15 Signs You’re An INFJ – The World’s Rarest Personality Type

Brainy Dose Presents: 15 Signs You’re An INFJ – The World’s
Rarest Personality Type The acronym INFJ stands for introversion,
intuition, feeling, and judgment. This personality type is considered to be
one of the rarest of the 16 Myers-Briggs Personality types – and makes up only about two percent
of the world’s population. People who have this personality type have
very unique characteristics that help them stand out from other individuals. They can be incredibly mysterious and emotionally
intelligent, and are sometimes referred to as “the counselor” or “advocate.” Although we may think we know a lot about
this personality type, it is in fact very misunderstood. So, let’s explore some of the main traits
of the INFJ personality type – and find out if you’re one of them! Number One – Different Wavelength INFJs tend to feel like outsiders due to the
fact that most other individuals are on a different wavelength than they are. Their dominant function is intuition – they
subconsciously notice patterns in basically everything. Mostly, these patterns have to do with human
nature, because of their secondary function, feeling – which draws them toward others. Intuition is an individual’s ability to
subconsciously understand something without knowing how or why they know it. Since intuition works subconsciously, it can
be described as a sort of ‘psychic ability.’ However, INFJs often have a difficult time
trying to explain this “sixth sense” to other people, which often leads them feeling
isolated or purely misunderstood. Number Two – Want Things Perfect & Often Procrastinate People with this personality type often deal
with a constant fear of failure. They strive for perfection and strive to surpass
the normal capabilities of a regular individual. This means that INFJs procrastinate a lot
– due to their subconscious need to find absolute perfection in mostly everything. Even though, realistically, they can do all
of these things they’re afraid of without having to try so hard. With that said, INFJs have a hard time
dealing with criticism, because it really stands out in their minds – sometimes washing
out the positive feedback they get. However, as they become more mature, they
find it easier to release themselves from this need of perfection. They may allow themselves to make more mistakes,
or focus on their self-confidence to achieve remarkable results pertaining to their life
goals. Number Three – Value Beauty and Quality Beauty and quality are things that an INFJ
strives to find in just about everything. They simply prefer to be surrounded by sophistication
and beauty. They are especially drawn to high quality
things such as fine food, nice clothes, and anything of good craftsmanship. And although their focus on sophisticated
items goes against their spiritual nature, beauty is a very inspiring and calming force
to them. Having said that, INFJs are typically minimalists. They would rather have a few nice things than
a bunch of mediocre ones. Number Four – Exude Warmth and Charm Most of us don’t often sit next to a stranger
and find ourselves telling them our biggest fears, dreams, and personal secrets… But INFJs are such charming people that it’s
not uncommon for a stranger to readily share such information with them! People with this personality type typically
have an aura that makes others feel incredibly comfortable and at peace when they’re around
them. Just about everybody enjoys being in their
company, and they are very good at putting people at ease. Not only are they comfortably trustworthy
and charming individuals, but they are also wonderful listeners who speak in understandable
terms and meet others where they are. Number Five – Highly Perceptive Of Others INFJs are able to read other individuals very
well, and they are able to understand their emotional states and motivations in seconds. On the other hand, they themselves aren’t
as easy to understand – and that can be difficult when you’re trying to understand someone
as well as they understand you. INFJs are not only very good at reading other
people’s emotions and feelings, they also use their intuition to dig deep below the
surface of another individuals’ mind. They find themselves intrigued with how other
people’s minds work, and figuring out what makes them unique in their own way. They can often easily tell when somebody is
lying to them – or even when someone is lying to themselves! Number Six – Absorb Other People’s Emotions It’s common for INFJs to absorb other people’s
emotions and interpret them as their own feelings. For example, if somebody else around them
is excited, they will often get excited as well. If someone is stressed or anxious, they may
feel stressed or anxious too. Feeling other people’s emotions in addition
to their own can be overwhelming. But, it also provides a better understanding
for those feelings and the ability to heal and comfort others. INFJs can confidently tell other people that
they’re going to be okay. Number Seven – Create Deep Emotional Intimacy Most INFJs can seem reserved or shy in the
presence of people they don’t know well. They are often perceived as mysterious or
merely private. But actually, they are quite relational – it
can just take a little bit of time for them to open up to others and show their true selves. INFJs crave authentic connections and seek
to trust people on a deeper level. And because of their ability to empathize
and have meaningful conversations, they establish strong emotional bonds with the people they
trust. Number Eight – True Introverted Nature Although INFJs are easy to socialize with,
they are introverted individuals. They know how to efficiently blend into social
settings, but they may also feel totally at peace with a rather small circle of friends
– who are trustworthy and deserving of their love. Like most introverts, INFJs usually get overwhelmed
and exhausted in large social settings or crowds. Even though they have an innate ability to
