1. Lol, people would have far more choice of how to live their lives under fully recognized Communism than they would in a capitalist society. Why are capitalist "critiques" of communism always critiques of what capitalism is actually like?

  2. That band is cool – Balkan brass + violin love it.

    I look for anti-Communism but only found a finger in my chili

  3. Remember attacking this commercial in those younger days. I could never imagined I will move to anticommunism 15 years later! Thanks Margaret Thatcher & Ronald Reagan for awakening me from commie college brainwashing I went thru!

  4. Theee BEST, thee FUNNIEST commercial in recent memory. I sure miss those exhilarating days and panicky -and possible nuclear – nights of the Cold War.

  5. I think that this commercial ran for only a week or two in the 80s and, from what I understand, Wendy's removed it quickly due to many complaints. I was lucky enough to see it during that time. It is a great example of marketing fail, however, it was just tapping into the stereotypes being fed to the people of the US by our overly paranoid anti-communist government. But hey, we needed an enemy . . . right???

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