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here are the top stories for today July 23 2019 the government defends its treatment of the West Philippine Sea issue and the country's ties with China president that they are just Congress to help lift six million Filipinos out of poverty law enforcement agencies in Western Visayas support the imposition of the death penalty for illegal drugs and the Gilas Pilipinas women face Australia in the opening game of the FIBA women's Ishika good day I'm William Pio welcome to the PNA newsroom president Audrey go to Tara to assure the public on Monday that the Philippine government is performing a delicate balancing act on the issue of the West Philippine Sea so as to avoid engaging with conflict with other claimants such as China rondo four reports president of rigor detective reiterates that the administration's bilateral discussion with China had proved to be fruitful than a squabble in public on the matter of the Philippine West Philippine Sea the avoidance of conflict and conflict and protection of our territorial waters and natural resources compelled us to perform a delicate balancing act a shooting war is grief and misery multiplier who are leaves widows and orphans in its way or inclined to accept the currents of more destruction more widows and more orphans should work even on a limited scale breaks out that is why I will do in the peaceful way mindful of the fact that it is a national pride and territorial integrity that our today answering those urging the government to stand up and stop those who fish in the country's exclusive economic zone or EEZ the president said the Philippines will do in due time citing the existing condition in the area the president said he cannot easily send the Coast Guard's to drive the Chinese away from the Philippine waters however he maintains the West Philippine Sea belongs to the Philippines and the national honour and the territorial integrity shall be foremost in our mind and we may take next steps in the smoldering controversy over did not the lines of article ruling the West Philippine Sea is ours there is no ifs and buts it is ours but we have been acting along the legal truth and line but we have to temper it with the times and the realities that we face today for the PNA newsroom I'm wrong doula stressing how government still has a long way to go in the fight against illegal drugs president Audrey guru Delta has renewed his request for Congress to reinstate a death penalty for Highness crimes related to drugs and plunder more on this from Miguel Hill I respectfully request Congress to reinstate the death penalty for heinous crimes related to drugs as well as London I am aware that we still have a long way to go in our fight against the social minutes let the reason why I advocate the imposition of the death penalty for crimes related to illegal drugs president the tab has been very vocal on implementing death penalty in the country particularly to those who are involved in illegal drugs before renewing is called to revive death penalty he discussed how the illegal drug problem was connected to the five-month Morales siege from May 23 talked about 27 2017 he said the terrible devastation in Malawi is caused by illegal drugs during that murali siege tons of shabu worth millions and millions of better drug money killed 175 and wounded 2001 of my soldiers and policemen in that five month button the that I said it paid him to see how is to campaign promises curb illegal drugs and corruption are yet to be realized it has been three years since I took my oath of office and it pains me to say that we have not learned our lesson the illegal drug problem persists corruption continues and emasculate the courage we need to sustain morale recovery initiatives to of President do tetiz allies in Congress senators Ronald bateau de la Rosa and Christopher Bongo have both vowed to push for the revival of cap the punishment for the P&A newsroom I am Miguel Hill president Rodrigo Duterte asked Congress to pass a measure imposing a midnight liquor ban doterra said that while he had already succeeded in implementing a nationwide smoking ban similar to what he did in his hometown of Davao City he also wanted establishments to close by midnight he clarified that he would not issue an executive order on a midnight liquor ban similar to what he did with a nationwide smoking ban as he was just merely suggesting he admitted that he felt that it would not be a popular move in Congress because it would adversely affect businesses that operate during night time but noted that it would do good for people safety to tell to however acknowledge that the liquor ban in Davao City started at 2:00 a.m. and not midnight he meanwhile floated the idea of banning karaoke and video K by 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. so are you going to issue an e o executive order no I was just suggesting I'd like to Congress to fund their own it and maybe sleep on it and if they want but it can improve tremendously the quality of life stopped drinking at almost 11:00 then you go home overall by experience that it will do good but I said it would be at the expense of reduce income for those who operate nightclubs clubs discos during night president authority on Monday dedicated a large portion of his fourth State of the Nation Address expressing his frustration over corruption within the government and his promise to use the remaining three years of his term to curb it president a doubt that particularly pointed out that he was grossly disappointed by massive fraud within the fil health related to irregularities in the funding of bogus kidney dialysis treatments he said he has ordered the National Bureau of invest nation to arrest and that prosecute those who are liable and appointed retired Army General Ricardo dick Morales to prioritize raiding the agency of corruption he also mentioned how he would send corrupt the OSI employees to report to Congress every day since he could not simply fire them due to security of tenure according to the Terrica the BOC could