strive in these social settings, they also need their own individual alone time to relax
and recharge. Number Nine – Sensitive To Conflict Conflict tends to send INFJ personality types
into a state of stress. They strive to create harmonious relationships
with the people close to them, and they desire for those people to help maintain the harmony
in the relationship. When a conflict arises, it can physically
disrupt their seemingly constant optimistic nature. They will often have trouble sleeping or concentrating
when they are thinking about a conflict that has to do with them or somebody they care
about. It can even stress out their bodies – to the
point where they get muscle aches, headaches, stomach pains, or other unwanted bodily disturbances. Of course, this does not mean that people
with this personality type seek to avoid all conflict. But over time, INFJs learn to set healthy
boundaries for conflicts while standing up for their own needs at the same time – and
they do so with absolute understanding of others. Number Ten – Future Focused Willpower is a very important aspect of this
personality type. INFJs will often do whatever they can to move
themselves closer to their personal goals. For example, if they’re in a relationship
that seems to be going nowhere, or they are employed somewhere they don’t like or don’t
see a future in, they will break off the relationship or quit their job. Furthermore, INFJs are also very critical
of past circumstances, and they tend to remember the bad experiences. To avoid the negative feelings that often
accompany these flashbacks, they typically prefer to live a life focused on the future. Number Eleven – Gravitate Toward People Who
Need Help An INFJ is able to see the good in other people. However, they often fall victim to the Broken
Wing Theory – as they believe they can rescue others. They often find themselves gravitating toward
people who need help – due to their ability to compassionately help and heal others. This can be rewarding for INFJ personality
types, but if boundaries get overstepped, it can also feel very stressful or frustrating. Number Twelve – Intellectual Thinker INFJs often find themselves thinking very
deeply about their purpose, meaning, and what makes everything in their lives the way they
are. They enjoy music, reading, and philosophical
or spiritual matters because of their love for learning new things and further expanding
their understanding of the world. Naturally, because of their need to understand
such deep revelations, INFJs do not fall victim to trivial conversation or gossip. This is an extremely positive characteristic,
but it also provides challenges in enjoying simple things – such as watching a movie or
having coffee with colleagues. INFJs often have a difficult time relaxing
or doing regular day to day activities without overthinking them. Number Thirteen – Gifted In Language Due to their introverted nature, INFJs typically
spend their alone time engaging in their personal hobbies. Being so insightful provides for a vast expanse
of creativity, and is often accompanied by a great understanding of language. However, INFJs tend to prefer writing over
speaking, because writing is an outlet that allows them to express their creative thoughts
or ideas without as many barriers. Conversations with others can easily fall
short or become negative when talking about such opinionated matters, so they avoid talking
a lot – unless it’s necessary. Writing provides a sense of relaxation and
peacefulness because it is a wider plane for releasing one’s deepest thoughts. INFJs are often very talented and successful
writers because of their ability to employ divine symbolism and intrigue in their writing. Number Fourteen – Work Best Alone, Or In Small
Groups Although INFJs get along very well with others,
they often do their best work when they work alone, without any interference from others. Or, they may work with a few individuals whom
they trust and have similar thought processes to their own. And while INFJs are emotional and highly sensitive
individuals, they can be quite analytical and scientific as well. They often enjoy a career associated with
science, research, or technology. Number Fifteen – Focused On What’s Right Due to their loving and healing nature, INFJs
often feel compelled to protect others. They may stand up to bullies on another person’s
behalf, or focus on helping somebody who is undergoing a difficult situation in life. If they choose a career where helping others
isn’t necessarily involved, they will likely donate money or find time to volunteer for
a charity. INFJ personality types also find themselves
with a fear of being a bad person, which motivates them to do what they believe is right. The INFJ personality type is complicated and
quirky – and sometimes downright contradictory. And like every personality type out there,
INFJs have both strengths and weaknesses. But understanding their characteristics can
help others get along with them better. Of course, some of these traits are things
many people can identify with, so the best way to determine your personality type is
to take a test developed by specialists. However, if you can relate to most of these
signs, chances are good that YOU ARE an INFJ – the world’s rarest personality type! Let us know what you think! How many of these traits do you resonate with? Are you an INFJ? If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs
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  1. I just took the test and got 3 possible results as "very good matches". One of them is INFJ but I'm certain I'm not 100% that type since I cannot really relate with some of the points in the video. B.t.w. my other 2 results were INFP & INTP. So I guess I'm 33% INFJ? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Nonsense site .. don't ever try to make something problem for other. My cousin brother watch this fucking video and he think that he is something like Superman . Fuck up

