what's going on guys welcome to the very first episode of the hot pot boys podcast where we are going to be discussing serious things not serious things but today it's more serious so today we're gonna be covering and talking about and introducing the most important issues that are bothering Asian America to this day so this guy got a whole list full yeah yes the reason that we're doing this is because you know we do keep up obviously a lot with the community what we are doing today is not necessarily coming up with solutions but what we want to do is just introduce them to people so guys we have a list of 10 of the biggest issues in Asian America right now number one the disparity between how Asian men are perceived and Asian women are perceived especially in mainstream media socioeconomic success doesn't yet mean social or sexual acceptance for Asian American men the way Asian men are perceived versus Asian women obviously Asian women totally bear the brunt of a lot of negative stereotypes themselves but basically how I would sum it up is that Asian women get a lot of attention some good and some bad attention and Asian men get like almost no attention no attention or like kind of bad attention right social a metric nice as a professional metric yes those are kind of separate I mean Asian male have this like you know stereotype where you know they're not cool in a sense or not I wouldn't say not masculine or what not know so girls you're born in Macao okay you're born in Asia you grew up around the 66 area but you know this to be true because usually people move to the Asian area so that they can feel so they don't have to feel this before I moved to the six my early years I live you know Lincoln Heights you know I got picked on as a kid because I was maybe like one or if not to only agents in whole class after that I just like made me realize that you got to be strong minded and not care about that and just got to worry about yourself and strive to be the best you can be would know without people looking down on you I always compare it to being like a currency exchange machine so you know how you go to some countries and you know depends on whether the dollars strong versus you know the local currency there if you feel like you're not getting a good exchange rate or a fair one it's still not an excuse to stop pumping dollars into the machine just cuz you feel like you're putting in a dollar getting point eighty-five another person puts in a dollar gets one point six back that is discouraging but you cannot let it stop you from pumping dollars in and accumulating more dollars to the next point the corporate bamboo ceiling Asians are twelve percent of the professional workforce while making up only 5.6 percent of the US population that means you know a lot of us have joined the professional workforce we're well represented in that however for example at Goldman Sachs they reported the 27 percent of its u.s. professional workforce is Asian American from only pers Levin percent of its US executives and senior managers or Asian American we're basically well represented in the professional workforce as yeah Peas but we are not upper management or executives we don't get promoted Asians work really really hard a majority of them lack leadership you know based off my history man my company I'm not gonna say but you know there's not many Asians on the upper level tier so basically what you're saying is that you understand that there might be a gap that Asians might lack some conventional American leadership skills yeah okay anytime you see 27% shrink to 11% there's probably multiple factors right one is the internal factor we need more leadership coaching internally within our community in the way we're raised obviously immigrant communities they don't speak English you know typically just tell you to put your head down do the work like a scientist on the other hand then there's the perception that nobody wants to be led by an Asian basically that could be some sort of prejudice or stereotype that's placed that basically is self-fulfilling at that point that's like being a short player in the NBA and then the coaches already don't like short players I mean you're already not gonna get looks and then on top of that being short is a legit disadvantage for you know attack radius in the league okay so let me just say that there are different perspectives on this I don't think everybody I think kind of what we're saying is that there is some basis to not move Asians up because we come from an immigrant mindset or like you know English is in our first list of research when they say asian-american they are also including just Asians in America that are not necessarily american-born yeah race now a lot of people are gonna be like okay that's not fair we're just as good of the leaders as anybody else what do you guys think about that like we're kind of accepting some responsibility it's first of all not all of our fault but should we accept some responsibility for this I mean what can you do I mean you could complain about the system and we should how else is the matrix gonna be aware that we're unhappy but at the end of the day you think the matrix really cares all you can almost do is control what you can while being aware of the matrix around you who do not do the world a service Bob playing you're letting your light be dull shine bright does promoting tall and buff and chiseled Asian guys you know with exceptional looks only in media only building up these guys does it help regular Asian guys not all Asians can grow to be above six but most Asian guys like that I mean but if we just talk about like getting buff or like just looking like physically attractive yes you can do that as a you know regulation guy so you're all for working out because that's that's the number one thing everybody can do yeah of course the issue here is like I feel like being Asian you're always viewed as a little bit shorter than you are so you're always viewed as a little bit of a disadvantage that doesn't mean 100% you can't make up for it somehow but it's just harder and I think that's what sucks is that we have to make up for something for no reason you know I could speak for I guess maybe the more babyface round face guys go to Asia I think if you are in America honestly I don't even know say this there's gotta be a thug be a bodybuilder be a protector you guys really see real firemen that like put they don't you know cops and stuff they