have collected more revenues than the 585 billion pesos it posted in 2018 if its employees were less corrupt the president also urged Filipinos use the government's eight eight eight eight hotline to report corruption complaints and touted the signing of the ease of doing business and efficient government service delivery act to improve service delivery and fight corruption to 30 acknowledged that although he has been working for government for almost 35 years he still does not have answers on how to end corruption problems that we have started but always within the parameters of the law I will merely coast along or while away my time during the remaining years of my administration it ain't my style but the finish line then only then shall I call it our goal for the next three years is clear officials of the Bureau of Customs say they are ready to comply to the order of the President to report in Congress every day and the proposed national budget for 2020 may be submitted this August more on this from Johnny Scott a customs Assistant Commissioner Vincent Phillip Maroney Leah on Monday said the BOC officials were ordered to report in Congress every day are ready to follow and comply to the orders of President Rodrigo Duterte during his sauna yesterday said he's hoping to get the full support of the Congress regarding the BOC officials who are tainted with corruption I will just allow them to have their plant Ilia positions but they have to report to Congress every day to help me in the meanwhile the proposed 2020 national budget may be submitted this August in an interview over P TV for cabinet secretary Carlin or Alice said the proposed budget is still being finalized last year the Teta submitted the proposed three point seven trillion pass on national budget for 2019 to the Congress on the same day he delivered his third State of the Nation Address in other news several lawmakers from the House of Representatives lauded President to Delta's fourth State of the Nation Address and expressed full support on his legislative agenda newly installed House Majority Leader Martinville Malthus said they will work double-time to act on the president's priority bills especially those aimed at improving the lives of the people Quezon City representative Alfred Vargas thanked the third day for giving Congress in March in order to pass a law creating a department of disaster resilience Iligan City representative Fredrik Chou expressed full support for the tab that's called to reimpose the death penalty for drug-related crimes Pakman portal is representative mikey romero lauded the theaters call for public support to his administration's anti-corruption campaign buckle in addition for tellest representative bernadette Herrera D said she would ask the House leadership to convene at the earliest possible time to tackle the bills on water including her bills on the creation of a Department of Water Resources and a water Regulatory Commission for the PNA newsroom I'm Janice cab still to come president without the urges Congress to help lift six million Filipinos out of poverty law enforcement agencies in Western Visayas support the imposition of death penalty for illegal drugs more on these when the P&A newsroom continues today for the third and final installment of the Presonus series theme the Putnam popobawa but too low in a tatata garland the climate change adaptation mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction cluster and the security justice and peace clustered will share the details about what the government has done and is doing in terms of environmental protection resiliency to climate change impacts reforms in the justice system as well as internal and external security as a way forward the government shall continued for so policy reforms that integrate climate and disaster risk considerations input development policies strategies plans and programs a polluter in San Saba ambiental Natalie Kazama potala nothing chasidy pin and Brava atiba nominee the tourist destinations peace and order come first and paved the way to development and public complication justicia at Copiah pan and ulna have burned to moussaka Outland a table hat am i hugging debatable and ito camisa is jpcc and Agatha is Ursula Union if a bot sat on Brian and Petula ena ena prophesy at my bosom buddy Lincoln lamp a Mahalo and para sacar pokémon and per million Filipinos the poem pat o leary nothing Costigan philosophy Nobu Kisan Sabha president rodrigo duterte has appealed to Congress to pass measures that will help government lift 6 million Filipinos out of poverty citing the Philippine sophistic saw Authority Luke Erika said poverty incidence spells from 27 point six percent in the first half of 2015 so 21 percent in the first half of 2018 however the government's challenge now is to lift some 6 million poor filipinos out of poverty by the end of his term in 2022 in his fourth State of the Nation Address or sauna on Monday the dare to ask Congress to also pass the remaining packages of the tax reform program he cited package 2 of the comprehensive tax reform program or the trabajo bill which would energize micro small and medium enterprises and will encourage them to expand their business to generate 1.4 million jobs the third they also asked Congress to approve a new version of the salary standardization law to include teachers he also urged Congress to review and pass the government right-sizing bill and streamline government systems looked out the earlier signed into law a Magna Carta of the poor as well as an act institutionalizing the bantha with a million Filipino program president Audrey guru Tata ordered five government agencies to simplify their transactions and use technology to accelerate service delivery the president issued the directive to land transportation office Social Security system Bureau of Internal Revenue Land Registration all-party and buggy big fund as he delivered his fourth State of the Nation Address at the House of Representatives the chief executive also directed other government agencies and corporations as well