11 Republican Senators Break With President Trump In Rebuke On Sanctions | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Humpty Trumpty sat on his wall Humpty Trumpty is heading for a fall and all the lyin Kings horses a$$e$ and all his Repugnant men can't put Trumpty together again.

  2. Mitch has done more to ruin this countries politely system than any other single person. He has been fighting to inject as much money into politics as he can get,knowing that it is a corrupting influence. He is evil incarnate. A rotten,fetid,dark soul lurks in him. He needs to go!

  3. Britains's Paul Mason, New Statesman contributing writer, author and filmmaker states: Here in Europe, the far right are being heavily, heavily funded and promoted by Vladimir Putin. Steve Bannon’s money is also pouring into British politics. The dark, opaque money of Russia and the money of people like Bannon is out there, and they’re going to try and fund the same thing they funded in the States. At the same time, America is looked at as an unreliable ally because of these revelations about Trump. In Poland, only two days ago, the mayor of a major city was murdered. We have political violence now in our continent. We want to calm things down. We want to be able to do it, of course, in a way that speaks to those poor communities that are being dragged towards the right, dragged towards this right-wing populist, xenophobic politics. We cannot—we cannot really do it by abandoning our values.

  4. There were not 406 exhibits.
    Exhibits: 1 – 19 (about $125,000),
    100 – 101(about bookkeeper & Real Estate)
    200 – 238 (about Manafort & KK revising documents)
    300 – 301 (totally redacted)
    400 – 406 (Manafort revising documents)

  5. A lot of Russian money going around, and most of it funnel through the NRA and into the coffer of Republican lawmakers.
    Has anyone noticed how quiet is the NRA now? They seem to want to fly unnoticed under the radar. Interesting!

  6. Barr is a partisan hack who has openly lied about Comey's firing and has been recorded on tape saying the exact opposite !! Hack!!!

  7. Interesting to note that among the 11 Repub Senators who broke ranks with their party to vote to keep sanctions in place, one of those Senators WAS NOT the newest member from Florida, Rick Scott. I hope Florida voters are happy with their choice. We can depend on Scott to side with this dimwitted president. Maybe he should be investigated for Russian ties.

  8. Texans need to look at how our senators voted. Ted Cruz is trump's b17$h. What happened to "don't mess with Texas"? Cruz, trump and the NRA are traitors.

  9. Those sanctions against Russia should definitely stay in place. If Putin gets those taken off he'll be even more emboldened than he is already.

  10. Russia is giving him what he wants. So for him it's what Russia wants over what the United States wants. For Trump even while being the President…It's show me the money !! Trump and world traveling Jared Kushner are most likely selling classified information as well.

  11. meanwhile, we've managed to avoid a terrorist attack on Washington D.C. this week. There was an Terrorist attack in Syria and a whole bunch of other things. However, you wouldn't no that on a network that has only one story.

  12. I can't think of any other mature western democracy that would let their President / Prime Minister continue in office if they'd lied and interfered with justice half as much as Trump had. Trump is the Commander in Cheat of the USSA.

  13. +MSNBC
    You can check my comments, I am by no means a conservative or Russian bot. I believe in quality control, unlike the Republican party, which just gives every Republican a pass no matter how corrupt/dishonest/insanely hyperpartisan/divisive they are.

    That said, I was disappointed in what Rachel Maddow was inferring with her segment on Barr's confirmation.
    I found him to be VERY independent. He even called Trump "one pager" (meaning he doesn't read much) and therefore needs to shorten his responses so Trump can understand, he was a friend to Mueller and does not consider the probe a witch hunt.
    You might be thinking "well he's just saying those things to get confirmed". You think Trump would be okay with anyone saying those things publicly in his administration?
    And consider the questions that Democrats asked. He didn't really have any alternative answers to give with those convoluted questions. They relied on hypotheticals, none of which were specific in any way. I mean how would you answer those questions, if you received the exact same questions from Republican lawmakers?
    I mean he could've answered them a little better or been more specific with his answers. But they were blatant questions of his integrity. If he agreed to the premise of a lot of those hypotheticals, he'd be admitting that he's corrupted in some huge way. He's answering from the premise that he's honest and therefore would fight against a corrupted Judicial department that tried to remove him for nonsense reasons.
    Which is why Rachel's segment on it seemed overly hyperpartisan, in that it refused to dissect the questions he was being asked in any honest way.

    Likewise, reporting on Manafort was WAYYY too long. All you need to say is it's redacted and there's no new information. It's kind of humorous that she was expecting a lot to catch up on before the show, but really the whole segment was unnecessary.

    For those segments, I actually downvoted a Rachel Maddow video for once, for quality control. Because I actually care about the content (I know a downvote won't make a difference, but I think quality control is extremely important, something Republicans and conservative media completely lack in their own party to contain the madness that has infected them).
    I look forward every day to Rachel Maddow's videos, but this one was a huge disappointment.

