10 Offensive Advertising Campaigns

  1. Recently,Calabarzon Government punishable advertisers that any offensive advert of pranks,racist,profane,sex and any unrelated themes because Calabarzonians hates TV Commercials since 2008 because of time wasting and materialism

  2. The cancer one broke my heart… as far as the rest you should loosen up. My mother died because she smokes but I’m not so self centered nor ridiculous if a commercial reminds me of it.

  3. My friends and I used to spike each others drink with MDMA in the pub and see how long it took the person to start dancing like a complete twat 😁

  4. Most of these were fine. Especially the Dunkin' Doughnuts one. Things are much different in SE Asia and black-face is not considered racist; most people don'y even think about it, so he was 100% correct in calling it out as "paranoid American thinking."

  5. wait, what? women on a period having anger issues is an outdated idea? tell that to my ex wife who used to blame her periods as the reason she was angry

  6. I just want to say that the poor mood involved with a period is not the period itself but the stress that comes with it. In short, it's no different to me when I have an exam.

  7. YOU are the problem. You think because you look to be offend that that makes you more "..sensitive.." It does not make you better. It makes you a manipulator to get attention. As all liberals, you are all about lies. Indeed the very name. There's NOTHING liberal about liberals. No one makes or tries to make and control and make more rules than you. It's about you really. It's your vanity. As for being "..offensive.." There is nothing more offensive than a Liberal, PERIOD!

  8. Sorry but the guy in the advert is meant to not like afros that doesn’t mean white people dont like them

  9. For the Nivea one, it would be perfectly fine if they used a white guy with clean cut hair throwing away himself with long hair and a beard, right? Y’all are way too sensitive

  10. The DD one is stretched.
    The metro one is stretched
    The Nivea one is stretched
    The ford one was just dumb. Why would you even make a poster like that ford, tf?

  11. I remember 9 years ago Scottish Television showing a kilted red haired/bearded Scotsman showing kids how to carve traditional turnip lanterns for Halloween. He threw a pumpkin onto the ground saying "away with pumpkins". He was sacked after ONE complaint by a visiting American tourist before they went back to the States. She was interviewed wearing a McCain '08 badge talking about Anti American sentiments by not using pumpkins instead of them using turnips. The guy was sacked on the spot. Political correctness works both ways. Right wingers moan that something is not Conservative enough. They too have been pandered too. Both folks should get a bloody grip and get a life.

  12. “Offence” is not and will never be an objective grievance. Just because you’re “offended” doesn’t mean it’s someone else’s problem. Just because you’re “offended” doesn’t mean you’re right. What someone determines to be “offensive,” others will not. What someone determines to be not “offensive,” others will. This is why “being offended” cannot be regarded as relevant, and this is why enablers of all of these “offended” people are destroying society

  13. All of these pussies need to get over themselves. Seriously they are getting way too offended. Grow the fuck up.

  14. The Dunkin Donnuts one doesnt any make sence all.  Skin tone is just a natural human trait.  A person can have dark skin, blond hair, and dark brown eyes.  While someone else might have have dark skin, black hair, and green eyes.  Seriously its just like any other human trait.  Would you get offended about a blueberry commercial that uses someone with blue eyes?

  15. government and media should NEVER be involved in ur moral lives. now they v intruded younger naive teenage young adult minds into thinking gay perversion is right by making them feel bad for people who choose that lifestlye. altho ALIT Of older white people are with the gay craze. the MAJORITY of people influenced are the younger generation. Parents should of put thier foot down on morals and being manly or womanly. BUT alot if people let thier children run them over. All these teens and young adults need an ass whooping and to be put in THIER place.

  16. So apparently; women, suicide victims, cancer patients, and gay people are "races". I'm not saying that the commercials weren't offensive, but these groups aren't races

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