while 68.3% are on welfare.
    -the drugs and firearms smuggled across the border.
    -sanctuary cities
    -the estimated 11.4 million illegal immigrants in the country
    -the fact that we don't even know who the people are that are coming in the country illegally


  9. As much as he's tries to present himself as unbiased in these videos, it is always very clear where his opinion lies. To me, however, the most frustrating part of immigration reform is that too many people automatically lump everything together and pretend that there isn't a difference between legal and illegal immigration. You can be pro-immigration, but still want to strengthen our borders and depart illegal immigrants.

    For example – in this video, he talks about people earning degrees as if you cannot get rid of undesirables without getting rid of them as well. If there is a reasonable process to do things legally that encourages productivity while weeding out problems, that isn't a problem.

    My biggest issue with our current immigration system is that we are allowing illegals to receive many of the financial and health benefits that are so costly to the tax payer. The immigration system, IMO, should try to filter out freeloaders and get them back to their own countries while welcoming all who are willing to come and be productive citizens.

    I believe the vast majority of immigrants are productive, but we tend to focus on the ones who aren't simply because they are such a drain.

  10. You are completely ignoring culture and the problems that brings. Nearly all of the middle east and most of what is south of Texas is a backwards shithole for a reason. Compatibility issues abound.

  11. The entire video is pointless as the premise fails to distinguish between legal and illegal immigration.

    Illegal immigration = government program. The libertarian/ancap open borders position is wonderful in a world where big business and government haven't colluded to push illegal immigration, and where welfare states do not exist. You can't have mass illegal immigration AND a welfare state, all you're doing is destroying current and future generations by saddling them with national debt.

  12. It may look like we need immigrants to fill these jobs but that is only because of our robust welfare system. Many of these hard working immigrants children and grandchildren will end up on welfare and almost all will vote to increase Welfare.

  13. This video is honestly just a large lump of falsehoods.

    1) Infringement on the freedom of religion: No, the freedom of religion only applies to U.S. citizens. Restricting future immigration of non-citizens based on religion is not an infringement upon a right that is only afforded to CITIZENS of the United States.

    2) Immigrants do not reduce wages: Again, false. Not only are you adding to the supply of labor which by definition will result in depressed wages, but you're also allowing a certain sector of the work force to work for less than minimum wage. Illegal immigrants often work for less than the federally mandated 7.25 an hour, thus they are actively depressing wages because legal citizens cannot compete BY LAW. You throw out the term "lump of labor fallacy" with no evidence to support this claim whatsoever. As an economist, this is the FIRST time I've heard anyone toss out this term and you do so without explanation of its validity.

    3) Illegal workers provide value to the economy as consumers: Not nearly as much as legal residents do. The vast majority of illegals send home huge portions of their earnings to Mexico in remittance payments which directly harms the U.S. economy and boosts Mexico's. That money, which they earn here, is not spent here, it is spent back in Mexico or whatever Central/South American country they come from. This effectively extracts wealth from the U.S. and transfers it to foreign countries.

    Nice try Learn Liberty, but in our current society you cannot reasonably promote the open border policy that Libertarians like. I identify as a Libertarian on nearly every issue, but when it comes to how our currently messed up world is structured, you don't just get to let anyone in and have everything be all hunky dory.

  14. You are looking at the southern wall as an economic wall over it being for security. We need that wall and it is being exploited by terrorists.

  15. Ask Europe how well blanket acceptance of immigrants works out.  Ask Orlando (and other cities) how well Muslims assimilate.  Then look at the numbers – US wage stagnation exactly matches the surge in immigrants.

  16. I'm all for cheaper labor.
    Let them come and work legally, but do not tolerate criminal behaviors.
    Stopping drug war should free up enough officers to deal with crimes better.

  17. I'm a mexican guy living in my own country. I got interested in this debate, so if anyone could please tell me what is the impact of having a Welfare program in the U.S., because everybody here in the comment section are pointing that out but I find little extendend explanations.

  18. I say we stop the bad immigrants and let the good immigrants in. I also like with Nigel set of the UK independence party immigrants should have a job for at least five years before being able to use social programs like welfare and then there's a limit how long they can stay on there. Finally I think all immigrants should watch a video on women's rights gay-rights tolerance to other religions followed by a test.

