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here are the top stories for today July 30 2019 the government vows to draw the line against militant groups and communist fronts who continue to deceive the people the person behind the Antonov NAR coolest video surrenders of her charges of cyber libel the Labor Department urges displaced workers of lotta outlets to avail of assistance and the police in the pit and teaches the Word of God by skydiving good day I'm ROM dewfall welcome to the PNA newsroom our top story the government's anti insurgency task force l'ambassadeur new militant organizations saying the government will set a limit if the people are fed up with communists deceptions more on this from Miguel Hill militant groups who are pretending to be human rights defenders have already done so much de service to the country AFP deputy chief of staff for civil military operations Major General Antonio for Lodi jr. said on Monday parla discord the national union of people's lawyers for its continued silence on the series of killings in iu1 Negros Oriental which are mostly admitted by the cpp-npa and reminded karapatan general secretary christina palaboy and those who filed a petition for writ of Amparo against government officials but they should know the bounds of their freedom he said it is time to let go and allow progress and genuine peace in our nation in Negros Oriental 21 people have already been killed in a span of nine days mostly admitted by the NPA but karapatan secretary-general Cristina palaboy and a new PL officials are mum about it except for the death of attorney Anthony Trinidad where they put the blame on the government because the NPA's did not admit to it but laddus said the lack of reaction from so-called human rights defenders is in sharp contrast to the former US ambassador John mace those pronouncements that if they are really interested in human rights they're going to be interested in violations of human rights from whatever sources it is coming from he urged that militant groups to heed the call of the church leaders and stop their own colleagues in the cpp-npa from killing more people he also encouraged them to listen to the stories of the indigenous peoples who recently came back from the United States as they are the real victims for the PNA newsroom I am Miguel Hill residents from five rural barangay in toriel district in Davao City have renounced their support for the New People's Army around 200 participants including former rebels and supporters gave their commitment in a peace building seminar organized by Philippine Army is the 3rd infantry battalion LAN government agencies the city government and other partners they help a peace rally and declare the cpp-npa NDF as persona non-grata as they share their experiences in the cpp-npa and EF a peace pact called paka was also conducted which signifies the cutting of ties with a communist movement during the seminar third I be commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel óscar cardozo thank mayor in solidarity for establishing the peace 911 peace and development arm par tuza assured that the military will continue to support initiatives for peace and economic growth in their areas the department of labor and employment plans to prepare a new version of the security of tenure bill before next week sled up or legislative executive development of Advisory Council meeting this after president Duterte has instructed them to revisit the measure labor secretary Sylvester Abellio the third on Monday said the new version of the bill will keep the balance between the security of tenure and the viability of employers bail you shared that the president of today was surprised over the negative reactions on his decision to veto the security of tenure bill because he thought that this was in line with his commitment to secure the tenure of workers value said they will visit the entire provision and come up with a clearer and more focused provision to provide security of tenure to our workers the man behind a series of videos called on our colas surrendered on new to the police over charges of cyber libel Peter German at vanilla alias McCoy surrendered in Monday night at the CI DG office in come Graeme PHP chief general Oscar al-bayada said that VIN Cola will be detained income cramming until he posted bail worth ten thousand pesos and vanilla has standing warrants of arrest for cyber libel filed by businessman as old eco the owner of the posh mischievous Bay Resort who we tagged as involved in illegal drugs trade he also tagged Co as among the big-time operators of a drug debt inside the said resort earlier say DG filed charges of sedition inciting sedition cyber libel estava harboring a criminal and obstruction of justice against thirty five individuals over the revelations made by adventurer senator bomb go said he is open to conducting a Senate probe into the alleged anomalies in the Philippine charges up stakes office or pcso and fallopian Health Insurance Corporation this after president detective on Friday night ordered the suspension of BCSO gaming operations due to massive corruption while senator Pantanal axon has been claiming in interviews that doah secretary Francisco de Luca the third has qualitative interest in some Phil health transactions go said the interest of the Filipino people should be put above everything else and those who committed corruption should be held accountable he said he remains firm and is willing to set aside friendships as what the president always advises him to do he said those liable should be held accountable even if they are colleagues in government he however said that he has no reasons to prejudge health secretary Duque as he still trusts Duquette until it's proven to sufficiently that there are pieces of evidence against him the senator also said that while gaming outlets have been closed pcso remains open for medical financial assistance he adds the president also encouraged him to look into corruption issues not only with PCs PO or voh but with other government agencies under dams water level improves after days of continuous rain and vanilla