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here are the top stories for today July 17 2019 a filipino-american official in Los Angeles California was moved by the stories of tribal leaders results of a nationwide poll show President the Delta is still the most trusted top government official in the country the show cause order on solid poulin has been extended for another five days and the Presidential Task Force on media security and the at sea is party-list signed today a memorandum of agreement to ensure the welfare of media workers good day i'm rahm doofah welcome to the PNA Newser a Filipino American official in Los Angeles California admits he was moved by these stories of tribal leaders who share their narrative of struggle and deception against the communist party of the philippines or cpp and it's farmed wing new people's for me sorry the city council member mark bonito who is former two-term mayor of an affluent suburban city in LA in 2014 and 2018 said he always had a natural interest and curiosity about things happening in the philippines he said he cares deeply about his filipino identity and doesn't wish the Philippines to be in turmoil he adds he was made aware as a young child of what the IPS are really experiencing well Ledo vowed to share the IP leader stories with the rest of the film community which she said is more than 50 years old and have fully realized the promise of political empowerment and civic engagement television after and probationary second lieutenant Mateo cadet Shelly said the youth can play a very big role in advancing the nation's peace and development during the preventing and countering violent extremism forum at the north Notre Dame of Hollow college Paulo Sulu last July 15 goodish Ali said you told a very strong part in our country and can create big change in the future they also disagree with those who are afraid of the Muslims meanwhile philippine army chief and general Makarov Alberto said getting the youth to denounce terrorism would effectively stop this threat he said the forum aims to stop terrorism to stop the recruitment of the youth to join terrorist groups and denounce terrorism presidential spokesperson Salmonella said Iceland may have been fed with the wrong information which convinced its government to push for a human rights probe on the Philippines Pinella said he and president do dare they are both wondering why Iceland is making that anti drug war posturing he said the president suspected that the Nordics country could have been misled by false information or was naive to accept such data he also downplayed the impact brought by the terrorist consideration to cut diplomatic ties with Iceland noting that it would not have an impact on the tribulations and does not see the deportation of the 2000 full of pina was working in Iceland because of the threat to cut ties but now they also clarified that there was no contradiction as far as foreign affairs secretary to daughter Lexi Junior's tweet that the Philippines is not severing diplomatic ties with any country he said dachshund or any cabinet members words are always subject to change based on pronouncements made by the president senator Bongo vowed to support president to death in case the chief executive decides to sever diplomatic ties with Iceland in view of its resolution at the UN Human Rights Council the Senators reaction came after presidential spokesman salmonella said President Putin was contemplating on cutting ties with Iceland after it sponsored a resolution asking the UN HRC to probe the country's human rights situation including deaths and he campaign against illegal drugs go home visit at Cebu on Tuesday said he knew the intention of the therapy and his campaign against criminality corruption and illegal drugs and his closeness to the president made him understand the wisdom of his anti-drug campaign Gore believes that the justice system in the country is functioning and that there is no need for other countries to intervene in the country's own issues he said intervention by other countries on the alleged human rights issues can be avoided if draw personalities will stop their illegal activities Manila mayor is comer ana says he goes around mr. public hospitals to ensure that proper care is being given to patients and a Department of National Defense or DMV sites the benefits of the National ID system to improve national security more on this and other news around the Metro from Janice Gabon Manila mayor is kamorin on Tuesday appealed the Public Health Service professionals to be caring and understanding when dealing with sick patients especially the poor he called on the attention of the administrators of major public hospitals in the city to be available to serve the public and disclose that he goes around the public hospitals in Manila at dusk to check on the delivery of the public health services he said the monitoring will be done regularly to address health system problems meanwhile president Rodrigo Duterte has signed a law on the mandatory reporting of epidemics and other health emergencies under the law the deal age and its local counterparts are mandated to implement the mandatory reporting of notifiable diseases and health events of public concern in other news president Rodrigo