don't look conventionally like buff fitness models with the tech but they're like thick real society there's not the ones in the movies we talk about the real functional strengths guys that's what you gotta be each okay now another issue is obviously representation of Asian women let's just talk about that real quick where it's like obviously I think that generally there's kind of this belief amongst you know a lot of Asian guys especially on the internet all Asian women have so much better blah blah blah they get more attention getting on movies more they're getting swiped on at a higher rate on online dating they're the most desired the easiest way to put it is it's like living in the big city versus the countryside a lot of people they look at the big city as categorically better because you get more reps and pings in more opportunities more opportunities but that's not true for everybody there are a lot of successful people in America or globally who enjoy living rural lifestyles kind of devoid of contacts devoid of attention devoid of pings if you look at big cities it comes with good and bad you got the big city glitz but you've got the big city problems living in the countryside it's almost just devoid of everything period like you know it's crickets and you know grass things each other and stuff you don't say it so being invisible does allow you to be unseen and not experience certain problems as much as you know someone who's getting a lot of attention so I want to say man to all those uh really tall good-looking Asian dudes out there that can become a bridge to the Asian community and the non Asian community and gate they get accepted outside of it you guys need to be the bridge and don't just stay back here with us you go out there explore you they need you to be the pioneers so there go represent for us man don't just tear it up in the asian league point number three guys this is a big one hot one hot ones hot ones now recently let me just go over it there's been the story a lot of celebrity non-asian celebrity people have been caught by the FBI in a bribery scheme of paying their kids way into elite colleges and a lot of people are be like hey guys see you all thought it was the hard-working Asians that were messing up the college admissions it's actually these privileged kids so I saw this funny tweets someone was like oh and Asian parents are sitting there like wait what we could have just bribed our way in this whole time we just have to decide whether or not academics is just like the NBA if you look at the NBA there's some extremely marketable players like Jimmer but he can't help a team they cut him but for the most part we have to decide whether or not academics is a meritocracy because if it's a meritocracy we already know who doing dunks in the layup line it station nerds if it's purely that's American doing 360 reverse between the legs and leg up I think it's safe to say that in general Asians try the hardest to get into good colleges all day that's like the priority man they don't have any conventional even schools like USC not necessarily known to be like an elite you know for the money school you know the grades matter the least in America this is a capitalist society sure the whole thing about capitalism is that you can work the system everybody has their incentives guys we are not saying that these are solutions we are just saying these are the issues all right moving on Asian American dis aggregation statistics big word meaning that now when it comes to system statistics about Asian Americans were generally clumped together in one big group they have to start being more specific with which Asian is which Asian it's not all one you got a whole mix man we are not just all Chinese I just think you know with each ethnicity or nationality you got a speak as a whole you want to be respected we're you know we're just not all Chinese people how specific should they get we can't even clump all Chinese together in a way this is my general philosophy and I think the people should petition the Machine the matrix Agent Smith marveled at its beauty you know you can file a complaint with Star Command hello you know but everybody gotta be more wily and unified in pushing their own agendas outside of the traditional avenues now point number five is Asians are not political enough and are not involved in government now this is an issue too there are more Asian Americans going into politics now of course it makes sense so it is getting better but right now generally I mean you know Asians don't vote a lot you know you know what's so funny is when people were like you know anytime someone pushes for something like hey call your local congressman call your local House of Representative give them a call and tell them that you need initiative 1704 I'm like yeah but what if you come from a group like let me speak English like no that's not happening like I think I've called the congressman once and you just get a huh yeah and no political people might think we are that's not that much to be honest I'm a little ashamed but I gotta admit that's true so I just think man a Asians they like to complain a lot but they don't like to you know go out you know step out of the way to solve the solution where do you think sorry to back it up do they complain to the right people or just amongst themselves okay so we like to complain amongst ourselves yeah I think if it was a you know a lot of people don't vote but if you could vote on Instagram or something people would definitely vote they don't want to make it easy I don't make it easy they don't want to make it easy for you to to have your saying oh they don't make it easy for the minority groups whoever they is you know how they do it in Australia you can only skip out on voting three times in a row or else you get fined I'll tell you that if you did that fining thing for Asians they not trying to lose that hundreds but some other people share this sentiment but sometimes I look at how uninvolved Asians are in like the government and like you know infrastructure and I'm just like how can you even complain if you're not gonna get involved that's rough I'm not saying you can't complain but I'm like did you even try that's just I'm not so that's just posing that question that's fair and if you could vote through a trolli reddit comments Asians would be good if you could vote through reddit this was Andrew Yang's gonna win this ng Hank 2020 all right guys moving on we