  14. Repubs could not bring up the bill to make federal workers lives easier but they did bring up the bill to improve a Russians life. This should show you what the repubs care for. It is not us. We have to wake up and stop looking at the president and start looking at the Senate. They are the actual people that are keeping the government shut down. Do you think they pledges their allegiance to trump or America? Look at what is driving them especially after this vote. It is time for us to wake up. Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas wake up and smell the borscht.

  15. I
    Another appointment specifically made in hopes of placing a fire
    wall between The Traitor and his Just Desserts, impeachment and

  16. Harris's examination amounted to basically, "…but did you…but how…yeah, but how…ok, but how…ok."
    That's awfully sophisticated.

    Here are two simple questions Harris could have asked to actually get to where she wanted in her examination.
    – Do you know of any instances or the last time an AG went against the advice given to them by DOJ ethics officials? (and Harris would have researched the answer/information…obviously)
    – Do you know the reaction, outcome or sequence of events that were directly caused due to any instances or last time an AG went against the advice given to them by DOJ ethics officials? (and Harris would have researched the answer/information…obviously)

  17. Rubio has vengeance in mind. Susan Collins, is not down w/ overt racism/sexism. Sasse as well. Rachel. They dont have "hidden depth" so much as they have a knack for self preservation. Dont conflate a necessity with a virtue. 2 different things.

  18. I miss obama admin. Because he got a chance to be a president. Trump was attacked before he got a chance to even start. Theres so much garbage on msnbc, fox cnn, its crazy…I like Dan Bongino, at least he is on every network..

  19. So, Mitt Romney did exactly as predicted .. talked a big game but voted for the Russians and Trump . Utahns … pay attention to something other than the fact Romney is a Mormon ! For crying out loud you all saw what he was capable of .. yet you believed his lies and now we are stuck with him for 6 years .. Disgusting !!

  20. Anyone in America, or any part of our Government who are opposed to finding the truth to this investigation can not call themselves American, or honorable..

  21. This jerk did not answer with "Yes" or "No", instead wiggled around like a common earthworm. I would not trust him as far as I can throw him.

  22. cant believe america is actually letting this happened, a president who clearly lied from day one about not having ties to russia and we are finding out left and right that everyone he hired or has around him have ties with russia and even himself has tried to do business with them, why is he still president, are we going to wait till he has done damage that cant be undone to get him out?

  23. I don't think Barr cares one way or another whether he his confirmed. I think most of US citizens and citizens of the world are enjoying see the POTUS squirm. Trump is the pariah in chief. The Republicans are constantly having to equivocate their support for the policies Trump supports while keeping him at arm's length in regards to his bizarre personal behavior. That goes for right-wing media as well.

  24. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn didn't vote against lifting sanctions. Texans, call them and make some noise. GOP in bed with Ruskies. By the time this is over our own missiles will be pointed at US targets. Doesn't seem like a fantasy when you consider all the gifts and succor the GOP has given our sworn enemies back in the former USSR.

  25. Russia has enough American info to destroy us ,,we should not have let them in the U.S., and Trump should not have became president of the USA

  26. Barr is just another POS that won't answer a straight question. You can tell by his mealy mouth answers. I for one will not listen to anymore of his lying BS😎

  27. Great job Mr Schumer and our Patriots of both parties!!! There are still some republican patriots left! Thank you all!!!

  28. You guys could be the Americans that lost the Democracy. It took about 244 years to lose it. Its getting late, assassinate.

  29. I know a lot of people want Sen. Harris to run for President but I would love to see her as the attorney general because she is an excellent prosecutor

  30. William Barr’s responses….and I am as Liberal as Jesus Christ-He taught me- ARE CORRECT and logical! Amen 🙏

  31. Incredibly prominent GOP senators like McConnell, Romney, Graham, Cruz, Cornyn, Burr, Johnson, and Thune are in lock-step support of trump’s kowtowing to Putin’s demands for US sanctions relief on Russian oligarchs and their business interests. It shows just how deeply and all pervasively the trump administration’s self-serving corruption scheming which dramatically threatens national security has taken hold. Under normal circumstances this kind of abject support of blatant political meddling in full view would sound alarms all over the place. But a kind of public nonchalance about these developments seems to have settled in, emboldening these senators to sense that they can turn a blind eye to activity bordering on treason with impunity, which is extremely troubling.

  32. Just remenber Mc Connell wife is a big shot in the government. Elana Chow . She is the only thing that keepsxMc Connell true to Trump because he doesnt want her to be loong her job next. i

  33. Yeah I horrible at English I love math and I try my best to direct students to comp sci and programming, why not listen to what I'm saying instead of how I'm saying it, Obama and Biden were silent, and evil flourishes, there's no denying it, so critique that

  34. Obama is a good man Biden too, Lincoln was a good man, he had his faults too, the militia he headed killed a lot of natives, and there was no standing army, I forgive, we should all remember we are Americans,

  35. Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind, that Barr sees his job, is to protect republicans from what he sees as a witch-hunt? The true definition of a witch-hunt was Bengazi, and Hillary’ emails, where $30 million dollars were spent, and 0 indictments were issued and no guilty pleas.

