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here are the top stories for today July 22 2019 president detector presents his administration's latest achievements in his fourth State of the Nation Address Malacca Mian joins the nation in celebrating the victory of Senator Manny Pacquiao against Keith Thurman the Department of Foreign Affairs maintains the ban on the deployment of overseas Filipino workers to Libya and a Philippine embassy official praises tribal leaders for speaking out against the abuses of the cpp-npa good day I'm Rob doofah welcome to the PNA loser our top story all roads led to the potassium pump anza as president of big udo data delivered today his fourth State of the Nation Address or asana the president renewed his commitment to curb illegal drugs criminality and corruption in his last three years in office here's our report for over an hour president rodrigo detente presented his stake of the achievements issues and goals of his administration the president welcomed his high ratings where 85% of Filipinos showed trust and approval for him he however lamented how the problem of illegal drugs and corruption persists in the country to which he proposed a moral recovery initiative he cited as an example the alleged misuse of state health insurance funds on ghost dialysis treatments proving that corruption is privation the temple also noted how government owned and controlled corporations orgy OCC's infamous for high salaries have started to shape up he cited the passage of the ease of doing business law to fight corruption in the eight eight eight eight national public service hot line regarding the territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea the debtor reiterated how he wanted to avoid conflict with China even while asserting ownership he said that why the disputed see is ours the government will still act along legal lines do tap they also called on Congress for the creation of a department of disaster resilience and the Department of Water Resources as well as to pass the administration's remaining tax reform measures at the National Land Use Act other achievements of the administration that the tester reported are the rehabilitation of Boracay and Manila Bay the entry of the country's third telecom company the signing of the Bangsamoro Organic Law and the extension of basic education to more Filipinos he also endorsed the revival of the Reserve Officers Training Corps or ROTC in the urgent utilization of the cocoanut levee fund for the sake of farmers do they about to take responsibility for the consequences of the government's actions and to not stop until the government reaches its goal of giving a comfortable life for all Filipinos for the PNA newsroom I am Miguel Hill thousands attended President to take the son and to listen to his report and weigh in on the administration's achievements and plans here's our report president rodrigo duterte delivered his fourth State of the Nation Address this afternoon July 22 at the partisan Pambansa in Quezon City the presidential helicopter arrived minutes before 5:00 p.m. at the Patterson complex the SONA was set at 4 p.m. as a 5 p.m. the estimated number of rallies both anti and pro detente was at 7,900 and was slowly decreasing to more or less 6400 after an hour supporters of President that they assembled at the IBP Road in Quezon City as early as 9:00 a.m. some came from different parts of Metro Manila while others traveled all the way from Bulacan and baguio city stages prepared to accommodate the speeches of the rally's president detected during his speech reiterated that the controversial Philippine Sea belongs to the Philippines but the issue requires a delicate balancing act the National Capital Region police office deployed over 9,000 police personnel in Quezon City alone to secure the House of Representatives where the SONA was taking place for the PNA newsroom I am Miguel Hill Manny Pacquiao won the WBA super welterweight championship after beating undefeated Keith Thurman at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday a first round knocked down made the difference as the 40-year old Pacquiao prevailed over the 30-year old Thurman by a split decision Thurman seemed to be in control for most of round one until Pacquiao sent the taller fighter down late in the round Pacquiao maintained the momentum until round five until when he blooded Thurman snows however Thurman showed Hart the rest of the way and kept about close Pacquiao scored his 61st win against the seven defeats and two draws while Thurman suffered his first career loss after a 29 0 start with 22 knockouts in a statement manikyam thanked boxing champ for bringing glory to the country and for uniting Filipinos I think that Pacquiao was win was a win for all Armed Forces public affairs chief Colonel Noel de Teatro said that the latest win shows Filipinos the value of enduring excellence the Philippine National Police also congratulated Pacquiao saying he had inspired many Filipinos to excel in their work President Duterte on Wednesday said he is offering a 1 million peso reward for the immediate arrest of the Abu Sayyaf group members who are still hiding in ball province president 230 on Wednesday said he is willing to give 1 million peso per person to those who will give a hint on where these bandits group is hiding he said he had are ordered the military and police to finish the game and hunt down all ASG bandits who clashed with government forces last week he also assured the public that his government is doing its best