as local government units to simplify their processes and make them responsive to their clients he said he is expecting an improved service delivery with the signing of the ease of doing business and efficient government service delivery Act last year the law is also expected to fight corruption in the government the president also urged Filipinos to report corruption via eight eight eight eight hotline that is open 24 hours a day president Rodrigo de Thursday on Monday promised that the entry of the country's third telco player is corruption free during his fourth the State of the Nation Address Lootera they guaranteed his hands-off approach on the entry of death or telecommunication he asked the new telco to do its job and follow government requirements he also challenged the provider to fulfill the country's need for fast and reliable telco service especially in parts of the country undeserved by the previous duopoly of smart telecommunications and globe telecom Lootera earlier awarded miss Litella consortium now called veto italic immunity the permit to operate as the Philippines a third telco provider the corporation is a consortium led by Java based businessman Dennis and composed of buoys with Dana corporation its subsidiary Chelsea logistics and China telecommunications corporation Robin China's commended president of ego totality as he enumerated his plans and programs in his fourth State of the Nation Address on Monday in central luzon residents in the region expressed their gratitude to president with Delta for his strong conviction to fight illegal drugs and corruption they also praised the president for pushing his legislative agenda such as the creation of the department of overseas filipino workers and the diplomatic resolution of the West Philippine Sea dispute and in Eastern Visayas attempt they also are in praises from professionals for passing the ease of doing business Act they are also pleased to hear that the massive cleanup of Boracay was just the beginning in the objective of protecting the environment cash-strapped farmers in the region are also pleased to hear the president's reiteration on the Mandate of land bank to help them in socks Arjun a former regional governor of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry ultra the Bronx cabrona hailed the deltas commitment to pour in more investments to agriculture and improve financing access to farmers in the countryside in negros occidental governor Johanna Jose Locsin on Tuesday said the fourth sana has set the direction for governance in the final three years of the tensest administration he further said that the drop in poverty incidents is a good indicator that the government is on the right path in the fight against poverty meanwhile buccola nose gave mixed reactions including hope for a better Philippines during President attenti sana a few said taking full responsibility for all the acts done under the president's term is something that must be proven by actions and not just by the chief executive but by all the elected and appointed officials while some do not favor the president stands on death penalty others commended the President on the nationwide implementation of the smoking ban sciencebase a land use planning and disaster management the Year award for suspected rebels who killed the four police officers in Negros Oriental has been raised to 1.3 million pesos and Western Visayas supports president Newton test call to impose the death penalty on drug-related concerns more on this from bench bundle in Negros Oriental president of the Goethe Delta has raised the reward for the capture of the killers of the four police personnel in sitio yamato Gangamma Bato in a human town on july 18 without the earlier offered a 1 million peso reward for the capture of the killers who were suspected members of the CPP and ba doo Delta later beard he would add three hundred thousand pesos to the bounty saying he prefers to have the killers dead meanwhile the National task force to end local communist armed conflict or MTF alka condemned all gruesome acts perpetrated by the communist terrorists according to major general Antonio paavada jr. the cold-blooded torture and execution of four undercover police by members of the cpp-npa in Negros Oriental is nothing new as they have been committing atrocities left and right for the past 50 years Paul Nadia who is also AFP deputy chief of staff for civil military operations said the rebels have no qualms in killing these four police officers as they have been known to brutally torture and kill their own supporters whom they suspect of betraying them he also lauded Human Rights Watch a researcher Carlos Condit for calling the slay of the four police officers as a serious violation of the international humanitarian law by the rebel group in Western Visayas top officials of anti drug law enforcement agencies have supported a call of President Delta to impose the death penalty versus illegal drugs and heinous crimes they say it would be a deterrent to those who are involved in drugs for the PNA newsroom I'm bench bondo up next president that the orders local government units to enforce environmental protection laws Gilas Pilipinas women face australia and the opening game of the FIBA women's Asia Cup the PNA newsroom returns after these reminders you ironic pooling of indigenous peoples leaders Melissa Mindanao the autonomous Aman Aman gravitas a US Congress to Washington DC vanilla vanilla human issue or Iman struggles Nagata Pomona IPS Akamai emissivity NPA at Schumacher asana ginagawa no mana communist and rebelled a nap akka Halligan and discussion a total del Oeste can aluminum.aluminum of about us I am a mana do booty noise in a congressman EJ Cox a congressman Bobby Scott Napa Caligari me toda Hill Yamaha mondobot Astana Camila ammonium Braun omikami tay ninh Akaka influenza sapa gawa non foreign affairs policy non Estados Unidos more the philippine friendship caucus Republicans and Democrats working together and and so we're we appreciate the folks coming all this way to educate us and bring us up to