  3. Me and my partner did the test and it was a surprised we both got this INFJ thing, but I'm the one that constantly improving myself and he's just happy go lucky, the assertive one and whatever rock the boat. 😅😆
    Though it is true, we both can't explain how we have intuition with things but we just knows.

    I also get this thing that whoever around me what they feel I would empathise with them too, pretty much everything saids above. I used to think I was extraverted, but I can't be around people for more than 2 days, I can't have small talk I start to yawn, I love science!! It was very confusing to understand a strange conflict personality, I thought I was socially dysfunction but I have really good friends around but only a few are close. As time goes by and being older, quit my job and travelled I start to learn myself better and understand the complexity of human nature and my personality also.

    But even if you have the rarest type of personality it doesn't mean anything special, because every personality types have some very very unique about them which I really don't exhibit.
    16 personality types, I think there are more than that but you know, science saids so. 😉

  4. i took the Myers personality test twice, first time i got Logistician- ISTJ and then second time around i got Analysts- INTJ. idk which one i am.

  5. I actually took the quiz and got INFJ before I saw this vid, I don’t actually think we’re that rare I just think that everyone is so unique in their own way and we can be a little contradictory so it’s just harder to get on a normal quiz. Still really enjoyed the video great job 🙂

  6. my school counselor made my grade level take a survey to see their personalities. she told me im an INFJ but i dont really think i am… i might be an INFJ, or i might not..? i know for sure that my teacher is an INFJ, though.

  7. I'm a INFJ🌺
    15/15 of the traits are related to me.
    INFJ's rather have the possibility of being useful to people, to whom that is easy to do "good", and they would not be in accustomed to have done for them.

    That's their idea of happiness.
    What more can the heart of a INFJ desire?😘🤓

  8. Note: if other people don’t notice or say these things in the video about you then you’re probably not an INFJ, your personality type might be “quirky” 14 yr old who likes Billie eilish and scrunchies

  9. Took the myers-briggs assessment in college, and I was scored as an INFJ. Must say, the video was spot on. For a long time I wrote fiction and studied psychology since these felt natural to me. Today I have my own business where I build websites. I always had a small circle of friends (still do), though I knew how to be social. I play chess, music, have long valued literature and philosophy. And I've never felt similar to others, but on rare occasion I would meet someone where I felt an immediate connection. Intuition is certainly a part.

  10. I don't know if I have that INFD personality or something, but I know that everyone has an unique personality. You are you not anyone else. It's good to be yourself. Don't let anyone change that thought

  11. Imma be honest this is acctually me but u font hv to believe it and I get u bc lots of ppl are lyin
    But tbh I'm more of a extrovert

  12. I started thinking about how satisfied I am to have an apparently rare personality type, then I realised that taking it too seriously would make me look incredibly annoying😂

  13. It scares me how many people at my school are afraid of me. I don't see myself as a scary or mean person, but I also don't think I need an attitude adjustment either. I can't argue with the rest of the personality "traits" or "types" in this video though, because they sound quite a lot like me. It's a mixed personality, kind enough to have great socialization skills and help others, but just about drive themselves mad. Sounds a lot like my inner Pisces self. ♓☺️

  14. If all of you admit you're one of those INFJ means it's not the rarest anymore.
    Well done in taking control of their mind, Brainy Dose.
    If you are so kind like that, you must have a very stressful life right now especially with peoples' behaviour nowadays.

  15. Enthusiastic, gregarious, talkative, expressive… all extravertive traits. My traits. Yet I HATE large groups or events. I prefer one on one or to be left alone… all introvertive traits. 95% of the above video applies… sigh.

  16. I’ve been trying to write this comment to explain my personality for 30 mins now, but it’s too damn hard, so I’m putting this off for now. I’ll reply to this comment another day to explain this.

