10 People Who Exposed Government Secrets

Hello, this is Alltime10s. There’s a reason we’ve got so many conspiracy
theories – the government has proved time and time again that it is keeping secrets. Here we’re going to count down 10 of the
insiders, hackers, and spies who exposed them. 10 People Who Exposed Government Secrets 10. Coleen Rowley The attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001
seemed to come out of nowhere, but could the government have prevented them? Did they really not know until it was too
late? Coleen Rowley was an FBI Special Agent based
in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She had been working on a case involving a
man arrested at a Minnesota flying school for acting suspiciously in August 2001. Rowley’s department repeatedly questioned
him; they even accused him of being a terrorist, but she couldn’t get a search warrant authorized. He turned out to be Zacarias Moussaoui, a
conspirator behind 9/11. Rowley wrote a 13-page letter to the FBI Director
six months later, claiming that she had been prevented from aggressively investigating
Moussaoui by her supervisor in Washington. She even accused the Director himself of making
deliberately misleading public statements in the wake of the attacks to cover up this
mistake. 9. Peter Buxtun In 1965, 27-year-old Peter Buxtun joined the
United States Public Health Service in San Francisco to work in the venereal disease
department. However, he quickly learned from his colleagues
that something sinister was going on. They were experimenting on people. Back in 1932 the Public Health Service set
up The Tuskegee Experiment, designed to see how syphilis affects the body. But their methodology didn’t take a particularly
ethical approach, to say the least. The study involved 600 black men, two thirds
of whom had the disease. Without their informed consent, researchers
left the men untreated for 40 years. When Buxtun found out that the Health Service
was withholding treatment from sick people on purpose, he launched an official complaint. Despite 128 deaths, 40 of the men’s wives
contracting the disease, and 19 children being born with it, nothing came of the internal
review. So in 1972 Buxtun leaked the story to the
press and testified in Congress, finally putting an end to the horrific practice. 8. Joseph Darby US forces seized Abu Ghraib prison, near Baghdad,
after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Joseph Darby was working as a military police
soldier there and decided to send some photos of the beautiful surroundings home. He approached prison guard Charles Graner,
known to be good with a camera, to ask if he had any pictures. Without hesitating, Graner gave Darby two
CDs full of images, which Darby copied over to his hard drive. To Darby’s horror, the CDs contained images
of Graner and others torturing detainees in the prison complex. He reported this breach of the Geneva Convention
to the army’s investigatory unit. In the end, eleven soldiers were convicted
and the prison was handed over to the Iraqi government. 7. David Shayler Renegade British spy David Shayler exposed
the devious practices Her Majesty’s Secret Service had been getting up to in the 1990s. The former-MI5 Agent began work by vetting
politicians for the British Labour Party, but claimed the agency was actually keeping
files on them. In 1997 he sold his story to the Mail on Sunday
newspaper for $50,000, including the most serious allegations that MI6 had attempted
to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi and that a bombing of an Israeli Embassy in London could
have been prevented. Shayler went on the run to France, but ended
up in prison twice. Many of his friends think he has suffered
a nervous breakdown as a result of pressure from the Security Services. He is part of the 9/11 Truther Movement, and
in 2007 he declared he was the Messiah. He now lives in a squat as Delores Kane. 6. Alexander Litvinenko After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the
notorious secret agency known as the KGB morphed into the FSB of contemporary Russia. Alexander Litvinenko was promoted to Lieutenant
Colonel in this transition, but he didn’t like what he saw as the penetration of the
security services by organized crime. He described Putin’s Russia as a mafia state,
and they understandably fell out over these accusations of corruption. He was arrested in 1998 after exposing an
alleged attempted assassination of a Russian businessman. He then published a book claiming that the
FSB was responsible for blowing up apartments in Moscow – which it had blamed on separatists
– before he fled to the UK. Sadly, the story does not end there. In 2006, Litvinenko was fed radioactive poisoned
tea by visiting FSB agents and he died a slow and public death. The result of a British inquiry found that
Putin himself was ‘probably’ behind the assassination. 5. Mordechai Vanunu There are just nine countries in the world
with nuclear capabilities and Israel is presumed to be one of them, although it won’t quite
admit it. One man who tried to force them to do so was
nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu. In September 1986, Vanunu flew to London to
give an interview and hand secret photographs to The Sunday Times, which revealed the scope
of the nuclear weapons program that Israel was running. Mossad, Israel’s security service, allegedly
went after him using a ‘honeytrap’ to get him to travel to Italy where a boat lay
in wait. Vanunu was kidnapped and transported back
to Israel where he was put on trial. He ended up serving 18 years in prison. Israel has called Vanunu “embittered and vengeful”
and claims he has been “imagining things”. Although it is estimated they possess 80 nuclear
warheads, they still refuse to confirm or deny it. 4. Chelsea Manning 700,000 documents were stolen from military
computers in 2010; they were distributed to Wikileaks, who published them for the world
to see. But who was the source of this leak? And what secrets were revealed? Chelsea Manning, who at the time was known
as Bradley, was sent to Iraq as a Junior Intelligence Analyst. While there she was horrified by the inhumanity
of much of what the military was doing, and so she resolved to begin a global debate. However, a hacker she had been communicating
with in California reported her to the FBI, fearing that national security was at stake. Among the information that Manning revealed
were US figures on an Iraqi death toll of over 100,000, despite the UK and US previously
saying that there were no official statistics. There was also an infamous video showing helicopter
crew laughing as they killed people in an airstrike, and a damaging diplomatic cable
that showed the King of Saudi Arabia urging the US to attack Iran. Government prosecutors said the leak amounted
to “aiding the enemy” and Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years in jail – the longest
ever term for a whistleblower. 3. Jan Karski During the Second World War the Nazis invaded
Poland and put the Jewish population into ghettos; by July 1942 they were being moved
en masse to extermination camps. But did the Allied Forces know before the
war was over? Jan Karski was a top of the class diplomat
sent to Warsaw in late 1942 to gather intelligence. He entered the Ghetto and met leaders of the
Jewish underground who informed him that a Holocaust was underway. According to their estimates, 1.8 million
Jews had already been killed, as well as 300,000 Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto being sent to
a death camp 60 miles away. Karski returned safely to London where he
met the Foreign Secretary and told him what the German government was up to, but he was
snubbed. He then traveled to America and met President
Roosevelt, but again he was met with inaction. Why didn’t they believe him? Karski himself later said of the Holocaust:
“The Nazis did it because they could. The Allies denied it because they did nothing
about it.” 2. Julian Assange The notorious website Wikileaks, which we
saw earlier helped distribute Chelsea Manning’s documents, was founded by Australian internet
activist Julian Assange in 2006. From Guantanamo Bay to the Church of Scientology,
Julian Assange has been behind a huge number of damaging leaks for the past ten years. When a warrant was issued for his arrest by
Sweden in 2010, he took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. The charges are for alleged sexual assault,
and Assange claims he could be extradited to the US and suffer a similar fate to Manning. Despite still being stuck in the embassy,
he has still managed to facilitate one of his biggest leaks yet: Hillary Clinton’s
emails. In July, over a thousand emails from her personal
mail server and 20,000 DNC emails were leaked. This was followed by her campaign manager
John Podesta’s hacked emails being leaked throughout October. The emails Assange leaked revealed worrying
relationships between the Clinton Foundation and donors, showed her back room dealings
in Wall Street, and ultimately contributed to her loss of the election. 1. Edward Snowden The National Security Agency, or NSA, is the
leading intelligence organization in the US and we didn’t really have a clue what the
hell they were up to. That is, until Edward Snowden came along. Having been a contracted infrastructure analyst
for consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, in 2012 he was stationed at an NSA facility in
Hawaii to work as a high-level systems administrator. While there, he was disturbed by the degree
of surveillance and government encroachment on US citizen’s privacy. Snowden registered complaints with more than
10 officials, but nothing changed. He got a hard drive and downloaded 200,000
files, flew to Hong Kong and gave them to journalists from the Washington Post and the
Guardian. The contents of those files changed the world. Government agencies on both sides of the Atlantic
were shown to be collecting vast swathes of data from their own people in a seemingly
unchecked manner and many people were furious. Privacy campaigners continue to push for greater
government transparency. Snowden meanwhile, fearful for his freedom,
is currently living in Russia in exile. Thanks for watching AllTime10s – do you think
you would take the plunge if you saw something wrong, or just keep quiet? Let me know in the comments. And if you want to see something else, head
over here and check out ‘10 Disturbing Alien Conspiracies’. Cheers.

