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here are the top stories for today July 31 2009 teen Malacca young looks into graft and plunder complaints against health secretary Francisco Duque the palace says it will not take statements made by China or the West Philippine Sea Rao at face value president detect ellipse the suspension of the operations of lot of games and 19 Filipinos are detained in Mexico for drug related violations good day I'm Rome to fall welcome to the PNA newsroom our top story Mannion is looking into complaints against health secretary Francisco Duque over a lease agreement between a family-owned company and the Philippine health insurance corporation or fill health presidential spokesperson Salmonella on Tuesday said that any complaint that reaches the president's table will always be subject of a serious investigation however Piniella maintains president to theater still trusts Duque pending results of the investigation in a joint affidavit filed before the Office of the Ombudsman June 21 parents of the inbox of victims accused dukale graft and plunder for entering into a contract allowing a fill had a regional office to rent land belonging to his family bananas however stressed that the Duque family's ownership of land where a fill health office is located does not immediately prove quantity of interest as the fill health contracts were signed prior to his being health secretary banana also welcomed the Senate Health Committee Chair bomb ghosts call for an investigation into these filled health transactions meanwhile health secretary doogi has ordered an investigation on the alleged over stalking of drugs and medicine are expiring at the Department of Health the Commission on audit flag of the Health Department for overstock drugs and medicines amounting to eighteen point four billion pesos some of the stock medicines are about to expire health secretary Francisco dukkha said the problem may be due to lack of reforms and available warehouse Jukka said the health department will do the necessary reforms to ensure that medicines are being distributed on time he also explained that some of the medicines were unused because only few regional offices and local government units requests for them melania on Tuesday is that it will not take statements made by Chinese officials at face value especially in relation to the country's claims on the disputed South China Sea been spawned off with the story presidential spokesperson Salvador penelo on Monday said that the Philippines will continue to negotiate with China to resolve the South China Sea dispute however it will not take words of other countries on their face value this after Chinese ambassador to the Philippines Zhou Jin Hwa said that China will not take the first shot amid rising tension in the disputed waters we do not take words of other countries under face value the president will always think beyond those words the president is mandated to protect the security of this country as well as the Filipino people hence he will anticipate what may come out of any aggressive action that this country may undertake visibly the country however panella reiterated that the best way to resolve the sea route between the Philippines and China is through bilateral negotiations he earlier said bilateral negotiations are meant to ensure the safety of the Filipinos from possible armed conflict again we will repeat our position we said that conflict and that region will be the subject of continuous continuous negotiation between the two countries and missus mechanism we hope to so far and all resolve the conflict whatever they are ambassador ja on Monday stressed China's principle of defense self-defense and post strike response he said China develops its military to defend the country provide the people with a peaceful environment and ensure its citizens are free from the disasters and calamities of war for the PNA newsroom I'm Ben bundle President to 30 leads the launching of an app for tester graduates and the Philippines and Turkey commit to improved size during talks in Thailand our roundup news from Miguel Hill president Rodrigo the tests and led the launching of the 911 tester at the multi-purpose covered court within the test the complex in tagging City on Tuesday the 9-1-1 testa is a free web-based linking program that you can download on your Android phones to book the services of a tester graduate I appreciate innovation this collet invention but since it applies to many things now it's called innovation this one innovation that I really appreciate and may I be allowed to say selamat inyong lahat sat alone in your facility meanwhile Melania announced on Wednesday the appointment of retired lieutenant general Manuel Salama and Reinaldo Velasco as members of the MW SS board of trustees selamat recently served as the AFP northern luzon command chief while Velasco is currently performing as the MW SS administrator on hold over capacity after his term expired on June 30 in other news of Philippe's and Turkey are eyeing a stronger engagement of the field of defense economics and education this after the first bilateral meeting between foreign affairs secretary dildora loop since junior and the Turkish Foreign Minister in Bangkok on Tuesday on the sidelines of the second ASEAN foreign ministers meeting in Thailand in 2018 the two states inked a Memorandum of Understanding on defense cooperation as well as support to the Mindanao peace process for the PNA newsroom I am Miguel Hill the DP WH is set to inspect structures damaged by the earthquake in botanas over the weekend meanwhile the CBCP calls for donations for the earthquake victims mourn deeds from Janice