Duterte has signed Republic Act 11 to 9 3 or the Philippine innovation Act under the law various agencies will work hand-in-hand with private organizations to provide technical and financial support programs for the development of training of Abdera NORs and to improve the country security the Department of National Defense cited Republic at 11:05 v or the national ID system which would serve as a single official identification card for all citizens and resident aliens of the Philippines DND spokesperson Arsenio and alone said Tuesday that the measure will allow the government to discern with accuracy the identities of individuals residing in a particular community look at the earlier said the field says would boost his administration's drive against a social menaces of poverty corruption and criminal issues as well as terrorism and violent extremism in the country for the PA in newsroom I'm Chinese cafe still to come president doTERRA Awards housing units for former communist rebels in Davao del Norte and sonicboom and granted five-day extension in show cause order warned these from the PNA newsroom continues my sockets I mean that hidden coming coming along coupon they put a hoodie to DA he'll go : million contingent 18 known and boo Helen triple-a Messiah Gannon IRA some information on noon apostle and in P similar antagonistic non-tribal lawmen main Ukraina many empirical Ohana Hindi not American Indian you have a communist party of the philippines that is a terrorist group every one of us law-abiding citizens should not should be opposing the terrorist group which is declared by the US government declared by other countries in the europe that's why we are concerned when we have organizations that no are supporting why because they are killing us and now we are only appealing to let us also tell our stories is that too hard do we need to be shouted abandon we will being killed in our communities we come here not to tell our stories you have built I'm in telling stories time and time and again results of a nationwide poll show president Odette is still the most trusted top government official in the country according to a policy a survey conducted in June the president enjoys both trust and approval ratings of 85 percent three percent of respondents in the Paul said they disapproved of his work while 11 percent were undecided the survey used face-to-face interviews with 1,200 respondents 18 years old and above monahon young on Tuesday said it is not threatened by former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes arenas call for protests against President dr. Damon Serrano Baird that she is joining the demonstration so when President dr. D delivers his State of the Nation Address or sauna on July 22 presidential spokesperson salmonella said he would even be amused to watch her do so and encourage Serrano to join the opposition to exercise her freedom of expression he stressed that President Luthor himself encourages protests because legitimate grievances against the government can be freely expressed under the Constitution Pinero dismiss the idea that Serrano's encouragement for others to join the protests is insulting to sedition Mallahan yang said Tuesday the president's fourth sauna on July 22 will be short presidential spokesperson Salmonella said that the fourth sauna will be about two hours during his third sauna last year the president kept his promise to deliver a short address which lasted for about 48 minutes and was free from the usual expletives present in his first two saunas the president's first so no lasted for 90 minutes while his second sauna lasted for 120 minutes whether his third sauna was delayed for over an hour due to change in the leadership of the House of Representatives where former president and now pompon representative Gloria Arroyo replaced double-double representative pantalon Avaris presidential son and Davao City representative bounded to death day earlier warned that there may be another coop for the how speakership despite the recent agreement among the three top contenders for the post however the president dismissed his sons remark personal remittances from overseas Filipinos went up by five point five percent as of May 2019 according to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas bank channelled remittances increased to two point nine billion dollars in May 2019 from two point seven billion dollars in May 2018 BSP governor Benjamin Diablo on Monday said the steady growth in personal remittances during the first five months of 2019 drew support from the remittance inflows from land-based of workers with work contracts of one year or more this aggregated to ten point five billion dollars from ten point two billion dollars in the same period last year personal remittances from January to May 2019 reached a thirteen point seven billion dollars from last year's level of 13.2 billion likewise cash remittance is from January to May 2019 reached twelve point three billion dollars four point five percent higher than the eleven point eight billion recorded in the same period last year the u.s. registered the highest share of overall remittances for January to May 2019 at 36% president dr. day on Tuesday led the awarding of housing units for former communist rebels and the