to curb terrorism and prevent the a/s from reaching other places in the country the Philippine Army congratulations comrade People's Champ Manny Pacquiao and is a victory over American boxer kita Thurman and DST thanks president to that they are supporting its various projects more on this from Chinese cabbage for me commander Lieutenant General McKay Eric Alberto said Filipino boxing icon Manny pacman Pacquiao victory over American boxer Keith Thurman inspired the Philippine Army and the entire nation as well earlier the arm which he posted a live viewing of the Pacquiao Thurman fight at the Riccardi Hall ba officer's club house in Fort Bonifacio technique city pac-man prevail against Thurman over a split decision and won his thirteenth World title overall meanwhile a six to eight year old man in Marikina City suffered a heart attack while watching the boxing bout of pound-for-pound King Senator Manny Pacquiao the fatality he has identified as salvador i by a resident of our Atilla street paradise milan died Marikina City he was reported to have died after he collapsed while watching the fight around 12:10 p.m. inside Minato coffered court in Santo Nino Marikina City in other news the Department of Science and Technology has thanked president rodrigo duterte for his support as the agency reports several projects during the first half of the year the OSD secretary fortunado de la pena earlier announced the launching of the country's largest satellite tracking antenna in davao as well as the hazard hunter app which can be accessed either through a computer or mobile phone other projects include the hybrid electric crane a flood forecasting system in recall the state-of-the-art national metrology laboratory the newly renovated math standards laboratory and the perfect pet project under the textile product development program for the painting his room I'm Janice Cabot silicon senator trucco Sato remains a senate president while congressman alan peter Kitano is elected as a house speaker the DFA maintains the ban on the deployment of over we're looking to workers to Libya more than these were the PNA newsroom continues ladies and gentlemen it is with great pleasure that I welcome each and every one of you to the opening of the first of the three-part prasanna forum for 2019 [Applause] over the past three years with their death ministration has shown great political resolve reforms across a broad spectrum robust economic growth would be used to be women massive investments in our economy's competitiveness continue to be made ambitious programs have been instituted our fiscal position has so strong as it has ever be the government has been working really hard within the golden of infrastructure the impeccable build build build infrastructure program led by His Excellency our president Rodrigo since masters pre saw an event many of our projects have broken ground or been inaugurated which brings us closer than ever to our collective agenda of delivering quality infrastructure to the Filipino people expect that in subsequent years more and more improvements will eventually unfold before our eyes leading us into achieving our vision of the strongly rooted comfortable and secure life the house on Monday formally elected the Giga Pateras presentative Alan Peter Cayetana as Speaker of the 18th Congress while senator kitto sotto was voted as Senate President Soto who was a reelected for a new term after replacing senator DeMint el president of the ruling party PDP labin in May 2018 he thanked his colleagues were trusting him and assured them of his support as their equal meanwhile the House of Representatives elected the geek party representative Alan Peter Cayetano as its speaker the lower house voted for Cayetana with 266 votes manila 6 the district representative bienvenido a Banta junior was elected a minority leader after he got 28 votes president joe teti earlier endorsed Cayetano along with the term sharing with marine duke representative lord allen Velasco the senate presidency and how speakership were voted on ahead of President to tear this State of the Nation Address persona the Department of Foreign Affairs reminds Filipinos that the suspension of job recruitment to Libya is still in place following the ongoing conflict in the outskirts of Tripoli the follow bean embassy in Tripoli on Sunday is warning Filipino a jobseekers against individuals and agencies in the Philippines and Libya who have been recruiting workers for jobs in Libya only Filipinos who have existing work contracts and certificates of exemption from the embassy and those who are on vacation and the Philippines are allowed to return to Libya according to DFA the follow bean Overseas Employment administration has not issued approval to any individual or agency the Philippines and in Libya to recruit and deploy nurses engineers and other workers to Libya the public is encouraged to report these illegal activity to the embassy in Tripoli or the Department of Foreign Affairs the Department of Labor and Employment and the Philippine Overseas Employment administration or other concerned agencies of the government in the Philippines negros occidental is optimistic that the signing of the philippine innovation act will boost the province growth and development of local entrepreneurs negros occidental provincial MSME development council chair Marianne carbonara said the law would be an enabling mechanism for MSDS to compete globally she expressed optimism that the law will help address the need to create smart ms and ease and will