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here are the top stories for today July 26 2019 a former US ambassador says the narrative of IP leaders during the United States is an eye-opener to the situation of tribes in Mindanao malahide yang defends president-elect as a verbal deal with China on fishing in the West Philippine Sea quarter Italian copies declares the cpp-npa as personas non-grata and a town in pangasinan teaches honesty by opening its version of the honesty store good day I'm William Peele welcome to the P&A newsroom these stories of indigenous peoples in mindanao have received the attention of officials in the United States a former US ambassador said that the narrative of the eight leaders is an eye-opener to their struggles Miguel Hill has the story while still a militants turned a deaf ear to the narratives of indigenous peoples leaders from in denial the u.s. philippine society or u.s. ph s based in washington DC so the importance of the tribal communities stories of struggle self assertion and communist deception it is an organization that is widely recognized as the premier private-sector forum for enhancing US relations with the philippines u.s. PHS president and former US ambassador john maystow said the dialogue with 8ip leaders was an important opportunity that they never had before he said their narrative opened a lot of eyes to the reality of Mindanao and what the indigenous peoples are facing daily if their team will definitely follow up on the IP leaders extremely important concerns maister said it is unfortunate to learn that the Philippines Commission on Human Rights did not lift a finger to act on the eyepiece complaints for the reason that it only looks at violations committed by state agents he urged the a tribal leaders who are on speaking caravan across the u.s. to have a meeting with human rights organizations in the Philippines and be persistent in fighting for their human rights for the PNA newsroom I am Miguel Hilde indigenous people's leaders arrived on Thursday after their breaking the silence telling the truth caravan in the United States they said and again reiterated their call to denounce the communist terrorist groups saying those who continue to exploit and radicalize tribal communities will have to face the consequences of their actions in a press briefing in passing city upon their arrival from the US dr. Jake Lana's remains vocal in resisting the deception and abuse is committed by the cpp-npa against their tribal communities lonnis and several other tribal leaders lamented how several militants harassed them during their speaking engagement in the US with some shouting at them in several occasions during their tour for da cunha store oppas the harassment by some militant groups show that they are threatened by the tribal leaders who are finally standing their ground and speaking up against the atrocities committed by the cpp-npa over all the tribal leaders consider their US tour a success as they were able to expose the truth about the communist terrorist group they also lodged a formal complaint before the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the permanent forum on indigenous issues Secretariat asking them to launch an investigation into the attacks committed by the communist rebels the communist task force to end local communists armed conflict or NT FL once again hit carpet on and the national union of people's lawyers for keeping its silence on the execution of four police officers in Negros Oriental but is now creating noise with the slay of Negros lawyer Anthony Trinidad attorney Anthony Trinidad was shot dead by motorcycle-riding gunmen on July 23 while on his way home from a court hearing his wife sustained injuries from the said ambush major general Antonio para la da jr. said it is time for the so called human rights defender to be clean of their bias as he cannot help but wonder why Cara Pathan and nu PL are mom on the of poor policemen but condemn the killing of attorney Tony Dodd Parvati I said karapatan Secretary General Christina palaboy should raise a howl before the United Nations since they profess to fight for the rights of individuals whose right to life had been brutally violated he also urged the group to justify the funds they allegedly scammed from the European organizations and to prove that Jose Maria CSUN is wrong for red tagging their organization para nada clarified that it was JAMA himself who named the Communist legal front organizations malecon yang has ordered an investigation into the killing of lawyer Anthony Trinidad describing an asset atrocious should it be discovered that the felony is work-related in a statement presidential spokesperson Salvador Pinello said the office of the president strongly condemns the killing of attorney Anthony Trinidad by two gunmen aboard a motorcycle in Negros Oriental as well as the infliction of bodily harm upon his wife he also said that government will prosecute the killers and ensure that they will face the appropriate penalties reports show that Trinidad had been receiving death threats for several months