cava the Department of Public Works and highways has deployed an additional team to it made Pat honest to assess the damage caused by earthquakes that hit the province on July 27 all national roads and bridges are passable but residents are advised not to roam within the municipality where buildings and other infrastructures are affected to avoid additional accidents and casualties due to continuous aftershocks meanwhile the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines appealed to the clergy and the faithful for donations to help the people and rebuild church structures in botanas donations are accepted through the CBC peace bank accounts donors have been requested to email their deposits with a scan copy of the slip to Caritas Philippines in other news some leaders of the House of Representatives agreed to donate a portion of their salaries to the victims of the quakes House Majority Leader Martin Rome Wallace said the voluntary salary deduction has been common practice among lawmakers during calamities lawmakers also passed House Resolution 129 urging constraint government agencies to fast track the delivery of humanitarian aid to areas affected by the quakes meanwhile transporting goods to botanas has become a challenge for volunteers it by at mirror all the tsagaan said it is easier for them to coordinate with volunteers from Basco than those in Metro Manila due to distance and bulk of transported goods pnp chief Oscar Alba al they assured there are standby personnel available in coding region to help with disaster airports the Philippine Navy urged people who are interested in donating food water and medicines to drop them off in the military hubs in Level II locusts or Tuguegarao Cagayan or in Clarke Pampanga for the peony newsroom I'm Janice cave a shelter co-president Duterte lives the suspension of the operation of lot of games more on these with the PNA newsroom continues the Philippines made several historical milestones during the last three years these milestones can be summed up in standard & poor's triple B plus rating given to the Philippines in April 2019 that's the highest investment grade in the country's economic history the Philippines is game-changing reforms power the fast rising economy and inclusivity one we rank among the best performing economies in this dynamic part of the world growth is not our final goal our ultimate goal is to bring down poverty rates and create more opportunities for all law-abiding Filipinos the Philippine economy grew at an average of 6.5 percent amid rising global uncertainty weak agriculture and unstable world oil prices we responded to the problem of elevated inflation rates by decisively implementing measures to increase the food supply we expect to end this year with inflation well within the target range of two to four percent another first in Philippine economic history is the administration's comprehensive tax reform implemented without external pressure or economic crisis the first package known as train law showed immediate benefits to the economy for one employees earning less than four thousand five hundred US dollars annually are now exempt from paying personal income taxes those earning above four thousand five hundred US dollars are now receiving about a month extra take-home pay annually the increased purchasing power of our consumers resulted in a strong growth in demand and an impressive rise in the profitability of companies involved in retail and real estate in 2018 we exceeded trains revenue goal collecting 108 percent of the annual target this provided a solid footing for our infrastructure spending program infrastructure modernization will provide a strong stimulus to keep our growth rate high into the foreseeable future president to theaters lifted suspension of a lot operations of the Philippine charges of six office or pcs Oh last night presidential spokesperson Salmonella says the third day lifted the suspension ask for advice of executive secretary Salvador Mathilde via however the rest of the gaming operations such as small town lottery or STL can no and Priya hanim Bayan shall remain suspended pending the investigation on corrupt practices in a statement Miguel daya said investigators found no anomalies in the conduct of lotto operations Vennela said the chief executive would reveal the names of officials or employees involved in corruption in due time meantime the palace assured that those in need of medical assistance and social services may approach the office of the president Philippine amusement and Gaming Corporation or parkour or the Department of Social Welfare and Development now that the lauder outlets are ordered to resume its operations a lot operators may now remove the silences at the pnp placed on their outlets BNP spokesperson brigadier general bernard vana on wednesday said the police units are ready to assist operators and remove enclosure signage is placed in their outlets malecon young announced the return of lata in a statement on Tuesday night or four days after its suspension meanwhile the PCs all held a press conference this afternoon with regards to the lifting arse of suspension tribal leaders held a press conference this afternoon in Valhalla to discuss their reason us speaking tour the closure of solid human schools and the struggle of child soldiers in Mindanao and other issues concerning members of the indigenous tribes the eight member group of indigenous people from Mindanao who were dubbed as ambassadors of truth shared their experience during their speaking engagement in the US as they were allegedly harassed for exposing that the monetary contributions and donations received by the militant groups are being