demilitarization of firearms in Tagum city Davao del Norte the housing project inside the freedom residences subdivision benefited 375 families of former members of the New People's Army or NPA and paramilitary group militant Empire president dr. they welcomed these former rebels as they reintegrate the society the housing project is implemented under the enhanced comprehensive local integration program to date 60 housing units have been completed and ready for occupancy for the former rebels from Davao Oriental Compostela Valley province and Davao del Norte aside from housing units president dr they also assured the former rebels of financial assistance for arms remuneration and building of schools for their children i hope that the day event and continue to encourage the national task force to end local communist armed conflict the task force valley club and their local counterparts to work doubly hard in addressing the problems of insurgency so that are people that enjoy safer and more secure the show cause order a student olive pool and schools has been extended for another five days and socks arjun has recorded an alarming increase in dengue cases more than this at other news in the provinces from brands bundle in davao city the department of education region 11 said the show cause order on sonic boom and Titano Okanagan Community Learning Center Incorporated has been extended for another five days the extension from July 17 to July 22 was granted on the request of salu boomin executive director Maria Eugenia nolasco to give them time to answer the allegation made by national security advisor have Mohan SSP known about salute woman's supposed ties with a communist rebel movement in Cotabato City the Department of Health in region 12 or socks Elgin has recorded a 151 percent increase indent cases with 42 deaths for the first six months of this year according to do H the number of dengue patients increased to nine thousand three hundred sixty-three from January 1 to July six this year compared to three thousand seven hundred twenty seven cases in the same period in 2018 the youngest dengue fatality was a two month old baby while the oldest was ninety seven years old in Magali Ana's Kavita the local government embarked on a massive cleanup in possible dengue carrying mosquito breeding sites and fumigation over the weekend alarmed by reports about the surge of dengue cases in some areas mayor has min Malaga Bautista has ordered the rural health unit through its municipal Health Officer dr. Jose Jamel Baja load to address the situation in view of eight dengue cases that were reported for the PNA Newseum i'm bench bundle up next the Presidential Task Force on media security or PT forms and the access party lists signed today memorandums of agreement to ensure the welfare of media workers and the transportation department inaugurates the biggest port passenger terminal building at the port of Cagayan de Oro the PNA newsroom returns after these reminders for a long time that is the narrative that you bring here I don't know what is your problem with our government I don't speak for the government I speak for my community because it is my brothers and sisters that is being killed I don't know what is your problem with your government but what we are seeing here please stop your words no in our land making our land porcelain we are a simple people no in fact some of our leaders here as you can see you have your old technology you are very articulate you are very much but we have one thing we have respect and you cannot take it from us now callaghan discussion autonomy indigenous peoples leaders of the Philippine community leaders San Francisco California Detox's America in Kigali and Pina Chama lacking support sir cpp-npa captain I envy San Francisco acaba say an organization not a map and optimism a show similar umana lumineuse at Nepal Fontana man sir regarding Drupal you know they're trying to ruin their identity you know like culture neva they try to abolish that and then they use them and then that's not good we need to stop that the revelation that was brought to us today is very sad very unfortunate and we hear as the Filipinos in America we'd like to support the cause of our indigenous people Presidential Task Force on media security and the access portal is signed today a memorandum of agreement or MOA to ensure the welfare of media workers access portal is led by rawana Nena the d'haran Joint Task Force executive director undersecretary general C egg Co at the signing held in Carson City the memo highlights the combined efforts of the PT forms and accessed so as the enactment of the media workers Welfare Act and other measures for the benefit of members of the media that dude on is pushing for equal protection and standardized remuneration under the media workers Welfare Act the bill seeks to ensure that media workers shall be provided with comprehensive benefits packaged at par with the current benefits enjoyed by those in the labor force both in government and private sector it also seeks to motivate and encourage media workers to perform the duties as truthful and responsible informers of the people and to ensure the creation of a safe protected and an atmosphere conducive to a productive free and fruitful media work