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  2. preface : since I am an American i can only talk about US domestic and international matters. The National US security state has nothing to do with protecting everyday Americans . US classified and secret documents have everything to do with hiding the elite and corporations run US government's intelligence services and military crimes, past and present , against Americans and foreign countries and foreigners . The US government is becoming more fascist by the day .

  3. Let's flip that fascist maxin right way around " If the super wealthy and the government have nothing to hide then it has nothing to fear from it's citizens or foreign countries and their citizens . The fat cats and the government's files should be open to all . It should be international law applying to all the super wealthy , the banksters and all governments in the world . A good start is to withdraw all American intelligence services and military back to the United States . No more US empire means a more peaceful world .

  4. Not all but a lot of those people put US and attempts of US at danger in helping the world. People like this should not be called heroes, bot rather those who would not risk their principles in order to do good to a small number of people wilst in reality endangering more lives because of their so called acts of goodness they could have brought more harm and some of them already did

  5. I think the reason the allies failed to do anything about the holocaust, was beacause it was so shocking that they refused to believe it until an SAS team found bergen-belsen.

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  8. Yeah, I'm a former ARNG-MN Soldier of the Twin Cities and was stationed at the Downtown St. Paul Airport "Holman Field", the same airfield Zacarias Moussaoui was attempting to learn to fly, facilitated by a private Aviation School…
    Rowley wasn't the ONLY Victim of being silenced by the SHITBAG *ROBERT MULLER*, who went on to feed us MORE BULLSHIT that Trump "didn't" collude with Russia During the 2016 Election…

  9. Rowley wasn't the ONLY Victim of being silenced by the SHITBAG ROBERT MULLER, who went on to feed us MORE BULLSHIT that Trump "didn't" collude with Russia During the 2016 Election…

  10. When the Patriot act was introduced, the government said they would spy on us. Edward Snowden revealed nothing, except what he gave to Russia.

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