channeled to groups affiliated with a cpp-npa they also explained that the closer of south of human schools and solar in the zone stemmed from their own appeal to the government let's watch this and indeed Oh Papa me open yah hyah pisanio and cata tapas Lumpur Nagina when I mean us Tour de Naga phenomena tone breaking the silence and telling the truth gusto Lampoon ah me clarify no human issues known as in asabi nah nah Dagobert the government is attacking the calm de communities and schools of the indigenous people no anonymity Boonen Coburn opera optical him coming Samantha Landry recognized national aiming menasha appleton cement Allen young Communist Party of the Philippines Kino convert Neela and territory enemy into guerrilla bases Neary recruit Mila and aming Monica baton sir usiness a manila child warrior mocking child warrior and New People's Army Yan Lang nominally realized la una sinister plan till at the Honda Hannah lumpy napoletana mi mana traditional leaders at Humana oppose benefit upon Neela and Cena sabina mean yo young by motivo para a tactician and Hammond mana feminine and salute Polanco a traditional practice Tantra book to defend unity to defend ancestral domain Tynan birth Ponyland organization under sabayon you know what nila Ito IP organization Pina passaglia semana rally rally and panic Lopakhin on birth nila into school Amana Easter John T edge in Agra Midnapore nila na ma released aa marine pe2 po and passing on Kentucky DeMint penis era at ant at economies more unmet Papa serie NASA and Leader Nancy loop one moranto Appa Cena and salute Pune International Center on Cisco united states don't some monks online ma Braus nothing salute Pune International Marin Ceylon campaign adapt a student adapt a teacher adapt a school and a community know who Mohini Zealand and Dawn or a tuning in angle no Papa knee nila a wing day Linda Milla alumna Marin up a la oficina de anza united states up noggin allah palin Ampera named in the magna pupunta panel on my enemy ah kocoum Toro Adnan Oktar teacher a photon salmon comedian and a Luger entangled in did Nicole Muppet Downes barangay at submissive peu de Hill alum Kona valid selasa and Paloma Picasso goober no pero hindi gonna pickle on Cyrillic oh nana Punta Padang shiburin been Aminta that's a municipal am ii Elin Augusto Hotel aghanim peril and get into goober no known a la Manila in a hip knee lock oh the hill Ione l'anima Paso condom the below men yelling sir Coburn Oh yum humming lugar Cassie Nepal of knockin Ellen Gator territory of concern committee loss at new model of young CCP in pain day not request a minimum to market road Harbin bottom up along young equipments a goober no don't say me we don't commander no in Pina it take el pago ananda and Kassius Ohno get Naaman so well I'm not goin community Cassio mana tribal elder daughter I mean Kappa goes to Neal and Ponton telegin and development say no I am my AP human a little fuzzy puppet enter upon agarra la cosa treats tribal filipino programs or GABA listen over yonder wanna secretary saladna is tsunami you nice Kula and bye-bye you maka baton annacarl don't se my Donnellan Ilana Monica baton McCallum Kunsan you know golly I don't nail apparel in pocket a boost McCarl don a graduating elementary Maggie Ginn's I signed Mariana 13:14 but cool time than an EP so knocking him Piarco Murakami Nagar alguna the mark of attacking him peel hot cut all units to Lahan million million Capitan Magna tree book and McGee in PE happy new Taurus afternoon by Buford Paco you know to guanaco but bus at masuleh that but how often imperiled Matisse mental dismantle a quarantine 6840 pipe I upon it Bally Kuna know I know until you through shocking aunty no – Rosa mcbusted Missoula wot not barren at mug anti-government you mean aunt in utero or some other time organizational talk well done a bangle a union Tito kundi contain and goober no cried the young goober noumic big a pollen is a nice ankl about don't semana partners in this Apache cocoon trained Paranal Coburn low then lock autonomy and gusto Neela Cielo and mokuba are no Union alone I'm ending disappointment then accept meet is a commission at in veto pero hindi neelam action and hang some vanilla in this state agent of perpetrators eatery open a wagon I mean he and the module of income is a public oh that's a whopping I know they'll Kawakami indeed among pardon I mean is Susumu meaning assumed a locum appetizer I mean in pay Sanka mimics assumed boom boom boom come is a police and someone commits armed forces a problem apartment zoom boom Cammisa police and Tao examine intelligence and clown works I mean paramilitary the King the king Alam ara Kamil as if it is a quick crime for the indigenous people to engage government palaka me Papa I'm Sabine and fan you know human Armando a new Yamaha initiative now in tomorrow community Baggesen Obinna family on omekata commitments from my anonymous during summer community para he Mook in Yamaha Monica patent Amina don't pass a loop don't pass our motto at humor kapatid nomina like sally semana progressive boom organization Catalan impaction is a manga rally bugs and some picket in him of nami jnana Hindi nasi lemak shall adorn at cotton I haven't my eel and a barangay my manga Barranca a dunes by an amine unlock alsa bat oh don't be so like declare selena persona non-grata sir cpp-npa NDF maramon apparel and and a pet the malapa trumpets among us I look boom and school's Marin ding Malaya eundel on Poong back Toto una Latin and panel motto Luhan no bucket must my boot in apni it own problem man 1980 address nothing through the ed school system case a puma produced io9 1900 not wash these crimes and atrocities were committed in the