the tourism Department welcomes the inclusion of Palawan Cebu and Boracay among the popular destinations in the 2019 Gerald Leisure's world's best awards palawan ranked second on the 15 best islands in the world list while Cebu and Bora high were voted 7 and 9 respectively on the top 10 islands in Asia category palawan is home to San Vicente that hosts the longest white sand beach in the Philippines it is also home to hundreds of species of birds and the country's longest subterranean river meanwhile Cebu and Boracay remain as longtime favorites due to its top-notch reef and wreck diving white sand beaches and hiking trails with waterfalls and welcoming locals tourism secretary Bernadette from the poet said the citation a major publication validates the deities effort towards obtaining a sustainable tourism industry in the country therefore news the UN reports world hunger is on the rise and more than 820 million people were hungry in 2018 the UN and Monday said the downward trend in world hunger reverted in 2015 while the race remained largely unchanged in the past three years at slightly below 11 percent the number of people who suffer from hunger slowly increased at reaching eight hundred twenty one point six million in 2018 about two billion people have experienced moderate or severe levels of inability to obtain food hunger is on the horizon almost all sub regions of Africa while undernourishment is highest in southern Asia obesity is also contributing to 4 million deaths globally in sports the samahang basketball and Pilipinas has revealed its 19-man Gilas Pilipinas men hula for the FIBA World Cup the SVP named Japeth aguilar Raymond Alma's on mark Baraka boob Belga and ray blasts Robert Pollock Jordan Clarkson boy Aaron June Marfa hard o marsala cetera Pauly Gabe Norwood CJ Paris or our pogoing sandy Pringle keeper Ravenna Kristen Horton jure Troy Rosario and Matt Wright to the national team pool coach yangjia decided to bring Clarkson Pringle and sent hard injure and just just in case Blass gets injured before the FIBA World Cup which will start on August 31 this despite being classified as naturalized players due to failure to prove that they got the Philippine passports before they became 16 years old the Transportation Department and the Philippine Port Authority inaugurated the biggest port passenger terminal building at the port of Cagayan de Oro we're in this from a PIPA bhagam bhag secretary arc toward too gaudy of the Department of Transportation in a great debt the country's biggest passenger terminal building located in Port Mohabbatein Cagayan de Oro City the two-story building which can accommodate up to 3,000 C passengers contains facilities and got compliant and many that catered to the safety and comfort of passengers this include body scanners security cameras assistance desk the sedated green area child care station for breastfeeding and I approach changing and special boarding lanes [Applause] according to again the Autoport manager CEO catastrophe jr. the passenger building is a manifestation of the government's too deep to give comfortable life to all the secretary also thanked the Philippine ports authority in Cagayan de Oro for realizing the dream of building the biggest passenger terminal building as this is a step towards giving the people of the city a comfortable life through enhanced connectivity tagada also inaugurated the open port in some is Oriental which will serve as an alternate port to address congestion in today and the Autoport for PNA news of Eva buggin barren Philippine Information Agency tropical storm Falcone is expected to bring moderate to heavy rains in most parts of Luzon moderate to heavy rains from experience over lavas region for the era again Valley central design Kavita Batangas Occidental Mindoro northern palawan including Colombian and queer islands Oakland and PK cap is yellow and gamera's meanwhile a light moderate with at times heavy rains will be experienced over Metro Manila Calibre's own nicole region and the rest of messiah's and the Naropa falcone may added the Philippine area of responsibility Friday meanwhile a low-pressure area was spotted 170 kilometres west of laoag city ilocos norte meanwhile let's check out the weather forecast for metro manila and the rest of the country here's another look at the day's biggest stories a Filipino American official in Los Angeles California was moved by the stories of tribal leaders results of a nationwide poll show President the Delta is still the most trusted top government official in the country the show cause order on salute poulin has been extended for another five days and the Presidential Task Force on media security and the act CIS party-list signed today a memorandum of agreement to ensure the welfare of media workers thank you for watching another edition of the P&A newsroom tech out peace and war stories with at the P&A website to follow the philippine news agency on facebook and twitter for more stories about the government and how it serves Filipinos look for these have subs and all our social media platforms and websites and that's really those when it is news and information that you need to know from the PNA newsroom and braum do for good day you

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