before the attack since he has been tagged as a supporter of the New People's Army the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines meanwhile the bounty for the capture of the killers of the four police personnel in sitio yamato barangay Lobato in iu1 town Negros Oriental is now at three million pesos president attributed Turkey on Thursday raised a reward for the third time during the inauguration of the condon city bypass road in Davos or so the other not a race the first one million then governess and mayor I said I'm racing hit two million no nandito Akko I'm racing it three million the linman I am alone – are you polish nun hold it on hostage Neela about seven days ago Jones Negros Oriental you know Bucknell up in a campus nina tapas Finiti neil and she knows nila paralyzes – Oh golly well among coming she knocked on come on Mac surrender nice anchor rope so long surrender don't lead there they were treated humanely decently some 2,000 counterfeit items are confiscated in bonanza and a lawmaker is pushing for proof of parking bill for those who will buy a new vehicle more on this from Janice cafe in Bernardo Manila some 2,000 counterfeit louis vuitton items for 308 million pesos were seized from several stalls at one six eight shopping mall ten persons were also arrested on the same raid meanwhile manila mayor ESCO Moreno pushes for the strict liquor ban near schools manila ordinance number 3 5 3 2 prohibits the sale of intoxicating liquor in establishments located within 200 meters of schools while ordinance number 8 5 2 0 prohibits the sale of liquor or any alcoholic beverage to minors in any store mall bar restaurant attorney or any commercial establishment in Manila in other news senator Sherman gajillion on Thursday asked president who dared to certify as urgent the proof of parking space bill to address traffic woes in Metro Man the proposed a proof of parking space Act would require perspective vehicle owners to present proof that they have a parking space for the new vehicle they will be buying and the Department of Health on Thursday said it is taking necessary actions in response to the Commission on audits 2018 report on the almost 300 million peso worth of expiring medicines and medical supplies according to do age it is trying to resolve the issues on overstocking distribution and warehousing funds have been allocated for the payment of rental of warehouses and hauling of commodities to facilitate image at distribution for the PNA newsroom I'm Janice coven still to come malecon yang defends president de terras verbal deal with China on fishing in the West Philippine Sea war pero town in copies declares the cpp-npa as persona non grata more on these when the PNA newsroom continues you I don't like a pooling of indigenous peoples leaders Melissa Mindanao the autonomous Aman Aman gravitas a US Congress for Washington DC tiene la tournelle a human issue or more struggles Nagata Pomona I piece a Kamehameha cpp-npa atomic Arase and Ninagawa no mana humorist and rebel de la vaca Halligan and discussion a total Delaware second element of Osama Roberta's I am a mana do goofy noise in a congressman EJ Cox at congressman Bobby Scott now para la coruna toda Hill Ethel Merman Baba Tahsin a casa milà mo namie amuro namie kumite Nana Kaka influenza sapa gawa non foreign affairs policy non Estados Unidos or the philippine friendship caucus Republicans and Democrats working together and and so we're we appreciate the folks coming all this way to educate us and bring us up to speed as to what's happening right now and we'll work with the State Department and the Congress and State Department works together in these types of matters and and hopefully we'll we'll come to some some solution to at least assisting there's obvious is something we have to look into and that's the first time it's been brought to my attention you Mallahan young on thursday said president audrey go to therapy has authority to enter into executive agreements including a verbal deal that gives china fishing rights in the philippines exclusive economic zone presidential spokesperson salvador Piniella refuted the joint statement made by former Ombudsman Conchita coffee or Morales and former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario who claimed that no public official not even the president has the authority to grant foreigners fishing rights Piniella explained that because executive agreements are usually less formal and deal with a narrower range of subject matters than treaties Philippine jurisprudence or case law has long recognized that this power may be exercised by the president even without the concurrence of Congress the 2016 fishing a verbal agreement between the Delta and Chinese President Xi Jinping allowed Chinese to fish within the Philippines 200 nautical mile Dez if China allowed Filipinos to fish in the penitential president rodrigo de pere to assign the Republic Act one one three four six that would increase further the excise tax imposed on tobacco products the law increase the excise tax on cigarettes by forty five vessels per pack effective