got point number six our half Asians considered Asian can they be considered Asian and what does it take for them to be considered Asian anybody can claim anything they want but there's and actually anybody can tell them that they're not that that's just the way to gain goals well you know we always had this joke where I was like you know if you are half Asian but you don't care about your Asian side then you just have but if you have Asian and you care about it then you a hapa if my only question of them is where's your heart doo doo doo doo doo doo guys another issue in the asian-american community is not really talking about mental health and helping provide that within the community now this is a conversation that a lot of people do not talk about is like mental health with an Asian community cuz that's kind of taboo like we don't want to talk about being depressed we don't want to talk about like oh like our feelings I think that kind of draws into it now it's hard to help Asians if we don't think it's an issue and if we don't want to talk about it in the Asian culture it's almost like you're you're you're driving up a car on a winding mountain with just one path and if you go off the path you're gonna fall off the cliff and explode right but in the West it's almost like in Texas where there's no mountains and you just switching lanes so somebody can go crazy and come back and then go laughs you gotta go off-road yeah you can kind of go off-road and then come back on the road Asians think that mental health is like Rainbow Road on Mario Kart oh we fall off and then you just yeah you got to stay on the road there's not like one of the other maps where you say you got the bumpers yeah I will get therapy I haven't you're thinking about it I'm thinking about it hey there's nothing see there's nothing wrong with therapy guys I mean you go to a doctor right you go to a physical therapist you go to a Cairo you go to a dentist when you need help with your teeth right you go to a physical therapist how come you don't go to a mental therapist man let me tell you guys this should the word asian include South Asians and Indians why don't we well say in the government I do you think in the government we are it is yeah and I will say this not all Indians and South Asians really desire to be part of it kind of depends on the individual of the community if they choose to be part of the Asian community like I know Aziz Ansari he more considers himself like part of the Asian larger Asian American narrative but there's also a lot of some other prominent South Asian celebrities that don't necessarily rap the Asian they rap being Brown in Indian and that's okay too but it's kind of like then can the Asians look up to them should the Asian group like applaud them and reward them even though they don't really acknowledge that they're like Asian you know because that kind of gives the connotation that their decision I don't know Easter Southeast Asian who knows no solutions guys like I said just an issue no solutions we just talking about two issues number nine are people just catering to Asians now for economic reasons because the Asian population is growing and has more purchasing power and you know all the wealthy immigrants are moving in or do they really accept us and do they care about our culture I mean a long story short is that um they like the money but it could lead to it could lead to respect and sometimes unfortunately or fortunately in a capitalist society a lot of times money and respect go hand-in-hand so should agents care about them fully respecting or should they just be happy and be like hey they just they're consumed in our culture it's all good and they're catering to me I don't care if they respect it should we be happy about this or should we be looking at it with a critical eye being like man I don't know if they really respect him if it's true love or not if it's truly embraced mint of our culture or not hey I think they should I think they should they should care they should care number ten our Asian Americans too comfortable to keep fighting and keep trying and keep applying and keep driving are they getting too comfortable here I mean honestly did they ever have it how can you lose something you don't have that's another question you lose things that you don't have question that's like saying I lost my ability to dunk let me a surprise I ain't never been able to dunk surprise accept right hoops lower that's assuming a 10-4 alright guys that's the last word I don't think we need to say anything more that was that was real that's that's you took us up my whole vision went blurry mood of that guy's basically I think a lot of the issues that we talked about in this video today all ten of them could be related to just eastern people being in the West there are people from the east but we live in there is a misalignment with a lot of people's philosophies I'm not saying it's wrong misalignment does not mean wrong alignment it just means that it's a misalignment depending on what you're trying to do alright guys thank you so much for watching in the comments below let us know what you guys think about these issues I'm cool with the comment section being this whole huge message board I'm sure it's gonna get crazy but we just wanted to share that we want to talk more about this stuff there's more exclusive podcast material on the memberships channel this one was particularly strong we wanted to give it to you guys on the main channel that's Nelson Shaffer Hooper live David and Andrew from the fungos thank you for watching that and comment away until next time we out pays you always going on everybody thank you so much for watching that video and thank you for watching a lot of other videos and thank you for subscribing because David we have just reached two million subscribers whoo and we have to give a huge gigantic shout out to our biggest sponsor of all time for whom without them this none of this would be possible I got to give a shout-out to our sponsor you guys know seriously you guys have been the sponsor of our entire Channel I mean you know we have other sponsors but you guys have been watching the videos and subscribing and it's not all about subscriptions obviously it's about engagement it's about the people you touch it's about the comments the downs and everything I mean you guys just meeting you guys in person and connecting with you guys that's what it's really about I think it's so rare for