lifts last week's ban on in tricycles more on this and other news around the Metro from damage bundle DILG secretary Eduardo Anna has ordered all senior interior officials to monitor the mayors of Metro Manila as they initiate clearing operations in their areas city mayors were given 60 days to clear out their roads of obstacles to East traffic the DA LG will in turn coordinate with a PNP mm da DB WH and the Department of Transportation to provide assistance to LG use meanwhile pnp chief Oscar al-bayada led this morning the demolition of the police community present six in West clammy the move is part of the clearing operations meant to remove obstacles along sidewalks as ordered by President to death de Alba Alda said the pnp hopes to lead by example in efforts to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem in other news electric tricycles will be allowed on the streets of Manila again after mayor Eskimo Dino lifted the ban and forced for less than a week this after a new ordinance was issued to regulate the operation of the trikes what I have told a tricycle driver is to organize themselves follow traffic rules avoid major thoroughfares register franchises and pay taxes it rights were banned last week after the MMB clarified that he bikes and not a trikes as previously announced are classified as toys by the government for the PNA newsroom I'm banished bundle satakam police closed down more lot on small town lottery outlets in Luzon and Mindanao the Labor Department urges displaced workers of lot outlets to avail of assistance more on these when the PNA new syrup continues that is an effect of the policy of the President to destroy the drug apparatus meaning the funnel or funnels where drugs would go through to be able to sell in the market in the Philippines number two we have had more than 1.4 million drug dependence surrender to authority to be rehabilitated number 3 based on the recent surveys in the Philippines a 66 percent of adult Filipinos feel believe that their streets are safer the streets are safer against drugs and from drug pushers and drug users yes do they want to protect the human rights of course we are people loving people and what the president is merely saying especially what he mentioned in 2018 that you care about human rights the president cares about human lives you must also protect the rights of those people who are being victimized by drug pushers and by drug lords police have shut down more lot on small-town lottery outlets in parts of the zone and Mindanao mourn these from Janice Cavett the closure of PCSO game outlets in the province is still ongoing in Pangasinan some 130 lot of outlets 32 small town lottery outlets and one STL drawing center all over the province are closed down following the directive of president rodrigo duterte pangasinan police on saturday closed all entities with franchises from the Philippine charity sweepstakes office in Baguio City no less than PNP chief Oscar Alba al they led the closure of some gaming outlets over the weekend all the 93 lotto STL keno and other outlets sanctioned by the TCS Oh in the Cordelia region have been closed down and other possible illegal gambling activities are being monitored in succession all lotto STL and keno gaming outlets in the region complied with the closure order a total of 3311 gaming outlets have ceased their operations over the weekend as most of the operators voluntarily terminated their operations in Bulacan a total of 320 pcs or gaming outlets are also shut down since Saturday Bulacan PNP is also conducting random checks and inspections to different pcs or outlets to make sure that they have completely ceased their operations for the PNA newsroom I'm Janice cava a Catholic prelate and Monday supported the order of president Odette had to close down all pcs or games due to massive corruption Bishop repaired to Santos head of the CBC PFS COBOL Commission on migrants and it itinerant people said the president's decision was inspiring and encouraging he said gambling's advice that will only lead to crime and corruption and stopping it is a good thing for morality Santa says he is praying and hoping that the president will stand firm with his decision to stop gambling and then the church is ready to help those who are in need especially with the stoppage of lotto the Philippines charges of six office or pcs or which is mandated to provide funds to aid less fortunate people apenas is financed partly by a lot of–and other pcs of games philippi national police on monday said it is on the lookout against a looming resurgence of the illegal numbers game wedding following the closure of all gaming activities of the pcs o the NP chief General Oscar Alba eldest said there is a possibility that a legal numbers game particularly wedding will be back Alba Alda said that they already received intelligence reports of resumption of wedding operations of at least two provinces in central zone and Saturday a day after president pathetic ordered the suspension of all games licensed by pcs oh he said the PNP is yet to arrest anyone involved in the illegal numbers game but maintains he ordered police commanders to continue operations against it he also warned all police commanders to initiate moves to ensure that wedding would not thrive while pcs or games are suspended all workers who will be displaced due to the closure of all game activities of a pcso or advice avail of unemployment aid laborers and secretary Benjamin Evita said affected workers who are members of the SSS could apply for unemployment insurance under a Public Act 1 1 199 or the Social Security Act of 2019 under the Social Security reform Act workers who were involuntarily displaced by reason of economic causes can avail of involuntary separation benefits that could help them while looking for another source of income Benavides said they are coordinating with this SSS so hasten the processing of the benefit for the affected workers to avail of the benefit members should not be more than 60 years of age and has paid at least 36 months of contributions 12 months of which should be within the 18-month period prior to the involuntary