January 1st 2020 it would also raise the excise tax on cigarettes 250 pesos per pack in 2021 55 pesos per pack in January 2022 and 60 vessels per pack starting January 1 2023 the tax increase is part of the administration's tax reform package which will fund the universal health care law and in merawi City the retrieval operations for unexploded explosives are ongoing inside the most affected area following the discovery of an aerial bomb near a residential area the National Housing Authority said Thursday that an unexploded ordnance or UXO was accidentally discovered by the clearing team on Tuesday July 23 amid the ongoing rehabilitation works in the area the bomb was confirmed by a follow-up verification using ground-penetrating radar and sniffing dogs with the help of the explosive and ordnance team of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Lavanya said the five UXOs have so far been retrieved since admati construction started its rehabilitation works in Malawi on March 1 of this year a rebel returnee and a leader of a Farmers Group in Negros Oriental was shot dead meanwhile copies declares the cpp-npa ATS persona non-grata more on this from Miguel here a rebel returnee in the Farmers Association leader were shot dead by alleged New People's Army members in barangay población Sam bong Keita the victims were identified as whenI in Silla Alegre a rebel returnee and felony no Albania Anaya president of the United colano Farmers Association report says the two victims had left a cockpit on Wednesday afternoon and were riding a motorcycle for home when four assailants on board two motorcycles tail and fired them the suspects allegedly shouted Mabuhay and MTA before leaving the crime scene still in Negros Oriental Police investigators are now looking into the possible involvement of New People's Army in the burning of heavy equipment in given City last Tuesday reports say the backhoe that alleged NP members set on fire was being used in the construction of the road connecting Gilligan to Isabella in Negros Occidental according to Gilligan police communist rebels are known to derail government projects that benefit villagers in the countryside and in capys a resolution was passed in whatever town condemning the atrocities committed by the cpp-npa the resolution states that the presence of the rebel group has threatened the security and development of the municipality and its people who are terrorists declared the cpp-npa as personas non-grata for the PNA newsroom I am Miguel Hill in business the Philippines posted a big jump in the 2019 global innovation index marking its first innovation achiever position the Philippines jumped to fifty fourth place from last year seventy third position making it one of the few Asian countries that posted notable improvements such as Vietnam Thailand and India the Philippines is also among the countries that have above expectations for a level of development however several weak areas are also noted such as ease of starting a business ease of getting credit expenditure on education global research and development scientific and technical articles and new businesses up next president detective itõs or security of tenure bill due to concerns from the business sector a town in pangasinan teaches honesty by opening its version of the honesty store the PNA newsroom returns after these reminders kebabian unpacking bolita a quad Nagato Kohanim Papa Gullu Cottingley Pune Geronimo aquinnah Rito opanka yada Lana Nam fake news tapa de la Habana supporter and banana Selita at the other one quaint open new position Diana Nepal tyoma a la minute oh oh oh la misma cipinang gargling animal eita cutting Pamela satella now executive action magazine number o of communication services value in mcaren a column on semana de Naga on America people Adam adding hulu parasitic buyer but all manga naginata pam Holland photo on manga project oh but Omaha beneficio para Zappa but all my opinion will ask official not Erica T Bo but all Minami I re Sabanci young and executive action manatee manga Binodini at Dino the Varnum fakeness I'm sure the god Mufasa non-executive you president Audrey go 2:30 this afternoon vetoed a bill that seeks to end labor contractual ization in the country presidential spokesperson Salvador Piniella confirmed the veto of the security of tenure bill the proposed law was supposed to lapse into law by Saturday July 27 if not acted upon some of the biggest local and foreign businesses are said to be weary of the bill saying it would negatively affect the Philippine economy and workers socio-economic Planning Secretary of nest' Albania said he believes that the security of ten year bill it needs a little tweaking for it needs to be more balanced considering its impact on investment meanwhile senator Tito sotto said he was crestfallen or disappointed but would refile and prioritize the measure in the 18th Congress meanwhile pcoou secretary Martina dinar was in Jakarta Indonesia on July 24 for the sick leg of the press freedom caravan and anar warned the media and the Filipino community in Indonesia on how some well-written