  19. Immigration SHOULD be curbed and even halted when originating from conflict areas.
    I find the arguments here too general and dismissive.
    Mexican immigrants are used as political pawns by the left, and are given preferential treatment over legal immigrants from other countries.
    Until this is reversed, it's fair game to call for a halt.
    Muslim immigrants are not just importing the odd terrorist. They allow for mass importation of radical preachers, recruiters and generally hostile individuals from conflict zones.
    Until this is reversed, it's fair game to call for a halt.

  20. You either change the laws and say that everyone can cross the border (absolute madness imo) or you execute the laws the reduce ILLEGAL immigration. Laws have to affect the reality or else they are pointless and are just lying to yourself to make you feel better like calling yourself a democratic nation of korea while being an totalitarian state.

  21. I wasn't for a wall, but Hillary really sold me on the idea. I can't wait for a wall bigger and more magnificent than the Great Wall of China.

  22. America is wealthy because its production is capital-intensive. Illiterate menial labors are not going to make America more productive, whether or not they literally steal jobs. Mexican immigrants have little capacity to attain human capital, since most of them don't complete high school and are functionally illiterate. There is no contradiction in supposing that America could become more productive at the same time it reduced levels of legal and illegal immigration.

  23. What most commentators fail to recognize is "illegal" does not equate "immoral". And what's with "I'm not an economist, but…" type of comments? If you have difficulty understanding his arguments or the terms he uses, isn't it better to actually educate yourself about the subject rather than post vacuous and irrelevant comments?

  24. The issue is the processing of immigrants now that the US of A has declared a War on Terror, the other issue is illegal immigrants, nothing against people who are in the US legally and those that have been vetted properly in these times. Another issue is with the flood of refugees that the US has more or less created by invading and bombing other sovereign nations, not even getting into their drone strikes and most especially and above all their weapons sales, the US is the biggest arms dealer on the face of the planet and it seems amazing that sometimes the weapons seem to be in the wrong hands in almost every place on the planet. The other thing, it seems the present administration is not following the highest laws or even the lowest laws of the land when it comes to immigration, then there is where these immigrants end up, the communication between the Federal and State governments seems to be not there at all and it seems the problem lies on the Federal level. Then there is the hypocrisy of the present administration on the term Radical Islamic terrorist, if you declare a war on terror, then it's always best to point out who the enemy is, yet the present administration has trouble with this, almost as if they want to lose their War on Terror. Oh yes, the so called job issue is tough for everybody, (getting close to 100 million Americans that have dropped off of the unemployment statistics, yet unemployment and the economy is just dandy.) but I do not think that's the main issue with legal immigrants, notice that's legal, and I don't think America's long standing of welcoming immigrants into the country is the main problem also, just in my opinion those two issues are not the issue at all and this video leaned a little too far into those particular issues that are actually non issues, while ignoring the Real issues as stated. This video also stressed the Wall at least 8 times it was mentioned only one minute into the video, just by that alone I got the message of how the people who made this video felt about immigration today. 2 minutes into the video and the video mentioned illegal immigrants only 6 times, 6 times for a major real concern, and then they tried to make it appear as if it was just, I repeat JUST people overstaying their Visas, (la la la la la, how dumbed down do you have to get with that line of reasoning.) which it is not just that at all.

    I once remember seeing a poll that was taken when Trump wanted to build a wall, there was almost nobody in favor of the wall on the Democrats side, but when Trumps name was removed the in favor of building of the Wall jumped two fold, bias anyone. Be that as it may, the Wall is also not the main issue. So in conclusion this video did not focus on the real problems of immigration, following the laws, and the problem of vetting immigrants during a time of a so called War on Terror, it never focused on the real problem of illegal immigration and the proper vetting of immigrants most especially including refugees, entering the United States where they are from, all the important details.

    So if the War on Terror does not exist and the US Government made it all up, repeal all these laws they've burdened us with since the dust hardly settled after 9/11, and forget everything I just put down here and open the borders wide. OR stop the hypocrisy, win the so called war by unifying the people of the US and stop distracting them with which bathroom to use, make entering the US determined on who the individual is, after all open borders during a time of War should be punishable with a charge of treason. One cannot do both at the same time, if it's war and you want open borders, surrender now. If it's not, end the entire scam.