enable entrepreneurs to embrace digitalization while keeping what is genuine and unique to the Philippines on April 17 President to tear ther sign Republic Act 11 to 93 which would harness innovation efforts to help the poor and marginalized and enable MS and East to be part of the domestic and global supply chain about 63 villages in North Cotabato are being prepared to be turned over to the bouncer moto Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao North Cotabato governor and Nancy katako who campaigned for the inclusion of the 63 villages into the expanded political entity said she expects a systematic and clear mechanism in the territorial transfer of the 63 Muslim dominated villages in the towns of Ali Oh Sam Carman cabrakan midsi a big Hawaiian and wicked once transferred voters in 63 villages will vote for warm officials inside of those in north cotabato the new berm code is expected to be completed before the end of this year according to Interior Minister Najib Sinha Rimbaud president doterra pledged financial and livelihood support to the families of the slain police officers in Negros Oriental and Davao declares the cpp-npa s persona non-grata more on this from bejawada in Negros Oriental the families of the slain cops were given initial assistance from the public safety mutual benefit fund of the PNP as well as financial education and employment assistance by president of the Guru Delta himself the slain police officers were corporal Robert Barone EO patrolman graphically ow patrolman vol kabillion and patrolman Makakilo de Leon of the regional mobile force battalion 7 they were allegedly killed by members of the cpp-npa on Thursday afternoon in barangay Maputo a human Negros Oriental president after on Thursday conferred posthumously the word of the order of Nepal Appu with the rank of colossal to each of the slain police personnel panda chief Oscar Alba Alda who accompanied the president also first to mostly conferred the medallion aconitine unto the slain intelligence operatives in Duvall City a resolution declaring the Communist Party of the Philippines New People's Army or cpp-npa a spell Sonnen and grata was signed in barangay Jose Lieb AO tanah emo Davao del Norte on Saturday the declaration is said to open greater opportunity for investments town in Nowak city a total of 2,740 farmers and fisherfolk in Ilocos Norte will get free crop and life insurance coverages courtesy of the provincial government and the Philippine crop insurance corporation the life insurance premium or 375 thousand pesos per beneficiary will be shouldered by the Ilocos not the government the insurance program is said to be of great help to farmers and fisherfolk beneficiaries as it guarantees that they can recoup farm losses due to natural calamities for the PNA newsroom I'm bench mundo up next a Philippine embassy official appraises tribal leaders for speaking out against the abuses of the cpp-npa healing priests father Fernando suárez holds a Mass in Quezon City as he continues his healing ministry the PNA news room matures after these reminders we will now commence the second topic nampyk Baba NGO forum this time the stories of malice Akkad at McAfee Issa with a human development and poverty reduction cluster and participatory governance cluster for the past three years the government has stood committed towards its national target of lifting six million Filipinos out of poverty that the 230 administration's commitment to achieving the table knock in Havana technoboy has gained traction and is now being felt by our Impella Filipinos poverty has decreased substantially by focusing on four priority areas education health social protection and rural poverty we began by propelling the president's campaign promises against criminality illegal drugs terrorism insurgency and good governance to prove to you that your government actually works it stopped and thus convinced you that our efforts even in participatory governance that's not fall into void of empty words and ineffective trust the Philippines is recognized as a global leader in the open government space and contributes to shaping international good governance I believe that among the best measures of government success is the trust and confidence that citizens place on public institutions measures that open government and participatory governance efforts directly contribute to we will relentlessly work to ensure that ours truly becomes an open responsive and more inclusive a Philippine embassy official in Washington DC last week lauded leaders of different tribes for their courage in coming out and telling their own stories of deception and abuses committed against their communities by the Communist Party of the Philippines and it's armed wing New People's Army deputy chief of mission Minister Patrick Shu Isola told IP leaders that their presence in the u.s. is credence to the struggle that they are fighting for he said it gave them a lot of information that will be helpful in their task of convincing stakeholders about the truth because it's about time but stakeholders in the u.s. hear this for the other side of the story meanwhile foreign affairs undersecretary for strategic communications Ernie Abella said the IP leaders speaking engagement is very vital and very helpful especially in understanding the real story behind government actions the 8ip leaders were on their last leg of a speaking tour across the u.s. at the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC eighteen-year official of the US State Department has vowed to look