13 Months Away, Pressure Building On Media Companies Over Political Ads | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Facebook ain’t gonna do anything about it, a lizard runs it and a lizard runs the senate and an orange runs the presidency, they’ll get along well

  2. Yes. The real problem is that Trump is just a crisis actor and a victim of the propaganda that the Mercers, Bannon, Bolton and the Freedom Caucus are still pushing around the world through their various channels and sub brands like Qanon.

    The propaganda they have been putting out to have leverage over their opponents has been pretty bold all the way and if Americans only watched the Bush funeral again, they might understand that the whole house of cards is about to crumble down – into a bloody mob war.

    They still have the Cambridge Analytica resources, the data of 87 million Facebook users – the ultimate ways and means to deliver the dirt, propaganda and even national secrets of the past administrations to their target groups.

    Yes, many members of the past and current administrations are also corrupted war criminals. The world already knows that – despite the shaky public narrative. Lifting the transparent veil violently will only cause a civil war. Just watch Bannon skyping Vatican 2014, here on YouTube – just maybe the war is the goal of their church militant. Do you really think they are going to give up and surrender? With friends like Erik Prince? What was the documentary called – the one Bannon made after leaving the White House? Boom.

    The way Bolton gaslighted his way out of the White House just before the Saudi Arabia hit job is exactly the same thing Bannon did before they lauched Qanon aka the Republicans' midterms campaign aka the public leverage.

    They have been shaping the narrative all the way, while regular Americans and every kind of mainstream and whateverstream media have been paying almost zero attention to this domestic and global propaganda operation.

    Thoughts and prayers, from Finland.

  3. On the other hand, sports are entertainment, not necessity. If not for Yao Ming and Yi Jian Lian, many do not even care about NBA.

  4. People's lies are the News. You can lie to and be lied to. Wake up to the lie and the Father of lies. When the people believe the lie that people will be destroyed by the truth. When the truth is your ☀️ guide you are truly free. The Revolution will not be televised 👁⌛️🌟

  5. So after being weawy sowwy for helping Russian meddling, and vowing to be more truthful, Facebook has bravely decided to take any and all money for any old lies.

  6. Facebook get out of the political game Your company has no business using the Facebook platform for ANY POLITICAL ADS DISPLAYED TO THE MASSES. YOU WANT TO ENGAGE IN SUPPORTING TRUMP I’LL DELETE FACEBOOK ACCT. AND SO WILL 20 OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS. SEE YA .

  7. Mark Zuckerberg said Elizabeth Warren would be a terrible POTUS for Facebook. But the fact is, the disinformation should be considered vote tampering. And the lies and attacks, actually keep from voting. Some people just dont know what to believe. But it's not always our right to lie, and there is a law against defamation of character. But when it comes to politics, the bigger the liar, the better the chance of becoming POTUS. Do we want another Trump, or do we want our elections to be based on honest information? Politicians need to start saying what they can do, and stop worrying about the smear campaigns, and it needs to be law, and enforced.

    Pitchfork mob MSNBC serpent brainwashing operatives or they will Destroy your family and children.

  9. Gees the frumpster runs America on social media …that in itself is astounding but then again it is easier to act the big shot behind a screen …..lmao cowardly but then again that is what most politicians are…….

  10. Everyone except the "weird, weird people" on FOX, and some others like FOX, who push false, conspiracy theories… everyone is doing an excellent job drawing out the truth. That said, special mention best be made of Rachel Maddow who literally risks her life bringing to light the machinations of the MONSTER Vladimir PUTIN; and Trump and his MOSCOW MINIONS' betrayal of America.

  11. Anyone who gets their "facts" and news from social media is lazy and shouldn't be allowed to vote because they will be uninformed.

  12. What the white haired guy just said is the right is the boss of the rest of us. They have all their disinformation and we have to live with it or they ell make laws that then restricts everyone’s speech???

  13. The boss at MSNBC is a big Trump sympathiser-simple. Why is acceptible to host flagrantly misleading ads?? If you now better you should do better. Lies resulted in the current president's election the media should not be complicit to this-CNN has shown a moral ethical and responsible position MSNBC should be ashamed!

  14. So long story short revenue wins … not complicated. Fight back with the very thing they are beating you to death with and have POISONED with 'fake news'. Trumpanzees do not want to be educated, that's why they DON"T watch this channel. You need to strengthen your libel and slander laws so that lies have consequences.

  15. I think every NBA Jersey should have the words, "Free Hong Kong" in English and Chinese one above and the other below the athletes number. On the other hand, I don't watch sports, so what do I know?

  16. Maybe a disclaimer should be put on ads that contain contested information. Of course…that would be like all of them lol.

  17. . Your Country is in Trouble of a Dictator being crowned Emperor . The time has come to stop interviewing people who are afraid to call it what it is . Russia is the least of your worries . Trump has taken over your country . Take Action

  18. Stefanie is again following the weakest talking points and most banal topics. Trump just made a deal with the president of Turkey to slaughter our allies…. Get it Stephanie?? do you understand??