unemployment or separation the follow peens aims to increase its food exports as the country will participate in the China International import Expo in November fifty Filipino companies will exhibit their products in China's largest buying event which will include agricultural products processed food snacks and other innovative food products according to the Department of Trade and Industry the bulk of the sales last year was made up of agricultural products such as banana avocado and orange last year the total sales of Philippine booths amounted 224 million dollars some of the companies that participated last year already expanded in the Chinese market the second China International import Expo will take place in the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai from November 5 to 10 this year up next relief goods and other aid pour in for residents affected by the earthquakes in botanas a priest in the pita and teaches the Word of God by skydiving the PNA news returns after these reminders hey you sorry you couldn't make it to the Philippines but it's okay we haven't beat up too much there's just no escaping the heat all we do is take showers we're always on the move yet if we keep getting lost we can't wait for the day to end so we can just stay in a night we haven't stopped eating and partying all day plus we made a bunch of friends if you were here too relief goods health kits and other facilities keep pouring in botanas as the Good Samaritans continue to bring aid to some 3,000 earthquake affected residents at least 1,500 gallons of mineral water and 3,000 packs of relief goods were distributed to the affected families medical teams also arrived and gave health gets to villagers police and marine soldiers also helped in the repacking and distribution of relief goods shortly after the sea tu-95 aircraft from the Philippine Air Force and a rescue helicopter landed at the relay Hale airstrip presidential advisory for northern Arizona secretary Rahul dimino is among the quick responders to the needs of families affected by the earthquake in our four News police were searching on Monday for a suspected accomplice of the gunman who killed three people in a mass shooting at a food festival in San Francisco California last Sunday the hill riot police department confirmed that two children where among those shot dead during the Gilroy Garlic Festival the gunman who died at the scene had been identified as Santino William vegan a 19 year old resident at least 12 people were wounded and were taken to multiple hospitals the police and the entire community expressed sympathy to the victims at the festival a priest in the bitterness added an extreme element to his teaching of the gospel by skydiving before parishioners he said the stunt gives devotees a deeper understanding of the word of God and a way to change themselves Joyce cooties with a story a priest in the pittance of vanga del Norte has a scary way of propagating the Gospel through skydiving father Mario Beltran but online of the scene theories of the Child Jesus Parrish says jumping at a height of 10,000 feet above sea level is like moving toward another dimension all while having trust and faith he said that while it's always terrifying every time he jumps out of a flying plane he feels serenity and peace as he floats he likens the feeling of safety as it dives down to being in the hands of God but Allen is from nearby the pollak city and grandnephew of the late father nick cassavetes Pat Allen the first Filipino diocese and priest from Mindanao since 2008 but has already accumulated eating chomps under his wings Pat Allen teaches that sometimes people have to get out of their comfort zones to broaden and deepen their understanding of life he also like in his views to politics as in the country change cannot happen when we continue to allow bribery and ignore corruption he also observed that people have the tendency to justify their own mistakes which prevents them from growing up as a people the priest said to be human is to struggle to do good because it is always easy to do bad and that is exactly what he urged his parishioners to do for the PNA newsroom I'm Joyce Cadiz and that temps water level has increased by over one meter following days of continuous rains as of this morning and that's water elevation was at 164 point 39 meters however it is still at a critical level and below the 180 meters minimum operating level seven more jams in Luzon including La Mesa dam in Quezon City also showed higher water levels meanwhile on our weather update monsoon rains will be experienced over Pangasinan zambales and but I am due to Southwest Massoud residents of these areas especially of areas identified to be at high risk of flooding and landslides are advised to monitor for possible rainfalls warnings and advisories take precautionary measures and coordinate with their local government and disaster risks for definite management offices meanwhile cloudy skies with light moderate rains and thunderstorms will still prevail over Metro Manila rest of the Ilocos Region wrath of Central Luzon and the provinces of Binga Cavite Matan lindoro and palawan last check of the weather forecast for metro manila and the rest of the country here's another look at today's Vegas stories the government vows to draw the line against militant groups and communist fronts who continue to deceive the people the person behind the anti-porn our coolest video surrenders over charges of cyber libel the Labor Department are just displaced workers of lotta outlet stovall of assistance and the police in the pit and teaches the Word of God by skydiving thank you for watching another edition of the PNA news from let's to check out these and other stories check the PNA website or follow the philippine news agency on facebook and twitter for more stories about the government and how it serves Filipinos look for these hashtags on all our social media platforms and websites and that's your daily dose visitors news and information that you need to know from the PNA newsroom and Brahm Duvall good day you

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