reports or information found through traditional and digital channels may not always be based on the truth he said the freedom of the press is determined by how the user utilizes that Liberty that censorship editorial prerogatives business or vested interest and government or political controls he says the freedom to express verbally and in all other methods is internal to the user and integral to the performance of the craft and so is the abuse inherent in the user this is the sixth leg of the PCOS press freedom caravan which follows the caravans in Thailand Japan Hong Kong Geneva and Brussels earlier this year the press freedom caravan also feature the PCOS freedom of information program the Presidential Task Force on media security and the real numbers campaign of the government's fight against bill drugs and in our foreign news the Democratic People's Republic of Korea reportedly fired two unidentified projectiles into the eastern waters early on Thursday in a statement by South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff the projectiles were launched near North Korea's eastern coastal city of one son the projectiles believed to have been fired from mobile launchers landed in the East Sea South Korea's national intelligence service saw the projectile launches as a protest against the planned South korea-us joint military exercise scheduled for next month the Seoul ministry said it will closely communicate with the United States and Japan while planning to consult with China and Russia on the issue and in sports the rain or shine elasto painters took the last slot of the PBA Commissioner's Cup semi-finals after beating Blackwater Elite on Thursday night of a number top took the big shots to get the e painters past the elite making 21 points with three three-pointers four rebounds 4 steals and 2 assists Blackwater had a chance to send the game to overtime but import Greg Smith missed his attempt to have its first final for entry the e painters are on their way to a best-of-five semi showdown with reigning all-filipino five-time champs San Miguel Beermen on Saturday meanwhile Marshall Lassiter will be out for six weeks after sustaining a knee injury on Wednesday in the PBA Commissioner's Cup quarter-finals medical tests show that Lassiter suffered a type 2 MCL sprain his absence is a big blow to San Miguel Beer who is going to the semi-finals this also means he cannot play for Gilas Pilipinas in the FIBA World Cup in China scheduled on August 31 to September 15 honesty is still the best policy for many Filipinos as shown in a town in Pangasinan which runs on the honesty and truthfulness of its patrons Janice kava has the story Byam bong town in Ferguson and has opened an honesty store at the Municipal Hall to instill the virtue of honesty among the local government employees valentine Garcia of the biome bank poverty reduction Action Team said the social experiment is encouraging honesty that will eventually become a natural part of a person's attitude in everyday life the store emulates the honesty stores in botanas which follows the same principle were in the buyer has to pay the exact amount based on the price tag on each items proceeds from biobanks honesty store will be used in the regular feeding program of the stimulation and therapeutic activity center aside from the Municipal Hall eight other honesty stores were opened in selected schools in byamba to instill the value of honesty and financial management among young people it is being run by the office of the supreme student council for the peony newsroom angeles cavae in our weather update tomorrow pakka beat a Batangas zambales and baton will experience cloudy skies with isolated rain showers and thunderstorms while metro manila and the rest of the country will experience partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated rain showers let's check out the weather forecast for metro manila and the rest of the country here's another look at today's biggest stories a former US ambassador says the narrative of ip leaders during the united states is an eye opener to the situation of tribes in Mindanao Malekith young defense president attacked as a verbal deal with China on fishing in the West Philippine Sea quarter italian copies declares the cpp-npa as personas non-grata and italian Pangasinan teaches honesty by opening its version of the honesty store thank you for watching another edition of the P&A newsroom to check out these and other stories visit the P&A website or follow the philippine news agency on facebook and twitter for more stories about the government and how it serves the Filipinos look for these hashtags in all of our social media platforms and websites and before we go into the weekend remember that life is full of many challenges let's just keep going forth and becoming stronger remember we have to keep our minds free of nuances to be able to make proper sound decisions and that's your daily dose of the latest news and information that you need to know from the P&A newsroom I am William Theo good day you

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