dark in the shadows no it was perpetrated because the melayu sila and all sorts and and nobody knew about it but now that they've come out that's theirs that's their strength and we deeply appreciate the the courage of the of our brothers and sisters in our indigenous peoples and we would like to be equal to that courage as well because this will move our country forward and we would like to partner with media and every Filipino to to fight this scourge and to protect and being there give them their fiercest defense ok thank you very much up next nineteen Filipinos are reported detained in Mexico for drug-related violations the army calls on youth leaders to act with passion against violent extremism have been a newsroom returns after these reminders combined with better tax administration the 2018 facts effort rose to 14 point 7 percent of GDP this is the highest it has been in over 20 years improve revenues have been matched by improved disbursements with its continued growth the expenditure effort in 2018 reached nineteen point six percent of GDP this is the highest we have ever achieved in the past 28 years among the monumental legislative achievements of this administration is the passage of the rice tariff ocation Act this law has made quality rice more affordable and accessible to Filipino consumers thereby bringing down inflation our development partners fully appreciate this administration's commitment to fiscal discipline and its determination to see our infrastructure projects done at the soonest possible time the strong inflow of assistance allowed the administration to finish projects faster using less funds even with infrastructure loans the Philippines managed to bring down its debt to GDP ratio to 41 point nine percent in 2018 from a high of 74 point 4 percent in 2004 in 2017 and 2018 the Philippines received a total of 20 billion u.s. dollars in foreign direct investments for two consecutive years our foreign direct investments averaged 10 billion u.s. dollars a year double the inflows we received in 2015 which was around 5 billion pesos this is unprecedented the administration's trabajo bill is created to corporate income tax rates and rationalize fiscal incentives with all these positive developments happening in the Philippines today the people are beginning to feel the rewards the fact that the Philippines has one of the world's youngest median age in the workforce supports the Philippines impressive economic momentum the Philippine economy is strong and ready to soar we have momentum on our side we expect to perform even better in the coming period by rapidly modernizing not only our infrastructure base but also the policy architecture that will make possible sustained an inclusive growth you more provinces have called for drastic measures against the continuing spread of dengue as local officials report outbreaks in the respective areas this following the declaration of a state of calamity in dengue affected provinces janice covered with the story in negros occidental dengue cases have reached 4230 from January 1 to July 20 this year are higher from last year by 43 percent governor you hang your Luck's on reminded Nagrand sis and new to remain vigilant by doing the basics to prevent dengue such as cleaning of surroundings to search and destroy possible mosquito breeding places in eastern samar the entire province is under state of calamity due to the rising Zandi cases in all of its 22 towns the provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council recommended the declaration after the province reached both the alert and epidemic thresholds for dengue from January 1 to July 26 to this year there are 1162 confirmed dengue cases with nine deaths in the province the figure is nearly tripled compared to the same period last year in Iloilo City a resolution was passed that will allow students or pupils to wear jogging pants or long pants while in school until the dengue cases in lol o city are controlled the Sangguniang Panlungsod is calling on the Department of Education and the Commission and higher education to suspend the wearing of school uniforms for all levels in public and private schools in antica the integrated provincial health office is urging the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to place the province under a state of calamity – – dengue the Provincial Health Office reports already 1110 cases of dengue with seven deaths which is 126 percent higher compared to last year provincial health office chief dr. Rick Noel nation' aya says the fund is needed for the purchase of medicines intravenous fluids intravenous tubing and other resources for the danga patients in region 12 or socks Arjun the Department of Education launched all planned colonies on which aims to prevent the possible spread of dengue carrying mosquitoes in schools a bloodletting among public school teachers and non teaching personnel called the ganguro program was also intensified dengue cases in the entire region is at 10,000 68 cases with 46 deaths meanwhile the South could about the provincial government has stocked up in dengue test kits to facilitate early detection amid the continuing outbreak in the province the entire province was placed under the state of calamity in last July 19 due to the outbreak of dengue which already reached as 3664 cases and with 21 fatalities as of July 21 and while southern parts of the country are on under under mosquito-borne disease pangasinan saw a decrease on the number of dengue cases this year the City Health Office recorded 77 cases of dengue fever from January to July 29 which is 81 point eight percent lower than last year for the PNA newsroom I'm Janis cavae 19 Filipino