  36. If Trump weined once he cried out ten times on TV that Jeff Sessions betrayed him by recusing himself from RMueller SOC investigation over sight, he is also reputed to ask for personal loyalty from Justice Department leaders (J.Comey). Guess what the foremost prerequisites were to get nominated by Trump for USAG. W.Barr advised George Hiram Walker Bush on the proper pardoning of co-conspirators involved in the Reagan-Bush era Iran/Contra criminal prosecutions.

  37. Wow I just noticed Steve Daines is on the list and boy am I surprised. He's a rich guy who got to be our Senator only because our other Senator got a better job. He called my home on a public forum and they screened the calls. It was my church night so I was going to have to leave in a hour or so and I stayed on the phone all that time and then realized he wasn't taking ONE QUESTION about Trump! So I hung up. Next thing I see is him at the White House and Trump saying to him, "Steve why don't you come down here and stand by me?" The celebrity worm speaks and THEN my daughter tells me Steve with some other Senators spent July 4th in Moscow!! Putin loves dissing America so he has people come on our special respected holidays. His first term in office and Steve Daines spends it delivering a message to Putin in the American Embassy which his 82 year old ex KGB boss got the job from Rex Tillerson to guard. Can you imagine? An enemy guarding OUR Embassy? And in they go. What Trump want them to give Putin or say to Putin? He uses his own cell phone which the FBI and the Secret Service has told Trump that Russia and China can listen in on but Trump just blows them off and keeps using it. So why the secret meeting? More orders? What would it take to pick him out that chair and throw him in prison for betraying America? Had he been a Mayor of any city he'd would have been long gone. But Putin hates America and he wants Trump to stay in office as long as possible to mess up America. And Mitch and the Cabinet members are helping him! So why is Steve doing the right thing now? It makes no sense as a yes person to Trump. 🙁 Songs

  38. Trump temper tantrum government shut down is a distraction. Follow the money from Russia, through the NRA to the RNC, and arrest all Republicans involved for treason! We have a traitor in the Whitehouse! Arrest Agolf Twittler.

  39. For as evil of a propaganda agency MSNBC truly is… I have to agree that sanctions are nothing more than financial terrorism.

  40. How is it that the person who has been nominated for the Attorney General of the United States Has not read the United States Constitution and admits he does not understand it? Looks like I'm more qualified than he is. This job interview usually doesn't come with a do over. Thank you for your time, but you are not qualified based on the answers that you have give here.

  41. Republican senators are doing what Trump wants by lifting sanctions on a Russian oligarch. Trump is checking off Putin's wish list. How many of you want to keep supporting a president who represents Russia and not the USA. You were willing to chant USA USA USA at the rallies but when it comes to really supporting America, where are you?  Your first mistake was believing Trump when he said that any news media he didn't like was fake and also the enemy of the people. Very convenient for him that you swallowed that lie. After that you avoided all MSM in favor of Fox "News" which has been basically Trump TV. I think most of you know by now you were played by a con man. But are you going to continue to support a president who is a puppet of Putin? Sounds crazy, I know, but I guess there's a first time for everything. I just hope Trump can be removed from office before he does more damage beyond the damage he's doing with this government shutdown. Make America #1. Presidents come and go. America is our home.


  43. I'm just going to be utterly and completely cynical here and say that I think the 11 Republicans broke rank to distance themselves from what is becoming likely the most serious criminal investigation in US history. They don't want to be slimed by Trump any further. They don't want to go to jail. I don't really think they are acquiring a conscious.

  44. Kammy always wants to ask a question that can’t be answered. She likes the hypothetical world or wants it in writing.

  45. I would like to invite you to my brand new conservative * libertarian * constitutionalist video broadcast. Debuting February 2nd 2019

  46. Kalimari Harris – "In a completely hypothetical example would you disagree or recuse yourself?"
    Barr "Yes"
    Kalimari Harris "what is the specific reason you would disagree in this completely imaginary example I put forth?"
    Barr "If I disagreed with the facts"
    Kalimari Harris "Yes but why would you disagree?"
    Barr "Umm… Kalimari Harris, do you want to share some facts in your completely imaginary fantasy world so I can specifically answer your stupid question?"
    Kalimari Harris "Hey, I'm running for president in 2020, along with every other democrat in the senate and house that meets the age requirement, you better answer my question"
    Kalimari Harris – what a joke.

  47. You can find me as easy as you could find a 2 year old not on any other Social media though I have been expelled that is my Real Name off my Birth Certificate I live whete You can easily find me So far no Neo Nazis Whote Nationalists Russians Republicans Trump followers or any RW trailer tash has contacted me. You will all suffer for your TREASON! You are not Americans GTF OUT

  48. God Bless Rachel Maddow and you all and your families🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

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