into Philippine tribal leaders claims of abuses by the Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed wing New People's Army in a meeting in Washington DC on July 18 the official who requested anonymity expressed support for the indigenous leaders quest to secure their rights he said his department is in very close contact with the embassy and will follow up on the cost of the IPS three members of the US House of Representatives also expressed concern to the IP leaders flight against the Communists u.s. congressman Robert Cortes Scott said he needs to do some research on the legal front groups of the cpp-npa based in the US while congressman Stephen Joseph Shabat expressed the need to see the position of the State Department congressman Terrance John Cox whose mother is a Filipina thank the IPS for sharing their stories as he promised to do his best to help them the IP leaders including dr. bollen Jake lanús of the mondaya Manabe tribe appealed for help in exposing that legal disguise of the cpp-npa and its network may clarify that it is communist armed groups who killing IPS to exploit their ancestral domain and not the government these wards the San Miguel Beermen force a do or die set with a second seeded Northport button Pierre in the PBA Commissioner's Cup quarter-finals match up the Bremen asserted their might and foiled the bottom pairs first crack at the semi-finals on Sunday night the beer man nearly blew away a huge 17 point spread but capitalized on the ouster of import Prince Ivy on fouls Chris McAuliffe left at 24 points and 11 rebounds June Marfa hardo had his double-double with 19 rebounds and 11 points while Chris Ross and Arwen Santos chipped in 18 and 15 points meanwhile the Alaska Aces played defense to stifle Terence Jones and torque and text and force a deciding for the finals game the former Houston rocket was limited to 19 points six rebounds and a game worse seven turnovers Damon Simpson had 15 points and a game-high 19 rebounds to face Alaska but it was the team's collective effort against the usually explosive Catawba import that spelled the big difference in the match the two are facing each other for a winner-take-all match on Wednesday faith-healing is a widely known concept among Filipino Catholics and even at church technologies its miracles certain Catholic figures such as father Fernando suárez spread the word of God by healing the sick through the Lord's power Janice Callaway historian throngs of Catholic faithful troop to st. Vincent searched in tandem solar Quezon City on Saturday to attend a healing Mass officiated by Father Suarez as a healing priest father Suarez has been going to places here in abroad to conduct his healing missions in his homely father Suarez emphasized that it is God's almighty power that hears the sick and he is just being an instrument the Lord in the healing process father Suarez who has become popular for his healing ministry told the hundreds of devotees at Saint Vincent that trust in our Lord Jesus Christ is vital for one who wishes to be healed of his sickness how every tragedy maybe he also said that in many occasions one is healed instantly through prayers father Suarez also recalled an incident when a man who suffered seven strokes in one day miraculously survived and healed completely after being anointed and prayed over this hist rest is the power of prayer for the painting newsroom I'm Chinese cabin celebrating the breathtaking beauty of black women in the Philippines the first-ever Miss Africa Philippines 2019 was held last night in pasay city with beauty queens and nurturing racial pride and self expression Nigerian beauty Oscar Raja Stella Maurice emerged victorious in the pageant bringing home the Miss Africa Philippines 2019 crown the best and creative wear and a whopping hundred thousand pesos cash prize another Nigerian beauty Cynthia Penelope was crown first runner-up while Filipino Sudanese and an antiquark Alafia took the second runner opposed also bagging the People's Choice Award and the best in long gown the pageant celebrates the beauty of African women of values and heritage and seeks to preserve the cultures and norms of Africans living in the Philippines a low-pressure area or LPA is expected to dissipate while a rinse of a high-pressure area will be the dominant weather system affecting the Sun the whole country will experience support ly cloudy to cloudy skies with some isolated rain showers and thunderstorms mostly in the afternoon or evening meanwhile let's check out the weather forecast for Metro Manila and the rest of the country here's another look at today's biggest stories president atef de presents his administration's latest achievements in his fourth State of the Nation Address Malakand yang joins the nation in celebrating the victory of Senator Manny Pacquiao against chief Thurman the Department of Foreign Affairs maintains the ban on the deployment of overseas Filipino workers to Libya and a Philippine Embassy official praises tribal leaders for speaking out against the abuses of the cpp-npa thank you for watching another edition of the PNA news syrup to check out these and other stories visit the PNA website and pablo the philippine news agency on facebook and twitter for more stories about the government and how it serves filipinos look for these hashtags on all our social media platforms and websites and that's your daily dose latest news and information that you need to know from the P&A newsroom I'm Rob doofah good day you

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