seafarers have been detained in Mexico for alleged illegal drugs of violation the 19 were among the 22 crew members on board the Cypress flagged vessel UBC Savannah dock at the Ultima report in Mexico on July 27 due to alleged violations of the country's illegal drug law the Department of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday vowed to extend assistance assuring that the Philippine Embassy in Mexico has been actively monitoring the developments in life of the Filipinos detention the DFA stands ready to provide any form of assistance including legal assistance if still necessary to protect the Filipino seafarers right to be heard in court the public is likewise reminded to follow the laws of their countries of destination in celebration of the world against human trafficking on Tuesday the United Nations reminds everyone of the effect of human trafficking on children un secretary-general Antonio Guterres said 30 percent of trafficking victims are children who are subject to forced labor sexual exploitation and other forms of abuse in its latest report on human trafficking the UN gathered information on about 700 victims of organ trafficking in 25 countries over the last 13 years the majority of victims have been identified from the Americas and in Asia western and southern Europe and the Middle East recorded sizable shares of victims trafficked from other regions in 2013 UN member states designated July 30 as the world.they against human trafficking in persons in our foreign news the United Arab Emirates announced on Monday cabin and resolution allowing foreigners residing in UAE to bring family members to the country the resolution allows a foreigners to bring their wife or husband sons under the age of 18 and unmarried daughters as long as their total family income is 3,000 Arab Emirates Durham's per month and their employer provides housing for 4,000 per month without housing potential beneficiaries must provide proof of appropriate housing and health insurance for their families as well as their registration in the National Population database they must also apply for IDs for every family member widowed and divorced women can also sponsor the children but they must present a recently issued divorce or a death certificate to prove custody the resolution aims to ensure the stability of foreign workers in the UAE as the government gains ground in the fight against insurgency the youth are urged to be passionate for change and not be swayed into violent extremism they are also encouraged to pursue peace and support communities sweet lopmon with the story youth leaders from lana del sol Maguindanao salud poet aji and Zamboanga City who attended the youth leaders Network summit by the one-oh 3rd Infantry Brigade have been urged to convert their action in the passion to curb violent extremism Villa Rosa civil military operations officer of 103 infantry brigade emphasized that the youth should utilize their passion and execute it if you don't want something change it if you can change it change it the way you think about more than just talking about what is wrong let's do something to actually resolve or make things right Villa Rosa stress among the topics discussed during the summit include the role of the youth in nation-building and peace building nonviolent communication community resilience and empowerment through media solutions and empowering communities through communication Philippine Information Agency information communications command center project director Franklin gamma pon cited the importance of communication in empowering communities gamma upon encouraged the youth to know the government's various programs and services that aim to empower not only the youth but the whole populace as well he also urged the youth to promote good stories from their communities Hanif anak of PAGASA Youth Association of the Philippines Lumberton chapter shared that he learned the importance of using nonviolent communication this summit promotes convergence of resources and unified efforts among different government agencies and private organizations to capacitate and mentor the youths on how they can effectively help their communities after the workshop the youth underwent immersion activities in booty Glen Adele sewer they were also assisted in crafting project proposals for the development of their communities to be submitted to private organizations which can help fund the project [Applause] 4pn a newsroom sweet Luqman philippine information agency in our weather update the effect of southwest monsoon has a weekend however cloudy skies with light to moderate rains and isolated thunderstorms will still the experience over Pangasinan zambales and Bataan with this development let's check out the weather forecast for Metro Manila and the rest of the country let's take another look at today's bigger stories Mallikarjun looks into graph and plot the complaints against health secretary Francisco Duque the palace says it will not take statements made by China or the West Philippine Sea Rao at face value president attended lifts the suspension of the operations of lot of games and 19 Filipinos are detained in Mexico for drug-related violations thank you for watching another edition of the PNA news syrup to check out these and other stories check the PETA website of all the Philippine News Agency on Facebook and Twitter for more stories about the government how it serves Filipinos look for these hashtags and all our social media platforms and websites and that's really those latest news and information that you need to know from the PNA newsroom I'm wrong do four good day you

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