  17. Almost every comment is making fun of the people who are saying they're INFJ after watching this.

    But I truly believe I might be an INFJ because nothing has described me MORE than this video, weirdly enough… Brainy Dose is stalking me >.>

    I have depression though, so I'm really emotional a lot of the time. It's hard… I'd get into what I feel, but I'll just start crying and then I won't be able to see my keyboard, so yeah…

  18. im an ISTP-A / ISTP-T i did the personality test yall should take that instead of watching a video just saying the test also explains your traits and shit like that

  19. No wonder why I wanted to donate money and start a fundraiser to do that in 3rd grade for animal related things.

  20. All I see is people saying “no one/quirky girls: I’m an INFJ” and those type of comments but I don’t see anyone saying that wtf lmao

  21. 2nd Comment:
    The 16 Personalities Test told me that I am an INFP-T after taking it, which actually sounds very much like me, so cool. I'm not sure if it's accurate, probably isn't at all, but only 2% of people have it.

  22. Is it even legal, to comment on this video? – I did feel at easy, watching the whole video. But I feel like, something isn't entirely true

  23. If you take the Myer briggs(I can't remember her name atm)personality test you'll know your personality type, it could be accurate or a little different from you but to me it's accurate for me personally. I took it and I got ISFG which is a kind of common personality I think

  24. Oh my goodness! This is def me. I’ve never heard of this personality type before but it all makes sense to me. Esp the conflict part. I HATE conflict and it does this exact same thing to me.

  25. INFJ very close in many of the things mentioned and more . Mind Blowing learning more about these areas in perspective.

  26. People are saying how others are saying "I'm a INFJ" over and over and they are getting annoying themselves.

  27. The most amusing thing about INFJs is when they're arguing amongst themselves who's an imposter and who isn't. 😁

  28. This is the equivalent to self diagnosis. Or them stupid personality tests. No won…you know what never mind self diagnose all you want. Why would I care I want you dead anuway but this way..youre doing it for me.

  29. um…. all of them….but i have a question… i know INFJ is the rarest personality type…um.. so… why is there so many people saying "YES! Thats me!" "All of themmmm!" is it really 1% or 2% of the worlds population?… please notice my question..

  30. Ok honestly I’am 99% sure I don’t have it, even tho I have all the signs. Could be something else lmao
    Why does everyone wants to have it? Tf get diagnosed then
    *Edit: *get diagnosed then

  31. Nope, not me
    Except the trustworthy one ive healed some of my friends depression and i can understand there emotion, people dont ynderstand me actually but, i know how they feel, because i see it in myself
    I also have mind copy, others personality i copy like a clown lmfao

  32. Wooow! I definitely relate to all of these. A few of the traits were a bit too exaggerated for my personality but still explained me! 👏🏻🙌🏻

  33. Signs? As in we took the test and that’s what it said? Congratulations you’re part of the personality type that has the darkest sense of humor and has to constantly sugar coat ourselves for others

  34. INFJ: The worlds rarest personality type to get diagnosed with and the world's most common personality type to self diagnose yourself with.

  35. I actually took this test and I'm an INTJ (0:22 Top Left). Most of the INFJ traits are very similar to my personality, except for a few.

    #1 to 7 = Pretty much the same.

    #8 = I'm very much more introverted than what's described here. I really don't have much to say even when I like people. I have to be around you more than just a few times to really BELIEVE that you genuinely want to be my friend, otherwise I can just treat you nicely whenever I see you…but don't expect me to call you…or remember your name.

    #9 = Not very sensitive about conflict, I don't lose sleep over it at all, but I do try to make balance readily available and easily possible. I guess I just don't like conflict, but I definitely don't dwell on it either. I have more important things to do than worry about ill-mannered fools.

    #10 to 15 = Same again.

  36. Lmfao, I feel like feelings are just straight up retarded. I’m a logician, an INTP-A. When I took the quiz I literally had zero feelings and I honestly hate fucking advocates they’re so annoying. I actually met one online and they were whiny as fuck!

  37. Took a personality test today from https://www.16personalities.com/ and got INFJ-T aperintly I need to work on my confidence lol. But this video is 100% me it's nice to know iam not just a freak who oxy morons her self for no reason.


    Now guess what I'm tryna say…..
    If you understood that wierd personality of mine….


  39. This is why I don't like the MBTI. Everybody wants to be so fucking special. If you wanna see this massive circlejerk in action, go to some MBTI related subreddits.

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