  19. Listen to ANTI FREE SPEECH Ruhle opening with "Facebook is staying out of the moderation game.." This is a lie.. Facebook has banned millions of conservative Trump supporters !!!! MSNBCannibal news is a hostile foreign controlled propaganda outlet operating on US soil!

  20. Seriously underestimating the Chinese government's control over the population. Their media, education and regulation isn't "whatever you want", it's whatever the Party want you to think, see, hear, mean and feel. It's non-stop brainwashing and indoctrination from the decond you're born, until the moment you die – full stop. And for the Chinese people, what we think of as individualism, freemdom, choice, free expression, rights – none of those things… are a thing, in China.

    If the Chinese govt. feels a tiny bit slighted by some NBA player or representative, and says NBA won't be available in China – people are gonna stop watching it. Because China is that kind of dystopia now. The government say, the people obey. Every single little whim.

  21. 2:05 "I, for one, don't entirely see what the problem is here" Yeah you guys, smear campaigns and flagrant lies are par for the course, why get your panties in a bunch?

    what a tool

  22. Social media has become the lawless Wild West with no sheriff, but it can only function with a dumbed down subscriber base who can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction. While everyone has been happily self promoting, the Russians have been weaponizing the platform.

  23. 5:15 "We have a constitutional right to lie. It's part of our freedom of speech" !?!? wait what?!

    Call me crazy, but I thought freedom of speech was about speaking truth to power without fear of retribution. Not about those in power spreading flagrant lies.

  24. If your parent company allows knowingly false ads regardless of purpose, why would we trust anything you have to say?

  25. Anyone who still uses facebook and trusts facebook to give you "reliable" information is blind to the issues in this country and everywhere else.

  26. Speech is constantly censored. No one is worried about freedom of speech then.
    Its irresponsible for ANY mainstream platform to push debunked conspiracy theories.

  27. I tune out ALL political ads since 2016. I don't trust any "social media" or regular "media" to police themselves. Obviously, that's a good call. Just do your own research. Don't listen to or watch any ads. Don't trust polls because those are polls of voters NOT of the electoral college. Stop believing everything that's shown to you. Research. Stop repeating sh*t like "fake news" when it's REAL f*cking news. You'll be caught with your pants down and be ignorant of what's going on in the real world.

  28. The fact that political ads are the ONLY type of slander & libel that are LEGAL is BS. You shouldn't be allowed to do that. It should be illegal like it is in every other situation.

  29. China doesn't have "freedom of speech". Sorry but they can ban whomever they want and so can advertisers. Go find other advertisers who believe in our country's rights. We can't make other countries into America when we can't even say what we are anymore…other than untrustworthy. If the NBA works with China and explains that it was a "person" and not a whole team or the NBA, then China can ban that single person which would be a compromise. Not a good one but still…

  30. China is doing this all over the world. Even Swedish news media that is criticizing China got reprimands, and that is starting argues between China and Sweden. They are trying to establish Chinese censorship all over the world. At the same time they are buying ports and industries also all over the world. Offering help to poor countries like in many countries in Africa and bind them to Chines rules. Pretty scary IMO. And now even Blizzard/Activision have banned a player that supported the protesters in Hong Kong.

  31. If I had my way, I'd ban all political advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It's all white noise at this point and only creates anxiety and hard feelings. HUGE waste of money and I can see nothing good about these ads.

  32. you americans are really drunk with freedom of speech that have lost the sight of what it really means. the freedom to protect is about expression of ideas and opinions in matter of politics and public figures, moral values etc.
    you have the right to your opinions, you do not have the right to your facts, the same way you do not allow astrology in the schools you cannot allow propaganda of false facts.
    apparently you have not learned your lesson yet, you let these falsities spread and what you’ll get is a society where true facts and BS are mixed without a way for the public to decide which one is true, money to invest in propaganda will talk and at the end the personal bias will prevail to confirm what everyone wants to be true, the perfect recipe for civil war

  33. MSNBC is showing ads of apocryphal RNC propaganda? Disgusting Hypocrisy. The rationalizations of these guests is pathetic. You either stand for something or you don't. You want freedom of speech? Fine. But I don't have to provide you a platform for it. Find your own platform for your defamatory and anti-democratic lies.


  35. Owner of Facebook and Instagram was fined over 5 billion dollars by the Feds. He met with Trump in May 2019 & now the trump reelection campaign is ok to run ads filled with lies. The new guidelines were changed in August 2019

  36. Corporate Slug Zuckerberg is worried that the Democrats may break up his monopoly; and his control over the simple minded that love his social media B.S. scam.
    How the greedy 1% traitorous pig Zuckerberg's Fakebook plays you.


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