  1. thank you for sharing your experience, I'm there American not long. still learn how to survive in this country. hope we all get better. thanks again

  2. Omg this was SOOOO interesting. So i work in a lab with alot of asian coworker. I myself consider myself african american eventhough my family is black, white and asian but I am perceived more as African American. Anywho I noticed that alot of my asian coworkers just work and get told what to do and even when something unfair happens to them I notice that I tend to speak up more for myself and them. Its like they dont like conflict or want to start anything so its interesting to me that you guys kinda mentioned this. My boyfriend is Asian and he is pretty reserved too LOL I'm always the one challenging something but he will just work and kinda take it. *sigh This is so interesting…..

  3. A lot of the issues all point to the Asian culture: you work hard without aim (you just work hard) and you do NOT question authority.
    This would explain the lack of Asians in leadership positions, corporate or politics alike. This also explains why they are more nerdy, get into colleges, and that they are less attractive.

  4. Here in Luxembourg you HAVE to vote, our Constitution requires you to vote and even for skipping once without valid excuse you get a fine. Should be like this everywhere

  5. I’m not Asian but have been living around Asia for the past decade. The problem I see everywhere is that you guys only complain about things but never do anything with them, same thing with this video – you’re not telling everyone how to fix something but encourage people to complain more.

    Asian girls are more attractive than guys is because they usually have a lot of interests compare to most of the Asian guys, also guys don’t know how to be masculine and no interests on top of that, I’m not saying everyone, but that’s a huge issue, I have a lot of Asians as friends but they would never do something out of the box or what goes against parents will. It’s okay for girls to be like this but not men.

    Also a lot of Asians buying their way to American, English, European you name it colleges.

    Asians can’t recognize where people are from mostly call everyone westerner, American, foreigner

  6. I gotta disagree, we gotta stop bitching about being a particular Asian. We need to be on a united front. like white folk don't give a shit if you call em scottish or british or whatever, but Asians get hella butthurt if you call a Chinese dude, Japanese. Just accept being called Asian as a whole, like whites are whites, blacks are blacks, and hispanics are hispanics. BUT, know you are unique in your specific roots and don't need to be so prideful as to being disrespected by others who literally never received education on Asian identity.

  7. Asians gotta either improve themselves or improve the world around them. Hispanics and blacks started off hugely discriminated but slowly integrated into society (not fully, but ya know). So how do Asians do it? Honestly, start by having more kids. We make significant income but we fall into the 1 or 2 child family. Start having more kids and change the distributions. Having 3+ kids wont be the immediate solution, but as each kid grows up to support a family of 3+ kids, we can slowly reshape the landscape. How do we get more people into CEO positions, media, sports, etc? We gotta force it by the numbers game. Yall can laugh how yall want, but this is what Hispanics and blacks did. I think they value family and togetherness WAY MORE than Asians do, regardless of making less income or having less education. Their value of success is more intangible, while Asians tend to focus on that perfect career and life mediated by acquiring income.

  8. Thank you for making this video. These are topics that weigh my mind too. It's nice hearing you guys have this discussion especially for someone who, like Nelly, is token in my community/geo location. More Asians in politics to change dialogue and more Asians in entertainment to stop stereotype portrayals/give us voices + identity.

  9. We need more Asians entrepreneurs in America. Fastest way for Asian people to get into the upper management. Also Asians lacking leadership in America, because they were rarely able to get into those positions growing up. If you look at top 500 companies in the world, the numbers of companies from Asia making that list is increasing every year. Which proves Asians can be very successful in upper management if placed in the right environment.

  10. I'm White and I live in Germany (Berlin) here asains are worshipt literaly 50% of my friends are weaboos

  11. There definitely needs to more discussion on Asian mental health. I work in mental health and I am Asian and I hardly see Asians getting help and when they do they are usually bat sh*t crazy. Lol forrreal tho.

  12. Not if Andrew yang becomes president that will change everything last change happen was since Bruce Lee lol

  13. I'm not even Asian American, but I'm American, and I feel like it's important to see other American's perspectives so I appreciate this video.

  14. Better to focus on self-development and responsibility rather than spend time and energy worrying about some perceived social injustice that doesn't really impact your life in the slightest.

  15. My 1/2 Asian kids have not been accepted by the Asian community…they wanted to be Asian but were rejected…

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