  25. Professor Boudreaux is guilty of misstatements and selective editing (ala Katie Couric) to distort what Trump and conservatives are saying. Trump and conservatives are not against immigration as Boudreaux would have you believe – and he knows it. Trump and conservatives are against ILLEGAL immigration. Boudreaux' arguments supporting illegal immigration suggest illegals create a net positive for the U.S. based again on distorted "facts." Calls against resettling Muslim refugees are based on common sense security precautions to bar inadequately vetted refugees and for more economic and culturally sensitive and sensible approach of mid-East resettlement. The title of "professor" doesn't hide his clear open borders and One World Order agendas. Wouldn't be surprised if he's an advocate for Agenda 21 and the UN Climate Change Treaty too.

  26. Immigration reform is necessary because of inadequate immigration policy and execution. It will help boost the economy.

    Secure the border, expand guest-worker programs, increase work visas, give illegal immigrants that are already here legal status (Green Card) if they pass a background check and then send them to the back of the line to apply for citizenship.

    Solution for border security:

    Base all border agents' and their superiors' pay raises and bonuses on illegal immigration numbers.

    Track visas so people don't overstay their visas.

    Decriminalize drugs. It'll remove the problem of drug smugglers crossing the border illegally, lessen the danger to border security and residents of border towns.

    Government should have to verify legal status of those to whom they issue licenses, welfare and voter registration.

    Require the government to e-verify when an employer files an I-9 for an employee, not the employer; put the legal responsibility on the government if they get it wrong not on business.

    Increase work visas to match the demand by U.S businesses.

    Together all this will mean fewer people crossing the border illegally making it easier for border security to catch those who do cross illegally.

    Blame big government (excessive regulation, taxation and spending) for the hoarding off-shore, the corporate inversions and the problems of American workers; not immigration, not globalization.

  27. the wall is to prevent illegal immigrants… i'm so glad ya'll decided to overlook that really important fact. Oh, and the ban on muslims, is proposed as a temporary ban so that the government can beef up background checks so that we can identify threats to american citizens and keep those individuals out. the current obama policy on allowing mass immigration of muslim refugees is irresponsible and dangerous. also, the socialist programs that are in place to provide medical, education and financial aid to illegals has to stop. it is not our job to support/reward people who are in our country illegally. there is nothing bigoted about any of it. most, if not all, independent states have some form of laws that govern legal and illegal immigration that enforce those laws even when the penalties are extremely more radical than our deportation policy.

  28. This channel is good for libertarian economics videos, but in terms of immigration seems to be deeply biased somehow… because the excessive immigration stagnate or reduce wages… this is about supply and demand… it's weird that a "libertarian" channel ignores that

  29. This is some snake oil of the highest order. Obviously high skilled immigrants positively contribute to our economy. But no one is complaining about that. What are the benefits of allowing more immigration of low-skilled workers? I'm not seeing too many, particularly when labor markets are as weak as they are right now in the U.S.

  30. Most people are advocating that we get control of our borders. Then we can have a discussion about who to let in. Right now, people in many places feel like they have no choice. They're being overrun by poor people who don't share many of our fundamental values (or language or culture) and they feel powerless to stop it. Maybe their concerns should have been addressed instead of characterizing them as bigots for reacting to what they see in their own lives on a daily basis.

  31. If the problem is illegal immigration, it seems to me that the best solution would be to put money towards greater access to the citizenship process rather than building a wall, or more security measures. So many of these immigrants want to come to the United States because they think it will be better for their futures, so let's expedite the process of gaining legal citizenship. It's one thing to complain about immigration, legal or not, and another to complain about illegal immigration; one seems xenophobic, while the other respects the laws on the books.

  32. This is such a shallow and li mited dissection of the issue, it just makes the prods of the video look biased and foolish and won't change the mind of the target audience. Better to not make a vid if a decent one can't be made at 3 and a half mins than to make something so shit.

  33. Blah blah blah we are in a narrative war. Oh it's a sin to have laws! Ah… "their" concern is "They" steal our jobs. That's your narritives for dummies. You folks don't give a Crappie about "illegal immigrants." Any more than you "CAre" about "us." You have no empathy. Only greed. Go sell your sing songs carp to the rich part of town. You only have a limited time for that, as you want ALL the money… which will soon include theirs, too.

  34. How about if we make it easier for productive immigrants to come here LEGALLY, Withdraw our troops from the Middle East and place them on our Southern Border(Where we really need them), and might as well end the welfare state and end the Subsidization of Healthcare, instead privatize it and let the companies compete for customers.

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