speed as to what's happening right now and we'll work with the State Department and the Congress and State Department works together in these types of matters and and hopefully we'll we'll come to some some solution to least assisting there's obvious is something we have to look into and that's the first time it's been brought to my attention president Audrey go to therapy has called for more local political will an action that will prevent further environmental degradation in the country in his State of the Nation Address the president ordered the local government units nationwide to take extra steps in enforcement of laws so their constituents can enjoy a healthy ecology the president noted Politico will an action are fueling the rehabilitation to address the environmental mess in world-famous Boracay he lauded the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and its partner agencies for taking up the challenge to save the island the government this year also mounted the high profile rehabilitation of historic Manila Bay making it suitable for swimming and recreation aside from Manila and Boracay Baguio City and other tourist areas are also being eyed for rehabilitation president rodrigo duterte on monday vowed to declare Boracay under land reform and distribute land titles to the indigenous people originally settling on the island in his fourth estate of the Nation Address that there's the shared that he asked the Department of agrarian reform on the status of the land behind white Beach after Barack I was reopened in October 2018 the land was categorized as a Forrestal in agriculture and not commercial president director ordered dar to have the land inspected and gave the island piece-by-piece to the islands and native ITA's saying this should dispel speculations that the Baraka rehabilitation was initiated to open up opportunities for businessmen and infrastructure development in the area so I told the agrarian reform go to the place have it inspected I will declare the whole of the island a land reform program and I gave the islands piece by piece Gilas Pilipinas women will get an early acid test right on the first game of the FIBA Women's Asia Cup division a Heelys women will take on Australia at the opening game on day one at the three country Rafa Indoor Stadium in Bengaluru India on September 24 the main event of day one will see host country India taking on defending champion Japan the tournament will also see China South Korea Chinese Taipei and New Zealand in action joining G les women and Australia in Group B are China and Chinese Taipei while South Korea and New Zealand join India and Japan in Group A China and Chinese Taipei lockhorns in the other group B game on September 24 while the South Korea New Zealand clash completes the day 1 schedule the top teams from each group will get outright semi-final seats the top 7 of Division a will join the champion of division B in the process for the 2021 FIBA women's Asia Cup in a pre qualifying Olympic tournament just like in all previous state of the nation addresses Congress became a mini runway for those who sported their best guard from the stylish to the symbolic Janice cava has the story besides in the State of the Nation Address has changed throughout the years traditionally it is just centered on the president's report of the administration's performance but with the public being obsessed with the picture-perfect mentality the red carpet gradually became another priority for the press if you hours after the first regular session of the 8 in Congress the legislators took the time to dress up and strut for the cameras as they made an entrance to the big event neophyte senator Amy Marcos is dressed in a stunning yellow gown with a hint of red blush at the bottom she said she sported the trademark color of their family's longtime political rival because she said she is already tired of rivalries that have been passed through generations odd returns OBD the wife of Senator Miguel subedi pick an Ito Kurata magnetic turquoise top and paired it with her favorite color to cheering's but on representative Gerald in Ramon towered in a soft skirt in shades of pink and topped her look with the traditional filipiniana shawl the election is set or Greece Paulo manzara stood by her all-white look that matches her pure and gentle image projection actress Eiko Melendez showed up with her real-life partners and ballets vice governor jay cohen in a simple white dress former senator and now antiquey representative lauren Legarda wore a violet pata jang huibin by the women in Antica partnered with stylish embroidered pants that created a simple yet elegant vibe in her meanwhile a Manny Pacquiao impersonator joined the VIPs at the red carpet mirroring his idol and getting cheers from those who got fooled by his looks for the painting his room and Johnny's cabin the country is expecting good weather except during the afternoon due to the southwest monsoon the western part of the zone may experience cloudy skies with isolated rain showers and thunderstorms meanwhile let's check out the weather forecast for Metro Manila and the rest of the country let's take another look at today's biggest stories the government defends its treatment of the West Philippine Sea issue and the country's ties with China president otezla urges Congress to help lift 6 million Filipinos out of poverty law enforcement agencies in Western Visayas support the imposition of death penalty for illegal drugs and the Gilas Pilipinas women face Australia in the opening game of the FIBA women's Asia Cup thank you for watching another edition of the P&A newsroom to check out these and other stories visit the PNA website or follow the philippine news agency on facebook and twitter for more stories about the government and how it serves the Filipinos look for these hashtags in all of our social media platforms and websites and that's your daily dose of the latest news and information that you need to know from the PNA newsroom I am William Theo good day you

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